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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 24

May 17th, 2012

Orange Park Gets Specific about Red-Light Cameras
Clay Today (Florida), May 17, 2012

Town council members have moved closer to installing red-light cameras at strategic intersections, … after voting unanimously for town staff to begin talks with American Traffic Solutions, which already has a contract with the city of Green Cove Springs.

Ruling Upholds Red-Light Cameras
KMOV TV4 (Missouri), May 16, 2012

Red-light camera supporters are celebrating a big legal victory. St. Louis County Circuit Judge Tom DePriest, Jr. on Wednesday threw out a class action lawsuit challenging Florissant’s red-light camera ordinance.

Red-Light Fines Offset Property Taxes in Brick
Asbury Park Press (New Jersey), May 16, 2012

Two red-light cameras installed two years ago have added more than $1 million to the municipal coffers in Brick Township, helping to offset property taxes, township officials said.

Pedestrian’s Death Shows Dangers of Distracted Driving
The Advertiser (Connecticut), May 15, 2012

A teenage driver in Connecticut is under arrest after authorities said the distraction of a handheld cellphone caused her to fatally hit a 44-year-old jogger.

Puyallup Council Extends Red-Light Camera Program
The News Tribune (Washington), May 15, 2012

Puyallup will keep its red-light cameras. The City Council on Tuesday approved a five-year extension of the city’s contract with its camera vendor, American Traffic Solutions. The city has used cameras since 2008 and currently have them in place at six intersections.

Study: Car-Pedestrian Crashes Higher in High-Poverty Areas
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), May 15, 2012

The ubiquity of people being hit by cars in Newark is troubling, but it isn’t surprising — data shows that there is a correlation between poverty and car-pedestrian collisions, according to a report by New Jersey Public Radio. (The Star-Ledger photo by Jerry McCrea shows flowers left for a pedestrian killed in a collision.)

D.C. Adds 25 Speed Camera Locations
The Washington Post, May 15, 2012

Drivers in the District of Columbia will encounter more than 25 new locations for speed cameras this month. Until June 6, authorities will issue warning notices. Starting June 6, citations will be issued and fines will be imposed.

City Remodels Annex to House Red-Light Camera Office
The Kingwood Observer (Texas), May 14, 2012

To accommodate the ticket review process and officers assigned to this particular department, the city of Humble will construct a red-light camera office in the annex building beside Charles H. Bender High School.

Delaware Interested in School Zone Speed Cameras
NewsWorks.org, May 14, 2012

Delaware lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow the use of automatic speed enforcement cameras in Dover and Wilmington. Motorists violating the speed limit would be notified of fines up to $75 through the mail.

Newark Enters Fine Phase at Newest Intersection with Camera
Newark Patch (New Jersey), May 11, 2012

The  intersection of Raymond Boulevard and Lockwood Street, which started its 30-day warning period on April 11, began issuing $85 violations on May 11. During the 30-day warning period, 391 warning letters were issued to motorists who ran through red lights at the intersection.

CrossingGuard Enforces School Bus Safety Zone
Officer.com, May 17, 2012

Each school day, roughly 26 million students nationwide will ride a school bus to and from school. Sadly, some of these students will not make it back home because of the disregard thousands of motorists demonstrate daily by illegally passing school buses.

Police Chief: Medina Speed Cameras Reduce Wrecks
WBBJ TV 7 (Tennessee), May 15, 2012

It has been almost a year-and-a-half since the city of Medina installed two traffic cameras, and ever since then police say the cameras have been effective, but some motorists continue to speed.

Traffic Signal Goes Up Where Teen Died 2 Years Ago
WFTX-TV 4 (Florida), May 15, 2012

A grieving mom’s crusade for a traffic signal at a deadly Cape Coral intersection reaches a dramatic conclusion in front of the Lee County Commission.

Police Review Video as Part of Shooting Investigation
KMOV TV 4 (Missouri), May 14, 2012

Police are checking all area surveillance cameras for clues, hoping video from SLU or the red-light cameras might lead to their two suspects in a shooting that left one woman fighting for her life.

Tucson Police Stand by Cameras’ Precision, Officers’ Discretion
KGUN TV 9 (Arizona), May 14, 2012

In response to drivers’ complaints that red-light cameras issue tickets in instances when an officer would not, Tucson Police Sgt. Timothy Beam said a sworn officer is involved with every ticket before it’s issued and each officer tries to be fair while promoting safety. Violations that occur within the first one-tenth of a second when the light turns red are automatically rejected.

@ATS_RoadSafety  #ATS would like to recognize National #Police Week 2012 which honors the commitment of men & women who risk their lives daily to protect us.

Top Communications Award Goes to American Traffic Solutions
IABC.com (Arizona), May 11, 2012

The International Association of Business Communicators congratulates its Best of the Best 2012 Award winner, American Traffic Solutions for the redesign of violationinfo.com to a more user-friendly and cost-saving system. The redesign, completed by the communications, information technology and marketing departments, also won an Award of Excellence. Awards of Merit were presented to ATS for its Road Safety Ink newsletter and its compilation of red-light running collision videos assembled to compel drivers to stop on red. The videos received media attention from USA Today and Good Morning America. (Pictured clockwise from top left: Juan Valenzuela, Charles Territo, event emcee Cory McCloskey of FOX 10, Heather Schlichting, Shelby Novy, John Conway and Daniel McCrobie.)

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce Falls Church, Virginia, along with Howard County and Morningside, Maryland, have all renewed their road safety camera programs for another year. Each community has been a customer since 2009.

Commentary: Red-Light Cameras Are Both Legal and Lifesaving
U.S. News and World Report, May 14, 2012

Simply put, red-light cameras are legal. Running a red light? That’s illegal. Drivers who run red lights selfishly threaten the lives of others on the roadway. These lawbreakers must be held accountable for their careless, risky behavior.

Commentary: Amarillo Stays on Course with Cameras
Amarillo Globe News (Texas), May 12, 2012

WFTV, based in Orlando, Fla., recently pored through traffic data and … affirmed what Amarillo officials have said since installing the cameras at selected intersections: Safety is enhanced when police have the help of cameras.

Editorial: Crack Down on Drivers Who Pass Stopped School Buses
Tampa Bay Times (Florida) May 16, 2012

A Pasco School District survey, conducted by bus drivers on May 7, recorded 590 instances of motorists failing to yield to buses stopped to load or discharge children. It is an alarming number that mirrors poor driving patterns across the state.

Letter: Direct Red-Light Fines to Schools
Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee), May 17, 2012

All of the money the city/county receives from red-light running fines should go to fund the $35 million request from the Knox County Schools. Based on historic data of fines collected, divide the balance needed for full funding between a sales tax increase and property tax increase.

“If this was a money grab then we would have a higher ticket fee. If people are running red lights, they deserve to get a ticket. This is a safety issue.”
Stephen Acropolis, Brick Township Mayor
Asbury Park Press (New Jersey), May 16, 2012

Speed cameras have cut down on crashes “not only there where the cameras are, but also at the red lights because they’ve slowed down, knowing the cameras are there, so we have fewer accidents at the red light.”
Chad Lowery, Medina Police Chief
WBBJ TV 7 (Tennessee), May 15, 2012

“We use our discretion, just as the officer in the street would be able to use their discretion on whether or not to issue a citation.”
Tim Beam, Tucson Police Department Sergeant
KGUN TV 9 (Alabama), May 14, 2012

New Jersey
The city of Newark is spending $27 million, its highest-ever total, on pedestrian and bicycle safety improvement this year. About 500 people a year are struck by cars in Newark. In addition to this effort, the city traffic manager is working to increase red-light cameras and educate the community on traffic safety. Source: The Star-Ledger, May 15, 2012.

In Medina, 17,000 cars pass along U.S. Highway 45 Bypass each day, triggering a daily average of 33 speeding tickets. The city installed speed cameras nearly 18 months ago, and initially averaged 2,000 citations a month. The city now averages 900 to 1,000 citations each month. Source: WBBJ TV 7, May 15, 2012. 

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