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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2 Issue 22

May 3rd, 2012

Red-Light Running Fines Raise Millions for Trauma Victims
YourObserver.com (Florida), May 2, 2012

In its first 18 months, red-light running fines authorized by the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act have generated more than $2 million for The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, the world’s most comprehensive spinal cord injury research center, and $6.67 million for trauma centers throughout the state of Florida. 

Iowa Senate Champions Red-Light Cameras
KCCI TV 8 (Iowa), May 1, 2012

A move in the Iowa Statehouse to ban automated traffic camera systems is officially dead for this session.

More Red-Light Cameras Destined for Fort Lauderdale
Sun Sentinel (Florida), May 1, 2012

Commissioners have agreed to expand the city’s red-light camera system by adding cameras at 15 intersections throughout the city. The cameras could be installed and operating within 90 days. Currently, six intersections have cameras.

Law Supports Las Cruces’ Tough Measures Against Traffic Scofflaws
KVIA TV 7 (New Mexico), May 1, 2012

People all over the country are questioning the legality of Las Cruces’s decision to shut off the utilities for those drivers who fail to pay their red-light running tickets. City officials say the law permits such action.

Municipal Court Officials Credit ATS for Quality Service
The Daily Camera (Colorado), April 29, 2012

A 20 percent year-over-year decrease in the number of photo enforcment tickets issued in Boulder prompted Municipal Court officials to praise their new vendor, American Traffic Solutions.

Tentative Compromise Reached on Cameras in Louisiana
The Times-Picayune, April 26, 2012

Legislation to rein in the use of ticket-issuing traffic cameras will be put aside after a tentative compromise was reached on how the devices will be used.

Borough Considers Red-Light Cameras
Fair Lawn (New Jersey), April 24, 2012

Fair Lawn Borough will apply for a spot in the state’s Red Light Running Automated Enforcement Program.

Serious Collision Caught on Tape in Sarasota
Herald-Tribune (Florida), May 1, 2012

Sarasota police say an SUV ran a red light and collided with a passing car, injuring the car’s driver.

Palm Coast Crashes on Camera
Central Florida News 13, April 29, 2012

The dangers of red-light running is evident in this video footage taken when drivers run through red lights in Palm Coast.

News Investigation Debunks Camera Myths
WFTV TV 9 (Florida), April 28, 2012

WFTV Channel 9 debunks the myths attached to red-light cameras in this investigative report that shows rear-end crashes decreased after cameras were installed and that yellow light times were not shortened.

Red-Light Runner Jeopardizes Dancer’s Scholarship, Future
WTSP TV 10 (Florida), April 27, 2012

A Sarasota woman whose life passion is dancing has been hospitalized. She is the victim of a red-light runner. … The video is hard to watch — showing just how quickly, a life can be changed.

West Virginia Board of Education Forms Task Force to Review Bus Safety
WOWK TV 13, April  27, 2012

Mother Azza Eraki watched helplessly one afternoon as her son came just inches away from being struck by a vehicle that failed to stop for a school bus. State Board of Education members say it isn’t an isolated incident and they are taking action. (The Herald-Dispatch photo)

Dallas County Schools Want Cameras, Own Police Force
CBS Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas), April 27, 2012

Dallas County Schools, the agency that runs the school buses transporting students to and from class, wants to create its own police force. The goal of the agency? To crack down on drivers running past stopped buses.

@ATS_RoadSafety  Give Red Light Cameras a Chance to Work in CT. cour.at/lwoyaV  #CT  #StopOnRed

American Traffic Solutions gladly introduces the City of Perth Amboy as the latest municipality in New Jersey to sign a multiyear agreement with ATS to install and operate red-light safety cameras in the city. The agreement includes multiple automatic extensions of 24 months.

Editorial: Give Red-Light Cameras a Chance to Work
Hartford Courant (Connecticut), May 1, 2012

Of all the objections to the bill allowing some cities to try red-light enforcement cameras, the hardest to fathom is from the NAACP. It says that concentrating red-light enforcement in cities, as the bill proposes, would unfairly target poor people and members of racial minorities. … A camera is a machine; it is not capable of racial profiling. (WTNH TV 8 photo)

Editorial: Troopers Join Students on Bus to Promote Safety
Cumberland Times-News (West Virginia), April 30, 2012

West Virginia is taking the offensive this week against drivers who illegally pass school buses by having state police troopers ride along with the students.

Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Make Driving Safer
Star News Online (North Carolina), April 29, 2012

Driving in Wilmington can be an adventure, and not in a good way. Still, a state lawmaker wants to outlaw Wilmington’s successful red-light camera program. Problem is, the program isn’t broken, and lawmakers shouldn’t waste their time trying to “fix” it.

Commentary: Red-Light Cameras Fund Medical Research
Naples News (Florida), May 2, 2012

All across Florida, communities are seeing results that underscore the benefits of safety cameras and how they significantly increase overall road safety and protect innocent, law-abiding citizens. As a natural evolution of their importance, these cameras are now extending into the world of cutting-edge science.

Commentary: Legislator Lays Out Reasons for School Bus Safety Cameras
Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama), April 27, 2012

Each day, more than 1,700 motorists commit school bus stop-arm violations. Each one of the violations is a tragedy in the making, putting innocent children in serious danger.

Letter: This Intersection Needs Cameras
Waterbury Republican-American (Connecticut), April 30, 2012

According to The Associated Press, the Connecticut legislature is considering “a bill that would allow cities to place traffic cameras at busy intersections to record drivers who run red lights.” I can’t wait for this bill to pass.

“I believe (the cameras) are showing they are needed. (This data shows) we still have a high incident of people who run red lights, and hopefully they won’t run them a second time and it will lead to less accidents and less injuries. That was always my goal — public safety.”
Ron Reagan, Former Florida Legislator, Speaker Pro Tempore and sponsor of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act
YourObserver.com, May 2, 2012

“For people to be going 12…15…20 miles an hour over the speed limit through an area where kids travel on a daily basis, to me, you deserve to get a ticket. … We aren’t trying to trap anybody. It’s a big old camera, sitting out on the roadway where everybody can see it, with signs that indicate you’re coming up on it, and if you want to speed through it, you’re gonna get a ticket. ”
Philip O’Donnell, Glenarden (Maryland) Chief of Police
WJLA TV 7, April 27, 2012

“Years ago you weren’t able to show this. No one would know about this crash and they would read it in the paper, but they wouldn’t see the video, and I think the video speaks for itself that it’s extremely important to stop for red lights.”
John Lake, Sarasota Police Officer and department spokesman
WTSP TV 10 (Florida), April 27, 2012

In one year, photo enforcement tickets decreased by nearly 7,000 incidents (20 percent) from 35,000 in 2010 to 28,016 in 2011 in Boulder, according to municipal court records. Source: The Daily Camera, April 29, 2012.

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