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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 51

November 21st, 2012

Holiday Wishes from ATS
Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, and American Traffic Solutions wishes everyone a healthy and happy holiday. Keep in mind that 90 percent of traveling Americans will drive to their holiday destination, making roads more crowded than normal and increasing the need to be alert for the inattentive driver. Please, everyone, be careful, drive safely and enjoy your Thanksgiving. (DOT.gov photo)

Lakeland Commissioners Sign New Red-Light Camera Contract
Tampa Bay Business Journal (Florida), Nov. 21, 2012

City commissioners approved a contract with its red-light camera provider that could bring 10 to 30 additional cameras to Lakeland. Lakeland now has nine cameras at five intersections. See related coverage in The Ledger and the updated report on the 4-3 vote.

ATS Expects PlatePass Use to Increase over Thanksgiving Holiday
The Wall Street Journal, Nov. 20, 2012

From vehicle renters to fleet customers, PlatePass, American Traffic Solutions’ Toll Management Solution, expects to manage more than 150,000 toll payments, more than double what it paid only three years ago, over the five-day Thanksgiving holiday travel period.

Tamarac Is Latest to Add Red-Light Cameras
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 18, 2012

There’s just no stopping those red-light cameras. After two years of talking about the issue, Tamarac city commissioners have authorized the installation of cameras at 20 intersections. 

Judge Upholds Ellisville’s Red-Light Camera Ordinance
Chesterfield Patch (Missouri), Nov. 16, 2012

A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Ellisville’s red-light cameras has been struck down by St. Louis County Circuit Court Judge Thea Sherry.

Fredericton Continues Fight for Red-Light Cameras
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (New Brunswick, Canada), Nov. 15, 2012

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside says he’s hopeful the provincial government will speed up its review of red-light cameras so he can slow down drivers in the capital city.

Cleveland Considers Tougher Penalty for Passing Stopped School Bus
WJW-TV8 (Ohio), Nov. 19, 2012

A woman caught on camera driving on the sidewalk to avoid a stopped school bus is speaking out for the first time about her conviction, just as local lawmakers take a step toward stronger penalities against this traffic violation.

Child Waiting for School Bus Hit by Car
WJHL TV 11 (Tennessee), Nov. 19, 2012

A collision between a car and a student at a school bus stop ended with minor injuries to the 12-year-old child.

Get Involved in Saving a Life: Sharing a Tweet is a convenient way to inform others about the dangers of red-light running. Another way is to direct drivers to the ATS YouTube page, where visitors can watch informative videos about road safety camera programs and see the dangerous crashes hundreds of communities are trying to avoid by installing red-light safety cameras. Seeing is believing, which is why ATS invites you to visit our links at the end of this page and share the message to stop on red.

Hopkins Intl. Injury ‏@HopkinsINJURIES Now is the time to learn from the past. Remember those who are victims of road traffic crashes. worlddayofremembrance.org

IIHS ‏@IIHS_autosafety Saving lives on the road isn’t rocket science. Dispense w/wishful thinking. Research shows what’s proven to work. #drivingsafety

Red-Light Running Violator of the Week
Clearwater Patch (Florida), Nov. 20, 2012

A  sports car heading eastbound on Chestnut Avenue runs a light four seconds after it turns red, making Clearwater Police’s Red Light Camera Violator of the Week.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Catch Violators in Palatka
WJXT TV 4 (Florida), Nov. 17, 2012

Drivers who cross the line are preparing to pay a fine. This weekend in Palatka, red-light safety cameras are up and on at four main intersections. See related coverage from WTLV TV12.

Editorial: Slow Down Drivers, You’re in a School Zone
The Seattle Times (Washington), Nov. 20, 2012

Starting Monday, drivers speeding past cameras in four Seattle school zones will automatically receive $189 speeding tickets in the mail. Harsh? Yes. But if the point of driving safely around schools is driven home, consider this pilot project a success.

Letter: The More Red-Light Cameras the Better
The Ledger (Florida), Nov. 21, 2012

I recently read that 10 to 30 more red-light cameras may be approved by city commissioners in Lakeland. I say the more the better. Two or three times a week I see cars and trucks speed through red lights.

Letter: Don’t End Red-Light Camera Program
Voice of San Diego (California), Nov. 20, 2012

As studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Texas Transportation Institute and Old Dominion University demonstrate, red-light cameras make roads and intersections safer, preventing injuries and saving lives. It would be a mistake to end the red-light camera program in San Diego.

Of the 686,455 speeding citations Baltimore City issued in the year ending June 30, more than half (57%) were issued to motorists who lived outside the city. Source:  WBAL.com, Nov. 17, 2012.

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