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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 24

May 16th, 2013

School Bus Driver Speaks Out about Motorists Ignoring Law
NBC New York, May 16, 2013

A Bronx school bus driver fed up with motorists ignoring the law and breezing by his flip-out stop sign decided to capture the drivers on video, and so he spent much of this school year recording them, one after another, speeding around his yellow bus.

School Bus Violators Put Children in Danger
WXMI-TV FOX 17 (Michigan), May 14, 2013

Drivers blowing past or going around school buses is a growing problem in West Michigan. It’s a violation that’s not always easy to report or enforce.

Deadly School Bus Missteps Added to Crime Victim Fund
NBC News (Mississippi), May 13, 2013

The family of a student killed or injured while boarding or exiting a school bus can now qualify to receive money from the state Crime Victim Compensation Fund. House Bill 710 expands the eligibility for the fund. It has been signed by Gov. Phil Bryant and takes effect July 1. See related article from WAPT-TV ABC 16.

City Conducting Tests for Red-Light Safety Cameras
Odessa-American (Texas), May 15, 2013

The city of Odessa is working with American Traffic Solutions to conduct a study indicating if Odessa could benefit from installing red-light cameras at several intersections. (WFTS TV-28 image)

Safety Rises at All-Electronic Toll Locations
TollRoads News, May 15, 2013

Even though traffic counts are increasing at four toll points in Miami, crashes are down 37% in the past year at locations with all-electronic tolling.

Yellow Light Timing Myths Debunked in Florida
Orlando Business Journal (Florida), May 15, 2013

Recent media attention surrounding yellow light timing in Florida has prompted the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) to address common red-light safety camera myths. Fallacies regarding shortened yellow light duration and rear-end crash increases are often cited in reference to red-light safety cameras without proper investigation of their validity. (Florida Today image)

Fatal Crash Reignites Red-Light Camera Debate
KGTV-TV ABC 10 (California), May 14, 2013

A fatal crash in El Cajon has reignited the debate over red-light cameras at intersections. Michelle Hay, 36, was killed last Friday at an intersection that used to have a red-light camera.

Legislation Gives Ticketed Red-Light Runners More Time for Appeal
Tampa Bay Business Journal (Florida), May 13, 2013

Beginning July 1, drivers who receive a ticket from a red-light camera in Florida will have more time to appeal the fine. See related article from Bay News 9.

Probe into Deadly Crash Hinges on Who Ran Red Light
Chino Champion (California), May 11, 2013

Ontario police said they are trying to determine which driver ran a red light before the two-car fatal collision on April 30. A Rhodes Elementary School student was killed and three other children and a 52-year-old woman injured.

Get Involved in Saving a Life: Sharing a Tweet is a convenient way to inform others about the dangers of red-light running. Another way is to direct drivers to the ATS YouTube page, where visitors can watch informative videos about road safety camera programs and see the dangerous crashes hundreds of communities are trying to avoid by installing red-light safety cameras. Seeing is believing, which is why ATS invites you to visit our links at the end of this newsletter and share the message to stop on red.

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ATS_RoadSafety  ‏@ATS_RoadSafety 3,092 roadway fatalities last year involved #distracteddrivers via @NHTSAgov #DriveSafe #StopOnRed

Editorial: An Appealing Red-Light Camera Fix
The Tampa Tribune (Florida), May 13, 2013

Love them or hate them, the cameras that capture red-light offenders in the act are becoming a fixture at busy intersections. But there are some kinks in the system that need ironing out. A measure by Sen. Jeff Brandes, a Republican from St. Petersburg, addresses the most troublesome of those kinks and in the process makes the system fairer for those caught in the camera’s eye.

Letter: Red-Light Safety Cameras
The Ledger (Florida), May 13, 2013

If people are paying attention to your driving and stopping at red lights, I don’t see why anyone would object to red-light cameras. Besides, they bring in money for Florida. That is good.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Are OK with Driver
The Advocate (Louisiana), May 12, 2013

There’s so much controversy about whether or not we should keep the traffic cameras in Baton Rouge. I would venture to guess that those who want them removed have had to pay a fine.

“We’re trying to change people’s behavior, trying to make them stop running red lights. We have to do something. I’m in favor of it as long as it will make our community safer.”
David Turner, Odessa Mayor
Odessa American (Texas), May 15, 2013

“The goal of the program is to catch and convict drivers who illegally drive around school buses with their stop arm extended. These drivers are responsible for creating an unsafe and potentially deadly situation for children who cannot see around the bus when crossing the street.”
Daniel Ray, Greenville City Attorney
Herald Banner (Texas), May 11, 2013

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