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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 13

March 3rd, 2011


A message from Jim Tuton, ATS president and CEO

As you may know, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has proclaimed March to be Red Light Running Awareness Month. The governor’s announcement is a clear reminder that red light running causes traumatic crashes that kill and injure people, ruin lives and raise costs for all of us who live, drive, work and play in Arizona and across the country. Red light safety cameras help make roads safer for everyone by increasing voluntary compliance with the traffic law that tells us all to stop on red. From Seattle to Miami and from Washington, D.C., to Phoenix and everywhere in between, more than 500 cities across the country are reporting fewer violations and fewer crashes since the installation of road safety cameras. These results should make us all proud of the work we do to save lives. Let’s continue to work together to share this important message. Thank you. (View proclamation.)

Meet the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR). This champion of road safety improvement brings together policymakers, community leaders and concerned citizens for a common purpose — to advocate for the use of red light safety cameras in communities across the country. Visit the website at saferoadssavelives.org for information from experts, testimonials from hurting families, and how you can become involved in helping to stop this dangerous but preventable behavior.

New Study Shows Steep Decline in Intersection Fatalities
nsc.org, March 3, 2011

After analyzing fatal crash data from all 50 states, the National Safety Council concluded in its recent report that fatal crashes at intersections with traffic lights decreased by 17% and fatal crashes at intersections involving red-light running decreased by 27% from 2005 to 2009. (View study.) The results come on the heels of similar findings by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Four students injured in #KCMO school bus wreck, hit by red-light runner. bit.ly/gSMVTY.

Arizona Senate Rejects Bill Banning Cameras
YumaSun.com, March 2, 2011

The state Senate on Wednesday rejected SB 1352 which would make illegal the use of the automated devices to catch speeders and those who run red lights. The 15-15 vote came despite pleas from backers that the cameras do nothing to improve safety but instead serve as cash cows for sponsoring governments.

Portion of Traffic Fines Will Pay for New Sidewalks
Gazette.net (Maryland), March 2, 2011

The Takoma Park City Council has decided to use some of the money from speed camera citations to pay for new sidewalks to help keep pedestrians safe.

Cameras Ahead of Schedule for Boynton Beach
Palm Beach Post News (Florida), March 1, 2011

City officials had expected to activate the cameras at three intersections on Congress Avenue and one on Federal Highway by April 1. But police Lt. Kelly Harris says installation is moving faster than expected and it’s likely the cameras will be activated on March 28.

Interest in Red Light Safety Cameras Grows in Massachusetts
The Sun Chronicle, Feb. 28, 2011

The Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association and the American Automobile Association both back cameras on the basis of safety. And they may get their way. Gov. Deval Patrick has already publicly supported red light cameras and at least two bills have been filed in the state Legislature that would permit local communities to install them.

Boulder Traffic Tickets Hit Record Levels
The Daily Camera (Colorado), Feb. 28, 2011

The  number of photo radar, photo red light and general traffic tickets reached record levels last year in Boulder. …  The increase is attributed to a full staff of traffic officers for the first time in years, as well as the court taking over tickets for not carrying proof of insurance.

Red Light Camera Supporters Go on Offensive
Michael Mahoney blog, 20poundsofheadlines, (Missouri) Feb. 28, 2011

There is push back today on the move to outlaw red light traffic cameras in Missouri. The group in support of the cameras, Missourians For Safer Roads, cites a letter from the state’s Solicitor General James R. Layton, a top lawyer in the Attorney General’s office. It says in part, “State law is silent on the use of cameras to enforce red light ordinances, so an otherwise valid red light ordinance would not conflict with state law merely because it provides for enforcement by camera.”

Midfield City Council Pursues Red Light Safety Cameras
The Birmingham News/al.com, (Alabama) Feb. 28, 2011

The City Council has passed a resolution asking the state Legislature to approve legislation that would allow the city to install red light cameras to catch careless drivers.

Florida Cities Oppose Ban on Red Light Safety Cameras
News-Press.com, Feb. 27, 2011

Florida cities are opposing bills filed in the House and Senate to end the use of red-light cameras, which some local governments say are needed to address a public safety issue in a cost-effective manner.

Letter to Editor: Happy to See Cameras Arrive
Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), March 2, 2011

If drivers obeyed the traffic laws, stopped the use of cell phones while driving and were defensive drivers, red-light cameras would be unnecessary.

Letter to Editor: Eyman’s Latest Petition Endangers Lives
The Wenatchee World (Washington), Feb. 28, 2011

This latest petition of Mr. Eyman’s is a stamp of approval for drivers to break the law and speed to beat the yellow light before it may turn red.

Letter to Editor: Cameras Protect Bicyclists, Pedestrians
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas), Feb. 25, 2011

Here’s a bicyclist who is glad he checked for oncoming traffic before entering the intersection. Otherwise, the red-light runner would have killed or injured him.

Warning Period Ends in Orange County, Fla.
WFTV Channel 9, Feb. 28, 2011

Authorities here began issuing tickets from Orange County’s new red light safety cameras beginning Feb. 28, ending a two-week trial period that saw more than  3,000 motorists run red lights at 10 intersections with the cameras.

See Why Red Light Cameras are Deemed Necessary
Ocala.com, Feb. 28, 2011

A community resident submitted this video link to show people why red light safety cameras are important.

Boerum Hill Residents Take on Traffic Issues
ny1.com, Feb. 28, 2011

Years of pedestrian injuries, fatalities and complaints have prompted a New York community to consider red light safety cameras and other traffic measures to make a dangerous stretch of road in Boerum Hill safer.

North Miami Police Praise Red Light Cameras
nbcmiami.com, Feb. 25, 2011

Traffic collisions are down by 60 percent in North Miami, as are the number of fatalities, says a police department spokesman. With 16 red light safety cameras in operation, police get time to attend to other peacekeeping matters.  

It’s a way to discourage dangerous driving where you have high volumes of traffic. There aren’t enough officers to cover every intersection.”

Ed O’Leary, Foxboro, Mass., police chief, speaking on red light safety cameras
The Sun Chronicle (Massachusetts), Feb. 28, 2011

The city of Orlando began using red-light cameras in 2008. Accidents at those intersections dropped by one-third in the first year, and rear-end collisions went down 20 percent. SOURCE: cfnews13.com, Feb. 28, 2011.

On average, traffic collisions injured 19 pedestrians each year from 2005-2009, with five fatalities from 2005-2010, on a 10-block stretch of Atlantic Avenue in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Boerum Hill. A task force is looking at using red light safety cameras and other solutions as a way to make this road safer. SOURCE: ny1.com, Feb. 28, 2011.  

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