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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 37

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Shocking Video Serves as School Bus Safety Warning
KCCI-TV CBS 8 (Iowa), Aug. 24, 2016

Southeast Polk School officials hope shocking video of a girl getting hit by a car will serve as a safety reminder for drivers this year. The video, taken last January, shows a 15-year-old student getting out of her grandfather’s car to board a metro school bus. The girl is then hit by an oncoming car. “When I saw the video, my heart dropped,” said Dan Schultz, director of transportation for Southeast Polk Community School District. The impact injured the girl’s shoulder.

Research Suggests Red-Light Camera Would Have Prevented Crash
Forbes (National), Aug. 19, 2016

Authorities are investigating a recent crash between two commuter buses that left two people dead and 17 others injured to determine if a driver ran a red-light. The incident occurred at a busy intersection in Newark that had its red-light camera system removed in 2014. … Would an active red-light camera at this intersection have saved two lives and prevented so many injuries in this instance? Recent research suggests that the answer is, yes. See related coverage from ABC News and CNN.  (CNN image)


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Driver Behavior on Agenda at Upcoming National Safety Meeting
Governors Highway Safety Association, Aug. 25, 2016

The nation’s chief highway safety leaders will hold their annual meeting Aug. 27-31 in downtown Seattle to emphasize the importance of safe driving behavior in an era of rapid technological advancement and recent data projecting that overall traffic deaths are increasing after years of decline. (Smithsonian Magazine/iStock image)

Tenn. Attorney General Opinion Says Red-Light Camera Contracts OK
Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee), Aug. 23, 2016

The Tennessee attorney general has ruled cities that contract with red-light camera companies are in compliance with state law, expanding on an earlier opinion released in July. Attorney General Herbert Slatery, in his opinion Monday, said the state’s statute that requires a certified police officer determine whether laws were broken does not mean that others cannot examine video images first. Read opinion here.

Motor Vehicle Fatalities Up 9%, No Sign of Decrease in Sight
MarketWatch (National), Aug. 23, 2016

Preliminary estimates from the National Safety Council indicate motor vehicle deaths were 9 percent higher through the first six months of 2016 than in 2015, and 18 percent higher than two years ago at the six month mark. … The upward trend began in late 2014 and shows no signs of decreasing. See National Safety Council news release here.

Fayetteville Expands Red-Light Camera Program by 5
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), Aug. 22, 2016

More red-light cameras used to fine scofflaws $100 are coming to five busy Fayetteville intersections. When the new cameras go up, either by the end of this year or early next year, they’ll bring the total to 15 cameras at 13 intersections. Since the first batch went up in July 2015, a total of 16,693 citations have been issued. (The Fayetteville Observer image by Johnny Horne)


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Motorists Too Often Ignore School Bus Stop Arms
Daily Journal (Indiana), Aug. 25, 2016

As the bus opens its doors to let a child on or off, both the driver and students know they can’t expect traffic to stop to let a child cross the street. … Drivers break the rules more often than you would think. The state does a one-day count, and in April, 227 school districts reported nearly 3,000 drivers ignored their flashing lights and stop signs and passed the buses anyway, according to the Indiana Department of Education. (Daily Journal image by Scott Roberson)


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IIHS @IIHS_autosafety More than 9,000 deaths in US occurred in speed-related crashes in 2014.


ATS_RoadSafety  @ATS_RoadSafety Red-light running is common & incredibly dangerous, you know this, but do you actually believe it? See for yourself:


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MassDOT to Hold 7 Public Hearings on New Tolling System
Statehouse News Service/WWLP-TV 22 (Mass.), Aug. 25, 2016

Chugging toward an Oct. 28 launch when the advent of all-electronic tolling will require some drivers to pay more and others less, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation plans seven meetings to hear feedback on new rates. … Each of the new 16 electronic gantries will charge drivers as they pass below. (WBUR-Radio 90.9 FM image)

Toll Road Under Consideration to Finish Tulsa Express Road
Tulsa World (Oklahoma), Aug. 23, 2016

A proposed toll road is under consideration to finish Tulsa’s Gilcrease Expressway, transportation officials confirmed on Monday. … “This is great news,” said Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett. “The Gilcrease Expressway, as we envision it, will be the completion of a very needed outer expressway loop not only benefitting the city of Tulsa, but the surrounding suburbs in and around Tulsa.” A final decision on the proposed 4.5-mile route has yet to be reached.

Popularity May Drive New Toll Record for Express Lanes
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), Aug. 21, 2016

Today marks the new increase in tolls set by the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) for the busiest stretches of I-85 in Gwinnett County. Why the increase? The Express Lanes are becoming too popular. SRTA is mandated to keep an average speed of 45 mph in the Express Lanes. So many motorists are now using the lanes, it is becoming tougher and tougher to keep that minimum speed.

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Commentary: Here’s How to Add Up Minutes Saved
The Daily Independent (Kentucky), Aug. 23, 2016

Let’s just say you can save 15 whole minutes by passing that stopped school bus. Life is good because 1,440 minus 15 equals 1,425 minutes left in the day for you to do what you need to do. Of course, the math looks a little different if things don’t go as planned. If you break the law and pass a stopped school bus, a child could be seriously injured or killed. The average lifespan is approximately 78 years. If a 9-year-old dies in a bus-related crash, that child has lost 69 years. That’s millions of minutes that child will no longer live because you didn’t do the math and wanted to save 15 minutes.

Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Work; Keep them Coming
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), Aug. 24, 2016

We’re happy to hear more of the red-light cameras are on the way. … We hope the city keeps them coming, especially when traffic-safety records reveal other intersections that need to be safer. And we’d take it another step too: The city should be using every available 21st century tool to help monitor traffic and catch scofflaws. That would include cameras that nab speeders. Red-light runners, speeders and other reckless drivers are pushing up our crash rates and the insurance bills of good, law-abiding drivers as well.

Letter to the Editor: Off or On, Cameras Send Message 
Arizona Daily Star, Aug. 24, 2016

I think most of us are relieved that the cameras are no longer functional, but I feel that they are, or should be, a reminder to be alert at the intersection. If the nonfunctional cameras make some drivers uneasy then those drivers should not be driving. However, I can sit at a red light on Speedway and when my light changes to green, wait and count the cars on Kolb pass in front from left to right making left turns running their red light. So the dysfunctional cameras are not making too many drivers uncomfortable.

Letter: Bradenton’s Red-Light Cameras Vital to Public Safety
Bradenton Herald (Florida), Aug. 24, 2016

Bradenton has red-light cameras already installed, which make law-abiding drivers out of the chronically impatient drivers who do not want to wait their turn. The cameras are working. Why should we return to the days of waiting at crossroads while impatient drivers pull out ahead of us whose turn has come, yet have to wait for rude drivers in order to avoid being hit?



“Over the past two and a half years, we had 25 school bus safety cameras on the road, and, unfortunately, we captured about 4,800 people who passed the school buses illegally. That’s absolutely unacceptable.”
Tom Didone, Montgomery County Police Captain
MyMCMedia (Maryland), Aug. 22, 2016


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 36

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Boynton Beach Renews Red Light Camera Agreement
WPTV-TV NBC 5 (Florida), Aug. 17, 2016

Red-light cameras are not going dark in Boynton Beach. It’s the only city in Palm Beach County actively using the cameras and commissioners gave the green light to keep the cameras on. The commissioners’ vote extends the contract with American Traffic Solutions until May 2021. See related coverage at Sun Sentinel and at Palm Beach Post.  (WPTV-TV NBC 5 image)

Mom Catches Drivers on Camera Passing Stopped School Bus
WAKA-TV CBS 8 (Alabama), Aug. 15, 2016

A Wetumpka woman caught drivers passing a stopped school bus on her home security cameras as her son was boarding the bus. “I was just in disbelief that they not only would just not stop because they could clearly see the lights flashing and the stop sign, but he laid on the horn just as soon as he knew they were not going to stop,” the mom said. The incident happened on her son’s second day of 10th grade. (WAKA-TV CBS 8 image)

Traffic Light is Red for 44 Seconds before Pickup Truck Runs It
Palm Beach Post (Florida), Aug. 13, 2016

The Boynton Beach Police Department’s latest example of red-light running involves a pickup truck running through a traffic light that was red for 44 seconds. Police post this and other videos to raise awareness about driving hazards. (Palm Beach Post/Boynton Police image)


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Change in State Camera Law Disrupts Drivers Ed. Program Funding
The (Tennessee), Aug. 17, 2016

Since its inception in November 2009, close to 3,000 young Chattanoogans have successfully completed the professional defensive driving curriculum and multimodal instruction provided by the city of Chattanooga’s Drivers Education Program. This program, funded by photo enforcement fines, is now suspended because a new state law prevents most unmanned speed enforcement cameras to be used. See related article at Times Free Press. (Chattanooga Times Free Press image by Alex Washburn)

Speed Enforcement Cameras Help Police Identify Shooting Suspects
WJW-TV FOX 8 (Ohio), Aug. 15, 2016

For years, the village of Linndale has been heavily criticized for its aggressive speed enforcement. But following an armed robbery attempt earlier this month, the community’s speed enforcement cameras are now credited with helping identify two accomplices as they were speeding away from the scene. (WJW-TV FOX 8 image)

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Virginia Beach Hires ATS for Red-Light Safety Camera Program
The Virginian Pilot (Virginia), Aug. 14, 2016

The city has given the green light to a new company to run its red-light cameras. On July 7, the city inked a five-year-deal with American Traffic Solutions that gives it an option to extend the contract for up to three years after 2021. ATS will operate and maintain cameras at 11 intersections.

Driver Found Guilty of Vehicular Homicide
The Republic (Indiana), Aug. 12, 2016

A man accused of weaving through Ohio traffic on a flat tire and causing a crash that killed two pedestrians in downtown Columbus was convicted Friday of two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and two counts of vehicular assault. He faces up to 13 years in prison. Prosecutors say the driver recklessly drove his pickup truck on a flat, running red lights and weaving through traffic for two miles before hitting a school bus that struck and killed two pedestrians.


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Crash with School Bus Sends Child to Hospital
WTVA-TV ABC 9 (Mississippi), Aug. 16, 2016

A three-vehicle crash involving a stopped school bus sent a child to the hospital with minor injuries on Monday morning. Troopers say the school bus was stopped while unloading a child. One vehicle was stopped behind the school bus when another vehicle approached from behind, stuck the first vehicle and sent it crashing into the bus.

School Bus Cameras Capture 6,600 Traffic Violations in 6 Months
Austin American-Statesman (Texas), Aug. 12, 2016

The first day of school for Austin students is around the corner, which means the district’s yellow school buses will soon be back on the road. So will the bus-mounted video cameras used to monitor whether drivers are being safe around them. During the last four months of enforcement: more than 6,600 tickets were mailed to drivers accused of illegally passing Austin school buses before the summer break. Videos of the violators are reviewed by the Austin school district police. (Austin American-Statesman image by Ricardo B. Brazziell)

Student Injured in School Bus Crash, Police Make Arrest
WJTV-12 CBS 12 (Mississippi), Aug. 12, 2016

Authorities have arrested a man in connection with a hit-and-run crash involving a school bus. When the crash occurred, a student was getting ready to get off the bus. The bus driver grabbed the teenager upon noticing what was about to happen. The student was injured and taken to the hospital. The teen was later released.

City of Mercer Island Reminds Drivers of School Bus Cameras
City of Mercer Island News Release (Washington), Aug. 11, 2016

Both the City and the Mercer Island School District have launched a public information campaign about the new CrossingGuard School Bus Stop Arm Safety Camera Program. The system will go online at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, with no grace period for early violators. Every school day in the United States, more than 70,000 motorists illegally pass school buses as they stop to let students on and off. This inexcusable behavior endangers the lives of children, may of whom aren’t yet as observant as adults.


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Retweeted by ATS_RoadSafety  AustinISD @AISDPoliceChief gives tips for back-to-school safety. Please help us keep our students safe by driving safely.


Retweeted by ATS_RoadSafety @Don’t Tweet & Drive You can’t make this stuff up: PA woman caught texting and driving while using her FEET to steer! #DontBeThatDriver  (WPVI-TV ABC 6 image)


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Tolls Not Likely to Fade Away, Experts Say
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Aug. 17, 2016

In the year 2042, something potentially significant to Central Florida motorists could happen. The Central Florida Expressway Authority, which operates 109 miles of toll roads in Orange County, will have paid off its $4.3 billion in bonds. But when the roads are paid for, what happens to the tolls? … Growing transportation needs make it unlikely the tolls will be removed, experts say. The authority’s 2040 preliminary plan is looking at building another 80 miles of roadways with a projected cost of $3.2 billion to $4.5 billion. (Miami Herald image by John VanBeekum)

E-Pass Reload Lanes Catching On with Drivers
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Aug. 16, 2016

By mail or by Internet, paying bills is a routine chore, but what some consumers haven’t seen yet is unusual: a drive-through. The Central Florida Expressway Authority opened the nation’s first Reload Lanes for motorists to replenish their E-Pass accounts in May and say consumer response so far has been positive. Since it’s opened, about 5,000 motorists have used it to refill their E-Pass balance and an additional 2,500 E-Pass accounts were started.

Tiny Sensors Could Turn Toll Roads into Energy Producers
KCRA-TV NBC 3 (California), Aug. 10, 2016

Imagine harnessing the power of millions of cars as they simply drive on the freeway using a sensor smaller than a quarter. … The California Energy Commission has several pilot programs to install these sensors next year. … Assemblyman Mike Gatto sees this technology being applied to toll roads. “The toll roads could sell the power to houses along the toll roads. CalTrans could lease the freeways to power-generating utilities. The possibilities are endless,” he said.



“I think we need to remember that we’re talking about a culture here that we’re changing. I do think twice now when I approach an intersection and that’s where we’re going. If it saves one life it is worth it.”
Woodrow Hay, former Boynton Beach Mayor
Palm Beach Post (Florida), Aug. 17, 2016

“It is unclear at this time to what degree the bill will potentially limit our public safety capabilities or increase workload on officers. But what we do know is removing these cameras does not make our streets safer.”
Kyle Miller, Chattanooga Police Department spokesman
Times Free Press (Tennessee), Aug. 18, 2016


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 35

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ATS Supports National Stop on Red Week

Authorities are showing support for National Stop on Red Week which continues through Saturday. The week-long effort is dedicated to reminding drivers that running red lights is not a victimless crime. More than half of the fatalities that occur in red-light running crashes are people other than the red-light runner. American Traffic Solutions is proud to add its voice to the many others calling out to remind drivers to slow down on yellow and stop on red. For more information visit the ATS web page here.

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Top 3 Reasons People Run Red Lights
The List (Arizona), Aug. 9, 2016

National Stop on Red Week is all about raising awareness to the dangers of red-light running. Jimmy Rhoades teamed up with Chandler Police Lt. Scott Veach to discuss the top three reasons people run red lights, and offer some safer alternatives. ( image)

Students Speak Up for Safety Around School Buses
Mesquite ISD Twitter/YouTube (Texas), Aug. 2, 2016 

Mesquite Independent School District has teamed up with the City of Mesquite to keep students safe by installing school bus stop arm safety cameras. See related coverage from City of Mesquite and The Dallas Morning News.


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Road Users in Florida Hear about National Stop on Red Week
WIOD-Radio 610 AM (Florida), Aug. 11, 2016

Florida Department of Transportation District Champions have organized teams to conduct on-street safety education geared toward encouraging local motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists to use caution as they approach intersections, obey traffic signals and share the road safely. (Sun Sentinel image)

Cameras Proposed to Deter Speeding in Work Zones
TribLive (Pennsylvania), Aug. 9, 2016

A bill awaiting action in the Pennsylvania Senate aims to impose $100 fines against motorists caught on camera speeding through active PennDOT and turnpike work zones. Senate Bill 840 would create a five-year pilot program during which vehicles detected going 11 mph over the posted speed limits would be automatically photographed. (Tribune-Review image by Guy Wathen)

Mom Pushes for Lower Speed Limits after Son’s Death
Los Angeles Daily News (California), Aug. 8, 2016

Wyatt Savaikie, 14, was killed in an intersection three months after the red-light cameras there were removed. … A driver sped through a red light there and struck the boy, killing him. Wyatt’s mother, Teresa, wants the 45 mph speed limit at that intersection lowered. She says the city’s growing population and speed limits are no longer compatible.


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Retweeted by ATS_RoadSafety CA_DMV @CA_DMV Not a list we want to make! Learn about the dangers of red-light running at #StopOnRed2016

ATS_RoadSafety  Great advice @HCSOSheriff as kids head back to school! Drive safe & obey the school bus stop arm. #StopArmSafety


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Virginia to Select Partner Soon for I-66 Toll Lane Project
The Bond Buyer (New York), Aug. 8, 2016

Virginia plans to select the private partner in October for its $2 billion plan to add high occupancy toll lanes on Interstate 66 through a public-private partnership, while keeping open the public financing option. The final, detailed requests for proposals for the project were sent last week to investment teams short-listed for the project earlier this year. (WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM image by Dave Dildine)

I-295 Express Lanes in Jacksonville to Open in 2017
WJCT-TV Public Broadcasting (Florida), Aug. 5, 2016

The Interstate-295 West Belway Express Lanes from the Buckman Bridge to I-95 are expected to be completed in early 2017. The Express Lanes, which will have a toll, will be another option for commuters. The regular lanes will remain open and free.


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Commentary: Keep the Stop in Right on Red
The National Law Review, Aug. 5, 2016

In S.B. 986, Senator Jerry Hill proposes that fines are lowered for people who make a rolling stop at a red light before turning. … The wording in this bill is very careless and has serious implications for pedestrians in California. 700 pedestrian deaths in one year could significantly increase each and every year if people are allowed to legally roll through a red light to make a right-hand turn. California residents are encouraged to speak up about this dangerous bill that could impact their lifestyle.

Editorial: Keep the Red-Light Cameras
Bradenton Herald (Florida), Aug. 7, 2016

More than 44,000 law-breaking motorists got caught by red-light cameras since the city installed them in 2009. How many crashes were avoided? How many lives were saved? How many devastating injuries did not occur because of the tickets that taught a lesson and brought a driver to his or her senses? We’ll never know. Isn’t that a good thing? Bradenton should keep the cameras.



“Our goal is to encourage everyone to slow down and stop on red. It only takes a second to take a life, or to safe a life. Please pledge to stop on red, and remember, safety saves lives.”
Melissa Wandall, President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads
WIOD-Radio 610 AM (Florida), Aug. 11, 2016

“Some people are probably going to take offense, but I don’t care about the revenue, this was about public safety and the data we are looking at for public safety shows we are decreasing accidents at those intersections.”
Brendan Cox, Police Chief of Albany, New York
WRGB-TV CBS 6 (New York), Aug. 10, 2016


ATS’ Newsletter Vol. 6, Issue 34

August 5th, 2016 Comments off



ATS Supports National Stop on Red Week

American Traffic Solutions is adding its support to this year’s National Stop on Red Week, which begins Sunday, Aug. 7. Cities and police departments will be participating in this week-long effort dedicated to reminding drivers that running red lights is not a victimless crime. More than half of the fatalities that occur in red-light running crashes are people other than the red-light runner. ATS is proud to add its voice to the many others calling out to remind drivers to slow down on yellow and stop on red. For more information visit the ATS web page here.

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Orlando to Activate 11 Red-Light Safety Cameras
WDBO-Radio 96.5 FM (Florida), Aug. 1, 2016

The city of Orlando plans to turn on 11 red-light cameras this month in an expansion that takes place as cities across Central Florida and the state look to take photo enforcement cameras down. But a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows cities that terminated such programs saw an increase in fatal crashes.  (Orlando Sentinel image by Red Huber)

Police Chief Concerned for Safety with Cameras Turned Off
The Arizona Republic, Aug. 2, 2016

A new state law takes effect this month, banning photo radar cameras from all state highways. But not everyone is convinced it will be in the public’s best interest. El Mirage Police Chief Terry McDonald is convinced that Grand Avenue is more dangerous after the city was forced to shut off its speed safety photo cameras there a few months ago.

Removing Red-Light Cameras Results in More Deaths
The Pueblo Chieftain (CO), July 31, 2016

When cities remove red-light photo cameras from problem intersections, more people die there, according to a new report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The first study of what happens after cities remove red-light cameras found fatal crashes increased 30 percent. The institute has argued for years that red-light cameras reduce the number of crashes and fatal collisions. That was the reason Pueblo installed the cameras at three crash-plagued intersections, starting in 2009. (KOAA-TV NBC 5 image)

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Knoxville Extends Red-Light Camera Agreement
Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee), Aug. 3, 2016

Knoxville will extend its current red-light camera contract for 60 days, giving staff time to study a ruling from the Tennessee attorney general to ensure the city complies with state law. “The companies that we work with don’t review the violation. What they’re looking at is raw video to make sure the only video we get is video that could possibly contain a violation. The violation is still determined by the officer who reviews that video,” Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch said. (WVLT-TV Channel 8 image)

School Bus Safety Cameras Help Protect Children
WGCL_TV CBS 46 (Georgia), Aug. 2, 2016

Many school districts, including Cobb County Schools, have installed stop-arm cameras on their buses to record people breaking the law and to send people a citation. … The cameras help provide an extra set of security eyes for school bus drivers who already have a lot they’re watching. (WGCL-TV CBS 46 image)


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Drivers Passing School Buses in Georgia Are Warned
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Aug. 1, 2016

In an effort to crack down on violators, some metro Atlanta school districts have installed cameras on school buses to catch motorists in the act. Clayton County, Cobb County, Decatur, Gwinnett County, Marietta and Atlanta are among the school districts that are using school bus cameras that film traffic violations. Fulton County approved a proposal for school bus cameras in March. (WSB-TV Channel 2 image)


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With Cameras Gone, Speeding Rises 178%
The Arizona Republic, Aug. 1, 2016

Since the cameras that once captured photos of lead-footed drivers on U.S. 60/Grand Avenue in El Mirage stopped snapping in March, speeding incidents jumped by 178 percent over last year, and collisions in the area tripled.

Speed Cameras Coming to an Oregon Highway Near You
Oregon Public Broadcasting, Aug. 1, 2016

After getting permission from the Oregon Legislature, the city of Portland is putting permanent cameras along high-crash corridors. … The city has 10 high-crash corridors. They make up 3 percent of Portland’s roads but account for more than half of pedestrian fatalities.


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Retweeted by ATS_RoadSafety  Don’t Tweet & Drive Why are our brains so attracted to phones that we risk lethal #distracteddrving Sponsored by @ATT #itcanwait

Graphic_TwitterIcon_VisionZeroNetwork_DL080516  TwitterImage_ATS_DL022615
Retweeted by ATS_RoadSafety  VisionZero Network @VisionZeroNet A very data-y analysis of the effectiveness of #VisionZero in New York (spoiler: it’s working)


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Motorists Flock to New Toll/Express Lanes in Alameda County
The Mercury News (California), July 29, 2016

Motorists took nearly 1.9 million trips on Interstate 580’s new express lanes in Alameda County in the first four months the lanes opened to vehicle traffic earlier this year. Volume grew 18 percent from March, the first full month of operation, to May. Carpoolers can use the $345 million project for free, but solo drivers pay an extra toll to use the lane.  (The Mercury News, Bay Area News Group image by Doug Duran)

Tolling Cameras Being Installed on Bridges
Courier-Journal (Indiana), Aug. 4, 2016

Tolling won’t begin until late this year, but drivers may soon notice cameras in place at the north end of the Abraham Lincoln Bridge. The first two cameras are for testing purposes; more cameras will be installed later.

Transform I-66 Project Gets Official Start
The Connection Newspaper (Virginia), Aug. 2, 2016

After 30 years of talking and planning, work is finally starting on the Transform I-66 project. Eight toll gantries will be installed along I-66 inside the beltway with tolling operations expected to begin in summer 2017. … According to Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the revenues collected from the tolling will directly fund local rideshare and public transit alternatives. See related article at WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM.  (Arlington Patch, Virginia Governor’s Twitter Account image)


Header Commentaries 480

Editorial: Governor Made Right Call to Support Red-Light Cameras
The Pueblo Chieftain (Colorado), Aug. 3, 2016

We stand by Gov. John Hickenlooper’s decision to veto bills in two recent legislative sessions that would have infringed on local governments’ option of whether to use photo cameras to catch red-light or speeding violations on Colorado streets. He was correct to leave the use of photo traffic cameras to the discretion of local officials. The city of Pueblo has red-light cameras patrolling three crash-plagues intersections.

Editorial: Risks of Removing Red-Light Safety Cameras
Herald-Tribune (Florida), Aug. 3, 2016

Opponents of red-light cameras, which are installed at high-traffic intersections in order to deter and admonish red-light runners, should consider a new report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety before proposing a ban on the systems.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Like Speed Cameras? Don’t Speed
The Arizona Republic, Aug. 4, 2016

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the way to keep cities from making money from speed cameras is: Don’t speed!



“The red-light enforcement program that we have in Knoxville has been highly successful. We’ve shown huge success in the number of crashes at intersections being reduced as a result of the photo enforcement program. We’ve seen over a 65 percent reduction in crashes at those intersections where we have the cameras, but we’ve also seen overall a decrease in all crashes in our city. So they are hugely successful.”
David Rausch, Police Chief of Knoxville, TN
Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee), Aug. 3, 2016

“We know we have a problem: people dying at signalized intersections because of people running red lights. We know red-light cameras are part of the solution.”
Adrian Lund, President of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Herald Tribune (Florida), Aug. 3, 2016

“I think any time you have posted speed limits and people consistently exceed those by 11 miles per hour or more, you have potential for added property damage, and life-and-death situations.”
Terry McDonald, Police Chief of El Mirage, Arizona
The Arizona Republic, Aug. 2, 2016