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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 27

June 7th, 2012

Crash Victim Never Thought It Would Happen to Her
The Arizona Republic, June 7, 2012

Ashley Andres was driving to work one morning when she was hit by a red-light runner as she attempted to make a left turn. For the past two years, Andres has watched other collisions occur at the same intersection from the corner restaurant where she works. She never though that one day, she’d be a victim at the same spot. (The Arizona Republic photo by Nick Oza.)

Odds Improve for Extension of Philadelphia’s Red-Light Camera Program
KYW-TV 3 (Pennsylvania), June 7, 2012

Prospects have improved for an extension of Philadelphia’s red-light camera program, currently set to expire June 30th. But lawmakers are now proposing to change the way revenues from the program are handed out. (NBCPhiladelphia.com photo)

Red-Light Cameras Aid in Robbery, Homicide Investigations
KMBZ News Radio (Kansas), June 7, 2012

Kansas City’s public safety committee chairman John Sharp says there’s an added bonus to the city’s red-light cameras. “Over 60 occasions they’ve used videos from the red-light cameras to assist in other serious investigations, such as robberies and homicides,” he said. (Kansas City Star photo by Allison Long)

Maryland Community Officials Say Speed Violations Are Slowing
Gazette.net, June 6, 2012

Officials in Greenbelt, Laurel and other Maryland communities are tempering expectations from speed camera revenues as drivers get the message to slow down.

Collisions Down Nearly 18% in Edmonton
Edmonton Sun (Canada), June 5, 2012

Collisions have dropped nearly 18 percent on city streets says a new report. The city released its annual collision report Tuesday, showing there were 5,438 fewer collisions between 2010 and 2011 in Edmonton.

Violations Down, Fine Revenue Up in Calgary
The Calgary Herald (Canada), June 5, 2012

Traffic fine revenue is climbing higher, but police say compliance for drivers caught speeding through intersections is growing. See 660 News for related coverage.

Worst Intersections for Speeding in Calgary
Open File (Canada), June 4, 2012

Approximately six drivers sped past the intersection of 16th Avenue and 10th Street every hour in 2011. That hourly rate tallies up to 26,107 lead-footed drivers speeding through that spot and earning themselves a ticket from Calgary Police.

Cameras Added to School Buses to Catch Lawbreakers
WESH TV2 (Florida), June 1, 2012

Four Florida school districts are part of a pilot program to keep children safe from drivers who illegally pass school buses when they stop to let children on and off the bus. Data will be reviewed once the program is completed amid hopes from supporters for a new state law allowing cameras.

Cameras Show Drivers Speeding Past Stopped School Buses
WDBO FM 96.5 (Florida), June 5, 2012

Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Brevard counties want to better protect students from dangerous drivers, so they’re testing new cameras on school buses. In the last few weeks, cameras mounted on the sides of school buses across central Florida caught drivers breaking the law and putting countless children in danger. See related news release.

Cameras Document School Bus Passing Problem
The Daytona News-Journal (Florida), June 1, 2012

Drivers just keep illegally rolling by school buses in Volusia and Flagler counties when they’re stopped to pick up or drop off passengers. See related coverage from KSNT-TV 27 and The Sacramento Bee.

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 @ATS_RoadSafety  NCSR ‏@SaferRoadsUSA Red-light cameras get grand jury nod bit.ly/M43k3q  #RoadSafety #StopOnRed

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that Carrollton City Schools in Georgia has signed a contract to install ATS’ CrossingGuard school bus arm safety system. Also, ATS is honored that Ridgefield, New Jersey, has awarded a red-light safety camera contract to ATS.


Remarkable Numbers Show Cameras Make Frisco’s Roads Safer
Frisco Police Department press release, June 7, 2012

Reductions in red-light running violations, total crashes and rear-end collisions are just a few of the remarkable statistics released by the Frisco Police Department as evidence that the city’s red-light safety camera program is meeting the goals of public safety.

Commentary: Calgary Sets Record Camera Fine of $40 Million
The Calgary Sun (Canada), June 3, 2012

For the first time in Calgary Police Service history, fines and penalties surpassed the $40-million mark, with photos of back-bumper license plates helping to push the grand total to $40.2 million.

Commentary: Red-Light Cameras Could Save Children’s Lives
Northern Valley Suburbanite (New Jersey), May 31, 2012

New Jersey has a workable plan under way to make driving safer for everyone who uses our roads, but two collisions this March indicate the hard work is just beginning.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Fund Research
The Miami Herald (Florida), June 4, 2012

Communities across Florida are seeing the results from red-light cameras and how they significantly increase overall road safety and protect innocent, law-abiding citizens. As a natural evolution of their importance, these cameras are now extending into the world of cutting-edge science.

Letter: Critics of Red-Light Cameras Often Are Careless Drivers
Asbury Park Press (New Jersey), May 31, 2012

Does it seem that plain old common sense and logic are seriously deteriorating?

“People need to stop running red lights and realize they aren’t going to make it.”
Ashley Andres, Victim of red-light running crash in Scottsdale, Arizona
The Arizona Republic, June 7, 2012

“There’s been a definite decrease in speed violations. But what’s happening is once they get past where the speed camera is, they’re speeding up.”
Rich McLaughlin, Police Chief, Laurel, Maryland
Gazette.net, June 6, 2012

“People get the message and your violations drop. That’s what they were intended to do. You can’t depend on this as a steady revenue source.”
Edward Murphy, Town Administrator, Berwyn Heights, Maryland
Gazette.net, June 6, 2012

“I think the message is getting out there that speeding is something people are not going to continue to support.”
Gerry Shimko, Executive Director, Office of Traffic Safety, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Edmonton Sun, June 5, 2012

“Statistically, we’ve seen a reduction in severity of collision rates, and we’ve seen a reduction in the fatality rate. By far and away, the average speed for all vehicles going through these intersections is at or below the posted speed limit. That would suggest to us the intersection safety camera had an impact.”
Doug McIlwraith, Acting Staff Sergeant, Calgary Police Service, Alberta Canada
Calgary Herald, June 5, 2012

Since 2000, the year before red-light cameras were installed, collisions at two intersections in San Juan Capistrano with cameras are down 81 percent and 44 percent. This year the city expects to issue 32 percent fewer citations.  Source: The Orange County Register, May 31, 2012.

Intersection crashes have declined by 42 percent in the first five years of Calgary’s road safety camera program. Source: The Calgary Sun, June 3, 2012.

In Frisco, total crashes at two intersections with red-light cameras have declined by nearly 50 percent when comparing data one year before cameras were installed to the year after installation. Source: Frisco Police Department press release.

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