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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 32

July 14th, 2011

Camera Decision Goes to Voters in Washington City
The Bellingham Herald (Washington), July 12, 2011

Voters this November will decide whether Bellingham should have red-light safety cameras and school-zone speed cameras.

New Jersey Town Council OKs Application for Cameras
Passaic Valley Today/NorthJersey.com, July 12, 2011

Little Falls township council gave the green light to red-light safety cameras on Monday when it authorized American Traffic Solutions to proceed with an application to the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to install the cameras.

The Daily News Photo by Robert Werth
Longview city attorney Marilyn Nitteberg-Haan and Seattle attorney Stephen DiJulio, also representing the city, presented Longview’s case on Monday seeking to invalidate a citizens’ initiative petition against red-light cameras.

Judge: Longview Likely to Win Legal Battle over Red-Light Cameras
The Daily News/TDN.com, July 11, 2011

Siding with the city of Longview, a judge on Monday said a citizens’ initiative petition to revoke red-light and speed cameras probably is invalid. Cowlitz Superior Court Judge Stephen Warning said the Legislature clearly gave city councils authority to adopt the traffic enforcement devices.

St. Joseph News-Press photo by Eric Keith
The intersection of Belt Highway and Frederick Boulevard fits Missouri’s requirements for red-light safety cameras, but there’s been no decision yet on where the devices will be placed.

Missouri Town Moves Forward with Red-Light Safety Camera Studies
St. Joseph News-Press, July 7, 2011

St. Joseph and American Traffic Solutions are moving forward with traffic studies to determine where to place cameras, despite a recent court case that has led at least one city to put the brakes on the idea. St. Joseph continues down the road toward red-light cameras.

ATS opened its third quarter of 2011 with renewal agreements from Gallatin, Tenn., a customer since March 2006 , and Marietta, Ga., who became a client in 2010. Business continued to expand in New Jersey where Little Falls Township Council passed a resolution on Monday ratifying the selection and award of ATS as the approved red-light camera vendor for the township.

28 Communities Sign or Extend Contracts with ATS in 2nd Quarter
American Traffic Solutions, July 8, 2011

American Traffic Solutions continued to set the pace for the road safety camera industry with a robust second quarter that saw 28 communities sign contracts/notices to proceed for 274 red-light and speed-compliance safety cameras, a sharp increase from the 29 contracts/notices to proceed for 170 cameras in the first quarter.

Editorial: Turning on Cameras Puts Good of City over Politics
Houston Chronicle (Texas), July 10, 2011

Mayor Annise Parker had a difficult choice last week. … To her credit, the mayor faced up to the controversy and did what is in the best interests of the city rather than her own political standing. She ordered the cameras back on.

Commentary: Are Red-Light Cameras an Effective Crash Solution?
Police Chief Magazine, July 2011

While red-light safety cameras are not a panacea, their judicious use can achieve what law enforcement officers cannot: 24/7 enforcement against red-light violations and a resulting decline in lives needlessly lost and in serious injuries sustained.

CBS Baltimore.com photo

Commentary: Speed Van Vandal Is a Criminal
Frederick News Post.com (Maryland), July 13, 2011

The window smasher is no John Galt. He is a criminal. To make him into a beacon of liberty is to use the same faulty logic that elevates graffiti to an art form.

Letter to Editor: No Worries if You Obey the Law
The Cherokee Ledger-News (Georgia), July 12, 2011

I would say if you are out in public and you break the law, your rights have not been violated. The fact that you were caught by a red-light camera instead of a human is not important.

Letter to Editor: Where’s the Downside to Red-Light Cameras?
YourBayAreaNews.com (Texas), July 11, 2011

Well the red-light safety cameras have been turned on again. Good news!

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West Palm Beach Sees Drop in Citations, Crashes
WPEC CBS TV Channel 12 (Florida), July 11, 2011

A new survey that found people are getting accustomed to red-light safety cameras didn’t include any cities in Florida, but the city of West Palm Beach has seen a decrease in citations and crashes at intersections where it has cameras.

“This is the birth pains of something that should be noncontroversial. We’ve got some officials walking around like we’re handcuffed to a dead dog with this program. I don’t understand that when we’re saving lives.”
Angelo Castillo, Pembroke Pines commissioner
Sun Sentinel (Florida), July 12, 2011

Lynnwood’s road safety camera program provides a stunning example of how cameras save time for police officers and enhance their presence in the community. In 2009, officers reviewed 30,974 camera images of violations in 1,035 personnel hours. That’s an average of one traffic violation review every two minutes. SOURCE: The Herald, July 12, 2011, and the Lynnwood Police Department.

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