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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 19

April 14th, 2011


New Haven Independent photos
Safe street advocates carried signs to remind motorists to stop on red in downtown New Haven, Conn., last week. The 20-minute demonstration also focused attention on a bill in the state legislature that would allow cities to use red light safety cameras. New Haven Independent, April 11, 2011. 

The Borough of Bound Brook, New Jersey, has selected American Traffic Solutions as its Red Light Safety Camera vendor.

Boyton Beach, Fla., activates its red light safety cameras at two intersections on April 15. Warnings but no fines will be issued for 30 days. Sun Sentinel. April 14, 2011.

Red light safety cameras will be installed at 10 different intersections in Sunrise, Fla. An activation date has yet to be announced. WSVN-TV Channel 7 News. April 11, 2011.

Thank you! RT @renh77: These people are ridiculous. The only reason to protest red light cams is b/c you are running red lights! @todayshow

Red-Light Runner Injures Police Officer
WTAE TV Channel 4 (Pennsylvania), April 12, 2011

A Pittsburgh police officer was injured when a private vehicle ran a red light and collided with the officer’s patrol car. The officer suffered minor injuries.

The Star-Ledger photo by Aristide Economopoulos

New Jersey Communities with Red Light Safety Cameras Grow in Number
Newsworks.org (New Jersey), April 11, 2011

The Department of Transportation has plans to have red-light safety cameras in two dozen municipalities by January 2013. That’s twice the number of towns with cameras currently installed. East Brunswick (above) is among the cities with cameras.

KABC Channel 7, Los AngelesL.A. Council Panels Urge Longer Red Light Safety Camera Contract
Los Angeles Daily News (California), April 11, 2011

Two Los Angeles City Council panels on Monday recommended extending the contract for red-light cameras by three months. The temporary action, affecting cameras at 32 intersections operated by American Traffic Solutions, allows the Los Angeles Police Department to consider a longer-term contract.

School Officials Condemn Bill Banning Red Light Safety Cameras
Lumina News (North Carolina), April 10, 2011

A North Carolina Senate bill titled “Outlaw Red Light Camera Systems” has sparked strong opposition from New Hanover County school officials, who issued a joint statement against the measure.

More than 450 Red-Light Tickets Issued in Cameras’ 1st Month
The Daily News (Washington), April 9, 2011

The city of Longview issued 456 tickets to red-light runners in the first 30 days after it installed cameras to enforce traffic rules at three Ocean Beach highway intersections. That’s more than double the 194 red-light tickets that Longview police issued citywide in all of 2010.

10 Cities Sign with American Traffic Solutions in 2011’s 1st Quarter
ATS press release, April 13, 2011

In the first quarter of 2011, 10 cities in Colorado, Florida, Missouri and New Jersey signed contracts with American Traffic Solutions to install and maintain more than 100 red-light safety and speed safety cameras, furthering ATS’ position as North America’s market leader in road safety camera installations.

Commentary: ‘Report’ Findings Are Wrong; Red Light Safety Cameras Save Lives
Los Angeles Daily News, April 13, 2011

Despite all of the progress that has been in reducing traffic fatalities, a vocal minority of citizens continues to advocate policies that if implemented, would reverse these trends. … Recently, this debate has heated up in Los Angeles, where misinformation – even disinformation – about the program has been spread by groups that have made their mark by opposing government safety regulations of any kind.

Editorial: Red Light Safety Camera Ban Stomps on Safety, Local Control
The Fayetteville Observer, April 13, 2011

The General Assembly is trying to run a red light, but it has no business driving down that street.

Editorial: Florida Shouldn’t Abandon Lifesaving Red-Light Cameras
Tampa Tribune/TBO.com, April 12, 2011

Misguided libertarian groups have scheduled protests against red-light cameras today. It is hard to understand why. Red-light cameras save money and lives. They efficiently and economically increase public safety, enhance traffic flow and aid police officers. And they are no threat to anyone but lawbreakers.

Letter to Editor: Traffic Laws Are Meant to Keep Everyone Safe
TheLedger.com (Florida), April 11, 2011

A word of advice for drivers, whether they heed it or not. Slow down and obey the traffic laws. They are meant to keep you safe too.

Letter to Editor: Red Light Safety Cameras Save Lives
New Haven Register (Connecticut), April 10, 2011

As a pediatric emergency department physician, the public health and safety benefits of traffic safety cameras are clear.

Letter to Editor: Red Light Safety Cameras Reduce Crashes
Star Local News (Texas), April 9, 2011

Port Lavaca reported an 87 percent drop in red-light running violations. … Garland saw a 25 percent reduction in crash fatalities. … Dallas saw a 61 percent reduction in crashes. Safety cameras are sending a clear message to drivers that red means stop.

Driver Indicted in Red-Light Running Collision that Killed Child
WCPO TV Channel 9 (Ohio), April 12, 2011

The man charged in the hit-and-run accident that killed a 3-year-old boy and critically injured the toddler’s mother earlier this month has been indicted by a Hamilton County grand jury.

Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office Responds to Camera Demonstrators
WTSP TV Channel 10 (Florida), April 12, 2011

Sheriff’s Cpl. Troy Morgan urges people to visit the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office website and watch the videos of blatant red light runners. “See whether or not you believe those people should be issued a citation for running red lights when there’s no law enforcement officer,” he says.

“People who take the chance to run red lights should be fined to the greatest amount possible. A $20 fine is nothing. Several hundreds should be the norm because they destroy lives and families that cannot be replaced.”
Stuart Clift, Lake Stevens, Wash., resident and letter to editor author
The Herald (Washington), April 9, 2011

“It tells me we have a problem with traffic control. These people are just blowing through the intersections.”
Kurt Anagnostou, Longview city mayor, on city’s red light safety cameras detecting 456 red-light runners in one month
The Daily News (Washington), April 9, 2011

“We believe the cameras make intersections safer and hopefully their presence will change the driving behavior of people running red lights. We are a firm believer in the program and would like to increase the number of cameras in the city in the future.”
Greg Barnett, Frisco Police Department officer
Frisco Enterprise Star (Texas), April 12, 2011

Frisco’s three cameras at two intersections issued 472 warning violations during the 31-day introductory phase for the city’s red light safety camera program. The warning phase ended March 28. SOURCE: Frisco Enterprise Star, April 12, 2011.

North Carolina
Collisions at the 13 intersections with red light safety cameras in Wilmington have fallen by more than 30 percent and injuries have fallen by nearly 40 percent. SOURCE: WECT TV, Channel 6, April 11, 2011.

Red-light runners at three intersections generated 456 tickets for the first 30 days of Longview’s red light safety camera program, more than double the 194 tickets police issued for all of 2010. An additional 426 speeding tickets were issued to motorists in school zones in those same 30 days. SOURCE: The Daily News, April 9, 2011.

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