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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 29

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ATS Wishes Everyone a Safe and Happy Independence Day

American Traffic Solutions wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable Independence Day weekend with their family and friends. As you take to the road to celebrate the U-S-A, please be cautious of the drivers around you. The Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous times of the summer travel period, according to study results from the National Coalition for Safer Roads.

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County Leader Interested in Speed Safety Cameras near Schools (South Carolina), June 28, 2016

Horry County is looking into speed cameras and how effective they could be in alerting drivers to slow down. After seeing the success of the program in other cities, one Horry County councilman proposed the measure. The idea is to have speed cameas mounted within a half-mile of all school zones and in some residential neighborhoods within the county. … A report including the legalities and costs to operate this program is expected at the July 18 meeting. ( image)

Police Chief: Speeding Surges after Camera Ban in El Mirage
The Arizona Republic, June 28, 2016

Since Arizona banned the use of speed cameras on state highways this spring, speeding incidents have climbed an average of 250 percent on Grand Avenue in El Mirage. … The city has experienced more collisions since the cameras were turned off as well. From March 16 to June 15, there were six collisions (three injury and three non-injury), versus two non-injury collisions for the same time period last year. (The Arizona Republic image by Mark Henle)


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Senate Green Lights Red-Light Camera Program
Daily Reflector (North Carolina), June 30, 2016

The North Carolina Senate on Wednesday approved Greenville’s red-light camera legislation with a 31-19 vote, allowing the new law to go in effect on Friday. It will be about six months before the system is operational, Greenville Police Chief Marc Holtzman said. The city wants to install 10 cameras that will capture images of vehicles running red lights. (WNCT-TV CBS 9 image)



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Mercer Island OKs Ordinance to Allow School Bus Safety Cameras
Mercer Island Reporter (Washington), June 27, 2016

This fall, people looking to drive around a stopped school bus will have 394 reasons to think twice about doing so. The Mercer Island City Council voted unanimously on June 20 to adopt an ordinance allowing the installation of cameras on school bus stop arms. … In April, the Mercer Island School Board approved the use of cameras on school bus stop arms and voted to enter into a contract wtih American Traffic Solutions to provide the safety camera system. (Mercer Island Reporter image by Katie Metzger)

Plea Deal Means 30 Days in Jail for Driver Who Hit Student
WWMT-TV Channel 3 (Michigan), June 27, 2016

A West Michigan man accused of hitting a 12-year-old boy while crossing the street to get on his school bus in Marshall is expected to be sentenced Monday. Last month, the driver pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of a moving violation in a school bus zone causing injury. The 12-year-old suffered brain injuries. The driver will be sentenced to 30 days in jail and placed on probation, as part of the plea agreement.


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Massachusetts Tests Tolling System for October Launch
WCVB-TV ABC 5, June 28, 2016

MassDOT has confirmed the new all-electronic tolling system on the Massachusetts Pike has entered the testing phase. Gantries over the road will scan EZ-Pass transponders and take photos of license plates. The system will be tested throughout the summer, but motorists are not being charged when they pass the gantries. If testing goes well, the new system may launch in October. (WCVB-TV ABC 5)

Port Authority to Vote on Cashless Tolls
The Record (New Jersey), June 25, 2016

Toll collectors could soon become a thing of the past at Port Authority bridges and tunnels as the agency moves one step closer toward all-electronic tolling. Commissioners are expected to approve a $170 million project to replace the agency’s 20-year-old toll collections system at a board meeting on Thursday. See related article at (The Record file image)


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Commentary: Drivers Buy Into Camera Program, Official Says
Newsday (New York), June 27, 2016

Money talks. And in the case of Nassau’s red-light camera program, money — or more accurately, the threat of a hefty fine — apparently has been convincing drivers to stop at red lights and before making turns. … Nassau Traffic Safety Board’s recently released report shows the county’s red-light camera program with a decrease in violations; a 34 percent drop in crashes involving injuries, a 39.2 percent decrease in rear-end crashes and a 79 percent fall in head-on crashes.

Commentary: Council Should Approve School Bus Camera Ordinance
San Antonio Express-News (Texas), June 26, 2016

By acting now to enact the local ordinance that will allow for a civil citation to be issued to school bus stop arm violators, the San Antonio City Council can make certain that local school districts have these systems up and running when our kids go back to school this fall. The safety of our children cannot wait. (RSI NOTE: The City Council passed the ordinance unanimously Thursday, June 30.)

Editorial: Slow Down on Streets Near Schools, Parks
The Spokesman Review (Washington), June 26, 2016

The need to slow down around children was driven home in a recent article about speed safety cameras the city of Spokane set up near Longfellow and Finch elementary schools. … Before installing the cameras, the city studied both school zones and found a high rate of speeding. … Other cities installing cameras in school zones have reported a reduction in speeding. That bodes well for the Spokane experiment. If anything, the city should expand the camera program.

Letter to the Editor: Punish Traffic Scofflaws
The Augusta Chronicle (Georgia), June 28, 2016

Why are there never police officers around when I see cars ignoring a yellow light and then actually continuing to drive through a red light? If police are in the vicinity would they take action? … What’s more important than avoiding the kind of accident that took three children’s lives on River Watch Parkway one year ago? Running a red light should be more than a minor infraction; it can mean the difference between life and death.

Letter: Albany Missed Opportunity
Times Ledger (New York), June 25, 2016

We at Transportation Alternatives are outraged that Albany lawmakers have ended the session without taking action on a number of bills related to street safety. … Lawmakers failed to advance the Every School Speed Safety Act, which would have allowed New York City to deploy more cameras in school zones and operate them during after-school hours, when many serious crashes take place.


“The system has been working beautifully to enhance safety in Lynnwood. That’s my professional opinion.”
Bill Franz, Public Works Director for the City of Lynnwood
The Daily Herald (Washington), June 27, 2016

“They know that the number of accidents have dropped, but they call to make sure that the camera stays because they’re concerned that the numbers will go up if it is removed.”
Chris Mistron, Traffic Safety Coordinator for Nassau County
Newsday (New York), June 27, 2016


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 28

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School Bus Stop Arm Ordinance to Go to San Antonio City Council
KSAT-TV ABC 12 (Texas), June 21, 2016

An ordinance allowing school buses to be equipped with cameras will be going before San Antonio’s City Council next week. The move is an effort to catch more bus stop arm violators and keep students safe. (KSAT-TV ABC 12 image)


In 90 Minutes, 104 Vehicles Fail to Stop at Intersection Near Park
The Jersey Journal (New Jersey), June 21, 2016

An intersections in Downtown Jersey City is raising a number of concerns about pedestrian safety. A Bright Street resident recently shot video of drivers rolling through the intersection of York Street and Jersey Avenue, ignoring the stop signs posted there. In 90 minues, 104 motorists were caught on film failing to stop at the intersection.

Neighbors Petition City for Speeding Solution
Northwest Cable News (Washington), June 21, 2016

Residents in one South Tacoma neighborhood have had enough with reckless driving on their streets. Neighbors have signed a petition and filed it with Tacoma’s city council this month. They’re asking for anything to get drivers to pay attention when driving around their corner.


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City Could Reinstall Red-Light Camera to Curb Increase in Crashes
Daily Herald (Illinois), June 22, 2016

Citing safety concerns, Wauconda officials are considering reinstalling a red-light camera at Bonner Road and Route 12. In the time since the camera was removed from that intersection crashes there have increased 36 percent, according to a village memo. (Daily Herald image by Bob Susnjara)

Crashes Drop at 55 Nassau County Intersections with Cameras
Newsday (New York), June 21, 2016

The number of crashes at Nassau County’s red-light camera intersections in 2014-2015 was down at 55 locations, unchanged for three and up at another 15 compared with crashes in the year before the cameras were installed, according to data from the county’s Traffic Safety Board. See related article at Newsday.

City Says Photo Ban Led to Massive Increase in Speeding Drivers
KPHO-TV Channel 3 (Arizona), June 20, 2016

El Mirage is seeing a massive increase in the number of drivers speeding through the city, officials said on Monday and are blaming a recent ban on photo enforcement on state highways in Arizona. The city has also experienced more crashes since the cameras were turned off.


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Law Puts School Bus Cameras Back to Work Catching Dangerous Drivers
Washington Post (Washington D.C.), June 22, 2016

A new state law will permit Arlington County and the city of Falls Church to reactivate enforcement cameras on their school buses, which help snag motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses. The violation, which school officials say endangers young people as they get on and off of school buses, is difficult for police to monitor because of the volume of buses and because pursuing offenders can put children at risk. See related article at InsideNOVA(The Washington Post image by Moriah Balingit)

ATS Study Shows Decrease in School Bus Passing Violations (New York), June 22, 2016

Results from American Traffic Solutions’ (ATS) latest review of its CrossingGuard School Bus Stop Arm Safety Camera Programs show the automated enforcement systems continue to deter drivers who might otherwise illegally pass a stopped school bus and put children in danger. The analysis found 99 percent of drivers who received one ticket did not receive a second violation. ATS also found a nearly 40 percent decrease in the number of violations issued. Both developments are strong indicators that drivers are changing their behavior.

N.J. Education Association Backs School Bus Safety Camera Bill
New Jersey Education Association, June 17, 2016

Lawmakers, educators and advocates stood side by side on June 16 in a show of support for expanding safety precautions for school buses. The press conference called for support of bill A-3798, which seeks to add cameras to school buses that will catch drivers who illegally pass while students are boarding and departing.


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Vote Keeps Tampa Bay Express in Long-Term Plan
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), June 23, 2016

The Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization voted 12 to 4 shortly after 2 a.m. Thursday morning to keep the $6 billion road project known as TBX on track by keeping it in its long-term funding plans. But an incremental step for TBX amounted to a big setback for critics, who oppose the plan to add 90 miles of tolled express lanes to the interstate system linking five counties. (Tampa Bay Times image)

All-Electronic Tolling Construction Rolls on in Massachusetts, June 22, 2016

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation says the installation of vertical metal gantries, part of its push toward all-electronic tolling, starts late tonight in the Sumner and Callahan tunnels. … The new tolling infrastructure is set to go live in October. New metal gantries have been built up and down the Massachusetts Turnpike. See related articles at and The Berkshire Eagle-News. (, MassDOT, Dwight B. Shepard image)


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Letter to the Editor: What’s Wrong with Obeying the Law?
The Gazette (Iowa), June 21, 2016

The letter to the editor “Traveler upset with C.R. traffic cameras,” June 15, puzzles me. The writer blames the City of Cedar Rapids for “fleecing” him and his wife because they chose not to obey the speed limit. Basically, his letter says, “we will never visit your city again because you expect us to obey the law.”



“This is by far our most dangerous intersection in town. To some this may be an unpopular decision, but safety outweights popularity.”
David Wermes, Wauconda Police Chief, on the use of red-light cameras
Daily Herald (Illinois), June 22, 2016

“The data is clear. Without the camera deterrent, we are seeing more and more unsafe driving along Grand. This is an extremely serious matter, as lives are at stake.”
Terry McDonald, El Mirage Police Chief
KPHO/KTVK-TV (Arizona), June 20, 2016



Speeding vehicles, those clocked at 11 mph over the 45 mph speed limit, along Grand Avenue increased 179 percent from May 2015 with speed safety cameras in use to May 2016 when cameras were not in use in the westbound lanes of Grand Avenue, and increased 319 percent over the same time frame for the eastbound lanes. Crashes also increased since the cameras were turned off. From March 16 to June 15, 2016,without cameras, there were six collisions (three with injuries and three without injuries), compared with two non-injury collisions for the same period last year with cameras in use. Source: KPHO-TV Channel 3, June 20, 2016.

In the years since the red-light camera at Bonner Road and Route 12 in Wauconda was removed due to construction, crashes have increased 36 percent at the intersection. Eleven crashes occurred there in 2011, the final year the camera was in place. The number jumped to 21 in 2012, dropped to six in 2013, but rose to 15 in 2014, according to a city memo. Source: Daily Herald (Illinois), June 22, 2016.

New York
Data from Nassau’s Traffic Safety Board show a 34 percent decrease in crashes involving injuries at the 72 red-light-camera intersections that were operating in 2014, compared with the 12-month period before cameras were installed. Rear-end collisions fell 39 percent while head-on crashes plummeted 79 percent. Source: Newsday (New York) June 21, 2016.


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Hagerstown City Council Eyes Cameras for Police, Intersections
Herald-Mail (Maryland), June 14, 2016

At a work session on Tuesday, Hagerstown City Council heard a proposal to install automated enforcment cameras at targeted intersections to reduce the number of motorists running red lights. The proposal is to put the cameras at three state-maintained intersections first, with the possibility to expand the program later. … Speaking to the council, Adam Youssi, coordinator of Howard County’s Red Light Program, a client of American Traffic Solutions, said red-light running has decreased 59 percent at intersections with cameras since the program began in 1998. (Herald-Mail file image)

Tennessee City Reports 37% Decrease in Red-Light Running
WGNS-Radio AM-1450/ FM 100.5 (Tennessee), June 13, 2016

Red-light running is down in the City of Murfreesboro and has been on the decrease since the red-light cameras were first installed about eight years ago. The city installed the cameras in 2009 due to an increasing number of traffic fatalities at intersections. Crashes at intersections have dropped by 37 percent since cameras were first installed.

Linn County Judge Dumps Lawsuit Banning Road Safety Cameras
The Gazette (Iowa), June 10, 2016

A Linn County District Court judge has granted summary judgment to dismiss in its entirety a class-action lawsuit seeking to ban automated traffic cameras in Cedar Rapids. (The Gazette image by Stephen Mally)


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Red-Light Runner Nearly Collides with Passing Vehicle
WPBF-TV ABC 25 (Florida), June 13, 2016

A man is lucky to be alive after a driver runs a red light, nearly colliding with his vehicle. The brazen act was caught on camera. According to authorities, the driver who barely escaped the collision reported the incident Friday. He came into headquarters shaken up.



Spokane’s Two School Zone Cameras Capture Violations, Fines
The Spokesman Review (Washington), June 14, 2015

At the beginning of the year, the city of Spokane began issuing tickets to drivers speeding near Longfellow Elementary School using a cameras similar to the city’s red-light camera program. Finch Elementary School also has a camera for school zone speeders. Since January, 5,778 tickets have been issued. The 4,248 tickets issued at Longfellow equals about eight speeding tickets for every student. “That’s fine with me,” said Patrick Anderson, whose daughter is in second grade at Longfellow. Anderson got a ticket from one of the cameras for going 33 mph. “People need to slow down. They should put them in every school zone,” he said. (The Spokesman Review image by Dan Pelle)

Longview to Discuss Future of Speed Safety Cameras
The Daily News (Washington), June 15, 2016

Five years ago, the city of Longview launched its speed zone photo enforcement program to slow drivers down around school zones. The five-year contract is set to expire by the end of December. Last year, the program issued 27,000 tickets, more than half of which came from cameras at Mark Morris High School. So far this year the cameras have triggered more than 4,000 fines. City Council members will discuss their options at a special meeting Thursday.


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Chisholm Trail Parkway Tolling Outperforms Expectations
Cleburn Times-Review (Texas), June 14, 2016

The Chisholm Trail Parkway, which opened almost three years ago, is performing better than expected, North Texas Tollway Authority officials told the Johnson County Commissioners on Monday. Toll revenues are about 20 percent above expectations, and toll tag usage for vehicles overall using the road is at slightly more than 77 percent. (Star-Telegram image by Ron T. Ennis)

Toll within Toll Coming to Turnpike, Beachline
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), June 10, 2016

Central Florida drivers’ first taste of paying to use express lanes in the center of a highway won’t actually be on I-4, but on the Beachline Expressway. First up is an 8-mile stretch of express lanes on State road 528. It’s set for completion by mid-2019. Also on deck is about 13 miles of express lanes on Florida’s Turnpike. This portion is expected to be finished in 2023. (Orlando Sentinel image)


Header Commentaries 480

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Commentary: Evidence Shows Road Cameras Improve Safety
PolitiFact (Pennsylvania), June 14, 2016

After reviewing the evidence concerning what impact red-light and speed cameras have on safety, it can be said with confidence that the claims in a recent commentary about cameras are incorrect. While the exact pros and cons of these technologies are up for debate, multiple studies show they have prevented crashes in numerous cities and certainly at least one crash. … Dominique Lord, a professor at Texas A&M, said “Red light cameras and speed cameras change the behavior of people. By changing the behavior of people you (decrease) risk.”

Letter to the Editor: Eventually, Bad Driving Habits Are Revealed
Culver City Crossroads (California), June 16, 2016

I love red-light cameras. Every time I see a yellow light now, I just put my foot on the brake. Life’s a lot simpler that way. I may lose a whole three minutes a day at an intersection. As the guy at traffic school said to us all, “You didn’t get this ticket because you made a mistake. You got this ticket because you did the same wrong thing over and over again, and you finally got caught.”


“One of these days, somebody who is not paying attention is going to hit a kid and they’re going to kill somebody. Talk about a sad testament to drivers, their attitude and skills nowadays. It’s darn scary what’s going on out there.”
Mike Fagan, Spokane City Councilman, on school zone speed safety cameras
The Spokesman Review (Washington), June 14, 2016

Red-light running has decreased 59% at intersections with red-light safety cameras in Howard County since the program began in 1998. Source: Herald-Mail Media (Maryland), June 14, 2016.


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Vehicle Enters Intersection 8 Seconds into Red-Light Phase
Palm Beach Post (Florida), June 7, 2016

Eight seconds. A traffic light at South Federal Highway and Southeast 23rd Avenue in Boynton Beach was red for 8.3 seconds when a driver drove through it and collided with a vehicle crossing with the green light. (Palm Beach Post/Boynton Beach Police image)

Family, Friends Remember Teen Killed Walking to School Bus
News-Press (Florida), June 4, 2016

Waves of somber students visited Lee Memorial Hospital to honor one of their own, a fellow student who died after being hit by a car while crossing the street to board his stopped school bus. His decision to be an organ donor may save eight lives. See related coverage from WINK-TV CBS 11 and News-Press. (WBBH-TV NBC 2 image)

Top Distractions for Teen Drivers in Crashes May Surprise You
CBS News (New York), June 1, 2016

Startling new research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals the disturbing behaviors behind distracted driving among young drivers. View AAA Report here. (CBS News image)


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Intersection Collision Kills Woman on Way to Church
Chicago Sun Times (Illinois), June 7, 2016

The family of a woman killed in a deadly hit-and-run crash over the weekend say she was on her way to church with her husband when a motorist in a white Jaguar allegedly ran through a red light and slammed into the couple’s car. Assistant State’s Attorney Lesley Gool said a red -ight camera captured the driver blowing through the intersection.

Greenville’s Hopes for Camera Program Advance in Legislature (North Carolina), June 7, 2016

Legislation that will allow the City of Greenville to share proceeds from red-light camera fines is advancing to the Senate following the House’s adoption of the bill Monday night. The city wants to install cameras that will capture images of vehicles running red lights at various intersections. It is believed the program will discourage motorists from running red lights.

Colorado Governor Nixes Ban on Red-Light Cameras
The Pueblo Chieftain, June 2, 2016

Gov. John Hickenlooper should consider pitching for the Colorado Rockies because he struck out the General Assembly for the second year in a row, vetoing  a bill that would block cities from using automatic cameras to catch people running red lights. Pueblo officials breathed a sigh of relief because the city uses the cameras at three busy intersections and the City Council had advised the governor’s office that the cameras have significantly cut the number of severe accidents there. See related coverage from The Denver Post and KUSA-TV NBC 9. (KUSA-TV NBC 9 image)


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Florida Leads Nation in Toll Roads
Orlando Sentinel, June 6, 2016

Florida has 719 miles of toll roads crisscrossing the state — the most in the nation, according to federal data. And Central Florida is the epicenter. The story of how Orange County became what is likely the toll road capital is largely a question of funding sources for roads. As federal transportation dollars remain anemic, tolls are frequently the local solution. (Orlando Sentinel image by Jacob Langston)

New Tappan Zee Bridge Halfway Done; Old Bridge Gets New Tolls
Times Herald-Record (New York), June 6, 2016

Construction of the new $3.9 billion Tappan Zee Bridge is roughly 50 percent completed. In a progress report Monday, Jamey Barbas, the New York State Thruway Authority’s project director, told the board that the bridge will have the most advanced structural-health-monitoring system in the nation. … Eric Christensen, the authority’s deputy director of operations, said the transition to all-electronic toll collection at the bridge on April 25 has been “very successful” and “better or equal” to expectations. (Times Herald-Record image by Robert G. Breese.)


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Letter to the Editor: Camera Problem? Obey the Law
Newsday (New York), June 6, 2016

Enough of the fighting about red-light cameras. Follow the law and stop! Whether or not a camera is there, yellow means prepare to stop, and red means stop. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Be a good driver, then you won’t have a problem.



“The governor understands that for cities like ours, this is a matter of public safety.”
Steve Nawrocki, Pueblo City Council President, Colorado, on decision to veto red light camera ban
The Pueblo Chieftain, June 3, 2016
Fort Collins started using road safety cameras in 1998. At that time, the speed limit compliance rate was 33 percent. In the nearly 20 years since, the rate has doubled to 66 percent. Source: KUSA-TV NBC 9, June 7, 2016.


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Family Hopeful as Critically Injured Teen Fights to Recover 
WBBH-TV NBC 2 (Florida), June 1, 2016

A Fort Myers family is clinging to hope after their 16-year-old was hit by a car while crossing the street to board a stopped school bus.  See earlier coverage from (WBBH-TV NBC 2 image)

Red-Light Camera Catches Same Vehicle 2 Days in a Row
Clearwater Patch (Florida), May 31, 2016

According to the Clearwater Police Department, its red-light camera at Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road caught the same blue pickup truck blowing through the red-light not once, but twice. “Same vehicle, same intersection, one day apart,” the Department wrote on its Facebook page. (Clearwater Patch image)


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Child Hit by Car while Exiting School Bus
Daily Local News (Pennsylvania), June 1, 2016

A juvenile was taken to a local hospital after getting hit by a motorist passing a school bus on Route 926 eastbound Wednesday afternoon, according to police. A school district statement said the bus “was stopped with its lights flashing on Route 3 when a driver behind the bus swerved to avoid a collision with the car in front.” (Associated Press image)

Teen Injured when Semi Hits School Bus (Florida), May 31, 2016

Authorities say a north Florida teen was critically injured when a semitrailer hit the school bus he was boarding. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the Alachua County school bus was stopped in the right lane picking up children when the semi swerved and started to jackknife. The front of the semi hit the open doors and the student. The teen was taken to a Gainesville hospital. The semi’s driver was cited for careless driving.


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Delaware Combats Traffic Fatalities with Red-Light Cameras
The News Journal, June 1, 2016

In September, the Delaware Department of Transportation will installed automatic red-light cameras at 16 dangerous intersections in New Castle and Sussex counties. In April, a DelDOT report identified locations along a stretch of roadway with a high rate of crashes caused by drivers running red lights. (WMDT-TV Channel 47 image)


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NCSR @SaferRoadsUSA VIDEO: #TrafficTipTuesday with Pres @MelissaWandall asking YOU to be the example. See what she has to say.

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I-66 Tolls will Ease Local Congestion in, around Falls Church
Falls Church News-Press (Virginia), June 1, 2016

The city of Falls Church will benefit from revenues generated by the planned introduction of tolls on Interstate 66 next year in the form of $854,000 for the installation and operation of bike sharing. The toll program, which will be introduced during peak hours in each direction on I-66 about a year from now, will benefit a wide range of regional projects, … with the long-term overall effect of benefiting the toll payer by moving people and reducing congestion. (WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM image by Max Smith)

Transportation Secretary: Louisiana May Need More Tolls
WWWL-Radio 870 AM, May 31, 2016

State Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson says Louisiana may need to consider tolls as a way to pay for major highway construction projects. He says the state cannot rely on federal money to cover the costs for big ticket items. “Governor Edwards and myself are very supportive of tolling as an option to fund transportation and to fund projects that are significant compared to perhaps just depending on federal dollars to make that happen,” Wilson said.

Toll Plan Floated to Resolve Traffic Problem on Highway 37
The North Bay Business Journal (California), May 27, 2016

United Bridge Partners wants to expand the oft-congested section of Highway 37 between Sears Point and Mare Island, restore wetlands and do it decades sooner by charging tolls.


Header Commentaries 480

Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: Roads Here a Montage of Bad Driving
The Desert Sun (California), May 30, 2016

Not a day goes by that I am not outraged by the number of drivers running red lights here in our valley. We’ve all seen them. We are waiting for the light to turn green. When it does, we begin moving through the intersection, and here they come. One, sometimes two or three cars speed on through. Clearly with total disregard for the safety of others they consciously choose to enter the intersection when the light is red so they can get to their destination 90 seconds earlier. … Whatever happened to the red-light cameras as one method of harvesting these reckless motorists?

Editorial: Legislator Irresponsible to Urge Drivers to Ignore Tickets
The Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tennessee), June 1, 2016

Mayors do not tell contractors to ignore building codes. Members of Congress do not urge citizens to skip filing their income tax returns. And state legislators have no business telling residents to forgo paying fines. On a video posted to his Facebook page last week, state Rep. Andy Holt is pictured burning what he claims is a traffic citation resulting from a traffic camera. And he is exhorting Tennesseans to ignore paying the fines as well. … Holt has a duty to push for legislation he believes is in the best interest of Tennesseans, but encouraging residents to flout the law is irresponsible. A person entrusted with the honor of serving in the Tennessee General Assembly should show more respect for its law.