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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 38

August 22nd, 2013


Red-Light Safety Cameras Catch Close Calls
WTVT-TV FOX 13 (Florida), Aug. 21, 2013

Each week, St. Petersburg police release videos of the worst of the red-light camera runners. Their hope? To get people to pay attention.

Clearwater Posts Violator of the Week
Clearwater Patch (Florida), Aug. 19, 2013

A red car speeds through a red light at Chestnut Street and Fort Harrison Avenue well into the red-light cycle making Clearwater Police’s latest Red Light Camera Violator of the Week.

Speed Camera Testing Begins in Chicago
WFLD-TV FOX 32 (Illinois), Aug. 17, 2013

It’s time to slow down Chicago. A portion of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s speed camera system is in place and ready to go. It’s just a test right now, but the warning notices will end in a month. Fine revenue will be invested in safety initiatives including after-school programs, anti-violence and jobs programs.

Parents Asked Who Respects School Bus Stop Sign
Middleton Patch (Connecticut), Aug. 17, 2013

For most drivers, the flashing stop sign that extends from a school bus during pick-ups and drop-offs is more sacred than any other traffic signal. Still, some motorists don’t obey.

Akron Police Issue Warning about Scam
WOIO-TV Channel 19 (Ohio), Aug. 20, 2013

The Akron Police Department is urging residents to be aware of a phone scam involving callers pretending to be from “Ohio State Recovery Company.” This phone scam attempts to obtain credit card information over unpaid speed camera tickets through the Akron Municipal Court. … Anyone with questions about a speed camera ticket may call 1-866-684-8383. Any outstanding tickets or fines can be verified through this number.

SUV, School Bus Collide in Intersection
KGUN-TV ABC 9 (Arizona), Aug. 20, 2013

Three children were taken to a hospital as a precaution after a small school bus and an SUV collided at an intersection in Goodyear. Authorities say it appears the driver of the SUV ran a red light and crashed into the school bus.

School Buses Caught Running Red Lights
WSB-TV Channel 2 (Georgia), Aug. 19, 2013

Channel 2 Action News filed open records requests for red-light citations, and found school bus drivers in four metro-area districts racked up nearly two dozen tickets in the past three years.

Legislator Wants Speed Cameras on Deadly Philadelphia Street
Newsworks/WHYY News, Aug. 19, 2013

Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia already has red-light cameras. Now a state senator wants to add speed cameras in hopes of making the deadly road safer. Pennsylvania Sen. Mike Stack, D-Philadelphia, says adding cameras to enforce speed limits on Roosevelt Boulevard will save lives.

Lawrence Issues Fewer Red-Light Running Tickets
The Times of Trenton (New Jersey), Aug. 18, 2013

The controversial red-light camera system posted at one of the township’s worst intersections churned out 37 percent fewer tickets with a corresponding drop in revenue during the first half of this year, according to township data. … A development the city manager says could indicate a safer environment. 

Boynton Beach Adds Red-Light Camera
WPTV-TV NBC 5 (Florida), Aug. 17, 2013

The Boynton Beach Police Department is giving a 30-day warning to drivers who run red lights.  A new red-light camera is operational and soon tickets will be handed out.


Pickup Collides with Teen Near School Bus
KOTV-TV CBS 6 (Oklahoma), Aug. 21, 2013

A teenager is hit by a truck while crossing the street in front of a school bus. Police say the driver of a black pickup, didn’t stop for the stop sign on a Putnam City school bus, which was stopped to let kids off the bus. The teen was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. His condition is now stable, but guarded. The pickup driver was also hurt. No word on the extent of his injuries.

Drivers in Florida Illegally Pass Buses Thousands of Times a Day
Sun Sentinel (Florida), Aug. 20, 2013

In a single day this past spring, drivers in Orange County illegally passed school buses loading or unloading children 1,851 times. Statewide, 11,684 violations were noted by school bus drivers that day. With the start of fall classes in one of the most dangerous areas of the country for pedestrians, school and law-enforcement officials are asking drivers to be more careful.

Study: Drivers Endanger School Bus Pupils in Staggering Numbers
Kennesaw Patch (Georgia), Aug. 20, 2013

A newly released study — conducted over just one day — found that tens of thousands of drivers fail to stop for school buses. See related article in Bethesda-Chevy Chase Patch.

Stop-Arm Cameras Going on Douglas County School Buses
Douglas County Sentinel (Georgia), Aug. 15, 2013

Drivers illegally passing school buses when a stop-arm is down is a big problem. Douglas County Schools Superintendent Gordon Pritz said it’s not unusual for every bus running in the county to experience at least one violation a day, which amounts to over 200 violations a day. To address the problem, the Douglas County Board of Education recently approved installing stop-arm cameras on about 10 percent of buses, or about 20-25 buses.


American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce its new five-year agreement with the Board of County Commissioners of Washington County, Maryland, to install and maintain CrossingGuard school bus stop arm safety cameras on school buses in the Washington County Public Schools. The cameras are used to deter motorists from illegally passing school buses when they stop to let children on and off. ATS is honored to be a part of the county and schools’ efforts to improve traffic safety for students.


@ATS_RoadSafety VIDEO: Close call caught by Red-Light Safety Cameras in #Sweetwater http://bit.ly/16MVQ4e  #StoponRed

@ATS_RoadSafety VIDEO: Red-light running is 100% preventable. http://bit.ly/1d2iKYN  Just #StoponRed #Wilmington


“If they do this type of driving and they get away with it time after time after time there is not a tendency for them to improve their driving. … Sooner or later, that can result in a very serious accident.”
Mike Puetz, St. Petersburg Police spokesman
WTVT-TV FOX 13 (Florida), Aug. 21, 2013

“We have found it to be a great tool in allowing us to promote traffic safety, not only for the motoring public but for pedestrians as well. By having intersections monitored by these systems, it keeps people honest. It keeps them from flirting with the possibility of getting a ticket, which inevitably makes everyone safer.”
Jason Godwin, Police Chief of Knightdale
WTVD-TV ABC 11 (North Carolina), Aug. 21, 2013

“Obviously it’s clear from the reduction in tickets that there’s a change in behavior. If it’s less drivers violating, it’s an indicator that it could be a safer environment.”
Richard Krawczun, Lawrence Township Manager
The Times of Trenton (New Jersey), Aug. 18, 2013


New Jersey
Lawrence Township issued 37 percent fewer red-light running tickets from photo enforcement cameras during the first six months of 2013 compared with the previous year. Source: The Times of Trenton (New Jersey), Aug. 18, 2013.


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