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ATS’ Newsletter Vol. 6, Issue 16

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Red-Light Running Awareness Month Is a Beginning

Today marks the conclusion of Red-Light Running Awareness Month 2016 in Arizona. Don’t let the day pass you by without making a conscious effort to be a more careful driver. Even better, make it a daily habit starting today. Red-light running is preventable. It only requires drivers to abide by the traffic laws already in place for the safety of everyone. For information about local groups working to stop this dangerous behavior, visit the nonprofit Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance. Gov. Doug Ducey presented the Alliance with his proclamation declaring March to be Red-Light Running Awareness Month in Arizona, which is the fourth highest state in the nation for red-light running fatalities. American Traffic Solutions urges drivers to be careful on the roads at all times.

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Bad Drivers of Connecticut Cross Paths with DashCams
WTNH-TV Channel 8, March 30, 2016 

Connecticut drivers may want to think twice about speeding up through a quickly changing yellow light. Along with police and traffic cameras, other drivers are now watching and rolling video. “There’s always someone running a red light or cutting someone off,” said Wendy Legault. … She says she does not send her videos to police, just puts them out on the Internet to raise awareness. (WTNH-TV Channel 8 image)


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Pedestrian Safety Report Recommends Red-Light Cameras
Columbia Daily Tribune (Missouri), March 30, 2016

A report meant to guide the city of Columbia toward safer roads and sidewalks for pedestrians recommends the city pursue red-light and speed cameras, reduced speed limits throughout the city and add additional police officers. Top among the report’s 16 recommendations is the call for the city to adopt a “Vision Zero” policy citywide. The strategy aims to reduce traffic deaths and injuries to zero through street design, education and enforcement.

Red-Light Runner Sets Multi-Vehicle Collision in Motion
Tallahassee Democrat (Florida), March 29, 2016

Tallahassee Police Department spokesman Officer David Northway said a vehicle ran the red light at the intersection of Ocala and West Tennessee Street and struck a passing vehicle that then rammed a Leon County school bus. Charges may be pending. School superintendent Jackie Pons said three people were on the bus. One of them complained of back pain. (Tallahassee Democrat image)


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District Responds to Rise in Passing Violations with Bus Cameras
Bowling Green Daily News (Kentucky), March 30, 2016

Edmonson County Schools has outfitted four of its buses with external cameras to identify drivers who won’t stop for a bus as it loads or unloads students. Transportation Director Lannie DeWeese said an increase in the number of people passing stopped school buses over the last year or so led to his decision to equip the buses with these cameras. … “We have never had anything close to a close call, but I don’t want to wait for that to happen,” he said. (Bowling Green Daily News image by Austin Anthony)

School District Set to Talk Stop Arm Cameras with City
Mercer Island Reporter (Washington), March 29, 2016

Superintendent Dr. Gary Plano told school board members work is in progress for the Mercer Island School District to install cameras on the stop arms of school buses. To do so, Plano said the district will need the City Council to approve a local ordinance allowing the installation of cameras. District CFO Dean Mack said instances across the country where bus cameras are in use show the equipment lowers the amount of illegal passing incidents.

Signed School Bus Bill Boosts Traffic Safety Enforcement Efforts
The Herald-Dispatch (West Virginia), March 26, 2016

Law enforcement officers in West Virginia now will be able to charge the owner of a vehicle with running school-bus stop signs, regardless of who is driving the vehicle when it passes a sign. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed Senate Bill 13 into law on March 24. The measure aims to deter people from driving past stopped school buses by making it easier for law enforcement officials to pursue charges. The law will go into effect June 10. State code already allows for school bus stop arm cameras to be used on buses. (The Herald-Dispatch image)

Pickup Strikes School Bus Loading Children
The Arizona Republic, March 25, 2016

A pickup plowed into a school bus as students were loading in El Mirage, sending the driver to the hospital and three students there as a precaution, law-enforcement officials said. The bus was stopped on a two-lane road, its lights flashing and stop sign out, when a Chevy Silverado approached from behind and showed no signs of braking, according to Officer Courtney Palma of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.


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Speed Cameras Touted as Lifesavers in Pennsylvania
The Inquirer/, March 31, 2016

At last week’s Vision Zero conference in Philadelphia, a panel of legislators, cops and researchers talked about what speed cameras can offer, and what they might mean for Pennsylvania, where authorizing legislation would be needed before they can be installed. Philadelphia has among the worst rates of car crashes in comparison to other large cities. All the panelists said the cameras are a positive. See related coverage from WPVI-TV ABC 6. ( Institute for Highway Safety image by Wen Hu)

Authorities Defend Rise in Photo Radar Tickets
Calgary Sun (Canada), March 27, 2016

Police in Calgary attribute a 46.7 percent rise in photo radar tickets in 2015 to warm weather, increased enforcement and higher traffic volumes as the primary reasons behind the increase, which saw 273,082 tickets issued in 2015, or nearly 750 per day.


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Twitter Icon Zero Fatalities NV DL033016
Zero Fatalities NV @DriveSafeNV Yellow lights mean “prepare to stop,” NOT “hurry up.” #StopOnRed


CollierCountySheriff @CollierSheriff CCSO and @collierschools partnered to keep students safe this morning in a bus stop safety operation in GG Estates.


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3 Companies Bid for Interstate-405 Toll Expansion
Los Angeles Times/Daily Pilot (California), March 29, 2016

The Orange County Transportation Authority board of directors approved three ventures Monday to submit proposals for the design and construction of a planned $1.7 billion expansion of the 405 Freeway. The project includes one new toll lane in both directions along the 15-mile stretch. Construction could begin in 2017 and end in 2022. The addition could offer a 13-minute express-lane commute instead of a 29-minute general-purpose-lane commute in 2040. See OCTA Project Overview.  (Los Angeles Times image by Allen J. Schaben)

Commentary: Make Tolls Permanent to Fund Roadways
The Columbian (Washington), March 29, 2016

While tolls are not a panacea, they are an important financing tool, especially today, when gas tax revenues are inadequate to pay for maintaining our current highways and bridges. Transportation leaders believe tolls are pertinent since the trend in paying for roads and bridges is moving to user fees. … The key is to think differently. A good start would be to make tolls permanent and put the excess collections in a “locked box,” which can only be used to repair, maintain, expand or replace the roads and bridges from which they are collected.


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Editorial: Finally Bus Safety Law Has Teeth
Charleston Gazette-Mail (West Virginia), March 28, 2016

Passing a stopped school bus is not only illegal, but it also places children’s lives at risk. Until now, though, it’s been difficult for law enforcement to arrest drivers accused of passing a stopped school bus. But Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin last week signed a law that would make it easier to charge motorists who zoom past stopped school buses and endanger our children.

Editorial: Red-Light Camera Payout Won’t Make Streets Safer
Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico), March 26, 2016

In 2016, the absence of red-light cameras might have made some drivers’ hearts grow fonder, but it has not made Albuquerque streets safer. And it makes a proposed settlement of a $3.5 million class-action lawsuit over fine collections a footnote that could easily become a tombstone.



“I want compliance with the law. It means a lot more to me to prevent crime rather than sneaking in and catching people doing it.”
Shane Doyle, Edmonson County Sheriff, on how school bus safety cameras help deter and enforce traffic laws
Bowling Green Daily News (Kentucky), March 30, 2016

“We have been becoming very concerned over time about the number of cars speeding by buses while their stop arms are out. It used to be there were just a few of those a year. Now we’re experiencing a few of those each and every day.”
Dean Mack, Mercer Island School District Chief Finance/Operations Officer
Mercer Island Reporter (Washington), March 29, 2016



According to El Mirage Mayor Lana Mook, collisions across the city have dropped by 45 percent since speed cameras were installed on Grand Avenue and other locations. The city also has two mobile cameras that are moved around. The number of tickets issued has also decreased from 105,377 in fiscal year 2012, the first year speed cameras were used, to 66,003 in fiscal year 2014, the last year for which the city has data. Source: The Arizona Republic, March 29, 2016.

Star Valley Town Manager Tim Grier says a safety study conducted a few years ago on the stretch of road with speed safety cameras found that there was a 66 percent decrease in crashes. Source: KPHO/KTVK-TV Channel 3, March 29, 2016.


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 15

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Red-Light Running Crash Injures Drivers, Bus Passenger
KNXV-TV ABC 15 (Arizona), March 23, 2016

Several people have been transported to the hospital after a crash involving a city bus in Tempe. According to police, a vehicle traveling west on Southern Avenue ran a red light and collided with the southbound public bus at Hardy Drive. (KNXV-TV ABC 15/Tempe Police Facebook image)

March is Red-Light Running Awareness Month in Arizona

As the news article above demonstrates, red-light running crashes continue in Arizona even though the month is dedicated to raising awareness about their dangers. Red-light running is preventable. It only requires drivers to abide by the traffic laws already in place for the safety of everyone. For information about local groups working to stop this dangerous behavior, visit the nonprofit Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance. Gov. Doug Ducey presented the Alliance with his proclamation declaring March to be Red-Light Running Awareness Month in Arizona, which is the fourth highest state in the nation for red-light running fatalities. American Traffic Solutions urges drivers to be careful on the roads at all times.

Police: Woman Killed in Speeding Crash Ran a Red Light
Imperial Beach Patch (California), March 21, 2016

A woman was speeding and driving through a red light just before she was killed in a Saturday evening crash in National City, police said. Witnesses told authorities the vehicle had been speeding and blew through the red light on Ring Road. (Imperial Beach Patch image)

Task Force: Bring Back Red-Light, Speed Cameras
KMIZ-TV ABC 17 (Missouri), March 18, 2016

After months of planning, the Mayor’s Task Force on Pedestrian Safety in Columbus has recommended more than a dozen ways to address traffic and pedestrian safety. The first recommendation is the “Vision Zero” policy. Enforcement recommendations include prohibiting cellphone use while driving and bringing back the use of red light and speed cameras. (The Atlantic CityLab/Reuters image)

Police Warn of Traffic Ticket E-mail Scam in Orange County
WESH-TV NBC 2 (Florida), March 18, 2016

Authorities in Orange County want people to know they will not receive a traffic ticket in e-mail and to be wary of a new scheme attempting to do just that. The e-mail directs the victim to open a file to view the supposed violation, but it actually contains a virus giving hackers access to your computer — and your bank account. See related coverage from The Pueblo Chieftain.

5 Injured in Red-Light Running Collision
KEZI-TV 9 (Oregon), March 17, 2016

A driver from California was cited last week after running a red light and hitting a public bus full of 45 people in Eugene. At least five people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. A 7-month-old girl was on the bus in the stroller during the crash. The baby hit her head on a metal bar, but was not hurt. (KEZI-TV ABC 9 image)



School Traffic Study Prompted by Hit-and-Run to be Unveiled (Illinois), March 22, 2016

A study of traffic near a school where two girls were hurt in a hit-and-run crash in February will be released Thursday, Ald. Gilbert Villegas said. A 7-year-old girl and her 14-year-old sister were crossing the street at Chicago Academy, which includes both a high school and an elementary school on its campus, when the crash occurred. Both sisters were injured near the intersection, which has no traffic signals or stop signs, Villegas asked the Chicago Department of Transportation to expedite a traffic study to improve safety.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety DYK? #RoadSafetyCameras not only save lives but aid police in investigations & help solve crimes! #ForceMultiplier

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Pedestrian safety task force rolls out recommendations…  #VisionZero #RedLightCameras

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Cashless Tolls on Tappan Zee Bridge Start April 23
The Journal News (New York), March 22, 2016

Cashless tolls will start on the Tappan Zee Bridge on April 23 because there will no longer be toll collectors on the 3-mile span between Westchester and Rockland counties. The state Thruway Authority is encouraging driers to get E-ZPass. On the day of the switchover, drivers either will be automatically charged to their E-ZPass account or they’ll get a bill in the mail from the authority. (NewNYBridge image)

Kansas Turnpike to Open More Electronic Toll Lanes
KWCH-TV CBS 12, March 21, 2016

Changes are coming to how you use the Kansas Turnpike, at least in three locations along the interstate. The Kansas Turnpike Authority says the plan to automate more of the turnpike’s tollbooths is designed to make your commute faster and safer. (KWCH-TV CBS 12/Kansas Turnpike Authority image)

Colorado I-70 Toll Lane Aids Traffic Flow
Vail Daily, March 20, 2016 

The 13-mile tolled express lane on eastbound Interstate 70 from Empire to Idaho Springs has been open for a little more than three months, and it’s helping ease traffic during peak travel periods, according to Colorado Department of Transportation.


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Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: State Ought to Allow Speed Cameras in Philadelphia, Daily News (Pennsylvania), March 24, 2016

While many factors contribute to traffic crashes, speed is responsible for 30 percent of traffic fatalities. Reducing the number of speed-related crashes is imperative to make progress toward reducing the number of people killed and severely injured in traffic crashes. … Safety cameras are efficient and save lives. They should be one of the tools available to Mayor Kenney as he sets out to implement a Vision Zero strategy to reduce traffic fatalities.



RSI Newsletter, Vol 6, Issue 14

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Police Blame Red-Light Running in Fatal Collision
WJXT-TV CBS 4 (Florida), March 16, 2016

A 21-year-old man is dead due to what police believe is a red-light running collision in the early hours of Wednesday in Jacksonville. The victim served in the Army National Guard and was in the reserves. (WJXT-TV CBS 4 image)

Greenville Pursues Red-Light Camera Program Approval
WNCT-TV CBS 9 (North Carolina), March 14, 2016

Greenville city leaders will begin seeking approval to install red-light cameras at five intersections. Appearing before the City Council on March 14, Police Chief Mark Holtzman said the city will need support from the General Assembly, the Pitt County Board of Education, Pitt County commissioners and the councils before installing the cameras. (WNCT-TV CBS 9 image)


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Police: Car Runs Red Light, Strikes School Bus (Pennsylvania), March 17, 2016

A car went through a red light and collided with a school bus this morning in York County. The sole child on the bus was not injured, but at least one person had minor injuries, Northern York Regional police said. (Northern York County Regional Police Department image)

Red-Light Camera Fills Safety Need in Commerce City
Commerce City Sentinel Express (Colorado), March 15, 2016

Commerce City has a red light camera at East 60th Avenue and U.S. 85 to handle what many call the worst intersection in town. After years of accidents, violations went down after the red light camera was installed. Seven different roads intersect at this point, which sees an estimated 56,000 vehicles a day. The roadway is so unsafe, that it was dangerous for police to pull offenders over at that location, said Michelle Halstead, director of communications and government affairs. (The Denver Post/YourHub file image by Seth A. McConnell)

Council Hears Proposal for Red-Light Safety Council (North Carolina), March 15, 2016

Greenville Police Chief Mark Holtzman presented a proposal for red-light cameras to the City Council this week. He said the program frees up officers that have to be assigned to the intersections and makes it safer for police to issue citations to drivers who run red lights in the city.

Windsor Heights Considers Switch to ATS
The Des Moines Register (Iowa), March 14, 2016

Windsor Heights is considering a change in its traffic camera program to ensure a more consistent rate of citations for drivers caught speeding on its streets. The city wants to switch vendors to American Traffic Solutions. Capt. Derek Meyer said the change would give the city better overall consistency in equipment and service.

12 Chandler Intersections Getting Red-Light Safety Cameras
KPNX-TV NBC 12 (Arizona), March 12, 2016

Chandler police have announced they are adding 12 new red-light safety cameras at intersections. Officials warn the cameras will have to be tested, which will result in drivers getting flashed as they pass through the intersections. The systems will be active starting on April 1.

March is Red-Light Running Awareness Month in Arizona
The Glendale Star, March 10, 2016

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has declared March to be Red-Light Running Awareness Month in the state. The proclamation, which encourages residents to do all they can to stop red light running, was presented to the nonprofit Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance, which is dedicated to significantly reducing red-light running everywhere. Arizona is the fourth-highest state in the nation for red-light running fatalities with 153 lives lost during the five-year period ending in 2014. Frank Hinds of Glendale is a co-founder of the Red Means Stop Coalition.


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Police Cite Driver after Striking Student Approaching Bus
The Intelligencer, Wheeling News-Register (W. Va.), March 17, 2016

West Virginia State Police say a motorist has been cited after her vehicle struck a student who was walking to board a school bus in Logan County. The student experienced minor injuries. The event occurred as the school bus stopped to pick up the 12-year-old student, and the vehicle drove past the school bus.  (Associated Press image)

Big Rig Collides with School Buses; Several Hurt
Dothan Eagle (Alabama), March 16, 2016

Several children received broken bones and/or other serious but non-life-threatening injuries when a tractor-trailer rig struck one Jackson County, Florida, school bus from behind and propelled it into the back of another school bus early Wednesday morning. Seconds before impact, a 17-year-old boy grabbed a young boy by the shirt and pulled him away as the child prepared to step onto the bus, which was stopped to let children board. (Dothan Eagle image courtesy of Nikki Patrick)

Grace Period Ends for Drivers in Fulton County Passing Stopped School Buses
Atlanta Journal Constitution/ (Georgia), March 15, 2016

In the past month, police departments across north Fulton County have approved and sent 52 warning notices to drivers caught on camera illegally passing a stopped school bus either picking kids up or letting them off. Now authorities say if you pass a stopped school bus picking up or letting off kids, you will face a fine. Roswell Police Officer Lisa Holland said the grace period is over and violators will now face fines.


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Highways Take Deadly Tolls on Troopers (Pennsylvania), March 12, 2016

In or out of their vehicles, New Jersey’s highways have been deadly for its state police force. The department has seen 70 line-of-duty deaths since 1923, the earliest death recorded. Nearly three-quarters of those deaths — 52 — have been in traffic incidents. “If anything bad is going to happen, it’s traffic-related,” said Trooper Lawrence Peele, a State Police spokesman.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety This is a huge problem in many communities! It is unacceptable to put our chidren’s lives in danger. #stoparmsafety

Chandler Police @ChandlerPolice New Traffic Cameras at Intersections in Chandler! In the next few weeks we will be installing new photo …


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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission OKs New 70 MPH Limit
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, March 16, 2016

After studying the issue for more than 18 months, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission voted Tuesday to increase the speed limit on most of the toll road to 70 mph from the current 65. The change is expected to go into effect in the spring. Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo said, “The easy way to look at it is this: Everything that is 55 mph stays 55 mph and everything 65 mph becomes 70 mph. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/Associated Press image by Michael Conroy)

Indiana Toll Road to Undergo $200 Million Rehab Project
WXIX-TV FOX 19, March 16, 2016

An Indiana Toll Road official says the privately operated highway has begun a two-year, $200 million rehabilitation project that will be its largest single project since its construction in 1954. The first lane closures are set for April.

Texas 288 Toll Lane Project Gets Go-Ahead
Houston Chronicle (Texas), March 15, 2016

This time next year, work to build toll lanes to ease congestion along Texas 288 between Pearland and the Texas Medical Center should be well underway. The start of work can’t come soon enough for many Pearland-area commuters and patients who inch along in creeping traffic to and from the medical center.


Header Commentaries 480

Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: Stopping for Red Lights Saves Lives
Dayton Daily News (Ohio), March 17, 2016

Still think traffic cameras are just a scam to enrich local bureaucrats? Think again. They save lives, by reminding drivers of a real risk — not only to life, limb, and property, but also to their wallets — and thus significantly deter dangerous behavior. Evidence? Since it was announced that cameras would cease generating tickets, incidence of red-light running has risen. How do we know? First the broadside accident count has gone up. Second, though they no longer issue tickets, the cameras still record violations.

“I’m always going to fight for public safety. I’m not changing my mind. They can time these lights until they’re blue in the face, but it’s not going to change driver behavior. They’re still running red lights and blocking intersections.”
Todd Morgan, St. Mary’s County Commissioner, Maryland
Southern Maryland Online, March 16, 2016

“We would rather save a child’s life than write a ticket.”
Lisa Holland, Roswell police officer, Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution/ (Georgia), March 15, 2016

Holtzman, Mark_PoliceChief_Greenville_NorthCarolina_090115
“When someone runs a red light, an officer has to go through that red light in order to conduct a traffic stop. This (red-light camera) initiative makes it safer and frees up resources.”
Mark Holtzman, Greenville Police Chief, North Carolina, March 15, 2016


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 6, Issue 13

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Video of Week Header_012816

Driver Runs Red Light in Front of Police Officer
Palm Beach Post (Florida), March 4, 2016

Boynton Beach Police posted another video of a driver running a red light, this time the event occurs in front of a police officer who was conducting a traffic stop. Authorities occasionally post videos to create a constructive dialogue about the dangers of distracted driving. (Boynton Beach Police/Palm Beach Post image)

Boynton Beach Goes for Top Award with Safety Video Campaign
Government Social Media, March 2016

The Boynton Beach Police Department began posting videos to Facebook of people ignoring red-light traffic signals to get people talking about the dangers of distracted driving. Since its launch last year, the videos have reached more than 150,000 people and have been viewed nearly 100,000 times. The effort has resulted in the city being named a finalist in the 2016 Golden Post Awards. To view the entry and to vote for the Crowd Favorite, visit


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March is Red-Light Running Awareness Month in Arizona
The Glendale Star, March 10, 2016

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has declared March to be Red-Light Running Awareness Month in the state. The proclamation, which encourages residents to do all they can to stop red light running, was presented to the nonprofit Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance, which is dedicated to significantly reducing red-light running everywhere. Arizona is the fourth-highest state in the nation for red-light running fatalities with 153 lives lost during the five-year period ending in 2014. Frank Hinds of Glendale is a co-founder of the Red Means Stop Coalition. (FOX TV 10/ image)

Hit-and-Run Crashes Are too Common in Chicago
Chicago Reader (Illinois), March 8, 2016

According to data released by the city, between 2005 and 2014, two out of five Chicago pedestrian fatalities involved drivers who fled, leaving their victims dying in the street. … Between 2005 and 2014, 41 percent of fatal pedestrian crashes and 22 percent of deadly bike collisions involved hit-and-run motorists, according to numbers released by the Chicago Department of Transportation. Between 2010 and 2014, the hit-and-run rate for fatal pedestrian crashes was 45 percent. (Chicago Reader image by John Greenfield)

Fayetteville Could Add to Red-Light Safety Camera Program
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), March 7, 2016

The city of Fayetteville is looking to add more red-light cameras this year. Currently there are 10 cameras at eight of the city’s most congested intersections. From July through Jan. 31, nearly 9,000 citations were issued. Only 2 percent of the tickets were repeat offenders. “In my opinion, that confirms that folks are being educated on it,” city traffic engineer Lee Jernigan said. (The Fayetteville Observer image by Johnny Horne)

Ban Bill Fails in Arizona House
Ahwatukee Foothills News/Capitol Media Services, March 5, 2016

Those cameras that catch speeders and red-light runners are here to stay, at least for the time being. The state House late Thursday refused to approve legislation which would have barred state and local governments from using photo enforcement. The measure, HB 2540, came up seven votes short.


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Teens Mobilize to Keep Pedestrians, Bicyclists Safe
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), March 8, 2016

A series of accidents at the start of the school year has become a catalyst for change. Between Sept. 21 and Dec. 1, four Flagler County students on bicycles were injured in collisions with motor vehicles and one second-grader was killed while crossing a street to her school bus stop. Among the responses from the community is a group of teens who are addressing the problem from the angle of education. (The Daytona Beach News-Journal image by Shaun Ryan)

2 Students Struck by Log Truck as They Exited School Bus
Charleston Gazette- Mail (West Virginia), March 7, 2016

State police are calling an incident in Wayne County a miracle after two students struck by a log truck after stepping off a stopped school bus suffered only minor injuries. … “They got hit hard,” Trooper D.P. Curry said. “I would not have expected someone to walk away from that. It was a miracle.”

School Bus Safety Bill Passes in West Virginia
WSAZ-TV Channel 3, March 4, 2016

A piece of legislation that would make it easier to punish drivers who are caught violating school bus stop arm laws is one step closer to becoming law. The House of Delegates approved the bill Friday. It now goes back to the Senate for approval. The bill would impose stricter penalties on drivers who illegally pass school buses stopped to pick up students, and allow law enforcement to charge the owner of the vehicle. (WSAZ-TV Channel 3 image)



School Zone Cameras Could Aim for Georgia Speeders
The Tifton Gazette (Georgia), March 7, 2016

Ignoring flashing lights near schools can cost Georgia drivers, but citations may not always be handed to them by police officers. Mail carriers could soon be the ones to deliver those tickets. A measure already approved by House lawmakers makes way for cameras that catch drivers going more than 10 mph over the speed limit near schools. If the technology is adopted, fines would show up in the mail.


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William Bratton_PoliceCommissioner_NewYorkCity_VisionZero_031016
ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety @CommissBratton speaking at #VisionZero2016 #trafficenforcement

TransAlt @transalt @amylcohen from @NYC_SafeStreets calling for speed safety cameras to protect #EverySchool


Header Toll Roads 480

Gantries on Turnpike a Sign of Future in Massachusetts, March 9, 2016

Those giant metal structures you see going up along the Massachusetts Pike are the wave of the future. The first signs of the state’s new all electronic tolling system being erected. The new system will eliminate drivers going through a toll booth before getting on the highway. Instead, a gantry with scanners mounted on them will scan E-ZPass transponders as you drive down the Pike.

I-66 Toll Plan Rolls Forward in Virginia
The Washington Post (Washington D.C.), March 8, 2016

In the summer, drivers on Interstate 66 will see crews preparing for the toll-gantry system along the lanes inside the Capital Beltway. It won’t take long, compared with other major transportation projects. The tolling signs will be activated about a year later, in mid-2017. (Virginia Department of Transportation image)


Header Commentaries 480

Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: Arizona’s Red-Light Cameras Save Lives
Casa Grande Dispatch, March 10, 2016

While an over-reliance on automated enforcement should be avoided, when used responsibly, this technology has significant lifesaving benefits. As a traffic safety organization and as an advocate for the motoring public, AAA opposes legislation aimed at banning this effective technology as it jeopardizes the safety and security of all Arizona motorists.

Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Get a Rich Harvest of Scofflaws
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), March 7, 2016

This should be one of the City Council’s easiest decisions: Add more red-light cameras at Fayetteville intersections.



“The inappropriate use of yellow and all-red timing at signalized intersections can be expected to increase congestion and actually increase the number and severity of accidents.”
Kasey Anderson, Executive Director of American Council of Engineering Companies of Tennessee
WSMV-TV NBC 4 (Tennessee), March 9, 2016


ATS’ Newsletter Vol. 6, Issue 12

March 3rd, 2016 Comments off

March is Red-Light Running Awareness Month in Arizona

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that Arizona’s Governor has declared March to be Red-Light Running Awareness Month in the state. The proclamation, which encourages residents to do all they can to stop red light running, was presented to the nonprofit Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance, which is dedicated to significantly reducing red-light running everywhere. Few may realize that Arizona ranks as the fourth-highest state in the nation for red-light running fatalities with 153 lives lost during the five-year period ending in 2014.

Video of Week Header_012816

School Bus Safety Hazards from Drivers Cross District Lines
WKTV-TV NBC 2 (New York) March 2, 2016

The numbers don’t lie. According to the New York Association of Pupil Transportation, tens of thousands of drivers ignore the rules of the road and drive right past stopped school buses, putting students in danger. Right now, legislation is making its way through Albany that would put high definition cameras on the stop signs of the bus, catching violators in the act. (WKTV-TV NBC 2 image)

Mom Adds Voice to Call for Greater Student Safety at Buses
WOWT-TV CBS 13 (West Virginia), March 2, 2016

When drivers in West Virginia are convicted of illegally passing a school bus, they face the possibility of fines and/or jail time in addition to license suspension. The key word, however, is “when.” Since the start of the 2015-16 academic school year, Kanawha County Schools’ Department of Transportation estimates thousands of drivers have illegally passed their school buses. Only 60 have received citations, according to Kanawha County Municipal Court, and the district’s DOT can count on one hand the number of times a citation has ended in a conviction.

Red-Light Camera Captures Double Trouble in Boynton Beach
Palm Beach Post (Florida), Feb. 25, 2016

Boynton Beach police posted another video on Facebook on Wednesday that shows a driver running a red light. Actually, this time, there are two drivers who run red lights. Both owners of cars were sent notices of violation. Take a look.

Artist Paralyzed after Driver Runs Red Light
WOFL-TV FOX 35 (Florida), Feb. 19, 2016

Not long ago, Joe Latimer’s life changed radically because a driver did not stop at a red light. Up until that moment, the Orlando artist moved easily through life, coloring the world with his own vivid and imaginative brush strokes. That’s all changed. Now, Latimer is relearning simple body movements that before the crash came so easily. Here is his story. (WOFL-TV FOX 35 image)


Header MediaCoverage 480

Red-Light Cameras Doing Their Job in Albany
WRVE-Radio 99.5 FM (New York), March 1, 2016

Albany Police have issued a couple of reports that say the red light cameras are doing their job. Authorities say one of their main concerns was rear-end collisions, and while there were 16 during the last three months of 2015, police say only one was attributed to the cameras. Also, there were only eight right-angle crashes during the final quarter of 2015 at the 20 intersections with red-light safety cameras. (WNYT-TV NBC 13 image)

Study Finds Most U.S. Drivers Oppose Speeding, Red-Light Running
AAA Foundation, February 2016

In its latest look at driver behavior in the United States, researchers for AAA Foundation found 93.5 percent of drivers say it is unacceptable to drive through a traffic light that just turned red when they could have stopped safely, however, more than 1 in 3 drivers (38.7 percent) admit running the red light in the past month. Drivers also disapprove of speeding, but while 88.6 percent disapprove of speeding on a residential street, nearly half of drivers (45 percent) say they have done so in the past month. (AAA Foundation image)

Arizona Senate Rejects Requiring Vote for Cities to Use Road Cameras
KJZZ Radio 91.5 FM (Arizona), March 1, 2016

The Arizona Senate has voted to reject a bill requiring cities and towns to get voter approval if they want to use photo radar or red light enforcement. Senate Bill 1520 failed on a 13-17 vote Monday, but could return under rules allowing a second vote.

Council in Favor of Renewing Red-Light Safety Camera Program
Santa Rosa’s Press Gazette (Florida), March 1, 2016

It seems the Milton red-light cameras are here to stay. The Milton City Council is closer to renewing an agreement with American Traffic Solutions in operating red-light traffic cameras within city limits. A unanimous vote from this week’s executive committee meeting will take the item before next week’s regular council meeting as part of the consent agenda.


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9-Year-Old Struck by Vehicle at Bus Stop
Bay News 9 Now (Florida), March 2, 2016

A 9-year-old Brooksville girl was airlifted to a Tampa hospital Wednesday morning after she was struck by an SUV at a school bus stop. The girl suffered what are described as minor injuries by the Florida Highway Patrol. The crash occurred as an approaching driver lost control of her SUV as she tried to stop for a school bus picking up students. (WTSP-TV Channel 10 image)

Legislature to OK Ticketing for Those Passing School Buses (Virginia), March 2, 2016

Arlington officials this summer will regain the ability to mail out summonses for those caught on camera passing stopped school buses. A number of General Assembly members introduced bills on the subject this session.

Proponents of Gabby’s Law Not Happy with Amendment Removing Cameras
WFSU-Radio 88.9/89.1 FM (Florida), Feb. 29, 2016

A bill that enhances the penalties for passing a stopped school bus is heading to the Senate floor, after passing its last committee Monday. But, proponents of “Gabby’s Law,” which raises the penalty for drivers passing a stopped school bus on the passenger door side, aren’t happy with a change to the original bill that removes the use of school bus safety cameras.  (WKMG-TV Channel 6 image)

Cops Crack Down on School Bus Laws
WFMY-TV CBS 2 (North Carolina), Feb. 26, 2016

Police in Greensboro say scary wrecks that happen around school zones are a reminder of how dangerous it can be for children getting on and off school buses. Officer JB Prince with the Greensboro Police Department says cops are cracking down on those who violate the laws. The department has anywhere from four to 10 officers who patrol up to five times per school year to keep kids safe.


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Toll Dodgers Answer to Florida Authorities
Inside Edition, March 2, 2016

Some drivers are going to outrageous lengths to avoid paying tolls, which cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. To see how people are cheating the tolls, Inside Edition hit the road with the Florida Highway Patrol. (Inside Edition image)

Colorado Announces Next Round of U.S. 36 Tolling
KUSA-TV NBC 9, Feb. 29, 2016

The Colorado Department of Transportation is ready for the next phase of U.S. 36 toll lanes. CDOT will not start charging until sometime in March. As for the other toll lanes, CDOT says it has seen increased speeds and more consistent travel times throughout the first phase, which is good news for commuters.


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Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Runners Are Complaining Law Breakers
Herald-Tribune (Florida), Feb. 27, 2016

This controversy over red-light cameras provides me with continuing amusement! The basic fact is those who are ticketed are breaking the law! … If there was a police vehicle hidden at each intersection and the officer saw the red-light runners, the same group of complainers would still be here, with the same tired complaints!



“I can tell you anecdotally I drive more carefully now and I hear from other residents that now that these cameras are here, how much slower people are approaching intersections.”
Leah Golby, 10th Ward Representative on Albany Common Council
WRGB-TV CBS 6 (New York), March 2, 2016

“From the law-enforcement community’s standpoint, we want to encourage motorists that they should drive anytime around a school bus as if their child’s life depends on how they drive.”
JB Price, Officer with the Greensboro Police Department
WFMY-TV CBS 2 (North Carolina), Feb. 26, 2016