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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 32

July 11th, 2013


Buoniconti Speaks Out for Red-Light Safety Cameras
Miami Herald (Florida), July 9, 2013

Marc Buoniconti and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis are speaking out to persuade Miami politicians to keep red-light cameras at various city intersections. Melissa Wandall is joining the effort. She was nine months pregnant when her husband Mark was killed in a car accident in October 2003. Mark and his brother-in-law were struck by another vehicle that ran a red light. (Miami Herald video image by C.W. Griffin) 

Crashes Decrease at Miami’s Intersections with Cameras
WTVJ-TV NBC 6 (Florida), July 9, 2013

Authorities say traffic collisions are down at the intersections across South Florida that have red-light cameras, and in Miami even more so when compared to intersections without cameras.

Celebrities Team-Up for Traffic Safety
WSVN-TV Channel 7 (Florida), July 9, 2013

Former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula joined music mogul Emilio Estefan and Marc Buoniconti, son of NFL Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti, at University of Miami Hospital as the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis launched a public campaign supporting the use of red-light safety cameras. The high-profile spokesmen said the cameras are proven tools in reducing life-threatening accidents. View the public service announcement.

Mayor Recommends More Speed Cameras at Seattle’s Schools
KIRO-TV CBS 7 (Washington), July 9, 2013

Seattle’s speed zone cameras are working so well that drivers can expect to see more of them. … With all four cameras around Seattle school zones, there was a 16 percent reduction in tickets. See related KIRO-TV news coverage.

Red-Light Runners and More Caught on Camera
Clearwater Patch (Florida), July 9, 2013

In addition to a few red-light runners near Fort Harrison Avenue and Chestnut Street, this video also recorded a lightning strike June 26, according to Clearwater Police.


ATS Will Outfit 20 Buses in School District with Stop-Arm Cameras
Hagerstown Herald-Mail (Maryland), July 9, 2013

A new Washington County Public Schools program to install cameras on some school buses to help reduce the number of motorists who illegally pass the stopped vehicles as they pick up or unload students will take effect when the new school year begins Aug. 21. (Hagerstown Herald-Mail photo by Joe Crocetta)

School Bus Safety Law Named for Student
Winston-Salem Journal (North Carolina), July 8, 2013

The death of a sixth-grade Forsyth County student late last year has inspired a new law that will impose stiffer penalties on drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses. A passing car fatally struck the boy as he crossed the street to board his school bus.

Fairfax OKs Red-Light Camera Program Expansion
WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM (Virginia), July 10, 2013

The City of Fairfax has approved a plan to increase the number of red-light camera locations from three intersections to six. The move expands the number of cameras from four to seven. American Traffic Solutions is bidding on the contract.

Bridgeport Wants to Put Brakes on Unsafe Driving
The Bridgeport News (Connecticut), July 9, 2013

The evidence of the harm that a vehicle can do in a car-pedestrian collision is clearly seen in the young face of Diamond Battle.  Evidence that could lead to the prosecution of the hit-and-run driver who did it to her would be available if the state would allow red light cameras, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said. (The Bridgeport News photo by John Kovach)

Capital Beltway Usage, Toll Revenue Rise in 2nd Quarter
TollRoadsNews, July 9, 2013

The high-profile toll lanes project on the DC Capital Beltway saw a major leap in traffic and revenue in the June quarter. Toll revenue increased 82 percent on the March quarter with an increase of 38 percent in average weekday traffic and a 32 percent higher in the average toll.

Amarillo’s Red-Light Running Citations Lag 2012 Pace
MyHighPlains.com (Texas), July 8, 2013

Thus far, Amarillo has issued 257 red-light violations, which puts it on track to issue fewer citations in 2013 than last year when police issued 617, according to Amarillo Municipal Court Clerk Victoria Medley says.

Court Decision Invites St. Louis to Pursue Scofflaws
KMOX-Radio, AM 1120 (Missouri), July 8, 2013

Following a Missouri Appeals Court ruling last month, residents are expected to begin paying their outstanding red-light camera tickets in St. Louis. The ruling means that anyone issued a ticket for running a red light since the inception of the law five years ago will either have to pay up or get a court hearing to contest their ticket.

Caught Running a Red Light? Now What?
Temple Terrace Patch (Florida), July 8, 2013

Have you opened your mailbox recently only to discover a shiny new traffic ticket in the mail courtesy of one of Hillsborough County’s red light cameras? If so, you’ll find some of the rules of the road have changed on how you should navigate paying that fine.

Crash Hospitalizes 5 Children in Casa Linda
The Dallas Morning News (Texas), July 8, 2013

Early Monday morning, police say a man heading eastbound on Garland Road in a blue Chevrolet pickup ran a red light and plowed into a red Lincoln Navigator carrying six children and three adults. See related coverage on the crash at WNBC-TV.

After Warning Period, Red-Light Running Citations Fall in Opelika
The Moulton Advertiser (Alabama), July 8, 2013

Two months into the program, the numbers show a decrease in red-light running in Opelika. Authorities issued 794 warning notices in April, 553 citations in May and estimate June will show 300 citations issued. See related coverage from Opelika-Auburn News.

Data Support School Speed Cameras’ Effectiveness
Seattle Post Intelligencer (Washington), July 8, 2013

Love ’em or hate ’em, early data suggests school zone speed cameras are effective – so you might be seeing more of them around Seattle.

Video Details Violation Review Process
Village of Key Biscayne (Florida), July 7, 2013

The Village of Key Biscayne’s Website features a video detailing the careful review process every red-light running event captured by red-light safety cameras passes through before a violation is issued.


@ATS_RoadSafety PSA: @EmilioEstefanJr & @DonShula talk success of red-light safety cameras in #Florida  bit.ly/13zwmH7  #StopOnRed

ATS logo

Under a newly signed two-year agreement, American Traffic Solutions will work with the Houston-Galveston Area Council as the representative agent for its member agencies interested in the purchase and use of road-safety camera programs, including the CrossingGuard school bus safety enforcement system that encourages safer driving around school buses. ATS is also pleased to announce that the Marietta Board of Education in Georgia approved an agreement with ATS to install and monitor CrossingGuard school bus safety cameras on 10 school buses. ATS is honored to be working with Marietta schools as well as the Houston-Galveston Area Council and its more than 100 member cities.

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Editorial: Don’t Ditch Speed Cameras, Mesa
The Arizona Republic, July 8, 2013

The most important aspect of local public officials’ duties is to keep their community safe for their residents. That’s why a recent Mesa City Council committee’s action regarding photo enforcement is so puzzling.

Letter to the Editor: Keep Ohio’s Road Safety Cameras
Akron Beacon Journal, July 9, 2013

I was hit broadside by a driver who ignored a red light 31 years ago. My car was totaled. I spent two months off work while my fractured skull healed. My wife suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and hip. She was seven months pregnant and our unborn son was killed. Our other two children were injured and traumatized. The price we paid was much greater than any fine.

Letter: Put Cameras to Work Enforcing No-Texting-While-Driving Laws
Albany Democrat-Herald (Oregon), July 7, 2013

It’s a well-known fact that texting and phone calls (even hands-free!) result in a driver that is effectively drunk. Why has this behavior not been pursued with extreme vigor by law enforcement? It would also be very easy to use existing red-light cameras to enforce the same statutes.

Letter: City Commended for Giving Red-Light Cameras Consideration
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania), July 6, 2013

I commend the Pittsburgh City Council for starting the process to consider red-light cameras at dangerous intersections. Nearly 600 cities in the United States use these devices to reduce serious crashes and save lives.

Letter: Cameras Might Inhibit Speeders
The Columbian (Washington), July 5, 2013

Follow the speed limit. What a concept. A June 30 story, “New traffic cameras quickly bring tiny Ohio village to a stop,” reported on a town that put in cameras to stop speeders. People were complaining because they were getting ticketed for speeding. I say they should put cameras up around here, too.

“You don’t have a right to privacy in a public right of way.”
Bill Finch, Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut
The Bridgeport News, July 9, 2013

“The whole community needs to realize that we aren’t talking about parking tickets. People running red lights is an extremely dangerous offense. People die.”
Marc Buoniconti, President of the Marc Buoniconti Fund, the fundraising arm of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
Miami Herald (Florida), July 9, 2013

“Overall … I would say the red light cameras have brought down dangerous activity and that is our main objective with all of this.”
Eddie Roth, Director of Operations, City of St. Louis
KMOX Radio, AM 1120 (Louisiana), July 8, 2013

In Opelika, where red-light cameras are installed at four intersections, police issued 794 warning notices to vehicle owners caught running red lights in April. The next month, when fines were issued, there were 553 citations issued. The estimated number of citations for June is 300. Source: Opelika Auburn News, July 3, 2013.

Serious injury collisions at intersections with red-light safety cameras declined 35.5 percent between 2007 and 2011 in Mesa. School-hour speeds at the five schools with speed safety cameras have dropped by an average of more than 8 mph since the cameras were deployed. Source: The Arizona Republic, July 8, 2013.


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