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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 20

April 19th, 2012

Researchers Pursue Cure for Paralysis at the Miami Project

A portion of every red-light camera ticket paid in the state of Florida goes to the Miami Project, where four floors of laboratories are dedicated to finding more effective treatments and ultimately a cure for brain and spinal cord injuries. In 18 months, traffic violators provided $2 million to the project. When 10,000 to 12,000 spinal cord injuries occur in the U.S. annually, with most of those due to traffic crashes, every dollar counts in the tireless effort to help people walk again. A moving account of the Miami Project is now on the cyber network. See it on YouTube or share it with others on Twitter. For recent news coverage of the most comprehensive spinal cord injury center in the world, visit Tampa Bay Business Journal.

It’s Full Speed Ahead for Chicago’s Speed Camera Plan
Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois), April 18, 2012

It’s full speed ahead for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial plan to use cameras to catch motorists who speed near schools and parks. Despite concerns that the plan is more about raising revenue than keeping children safe, the City Council approved the expansion by a 33-14 vote. See related coverage from NBC Chicago.

Red-Light Running Fines Pay for Pedestrian Safety Project
The Express-Times (Pennsylvania), April 17, 2012

Bethlehem will use a $150,000 state grant to realign a Fahy Bridge lane to make it safer for pedestrians. The money comes from a state fund of fees collected through red-light cameras in other parts of the state.

Warning Period Begins at Jersey City’s 9th Camera Location
The Jersey Journal (New Jersey), April 17, 2012

Jersey City initiated the trial phase of its 9th red-light camera on April 14. The camera, part of a state Department of Transportation program, will take video and photos of red-light violators. Starting May 13, violators will receive an $85 ticket.

Judge Gives Red-Light Runner 2 Years in Prison
San Luis Obispo County Tribune (California), April 16, 2012

A Southern California motorist has been sentenced to two years in prison for running a red light and killing the driver of a car.

Connecticut Legislature Keeps Red-Light Camera Bill Moving
CTMirror, April 16, 2012

The state legislature’s tax-writing panel endorsed automated camera-issued motor vehicle tickets Monday, but the details behind the measure likely won’t be ironed out until just before the full General Assembly adjourns next month. The bill now heads to the Planning and Development Committee. See related coverage in TheDay.com and The Hartford Courant. (Image from WTNH TV)

Dayton Police Call Tow Trucks on Ticket Scofflaws
Dayton Daily News (Ohio), April 16, 2012

The Dayton Police Department ordered the towing of 257 vehicles in the first two weeks of its renewed effort to encourage payment of parking, speeding and red-light citations. That decision dramatically increased the number of vehicles towed in the city while creating long lines of citizens paying fines and reclaiming cars.

Miami Adds Red Light Cameras
MSNBC, April 15, 2012

The city of Miami installed 60 new red-light cameras and plans to add 35 more within the next months. Since their installment in January 2011, cameras have issued photos for 77,504 violations in one calendar year. Just over half of each $158 fine goes to the Florida Department of Revenue. 

Boca Raton Starts Fines for Red-Light Runners Caught on Camera
Sun Sentinel (Florida), April 14, 2012

The grace period is over for red-light runners at five city intersections recently equipped with red-light cameras. Authorities invoked the $158 fine on April 15. 

Intersection Crash Injures 4
CTV News (Canada), April 14, 2012

A two-vehicle crash injured both drivers and two pedestrians and sent one vehicle into a storefront building last week. Winnipeg police said the collision occurred when a Cadillac Seville entered the intersection at a red light.

Police: Red-Light Runner Sends Car into Creek
KMGH TV 7 (Colorado), April 17, 2012

A red-light running collision sent an SUV and its 68-year-old driver into the cold waters of a nearby creek where the driver lay trapped, upside down and unconscious. Two men cut the driver free from his seat belt and pulled him to safety.

Bike Group Camera Catches Speeders Near Chicago Park
NBC Chicago TV 5 (Illinois), April 17, 2012

The Active Transportation Alliance shot video of traffic passing within 120 feet of a heavily used soccer field, and clocked several vehicles exceeding the 30 mph speed limit by as much as 16 mph. The video camera captured 10 consecutive minutes of action. The group supports Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s push for speed cameras.

Red-Light Camera Bill Proceeds in Connecticut Legislature
WTIC TV FOX 61, April 16, 2012

A bill that would allow cities and towns with at least 48,000 residents to install red-light cameras cleared the Connecticut General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee. Gov. Dannell Malloy has said he would sign the bill.

With Cameras Gone, Crashes Rise at Busy Intersection
KOAT TV 7 (New Mexico), April 13, 2012

Albuquerque police say since red-light cameras have come down, crashes at one intersection have risen 45 percent.

Campaign Increases School Bus Safety Enforcement
WSYR TV Channel 9 (New York), April 18, 2012

Central New Yorkers will be seeing a lot of extra police around bus stops, school yards and routes in between as another round of Operation Safe Stop enforcement goes into effect.

With Spring Break Over, Bus-Riding Students at Risk
WIFR TV 23 (Illinois), April 16, 2012

Spring break is over and class is now back in session for kids in the Rockford Public School District, where students who get on and off school buses are being put in harm’s way as many drivers break the law in front of this news camera.

Latest School Bus Safety Measure Rekindles 1935 Tragedy
Picket News (Maryland), April 15, 2012

As the Washington County Board of County Commissioners approved an ordinance allowing school buses to be outfitted with video cameras to record motorists illegally passing a stopped bus, one official remarked how this is the latest addition to safety regulations enacted after a 1935 crash that killed 14 students.

@ATS_RoadSafety  Stop for buses, or else bit.ly/HQzmBK  #NY  #StopOnRed

@ATS_RoadSafety Drive alert: On average, a #pedestrian is injured in a traffic crash every 8 minutes #StopOnRed


American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that the city of Capitol Heights, Maryland, has granted ATS the right to proceed with the design phase for red-light safety cameras at four intersections. Design plans will be submitted to the state for approval. 

Commentary: Numbers Show Red-Light Cameras Save Lives
The Commercial Appeal (Tennessee), April 14, 2012

Typically, no one gets behind the wheel of a car with the intention of causing a crash, but when drivers ignore traffic laws by running red lights, they intentionally put others and themselves at risk.

Letter: Lynnwood Needs More, Not Fewer, Cameras
The Herald (Washington), April 19, 2012

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t see drivers stomping on the gas to get through a yellow or red light or pulling a so-called California stop of just slowing down and turning without stopping at a stop sign.

Letter: Avoid the ‘Tax’ by Stopping at Red Lights
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), April 18, 2012

You want to call it a tax, then so be it. Happy? Now let’s avoid that nasty tax. How? Stop for the light! Pay attention to your driving (stay off the cell phone), watch out for those well-hidden red lights and stop when they turn red. Just like it says under state law.

Letter: Walk and See Why Cameras Are Needed
The Herald (Washington), April 16, 2012

So many letters about the traffic cameras in Lynnwood, and the ongoing controversy, I feel compelled to express my opinion on the subject. … Drive the way you’re supposed to and the cameras may disappear one day.

Letter: Red Light Cameras Are Needed Everywhere
The Florida Times-Union, April 15, 2012

The claim that the installation of traffic light cameras will cause more rear-end crashes is all wrong. … The cause is poor driver behavior.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Are Entirely Justified
The Florida Times-Union, April 14, 2012

Red-light cameras are needed in Jacksonville. It’s a serious danger. Twice this week, I stopped for a red light and the driver behind me whipped around and flagrantly ran the red light.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Will Save Lives
Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 14, 2012

Your editorial on red-light cameras, “Seeing red,” was one-sided and mentioned only revenue. You should have written about saving lives and injuries. … It’s time to change the me-only culture and bad driving habits.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Do the Job
Auburn Reporter (Washington), April 12, 2012

No one has the right to endanger the physical and emotional well-being of our families, friends and the children of Auburn families.

“I’m doing this because it is a proven deterrent. It has worked successfully. And I’m limiting it just to our schools and our parks to protect our children. And it is a complement to everything else we’re doing to protect our children.”
Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago
Chicago Sun Times (Illinois), April 18, 2012

“The intent of our road safety program is to get drivers to obey traffic signals. The purpose of the program is to improve public safety and reduce collisions resulting from red-light violations.”
Thomas Comey, Jersey City Police Chief
The Jersey Journal (New Jersey), April 17, 2012

“The program has reduced red light running in the City of Miami, which has improved safety for motorists. Furthermore, we are seeing a reduction in the number of vehicles that block the crosswalks, which makes pedestrian and cyclist crossings safer. Overall, the City of Miami Police Department has reported a 7.3 percent reduction of accidents at treatment intersections.”
Albert Sosa, Director of Miami’s Capital Improvement Program
MSNBC, April 15, 2012

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