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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 50

November 14th, 2013

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Washington State Supreme Court Won’t Review Red-Light Camera Case
The Daily News, Nov. 14, 2013

The state Supreme Court has declined to review Longview City Councilman Mike Wallin’s attempt to overturn judicial decisions in his red-light camera case against the city of Longview. The decision leaves the appeals court ruling intact, which found that a citizens’ initiative to ban red-light cameras is beyond the scope of local initiative power, and that Longview did not have to hold an advisory vote on the cameras.

Red-Light Running Video Helps Police Arrest Wanted Suspect
KVOA-TV NBC 4 (Arizona), Nov. 12, 2013

Routine review of red-light camera violations helped lead Sierra Vista police officers to the arrest of a suspect wanted for multiple felonies and listed on the Citizens Assisted Location List.

Officials Credit Red-Light Cameras for Improved Safety
NJ.com (New Jersey), Nov. 12, 2013

One year after installing controversial red-light cameras at one of Englewood Cliffs’ busiest intersections, it appears they may be here for the long run. Officials report a decrease in total crashes, rear-end crashes and right-angle collisions.

New Red-Light Camera Goes Online in Boynton Beach
The Palm Beach Post (Florida), Nov. 12, 2013

A seventh camera is shooting photographs of drivers running red lights in the city, this one at the intersection of West Boynton Beach Boulevard and Northwest Eighth Street.

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Red-Light Runners, Crashes Drop at Intersections with Cameras
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 11, 2013

The number of crashes and drivers plowing through traffic lights dropped at nearly every Orange County intersection that’s been outfitted with a red-light camera, a recent internal review found. County engineers found that violations dropped by 25 percent and the number of fender benders fell by 11 percent, when comparing two different one-year stretches between 2011 and 2013. Other programs in Central Florida have seen similar results. (WKMG-TV 6 image.)

Council Extends Red-Light Camera Program
The Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Nov. 7, 2013

American Traffic Solutions will continue to operate red-light cameras through Nov. 30, 2014, the Murfreesboro City Council decided Thursday night. “We make our streets safer for all of our drivers,” Police Chief Glenn Chrisman told the six council members present. See related article in The Murfreesboro Post.

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Video Goes to Police Investigating Vehicle-Bicyclist Collision
KCTV-Channel 5 (Missouri), Nov. 13, 2013

A man is in critical condition after being struck by a taxi Tuesday night in Midtown Kansas City. ATS provided video of the incident to police who are investigating the circumstances of the collision. See related coverage from WDAF-TV FOX 4.

Crashes Decrease, Orange County Expands Camera Program
WESH-TV NBC 2 (Florida), Nov.  11, 2013

As part of its ongoing expansion of red-light safety cameras, Orange County will soon add cameras to seven more intersections, including one where 35 crashes occurred last year, sending 13 people to hospitals. Ten cameras are already in place, and the county plans to install up to 80 red-light safety cameras.

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City of Kent Turns On School Zone Speed Safety Cameras
Kent Reporter (Washington), Nov. 11, 2013

The city of Kent will start operating its first school zone speed safety cameras to catch speeders on Monday, Nov. 18. See city’s press release. (Kent Reporter photo by Steve Hunter)

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Illinois Tollway Opens 1st All-Electronic Toll Interchange at IL47
TollRoadsNews, Nov. 13, 2013

The Illinois Tollway opened its first all-electronic toll interchange last Friday (Nov 8) in a ribboncutting ceremony at Illinois State Route 47 near Huntley on the I-90 Jane Addams Tollway. … The Tollway says 86 pecent of transactions on its network of four tollways are now collected by transponder.  See related article from HuntleyFirst.com.

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Vehicle Crashes into Stopped School Bus with Lights Flashing
Reading Eagle (Pennsylvania), Nov. 12, 2013

A Schuylkill Valley High School student was taken to Reading Hospital after the stopped school bus she was riding in was struck by a car Monday, state police at Hamburg said. Troopers said a car struck the back of the bus, which was stopped and had all its warning lights activated.

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Stop On Red Crashes are down 25 to 50% at #Orlando intersections with safety cameras. They’re working! #StopOnRed  http://ow.ly/qKhCU

@ATS_RoadSafety  Always STOP for the school bus! Student hit while boarding bus in east Charlotte, police say http://bit.ly/1cfEdIV via @WBTV_News

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American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pleased to announce that the town of Huntingdon, Tennessee, and the city of Ferguson, Missouri, have extended their road safety camera agreements. Huntingdon, an ATS client since 2009, agreed to a four-year extension, while Ferguson, an ATS customer since 2011, signed a five-year extension. ATS is honored by their customers’ decisions and looks forward to contributing to their traffic safety efforts.
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Commentary: Treat Red-Light Running Tickets Like Parking Tickets
Columbia Daily Tribune (Missouri), Nov. 11, 2013

The state law should be amended to allow red-light camera enforcement on the same grounds as parking violations. New technology allows more effective enforcement and deterrence of one of our most serious vehicle collision threats. Current state law dangerously interferes with the process.

Commentary: Road Rules Are in Place for a Reason
Columbia Daily Tribune (Missouri), Nov. 11, 2013

If drivers followed all the rules of the road, we would not need traffic cops, sobriety checkpoints, red-light cameras, “texting while driving” laws or highway patrols, and roughly 40,000 Americans would not be killed in traffic accidents each year and hundreds of thousands more would not be injured or disabled.

Editorial: Our Take, They’re Working
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 13, 2013

Ever since the Florida Legislature authorized cameras to catch red-light runners in 2010, critics have tried to get the law repealed. Results like those from a recent review of cameras in Orange County should persuade lawmakers to slam the brakes on any repeal efforts. At the 10 county intersections with red-light cameras, overall citations fell 18 percent and accidents dropped 11 percent when comparing separate one-year stretches between 2011 and 2013.

Letter to the Editor: Use Cameras at Railroad Crossings
Illinois Daily Herald, Nov. 13, 2013

My commute takes me across railroad tracks in Mundelein and Vernon Hills twice a day, and every day, I watch cars in back of me stop on the tracks simply because they followed the car in front of them. So why not put red-light cameras at every railroad crossing?

Letter to the Editor: Studies Show Cameras Reduce Crashes
Glenside News Globe (Pennsylvania), Nov. 12, 2013

There has been a lot of talk lately about Abington Township’s soon-to-be-launched red-light safety camera program, so let’s set the record straight. As executive director of a coalition supporting safety cameras, I’ve seen firsthand how well-run programs in smaller communities can be successful in reducing red-light violations and improving safety.

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“Bottom line is that the number of crashes overall at the 10 locations are decreasing and the number of violations that we give out at the intersections are decreasing. So people are changing their behavior and the way they drive.”
Krista Barber, Orange County Government
WESH-TV NBC 2 (Florida), Nov. 11, 2013

“It’s doing what it’s supposed to do — it’s changing driving habits.”
Charles Vavrek, Former Police Chief and manager of Apopka Stops On Red, the city’s red-light enforcement program.
Sun Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 11, 2013Header Statistics 480

In Palm Coast, for the week of Oct. 21-27, there were a total of 3,642 violation events this week, 278 citations issued and the camera at the intersection of Palm Coast Parkway (east) and Florida Park Drive had the most violation events, with 339. SOURCE: Palm Coast Observer, Nov. 11, 2013.

In Orange County, where the current red-light camera program is being expanded, engineers said the average number of red-light violations dropped by 25 percent at the intersections with cameras, and the number of crashes dropped about 14 percent. Engineers also said the number of people running red lights dropped at nine out of the 10 intersections. SOURCE: Central Florida News Channel 13, Nov. 11, 2013.

In Murfreesboro, where a red-light camera program began in July 2008, traffic collisions at all intersections have decreased 56.7 percent from 1,692 in 2007-08 to 732 in 2012-13, even though intersections have increased from 122 to 143. The city also had a 45.6 percent decrease in total crashes at the six red-light camera intersections, going from 173 in 2007-08 to 94 by 2012-13. SOURCE: The Daily News Journal, Nov. 7, 2013.