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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 44

October 6th, 2011

Right-Turning Motorists Ruin Families’ Walk to Park
The Brooklyn Paper (New York), Oct. 5, 2011

Motorists heading to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on-ramp on Atlantic Avenue are blatently ignoring a massive “No turn on red” sign installed earlier this summer by the city — putting families in a deadly game of “Frogger” just to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s popular Pier 6 playland. (Community Newspaper Group photo by Kate Briquelet)

Red-Light Safety Cameras Reduce Rear-End Collisions, Statistics Show
Toronto Star (Canada), Oct. 5, 2011

Contrary to the assumption red-light cameras cause drivers to slam on the brakes, photo enforcement actually reduces the likelihood of rear-end collisions, Toronto statistics show.

Authorities Will Soon Issue Tickets from St. Petersburg’s Red-Light Safety Cameras
CBS Tampa.com (Florida), Oct. 5, 2011

Starting October 15th, St. Petersburg drivers at certain stop lights will be able to wave at stop-light cameras while red-light runners will get their pictures taken and a ticket in the mail.

Eatonville OKs Red-Light Safety Cameras
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Oct. 4, 2011

Town Council members voted unanimously this week to bring red-light safety cameras to Eatonville. Four cameras will be installed within the next 120 days.

Miami-Dade May Begin Red-Light Safety Camera Program
NBC Miami (Florida), Oct. 3, 2011

Miami-Dade County commissioners have been studying the usefulness of implementing the red-light safety cameras, and is expected to advertise for a contractor this month.

Philadelphia’s Red Light Safety Cameras Spread
NewsWorks.org (Pennsylvania), Oct. 3, 2011

Philadelphia’s newest red-light camera is online and taking pictures. In other locations, the cameras have cut down how many people drive through the red signals. (NewsWorks photo by Tom MacDonald) See related coverage.

Red-Light Runners Now Caught on Camera
BayNews9 (Florida), Oct. 2, 2011

Tampa isn’t the only city in the area to activate red-light cameras recently: St. Petersburg did the same. The cameras have shown drivers running red lights well after the color has changed. It’s the exact type of offense police are trying to stop. (WTSP Channel 10 photo)

Red-light runners cause havoc in Lakeland, Florida, and in the Tennessee cities of Jackson and Murfreesboro.

The city of San Bernardino, California, has renewed its road safety camera program with American Traffic Solutions for three additional years.

@WTOP: The warning period has ended for 19 new speed cameras in #DC http://bit.ly/qX3b25

Editorial: Baltimore County Urged to Try School Bus Safety Cameras
The Baltimore Sun (Maryland), Oct. 5, 2011

Baltimore County’s disinterest in school bus safety cameras is particularly notable given that the county racked up the highest number of vehicles illegally passing stopped school buses in a Maryland State Department of Education survey. Bus drivers in the county recorded 1,723 violations in a single day — more than one-third of all the incidents reported statewide.

Editorial: Work to Make Roads Safer Needs to Continue
Daily World (Louisiana), Oct. 2, 2011

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission gave us some good news last week: In 2010, the number of people killed in crashes statewide dropped to their lowest level in the 27 years statistics have been compiled.

Letter to the Editor: Law-Abiders Don’t Understand Fuss
The Herald (Washington), Oct. 5, 2011

Am I just missing something when I read all the opinions on red-light cameras? … Why is it OK for those running red lights and breaking the law to be allowed to have the cameras removed because they don’t like getting tickets?

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed by Red-Light Scofflaws
North County Times (California), Oct. 2, 2011

Those who want to ban red-light cameras are the scofflaws who routinely disregard red lights, and not the law-abiding citizens who prepare to stop when they see a yellow light instead of stomping on the gas, even though they are a block away.

Letter to the Editor: Distracted Red-Light Runner Severely Injured Us
Anchorage Daily News (Alaska), Oct. 1, 2011

My husband and I are victims of a red-light-running, speeding, texting driver. She hit so hard, she slammed our SUV completely around, nearly tipping it over. Her comment to officers …

“The people who complain are the ones who run the red lights. The people who don’t run them, they say it’s a good thing.”
Carl Wolf, Hazelwood police chief
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri), Oct. 5, 2011

“There are very few days when I don’t have someone run my stop arm.”
Liz Abney, School bus driver in Carteret County, N.C.
The Daily News (North Carolina), Oct. 3, 2011

“People are just oblivious to the fact that you know this big yellow bus is sitting there, and it’s got lights on — they’ll just pass it.”
Lenny Millholland, Sheriff of Winchester, Virginia
ABC Channel 3, Oct. 3, 2011

“Each day motorists in North Carolina run through school bus arms more than 2,000 times.”
Derek Graham, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction section chief of transportation
The Daily News, Oct. 3, 2011

“As they’re approaching intersections and they see that light turn yellow — whether there’s a camera there or not — we want in the back of the mind that there’s potential to make sure they stop.”
William Korinek, St. Petersburg police lieutenant
Bay News 9 (Florida), Oct. 2, 2011

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission reports 720 people died in traffic crashes last year. That’s a decrease from 824 in 2009. Source: Daily World, Oct. 2, 2011

For this fiscal year, which ended March 31, the 141,571 citations issued to Philadelphia scofflaws yielded a net income of $7.6 million. Since the program began in 2005, it has brought in about $28.4 million in fines. The revenue is split 50-50 between the city and the state, which distributes it to municipalities statewide for transportation projects. Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct. 2, 2011

Violations have declined between 70 and 90 percent among Philadelphia’s first three intersections with red-light safety cameras. Source: NewsWorks.org, Oct. 3, 2011.

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