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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 6

January 10th, 2013

Red-Light Cameras Reduce Crashes in Florida
Gulfport Patch, Jan. 9, 2013

According to a new report by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, 56 percent of communities surveyed noticed a total reduction in crashes at intersections with red-light cameras. The Tampa Tribune photo by Jay Conner.

3,000 Caught Speeding Past Schools in 2 Weeks
KCPQ TV 13 (Washington), Jan. 9, 2013

In the past two weeks, more than 3,000 people in Seattle were busted for going too fast in school zones. According to the mayor’s office, a total of 3,263 drivers were cited for speeding in four elementary school traffic camera safety zones.

New Red-Light Cameras Installed in Davie
Sun Sentinel (Florida), Jan. 9, 2013

Motorists still have time for warnings before fines are issued to red-light runners at a new intersection in Davie, police said. … At the conclusion of the 30-day warning period that began on Jan. 5, authorities will begin issuing $158 fines.

Police Chief Wants to Reinstate Photo Enforcement
Global Toronto (Canada), Jan. 9, 2013

Police Chief Bill Blair wants to reinstate photo radar as a more efficient use of resources.

Red-Light Camera Plan Advances in Springfield
Delaware County Daily Times (Pennsylvania), Jan. 8, 2013

Red-light cameras could be coming to the township in the next few months, but the program is likely to be different from public perception. Daily Times photo by Julia Wilkinson.

Pennsylvania City Says Yes to Red-Light Cameras
Norristown Patch, Jan. 8, 2013

By a 6-1 vote, the council adopted an ordinance to authorize the use of automated red-light enforcement systems in Norristown at its Jan. 7 meeting. The eventual location of the red-light cameras will be determined by the council with recommendations from the police department. See related news from Ardmore-Merion_Wynnewood Patch.

Police Chief Says Cameras Reduce Crashes
Federal Way Mirror (Washington), Jan. 7, 2013

Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson said the city’s traffic camera enforcement program is having its intended effect of increasing safety at various intersections and school zones throughout the city.

With Red-Light Cameras, Crashes Wane in Bradenton
Bradenton Herald (Florida), Jan. 7, 2013

State and local officials say crashes caused by red-light runners are declining due to the use of high-tech cameras designed to catch violators.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Reduce Crashes in Florida
Insurance Technology, Jan. 7, 2013

To uncover the benefits of red-light safety cameras, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles carried out a survey among 73 Florida communities and found the cameras contributed to a considerable reduction in traffic crashes.

Florida League of Cities Endorses Red-Light Cameras
St. Pete Patch, Jan. 7, 2013

In light of a recent report from the Florida Department of Transportation on the success of red-light cameras, the Florida League of Cities has come out in support of red-light camera programs.

New Red-Light Safety Cameras Go Up in Knoxville
Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee), Jan. 7, 2013

Knoxville police have authorized the installation of red-light traffic cameras at four more intersections. … Meanwhile, authorities will turn off cameras at two crossroads where crashes have been reduced. See related news from WATE TV6.

Study Says Red-Light Cameras Reduce Crashes
BayNews9 (Florida), Jan. 6, 2013

Red-light cameras – love them or hate them, a new study shows they are making intersections safer.

Right-Turn Safety Cameras Approved in San Francisco
San Francisco Examiner (California), Jan. 6, 2013

After years of failed legislative attempts, governor vetoes and lengthy legal reviews, the path has finally been cleared for the installation of a red-light traffic camera at one of the city’s most dangerous intersections. Photo by Cindy Chew/Special to S.F. Examiner.

Red-Light Cameras Get Praise from Florida Agency
News-Press, Jan. 6, 2013

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is one of 41 law enforcement agencies that say red-light cameras improve driving behavior and reduce crashes, according to a new state report.

Report: Cameras Help Reduce Crash Rate
Hernando Today (Florida), Jan. 6, 2013

When Peter Schaefer was sent a $158 citation a few weeks back saying a red-light camera taped him turning 17 mph through a red traffic signal … he was certain it was a set-up. … Then he logged on to the Brooksville Police Department red-light camera page.

Crashes Drop at Tampa’s Intersections with Cameras
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), Jan. 5, 2013

Crashes at intersections with red-light cameras fell by nearly one-third the year after Tampa officials installed the technology, police records show.

Lakeland Officials Ask for 15 More Cameras
BayNews9 (Florida), Jan. 5, 2013

Citing safety as the biggest advantage, Lakeland city officials want to add more than a dozen new red-light cameras, increasing the number from nine to 24.

Agreement Brings More Red-Light Cameras to Amarillo
KVII TV7 (Texas), Jan. 8, 2013

Amarillo City Commissions this week approved a contract with American Traffic Solutions that will bring more red-light cameras to the city.

Crash Video Serves as Safety Reminder
BayNews9 (Florida), Jan. 6, 2013

What happens when a driver runs a red light? These videos from Florida’s intersections in 2012 shows the trouble these reckless drivers cause. Stop on red. Lives depend on it.

Iowa Study Probes Stop-Arm Safety Measures
School Bus Fleet, Jan. 4, 2013 

A new Iowa report found that the school bus stop arm cameras do aid in the enforcement of motor vehicle laws and enhance safety if there is an effective and sustainable process to turn a camera image into a traffic citation and ultimately a court conviction. See report.

Get Involved in Saving a Life: Sharing a Tweet is a convenient way to inform others about the dangers of red-light running. Another way is to direct drivers to the ATS YouTube page, where visitors can watch informative videos about road safety camera programs and see the dangerous crashes hundreds of communities are trying to avoid by installing red-light safety cameras. Seeing is believing, which is why ATS invites you to visit our links at the end of this page and share the message to stop on red.

Pronews 7 – KVII @KVII City approves more red-light cameras at dangerous intersections. #Amarillo Traffic connectamarillo.com/news/story.asp…

ATS_RoadSafety ‏@ATS_RoadSafety Our Take: Picture Perfect red-light cameras via @orlandosentinel orlandosentinel.com/news/opinion/o … #StopOnRed #Florida

American Traffic Solutions welcomes the city of Clermont, Florida, as a new client, and is honored to announce that Arizona’s Pima County and the city of Scottsdale will continue their partnership with ATS. Both Clermont and Scottsdale recently signed new multiyear contracts with ATS, while Pima County renewed its current agreement for one year.

NCSR Applauds Florida Report
PR-USA, Jan. 6, 2013

Communities across Florida are seeing a decrease in traffic collisions at red-light safety camera intersections, according to a new report issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Reduce Crashes in Florida, Report Shows
Jan. 4, 2013

A decrease in traffic crashes is the most common outcome among 73 Florida communities with red-light safety cameras, according to a new survey by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Editorial: Red-Light Safety
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Jan. 9, 2013

Two years ago, state lawmakers said yes to the statewide use of red-light cameras. Still, ever since, the controversial cams we’ve long championed have been on trial.

Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Could Work Here
Highlands Today (Florida), Jan. 9, 2013

Traffic accidents are down substantially at Tampa’s intersections with red-light cameras. …. We hope Highlands county and city officials consider red-light cameras as a way to make our intersections safer and to save on manpower monitoring them.

Editorial: Safety in the Driver’s Seat
The Miami Herald (Florida), Jan. 7, 2013

No one likes getting that $158 ticket in the mail for a red-light running violation, but a new report sent to the Florida Legislature indicates that, in general, the controversial red-light cameras seem to work, discouraging drivers from making a last-second dash through an intersection and causing a crash.

Letter: Opponents of Cameras Don’t Want Enforcement
Des Moines Register (Iowa), Jan. 8, 2013

I get tired of hearing opponents of traffic cameras spew out their old excuse of preferring to have an enforcement person deal directly with the driver. It is as archaic as a farmer saying, “I prefer having a person picking corn in the fields, rather than having a machine do that job.”

Letter: Seeing Red
Hernando Today (Florida), Jan. 2, 2013

A driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. I drive a lot and have never gotten a red-light camera ticket. I have never caused an accident, and if the people who want to get rid of the cameras spent their time promoting responsible driving we’d all be better off.

“It does far exceed what I anticipated. I think it tells us that this program is necessary.”
Wyeth Jessee, Principal of Broadview Thompson Elementary School, where authorities issued  881 speeding tickets from speed safety cameras in two weeks.
KCPQ TV 13 (Washington), Jan. 9, 2013

“The intention of the program is to reduce accidents. Philadelphia has found a 34 percent reduction as well as a decrease of fatalities at some key locations. We are approaching this from the public safety aspect.”
Joseph Daly, Springfield Police Chief
Delaware County Daily Times (Pennsylvania), Jan. 8, 2013

“If a few people getting tickets for doing an unlawful thing can slow people down… and prevent more accidents, I’m all for it.”
Dr. Mary DeSouza, Norristown Councilwoman
Norristown Patch (Pennsylvania), Jan. 8, 2013

“Crashes are down at intersections with cameras, they’re considerably down. Since we’ve had the cameras in, every year, we’ve had decreases.”
William Weldon, Sergeant with Bradenton Police Department
Bradenton Herald (Florida), Jan. 7, 2013

“We have found no perceptible negative impacts to traffic flow. There’s been 60,340 red-light violation events reviewed with no resulting rear-end collisions.”
Brian Wilson, Police Chief of Federal Way
Federal Way Mirror (Washington), Jan. 7, 2013

“These cameras save lives.”
Bob Buckhorn, Mayor of Tampa
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), Jan. 5, 2013

“This technology has been proven to help authorities punish lawbreakers, reduce dangerous T-bone crashes and change the behavior of those drivers who selfishly choose to run red lights.”
Florida League of Cities
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), Jan. 5, 2013

In November 2011, the first month the city of Tampa started levying fines, police issued 8,174 violations to drivers photographed running red lights. A year later, in November 2012, that number dropped to 4,729. Source: Tampa Bay Times, Jan. 5, 2013.

At Knoxville’s 15 intersections with red-light safety cameras, the latest crash statistics show a 40 percent reduction in crashes for the first three quarters of 2012 in contrast with the same period in 2011. The change includes a 27 percent reduction in T-bone crashes and a 43 percent decrease in rear-end collisions. Source: Knoxville News Sentinel, Jan. 7, 2013.

In Gallatin, traffic crashes throughout the city have decreased 31 percent since the four red-light safety cameras were installed in 2006. Source: The Tennessean, Jan. 9, 2013.

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