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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 42

September 19th, 2013


Bicyclist Nearly Hit by SUV Turning Right on Red
Temple Terrace Patch (Florida), Sept. 19, 2013

It could have been a terrible accident. The SUV was making a right turn and instead of stopping at the red light kept traveling and nearly plowed into a bicyclist in the crosswalk.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Stay Put in Wilmington
WSFX-TV/WECT-TV Channel 6 (North Carolina), Sept. 17, 2013

Wilmington’s red-light cameras aren’t going anywhere, for now. On Tuesday, the city council voted unanimously to extend a contract with American Traffic Solutions to continue operating the cameras for another year, until Aug. 31, 2014. See related coverage from Star News Online. (Star News Online image)

Red-Light Cameras to Come to Popular Memphis Intersections
WMC-TV Channel 5 (Tennessee), Sept. 13, 2013

Dozens of new red-light cameras are coming to Memphis intersections. Right now, there are 24 red-light cameras that generated more than $2 million since late 2009. Very soon, the number of cameras will more than double.

Orlando-Kissimmee_Florida_Skyline_WPBF TV_DangerousPedestrianCities_112911
Osceola Considers Red-Light Cameras at 10 Intersections
Central Florida News Channel 13, Sept. 18, 2013

More red-light cameras could be coming to Osceola County. The county manager was authorized to begin negotiations with American Traffic Solutions to place the cameras at 10 intersections that were recommended by the sheriff. See related coverage from Orlando Sentinel. (WPBF-TV Channel 25 image.)

Collisions Decrease at Newark Intersections with Cameras
The Star Ledger (New Jersey), Sept. 17, 2013

Newark officials say seven intersections with red-light cameras have had a 64 percent drop in accidents since the controversial technology was installed four years ago. The city found a 69 percent reduction in right-angle collisions, or broadsides, among the deadliest type of car crashes, and a 61 percent reduction in rear-end collisions.

New Red-Light Safety Cameras Coming to Saskatoon
The Star Phoenix (Canada), Sept. 19, 2013

People accused of running a red light at certain intersections in Saskatoon will soon be able to watch the alleged infraction from the comfort of home. … New technology will allow those who receive tickets to view the alleged violation online and decide if they want to fight the ticket in court. Previously, people had to come to City Hall to watch the video.

Should Fleet Drivers Pay Their Own Violations?
Business Fleet Magazine, Sept. 15, 2013

From controversial red-light enforcement cameras to cashless toll lanes and smart parking meters, cities and counties are stepping up enforcement using the latest systems to make sure no infraction gets away. … So with these new ways of enforcement, how should fleets react?


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Frederick Expands Red-Light Camera Program
WFMD-Radio 930 AM (Maryland), Sept. 12, 2013

Frederick Police say red-light cameras will be added to two more intersections in the city. … Since the photo enforcement program began, red-light running violations at intersections with cameras have fallen 55 percent, indicating a change in driver behavior. See city press release. (Frederick News Post photo by Travis Pratt)

New Red-Light Cameras Go Up in Amarillo
KVII-TV ABC 7 (Texas), Sept. 12, 2013

The City of Amarillo is adding red-light cameras to its program, saying the cameras are working and 95 percent of drivers who get one ticket don’t get a second.


Dorchester County Considers School Bus Safety Cameras
WMDT-TV ABC 47 (Maryland), Sept. 17, 2013

Jim Gilbert is a Dorchester County school bus driver. … At least once a month, Gilbert says cars zip past his bus when he stops to drop kids off back home. “Just one time to me is too much,” said Gilbert. Dorchester County officials agree and are now looking to install cameras on the outside of school buses.

Survey Notes Drivers Who Pass Stopped School Buses
Bainbridge Island Review (Washington), Sept. 16, 2013

A Bainbridge Island isn’t immune to one of the most reckless acts on the road: Drivers passing a stopped school bus.

Clayton County Schools to Use Stop Arm Cameras
Digital Journal, Sept. 16, 2013

Clayton County Schools will partner with American Traffic Solutions, the leading photo enforcement provider in North America, to deploy CrossingGuard, ATS’ newest technology to help school districts address the growing problem of illegal passing of school buses that are stopped and boarding or disembarking children. See related coverage from School Transportation News.

Thinking of Passing that Stopped School Bus? Think Again
KCPQ-TV FOX 13 (Washington), Sept. 13, 2013

Bad drivers beware: One local school district is arming its school buses with cameras to catch drivers who don’t obey the traffic laws or endanger children.


@ATS_RoadSafety Must Read! LTE: More red-light cameras, please via @MiamiHerald: http://hrld.us/1862SzR #StopOnRed #Miami

@ATS_RoadSafety Red light cameras help #relentless @kcpolice 2ChiefForte solve tragic murder. MT @kcstar http://tinyurl.com/ml6jclj


Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Editorial: Red-Light Camera Realities
Herald-Tribune (Florida), Sept. 18, 2013

The debate over red-light cameras in Florida is dangerously being framed as a false choice. … Floridians and rank-and-file legislators deserve more than a choice between a ban on red-light cameras and unfettered local control not only of their use but of the conditions in which they are used.

Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Helped Murder Inquiry in Kansas City
The Kansas City Star (Missouri), Sept. 17, 2013

Kansas Citians recently were reminded that local government surveillance can have positive outcomes, especially when it comes to public safety. With the assistance of red-light cameras on Bruce R. Watkins Drive, prosecutors said they had gathered enough evidence to bring second-degree murder charges in a 2009 homicide.

Editorial: Drivers Behaving Badly Endanger Public
The Bellingham Herald (Washington), Sept. 17, 2013

Washington drivers, get a grip. Many of you are doing some bonehead things, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t kill or badly injure someone. Two new studies that came out last week paint a disturbing picture of too many drivers in this state blatantly endangering public safety. They ignore laws that carry hefty fines all to save a few seconds or to text someone.

Letter to the Editor: More Red-Light Cameras, Please
The Miami Herald (Florida), Sept. 14, 2013

Regarding the Sept. 5 article “Bill banning red-light cameras introduced in Tallahassee:” I support the use of red-light cameras at intersections. Before they went into operation, I had to pause at every intersection after my light turned green before venturing through, since some car would almost always run the red light. Now, it’s a rarity that someone runs a red light. Thus, cameras are changing people’s actions and habits.


“Our goal is to educate and awaken drivers to the dangers of illegally passing school buses. This program is designed to teach drivers the school bus stop arm laws and change their behaviors in a positive way to protect the lives of the children who ride a school bus to and from school every day.”
Harold Walker, Director of Transportation for Clayton County Public Schools, Georgia
School Transportation News, Sept. 18, 2013

“I think this program has been tremendously successful. We have reduced the number of traffic accidents in our city.”
Myron Lowery, Memphis City Councilman
WMC-TV Channel 5 (Tennessee), Sept. 12, 2013


The city of Saskatoon estimates intersections with red-light cameras boast a 15 percent lower injury and fatality rate and a 22 percent drop in the most severe type of collisions compared to the city’s other busy intersections. SOURCE: The Star Phoenix (Canada), Sept. 16, 2013.

North Carolina
At separate intersections in Wilmington, T-bone crashes have fallen 67 percent and 87 percent and left-turn collisions have decreased 25 percent and 43 percent in a comparison of crash counts 2 1/2 years before red-light cameras were installed and 2 1/2 years after installation. SOURCE: Star News Online (North Carolina), Sept. 18, 2013.


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