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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 14

March 8th, 2012

Stop Red Light Running

American Traffic Solutions is proud to stand with the families, police, private organizations, community leaders and many others who diligently work to make driving safer in communities across the country because they know lives are at stake, and they remember too many of those who have died in red-light running crashes. This month in Arizona the message to stop red-light running is getting special attention through Gov. Janice Brewer’s proclamation declaring March as Red-Light Running Awareness Month. ATS urges you to read and share the governor’s proclamation, to visit Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance online and to listen to the organization’s public service video and radio announcement on the dangers of red-light running. Help spread the message to Stop on Red! The life you save may be your own or someone you love.

Drivers Keep Cameras Busy in Brick Township
Brick Patch (New Jersey), March 8, 2012

Brick has bucked the trend. Despite most communities with red-light safety cameras seeing a drop-off in ticket revenue after six months to a year, Brick’s cameras at two intersections are recording just as many violations as ever. (DailyRecord.com photo by Thomas P. Costello)

Red-Light Camera Proposal Gets on Calendar in Salem
Salem Patch (Massachusetts), March 8, 2012

Salem appears to be moving toward installing red-light safety cameras, or as they are officially known — traffic control signal violation monitoring systems. The City Council will hold its first meeting on the proposal to install the cameras on March 21.

California Appeals Court Says Yes to Red-Light Cameras
Redding Record Searchlight, March 7, 2012

Redding’s red-light safety camera system will remain as is after a Southern California appeals court denounced an earlier ruling that put automated ticketing programs in question.

Dumont Shows Interest in Road Safety Camera Program
Twin-Boro News/NorthJersey.com (New Jersey), March 7, 2012

Interest in camera program prompts Borough of Dumont officials to meet with ATS representatives.

Attempt to Ban Cameras Fails Again in Arizona
The Arizona Republic, March 6, 2012

A ballot measure that would outlaw the use of photo radar in the state failed for a second time in Arizona by a vote this week in the state Senate. The bill’s sponsor declared the proposal most likely dead this session. See related article in Arizona Capitol Times.

Township Gives ATS Approval to Study Intersection Dangers
Gloucester County Times (New Jersey), March 6, 2012

Following a long public hearing Monday, the Mantua Township committee unanimously adopted an ordinance establishing an exploratory review of intersections in the township to determine which — if any — might benefit from red-light safety cameras.

New Orleans Adjusts Road Safety Camera Program
Louisiana Weekly, March 5, 2012

Major changes to New Orleans’ road safety camera program are about to be implement to promote fairness and to enhance public safety, particularly as it relates to the safety of school children in our neighborhoods. New Orleans’ program, which began in 2008, includes both red-light safety cameras and speed safety cameras primarily in school zones. See related coverage from WVUE TV FOX Channel 8. (FOX 8 video image)

Florida’s Miami Project Announces Support for Red-Light Safety Cameras
Sun Herald (Mississippi), March 5, 2012

Joining the chorus of red-light safety camera supporters, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, the highly respected brain and spinal cord injury research center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, recently announced their support of the National Coalition for Safer Roads. This announcement solidifies The Project’s commitment and support of red-light safety cameras as well as other programs and technologies that help increase road safety.

Poll: Most Connecticut Residents Support Cameras
East Haddam Patch, March 4, 2012

A majority of Connecticut’s registered voters — 68 percent — support the use of red light safety cameras on busy streets. See related article in Montville Patch.

Stats Show Fewer Collisions Since Speed Cameras
660 News (Calgary, Canada), March 2, 2012

Calgary Police say the number of speed on green tickets they’re issuing are up and collisions are down – and they add it’s all because of traffic cams across the city. 

Freeze Frame on Intersection Speeders
Metro News (Edmonton, Canada), March 2, 2012

The average motorist caught speeding by Edmonton’s speed safety cameras is traveling 20 km/h over the speed limit, according to newly released data that pegged the average speed of violators at nearly 80 km/h.

Don’t Ignore Traffic Ticket
Orange County Register (California), March 2, 2012

Q: I just received a notice that I have a red-light camera ticket. … I heard that if you ignore it, that you cannot be compelled to pay it.
A: Don’t blow it off — your fine, with a civil penalty for being late, could double to pushing a grand.

ATS Talks Speed Cameras in Alabama
The Tallassee Tribune, March 1, 2012

With complaints about speeding vehicles in all seven wards of Tallassee, the city is considering speed safety cameras as a solution. ATS was there last week to talk about the benefits of placing speed compliance cameras near school zones, work zones and other high danger areas.

Montgomery County Backs School Bus Safety Cameras with Force of Law
Kensington Patch (Maryland), March 6, 2012

Drivers who don’t stop for children getting off of school buses will soon face a fine of up to $250 under a law passed unanimously by the Montgomery County Council on Tuesday, sending a clear message that the council is serious about children’s safety. See related coverage from WTOP, WMALDaily Reporter and Black&White(The Gazette photo by Dan Gross)

@ATS_RoadSafety  During the month of March use #hashtag #RedMeansStop to show your support for Red Light Running Awareness Month.

Calgary Traffic Cameras Capture Thousands of Speeders
Calgary Herald (Canada), March 2, 2012

Speed-on-green cameras are providing a revealing snapshot of Calgary motorists — and the picture isn’t always pretty, with some drivers raching through intersections at more than double the speed limit. (Calgary Herald video image). See related coverage from Metro News and Calgary Sun.

Commentary: Public Safety Should Outweigh Calls for Privacy
New Haven Register (Connecticut), March 6, 2012

It is a shame that the state legislature has not yet approved the use of cameras in the campaign against drivers running red lights. Happily, this issue is being heard again in Hartford and the necessary legislation has a good chance of passing this year. Red-light runners are a danger to law-abiding drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Commentary: Misguided Editorial Misleads Public on Cameras
The News-Times (Connecticut), March 3, 2012

Your editorial, “Proposal to allow cameras at traffic lights misguided,” is itself misguided on a number of important points. First red-light safety cameras do not invade anyone’s privacy they merely record violations.

Editorial: Give a Green Light to Red-Light Enforcement
Austin American-Statesman (Texas), March 1, 2012

Austin and other cities should do as state Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, has suggested and ask the Legislature for “another tool” in collecting fines from those who are caught on camera running red lights. Clearly, the system is broken because of loopholes that make it nearly impossible for Austin and other Texas cities to enforce payment of fines under red light camera programs. … But the issue is not just about money — it’s about public safety.

Letter: Expand the Use of Red-Light Cameras
Delaware County Daily Times (Pennsylvania), March 4, 2012

I recently learned that Chester is among a handful of cities that would have the option to install red-light safety cameras at dangerous intersections. I hope the legislation passes. I know some people oppose the cameras. But their arguments portray the drivers who break the law as victims. As a retired police detective, I hold a different view.

Letter: Driver Training Will Save Lives
Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tennessee), March 2, 2012

In an editorial (Feb. 21), one of the recommendations was that local agencies must develop new strategies to implement safe teen driving habits. Here in Chattanooga, we have done just that with a driver education program funded by photo enforcement revenue, not tax dollars.

“I can’t think of a more egregious violation, a more dangerous violation, than passing a school bus that is loading or unloading children.”
Thomas Manger, Montgomery County police chief
Kensington Patch (Maryland), March 6, 2012

“It’s a matter of using technology to make [intersections] safer. This is a 100-percent violator-funded program. In recent history, local towns surrounding us have shown a reduction in violations and crashes. Safety is paramount and, if one life is saved, this program has worked. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”
Rodney Sawyer, Mantua Township police chief
Gloucester County Times (New Jersey), March 6, 2012

“People run red lights in Stamford every day. They are not compliant. We have a lot of very aggressive drivers.”
Andrew Gallagher, Stamford Police Department sergeant
Stamford Advocate (Connecticut), March 3, 2012

“We’ve had near accidents on Sunday morning, and we actually had a person who was hit by a car one Sunday evening. … We have a school with 400 students plus faculty and their families, and I am  scared to death of them darting out between the cars and trying to get across here.”
The Rev. Henry Hudson, Trinity Episcopal Church Rector
WVUE TV FOX Channel 8 (Louisiana), March 2, 2012

Calgary, Canada
Total collisions in Calgary have decreased since the city installed its speed-on-green safety cameras, from 39,312 in 2009 to 33,478 in 2011. (Source: Calgary Sun, March 2, 2012).

Red-light running violation tallies for the top five intersections in 2011 are: 2,118; 1,653; 1,642, 1,541 and 1,174. (Source: Calgary Herald, March 2, 2012). In total for the year, the city issued 99,258 speeding violations and 17,064 red-light running violations. (Source: Calgary Sun, March 2, 2012).

In 2008, drivers who violated a traffic control device ranked the sixth most-frequent cause of traffic crashes in Connecticut, accounting for 4,600 total crashes including six fatalities and 1,786 injuries, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Motorists making an unsafer right turn on red caused 233 traffic crashes in 2008, including 44 injuries. (Source: The News Times, Connecticut, March 3, 2012) 

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