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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 41

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School Bus_StopArm_NeighborhoodRoad_092315
N.Y. Association Continues to Push for Stop-Arm Camera Law
School Transportation News (National), Sept. 23, 2015

The New York Association for Pupil Transportation is preparing “the cleanest bill possible” for lawmakers to vote on when they return in January. The new bill would make it possible to install cameras on the outside of 50,000 school buses around the state to identify and issue tickets to motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses. (School Transportation News image)

Woman Cited for Rear-Ending School Bus
The Republic (Indiana), Sept. 21, 2015

A Tampa woman has been cited for careless driving after authorities say she rear-ended a Hernando County school bus. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the bus was stopped with its lights and stop arms activated to pick up a student Monday morning when the driver crashed into it.

Driver Dies after Crashing Into School Bus
The Evening Sun/ (Pennsylvania), Sept. 21, 2015

A Gettysburg woman died after the car she was driving rear-ended a school bus in Berwick Township on Monday. The bus, which was in the eastbound lane in the 6900 block of York Road, has stopped to pick up a student when the crash happened.

Parkland Mounts Cameras on School Buses to Catch Passing Drivers
The Morning Call (Pennsylvania), Sept. 21, 2015

Less than a week into the school year, Parkland bus driver Carol Williams witnessed her first illegal school bus passing. With 39 years on the job, the veteran driver knows it was the first of many, but it’s possible that this year she’ll see more of those violators in court. With only a quick eye and noisy horn as her tools in the past, Williams is now driving one of eight Parkland buses equipped with special exterior cameras capable of capturing footage of a violation.

Driver Slams into School Bus
The Press Democrat (California), Sept. 18, 2015

A driver who slammed into the back of a school bus in Santa Rosa on Friday was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with injuries, the California Highway Patrol reported. The wreck occurred just before students began boarding the bus, so no children were injured. “The bus had just come to a stop and students were preparing to board the bus,” CHP Officer Steven Fricke said, adding that the vehicles red lights and stop sign were fully deployed.


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Police Cite School Bus Driver in Collision
The News-Press (Florida), Sept. 21, 2015

The driver of a Lee County school bus who crashed into a car and injured the driver on Gladiolus Drive on Monday has been cited after she failed to stop at a red light, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Motorcyclist Loses Foot in Red-Light Running Collision
KUSI-TV Channel 9 (California), Sept. 20, 2015

A motorcyclist had his right foot severed after he ran a red light and crashed into a Dodge vehicle across from Mission Bay on Saturday. … The light was red for the 36-year-old man driving the Suzuki motorcycle on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and he ran the light, hitting the front of the Dodge and severing his right foot, San Diego police Office Robert Heims said.


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School Zone_Longview_Washington_Shot 1_083115
Police Issue Nearly 900 School Zone Speed Violations in 1 Week
The Daily News (Washington), Sept. 23, 2015

Longview police issued nearly 900 school-zone speed camera violations during the first week of school earlier this month. To compare, the agency issued 10,000 tickets in all of 2014. (The Daily News image by Bill Wagner)


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Manned Radar Guns Nab 570 Speeders in 1 Week
The Vindicator (Ohio), Sept. 19, 2015

More motorists got nabbed speeding by police radar guns this week compared with last, and with additional officers set to start using the equipment later this month, the number of those caught is likely to increase in the coming weeks. The police-manned radar guns caught about 570 people speeding from Sept. 12 to Sept. 18. That is up from 300 between Sept. 5 and 11. Between Aug. 28 and Sept. 4, about 700 were cited.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATSRoad_Safety  VIDEO: #Murfreesboro red-light safety cameras catch near miss! #StopOnRed

Stop the Texts @StoptheTexts In 2013, distracted driving killed 3,154. Texting and driving is nothing to LOL about. #StopTheTexts #JustDrive


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County Leaders Say Toll Road Will Bring Growth
WFAA-TV ABC 8 (Texas), Sept. 22, 2015

Johnson County leaders say they’re sure the sign that reads “Toll Road Begins” will change everything. “It’s the catalyst of future growth in the county as a whole,” said Commissioner Rick Bailey. Along with providing a 25-minute commute from Tarrant County, the Chisholm Trail Parkway is sparking new interest from developers.

Tolls, Construction to Ease I-66 Congestion
WRC-TV NBC 4 (Washington, D.C.), Sept. 17, 2015

The Virginia Department of Transportation is considering tolls and construction to ease congestion on Interstate 66. Inside the Beltway, there’s no room for expansion, so tolling is the solution. … The tolling system would work like the express lanes on the Beltway and Interstate 95: Pay the toll and you’re promised a faster trip.


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Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: Vote on Red-Light Cameras Presents Dilemma
Arizona Daily Star, Sept. 22, 2015

If you’ve never been cited by one of Tucson’s red-light cameras, then you’ll probably share my dilemma when you look at next month’s general-election ballot. That’s because you’re being asked to ban these cameras, which make common sense as a tool for stopping or catching red-light runners. ….  Here’s my imperfect way of resolving the dilemma. As a person who has somehow avoided red-light camera tickets all these years despite my weaknesses as a driver, I’m going to oppose the ban. I think the cameras are a worthy tool whose problems can be fixed.


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Coonce,Todd_Police Chief_Hubbard Township_Ohio_DL092415
“Speeding is the No. 1 complaint that we get. My understanding of the Youngstown cameras is that they’ve worked. The word is out and people are slowing down.”
Todd Coonce, Police Chief of Hubbard Township
The Vindicator (Ohio), Sept. 24, 2015

“That’s the power of the stop-arm camera. You witnessed it, you can get the basic information, but now you can go back and review it. This kind of thing is always on the minds of people in the industry.”
Anthony Naradko, Parkland School District Transportation Director
The Morning Call (Pennsylvania), Sept. 21, 2015

Bradley,James M._PoliceChief_WhitePlains_NewYork_DL092315
“If you don’t have witnesses, but you have video, you have a place to start. A camera is a perfect witness — there’s no memory loss.”
James Bradley, Police Chief of White Plains, New York, on the increasing use of video in law enforcement
The Journal News (New York), Sept. 18, 2015


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 40

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Commitment Video_MomDaughterHug_DL091615
ATS Video Showcases Safety Solutions in Communities
For nearly 30 years American Traffic Solutions has been dedicated to making life safer and easier on the road ahead. We are proud to share our latest video, “Commitment,” which showcases how our road safety camera solutions are making communities safer. While our road safety cameras can’t prevent every tragedy, if they can save just one life, they are worth their weight in gold. View video here.

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80 Children Injured in Alabama School Bus Crashes
WIAT-TV Channel 42 (Alabama), Sept. 14, 2015

The results are in for the number of children hurt in school bus accidents for the 2014-15 school year in Alabama. Sadly, the number of students injured spiked to 80 compared with 14 the previous school year.


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Children Taken to Hospital after Bus Crash
News Journal (Texas), Sept. 16, 2015

Two children and two adults were injured Tuesday afternoon after a furniture truck crashed into the back of a Big Sandy ISD school bus west of Gladewater, said Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Jean Dark. The school bus was stopped, with lights activated, and letting students off when the truck hit the bus.

School Bus Crash Injures Boy
The Union (California), Sept. 16, 2015

A 9-year-old boy sustained minor injuries Wednesday morning after a pickup truck collided with a school bus loading passengers at a stop on La Barr Meadows Road. The school bus was stopped at the bus stop with its red lights flashing and its stop sign extended.  At the time of the collision the student was in the stairwell of the bus.

5th Annual Survey Verifies Drivers Continue to Pass Stopped School Buses
National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services, Sept. 14, 2015

The national association representing state directors of pupil transportation released the results of its 5th annual survey on illegal passing of school buses and found more than 14 million violations occurred during the 2014-2015 school year, up from the 13.6 million recorded in the previous year. See related coverage from School Bus Fleet Magazine(The News Tribune Video image by Drew Perine)

4 Children Suffer ‘Minor Injuries’ in School Bus Collision
Times News (Tennessee), Sept. 15, 2015

Four Hawkins County children were hospitalized with “minor, non-life threatening injuries” Monday afternoon after a pickup rear-ended a school bus that was dropping off two children at a driveway on Highway 11-W in the Mooresburg community. … The school bus had its stop sign and stop lights activated when the crash occurred, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. (Times News image)

7 School Bus Stop Arm Violations in 14 Days
The Daily Reporter (Iowa), Sept. 11, 2015

It is the worse start to a school year that Spencer Schools Transportation Director Julie Nemmers can remember in terms of school bus safety. Since school started Aug. 24, seven stop-arm violations have been reported and recorded by Spencer school bus drivers and their bus cameras. “Thank heavens we have the cameras in all of our buses,” Nemmers said.

Drivers Reminded to Yield at School Buses after 6-Year-Old Hurt
Tuscaloosa News (Alabama), Sept. 11, 2015

Police are still searching for the driver of a black Honda Accord with tinted windows that hit a 6-year-old kindergartner Wednesday morning as he was attempting to board a school bus to take him to Arcadia Elementary School. Though the boy sustained only minor injuries, the hit-and-run could have been much worse and serves as a reminder to motorists to not pass a school bus when it stops to pick up or drop off children.


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Commissioner Remains Interested in Red-Light Camera Start-Up
Southern Maryland News, Sept. 16, 2015

St. Mary’s County Commissioner Todd Morgan suggests that the county take another look at installing cameras along Route 235 in California and Lexington Park to enforce speed limits and catch those who run through red lights. Sheriff Tim Cameron proposed red-light cameras in 2014, but the last board of commissioners turned down the idea outright without formally hearing the sheriff’s proposal. See related article by  (Southern Maryland News image by Jesse Yeatman)

Abington Extends Red-Light Camera Program
21st Century Media News Service/Montgomery News (Pennsylvania), Sept. 16, 2015

Abington Township, the first Pennsylvania suburb with red-light safety cameras, will continue to have an additional pair of eyes monitoring the behavior of drivers on its roads. In a 10-5 vote, the board of commissioners decided at its Sept. 10 meeting to extend a two-year contract for the program.

Police: Red-Light Camera Photo Shows Suspected Car Thief
KBAK/KBFX FOX 29 (California), Sept. 16, 2015

A suspected car thief was caught on a red light camera. Police said Wednesday that the car was stolen Aug. 23 on Bernard Street. Five days later, the vehicle was photographed running a red light.

Radar Cameras Make Tucson Safer, Police Chief Says
Arizona Daily Star, Sept. 12, 2015

Police Chief Roberto Villasenor walked a fine line last week when when talking about the much-reviled photo-radar cameras installed at various Tucson intersections. … Addressing the city council he said, collisions at the eight Tucson intersections with traffic cameras are down considerably, from 188 in the 2006 fiscal year to 57 in fiscal 2015. … Duplicating the cameras’ 24-hour, seven-day work week with uniformed officers would take roughly 160 additional officers. (Tucson Police graphic)

Red Light Cameras Will Stick Around in Wilmington
WECT-TV NBC 6, WSFX-TV FOX 30 (North Carolina), Sept. 16, 2015

Wilmington leaders voted Tuesday night to keep red light cameras active throughout the city and renew a contract with American Traffic Solutions. The cameras are located at 13 different intersections in Wilmington. All proceeds from the service go to the New Hanover County School system.

Albany Adds Red-Light Cameras
WRGB-TV CBS 6 (New York), Sept. 11, 2015

Albany introduced eight more red-light safety cameras at four intersections last week. A 10-day warning period is in effect. Beginning on Sept. 22, red-light runners risk receiving a citation for running  a red light.

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ATS_RoadSafety @ATSRoad_Safety  VIDEO: For nearly 30 years American Traffic Solutions has been dedicated to making life safer and

ATS_RoadSafety @ATSRoad_Safety Drivers reminded to yield to school buses after 6-year-old hurt… #StopArmSafety

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Toll Transactions Near 1 Million on New Colorado Express Lanes
KMGH-TV ABC 7, Sept. 16, 2015

Since tolling began on July 22, the new express lanes on U.S. 36 and Interstate 25 have accumulated over 1.2 million transactions. Of those, 947,219 were tolled transactions, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. (CDOT image)

Preferred Plan for I-66 Expansion Unveiled
WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM (Washington, D.C.), Sept. 16, 2015

Some parts of the plan to expand Interstate 66 outside the Capital Beltway will have to wait a few more years, but construction on 22 miles of new lanes and tolls is scheduled to start by 2017. The Virginia Department of Transportation’s preferred design, presented to the Commonwealth Transportation Board Tuesday, will expand the highway to two toll lanes and three regular lanes in each direction between University Boulevard in Gainesville and the Capital Beltway. (WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM image by Max Smith)

Commentary: MoPac Project is 1 of Many Mobility Solutions
Austin American-Statesman (Texas), Sept. 15, 2015

In the Sept. 3 Viewpoints editorial, the American-Statesman argued that traffic congestion will increase in Austin, and that our community needs a tech solution to solve it. I want to thank the Statesman for recognizing this key issue and say that I agree that we need multiple resources to address our traffic woes. In fact, at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, this is what we do. We’re here to build mobility solutions. Sometimes it’s a road, sometimes not. We built the 183A toll road in Cedar Park and Leander, which has transformed those communities even as they have experienced exponential growth. We built the U.S. 290 toll road between Austin and Manor, which tripled the capacity of the previous road while improving the non-toll lanes that were there before.


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Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Increase Walkability, Safety
Times Union (New York), Sept. 17, 2015

I have owned my home in Park South neighborhood in Albany for almost 30 years. One of the realities that one confronts while living here is that many of our major streets are tricky to navigate. The behavior of some motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians challenge the safety of the users of our streets and the well-being of our community. Increased awareness of this issue, proactive outreach by the police, and now the implementation of red-light cameras are all actions that are moving Albany toward increased walkability and safety.


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“We have a responsibility to do what’s necessary for safety, not just for convenience or the issues that some people have out there. In my humble opinion, we don’t need to apologize for trying to keep our community safer, and we don’t need to apologize for using innovative methods to achieve our safety goals.”
Bill Kelly, Police Chief of Abington Township, Pennsylvania
21st Century Media News Service/Montgomery News (Pennsylvania), Sept. 16, 2015

“The main goal for these cameras is to make our intersections safer, the results speak for themselves. They have decreased the amount of violent collisions in these intersections.”
Dylan Lee, Spokesman for the City of Wilmington, North Carolina
WECT-TV NBC 6, WSFX-TV FOX 30 (North Carolina), Sept. 16, 2015

“The law requires that when buses are transporting students and they put out the bus stop sign, the extender arm that goes out to protect the children and the flashing lights, vehicles are to come to a complete stop. These are signals for motorists to pay close attention to what’s going on in the area. There may be children, or even small children, preparing to cross the street.”
Lesley Bruinton, Spokeswoman for Tuscaloosa City Schools
Tuscaloosa News (Alabama), Sept. 11, 2015

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Collisions at eight intersections in Tucson with red-light safety cameras decreased by 70 percent since the cameras were installed in 2007, falling from 188 crashes in fiscal year 2006 to 57 in fiscal year 2015, according to Police Chief Roberto Villasenor. City of Tucson press release, Sept 10, 2015.

In one day earlier this year, one-fifth of the nation’s school bus drivers noted 78,518 school bus stop arm violations, which amounts to more than 14 million illegal passes of buses in a 180-day school year. Officials with survey organizer, National Association School District Pupil Transportation Services said the most alarming finding of the survey is that 1,483 (about 2 percent) of the total illegal passes were on the right side of the bus, where students load and unload. Source: School Bus Fleet magazine, Sept. 14, 2015.


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 39

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New York City Speed Cameras in Place as School Begins
WABC-TV ABC 7 (New York), Sept. 8, 2015

New York City has new tools to keep kids safer as they head back to school. Speed cameras will be in place across the city in hopes of getting drivers to slow down. The majority of the cameras will be stationary, but a few will be roving. As the school year begins, the city announced Tuesday that the full installation of its speed camera program is complete. See related article at Streetsblog NYC. (Streetsblog NYC image by Stephen Miller)

Bethel Schools Increase Number of School Bus Safety Cameras
KOMO-TV ABC 4 (Washington), Sept. 8, 2015

There are more eyes watching drivers in the Bethel School District this year than last. The district doubled the number of school buses armed with cameras, catching drivers who disobey the law to stop when a bus is picking up or dropping off students.

Lawmakers Pursue Penalties, Cameras to Stop School Bus Flybys
WGRZ-TV NBC 2 (New York), Sept. 8, 2015

On this first day back to school for many children in Western New York, two local lawmakers spoke about their bills to better protect children getting to and from school. Officials estimate drivers across New York State illegally pass school buses 50,000 times per day. Across the country, that leads to eight deaths per year, on average. State Senators Tim Kennedy and Cathy Young are sponsoring separate bills to address the danger.

Passing Truck Nearly Hits Girl at School Bus Stop
WAWO-TV ABC 9 (Wisconsin), Sept. 4, 2015

One morning on her way to cross the street to her school bus, a passing truck nearly hit Scott Brehm’s daughter. He caught the shocking scene on video two years ago and wants other parents to see it and be alert.


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Fatal Collision Re-Ignites Calls for Safety Measures
WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.), Sept. 8, 2015

Some residents are raising concerns about the safety of a road after a tragic crash over the weekend killed the parents of three children. While authorities are still looking into whether speed was a factor in the crash, some residents say speeding is a problem along this road. One speed camera, in place since April, has issued more than 420 tickets. (WJLA-TV ABC 7 image)

Do Speed Cameras Make Roads Safer? Study Says Yes
The Daily Sentinel (Washington, D.C.), Sept. 7, 2015

A new study by the non-profit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is shedding light on the effectiveness of pesky speed cameras, suggesting they may reduce the likelihood of fatal accidents as a result of speeding by up to 19 percent. The study, which also found that speed cameras positively affect long-term driving habits, was funded by the insurance industry and looked into speed camera implementation in Maryland’s Montgomery County.

Work Zone Photo Radar Speed Enforcement Starts in Oregon
Oregon Department of Transportation, Sept. 4, 2015

The Oregon Department of Transportation and the Portland Police Bureau will address the alarmingly high number of work zone injuries and fatalities with photo radar speed enforcement this week in an Interstate 5 work zone, the first such effort on an interstate highway in Oregon.


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SchoolBus_StopPaddle_UnknownLocation MaybeAlabama_061915
Authorities Seek Driver Who Hit Student Near School Bus
The Gadsden Times (Alabama), Sept. 10, 2015

Tuscaloosa police were searching for the suspect in a hit-and-run accident that injured a kindergarten student near a school bus. The bus had stopped to allow children to board when a vehicle swerved around it Wednesday morning. The bus’s signals were flashing and a stop sign had been activated. (School Transportation News image)

Arlington Safety Program Includes School Bus Camera Tickets
Arlington Patch (Virginia), Sept. 4, 2015

As the new school year begins, the Arlington County Police Department will be conducting high-visibility traffic enforcement in and around the school zones throughout Arlington County, according to a news release from police. … As a reminder, Arlington County Public School buses are now equipped with high-resolution cameras on exterior stop arms. See related press release from Arlington Public Schools.


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Red-Light Running Crash Causes Rollover
KQEN-Radio 1240 AM (Oregon), Sept. 7, 2015

Two vehicles passing through an intersection in Roseburg collided Sunday afternoon sending one vehicle rolling, according to Roseburg Police. Authorities said one driver ran a red light and crashed into the passing car. Police cited that driver for failure to obey a traffic control device. No one from either vehicle was hurt.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATSRoad_Safety #SchoolZoneSpeedSafetyCameras Keep Kids Safe!

Twitter Image_Scott Marshall safedriver_DL091015
Scott_Marshall @SafeDriver @ATSRoad_Safety @recordonline The more you know about red light cameras, the more it makes sense. This explains:


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With Free Lanes in Sight, Drivers Opt for Faster Toll Lanes
Austin American-Statesman (Texas), Sept. 7, 2015

U.S. 290 East, what the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority calls the Manor Expressway, has averaged about 63,350 toll transactions each weekday over the past three months. That’s about 30 percent more than the tolls charged in the same three months of 2014, and 54 percent ahead of the 41,100 transactions a day predicted for 2015 in a 2011 traffic and revenue study done before construction. These expectations are being exceeded even as free non-toll frontage lanes are available. (Austin American-Statesman image by Jay Janner)

Collectors Vanishing, but Not at Card Sound Bridge
Miami Herald (Florida), Sept. 6, 2015

Since the Card Sound Bridge opened in 1969, the toll has been the same — 50 cents per axle, cash only. The sight of a person inside a tollbooth is becoming increasingly rare. … According to the Florida Department of Transportation, 78 state-run tollbooths have gone from human-operated to automated in the last decade. Today, the state employs 684 toll collectors, down from 1,853 a decade ago — a 63 percent drop. And a proposed transportation plan mandates that toll plazas built on federally funded highways be completely electronic after October 2016. … It’s possible the Card Sound Bridge collectors may meet the same fate as those already phased out. … If automation does come, the tollbooth’s nine employees will be offered other jobs with the county. (Miami Herald image by Charlie Trainor Jr.)


Header Commentaries 480

Editorial: Red-Light Cameras Can Do Many Jobs
Times-Herald Record (New York), Sept. 8, 2015

Newburg Mayor Judy Kennedy had three good ideas in one. First, as she said last week, she would like to see the city install cameras to help catch those who go through red lights. In addition, she would like the cameras to do double duty, helping catch speeders as well. Finally, she would like to see the state Legislature ease its grip on local governments and let cities and others decide for themselves if investing in this technology makes sense.

Editorial: Time for Greenville to Launch Red-Light Camera Program
The Daily Reflector (North Carolina), Sept. 7, 2015 

The city of Greenville should reconsider equipping traffic signals at heavily traveled intersections with red-light cameras. … The city laid the groundwork for a red-light camera program a decade ago, but the program was shelved in 2007. … Other North Carolina cities, such as Fayetteville, have since reinstalled red-light cameras in the interest of making their busy streets safer for all motorists. It is beyond time for Greenville to do the same.


Header QuoteOfTheWeek 480

“Over time we’ll demonstrate the fact that we are saving lives, and it will be very difficult for my colleagues to reject a program that saves lives. Anybody who stands in the way is going to have to answer to their constituents.”
Deborah Glick, New York State Assembly Member
Streetsblog NYC (New York), Sept. 8, 2015

“Our message is, to all drivers in New York, at all times and all places, you should be driving at a safe speed. These cameras do protect lives. Speeding is the leading cause of fatal crashes.”
Polly Trottenberg, New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner
Streetsblog NYC (New York), Sept. 8, 2015

“If the people in a community have decided that they want to set the speed limit at a certain speed that should be enforced. These cameras are just expanding the deterrent effects of a patrol car to a 24-hour-long cycle.”
John Seibler, visiting legal fellow in the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation
The Daily Signal (Washington, D.C.), Sept. 7, 2015
Header Statistics 480

New York
A year ago, each school zone speed safety camera in New York City issued an average of 192 violations per day. By last month, that number dropped to 69, the Department of Transportation said, indicating that drivers are slowing down. Source: Streetsblog NYC (New York), Sept. 8, 2015.



ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 5, Issue 38

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ATS Urges Safety on the Road This Holiday Weekend

More than 35 million Americans will travel 50 miles or farther this Labor Day weekend, and nearly 9 out of every 10 travelers will be on the road. It’s little wonder Labor Day falls within the most dangerous 100 days of driving in America, and ranks as the second highest summer holiday for red-light running violations. American Traffic Solutions urges all drivers to be careful on the road so that everyone may have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Please, stay alert behind the wheel, avoid distractions, abide by the speed limit and by all means stop on red.

Header VideoOfTheWeek 480

New Report Could Put Speed Cameras on Fast Track
CBS News (New York), Sept. 2, 2015

A new report could put speed cameras on the fast track. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) believes that if the nation had a speed camera program like Montgomery County, Maryland, 21,000 deaths or serious injuries could be prevented every year. View IIHS research paper. View ATS press release(CBS News image)

Kansas City’s Red-Light Cameras Likely to Return with Changes
KMBC-TV Channel 9 (Missouri), Sept. 2, 2015

Kansas City is considering reinstating its red-light camera program, following a Missouri Supreme Court ruling that struck down laws in St. Louis and two other areas but allowed the camera programs to continue with changes. One of those changes is that a camera must clearly capture the face of the driver and not just the car’s license plate. Red-light violations will also now be considered full moving offenses, with points deducted from the violator’s license.

School Zone Speed Van Issuing Warnings until Sept. 8
KVUE-TV ABC 24 (Texas), Sept. 2, 2015

Two white vans will be parked near Hays County schools this year, marked with signage that the equipment inside is monitoring the speed of other motorists. The program is set up to keep children safe. … “Traffic congestion is growing. We want to get ahead of the curve, and I applaud our Commissioners Court for looking at this and saying we’re not going to be reactive, we’re going to be proactive,” Hays County Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hood said. … During a trial run in Wimberly during summer school, the program caught 71 vehicles speeding. (KVUE-TV ABC 24 image)

SchoolBus_MarylandStatistics2,796_Good Morning America_090115
Drivers Endanger Students Near School Buses
Good Morning America, CBS News (New York), Sept. 1, 2015

A startling number of automobile drivers just ignore the rules when driving near school buses, putting children’s lives at risk. … School buses have these flashing stop signs that just come out but for some reason tens of thousands of drivers just keep going. … Maryland bus drivers reported that vehicles illegally passed them 2,796 times. And 83 of those times they were passed on the right side where children get on and off the bus. (ABC News image)


Header SafeSpeeds 480

Why Speed Cameras Should Not Annoy You
East Idaho News, Sept. 1, 2015

Police get it: Speed cameras can be pesky. “Nobody has ever really liked getting a ticket — whether it’s from me or from a camera,” Montgomery County Police Capt. Thomas Didone tells ABC News. But it turns out those cameras can reduce fatal or incapacitating injury crashes by almost 40 percent on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or below, according to a study released Tuesday by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  See related coverage from ABC Radio. (KVOA NBC 4 image)

Study: Montgomery County Speed Camera Program a Model for Nation
The Washington Post (District of Columbia), Sept. 1, 2015

The best proof yet that automated speed cameras curtail the urge to speed will be presented Tuesday at a convention in Nashville. The detailed research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety focuses on Montgomery County, Md., which began using speed cameras in 2007. The report says the county’s cameras have reduced by 59 percent the urge to drive more than 10 mph above the speed limit.


Header SchoolZoneSafety 480

School Zone_Longview_Washington_Shot2_083115
School Zone Speed Cameras Return to Action
The Daily News (Washington), Aug. 31, 2015

Drivers passing through six Longview school zones have two choices: Drive 20 mph or less, or pay $124. School-zone speed cameras will resume nabbing speeding with the start of classes on Sept. 2. (The Daily News image by Roger Werth)


Header CrossingGuard NoTM 480

Driver Cited in School Bus Crash
Lake News Online (Missouri), Sept. 2, 2015

The driver of a pickup truck that rear-ended a school bus in Eldon Monday and sent five children to the hospital with minor injuries has been cited for careless and imprudent driving. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the 53-year-old driver failed to stop for the school bus, which was stationary as it was preparing to discharge students.


Header MediaCoverage 480

Newburgh Mayor Wants Road Safety Cameras
Mid-Hudson News (New York), Sept. 3, 2015

Any municipality in New York that would like to establish red-light cameras must secure state legislative approval. In the city of Newburgh, the issue has been discussed for the last couple of years and Mayor Judy Kennedy said she would like to see them not just for traffic light enforcement but for speeding as well. (WNYT-TV NBC 13 image)

Wallkill Will Try for Red-Light Cameras in New Year
Mid-Hudson News (New York), Aug. 31, 2015

Efforts to have the state legislature approve red-light cameras for the Route 211 shopping center district in the Town of Wallkill will resume next January. If approved in Albany, the Wallkill plan would start with two cameras and go up to four.

Tamarac Brings Back Its Red-Light Cameras
Sun Sentinel (Florida), Aug. 31, 2015

Tamarac’s red-light camera program is back. Last week, city officials approved an amended agreement with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) that allows the city to turn back on the red-light cameras that were switched off in May this year in the aftermath of the Fourth District Court of Appeals in West Palm Beach ruling that Hollywood had outsourced too much of its red-light camera program to a private company. Assistant City Attorney Shana Bridgeman said the city will continue to assert in court that its program is different from the one that was in existence in Hollywood.

Murfreesboro Extends Agreement with ATS
Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Aug. 28, 2015

The City Council agreed to extend its red-light camera contract through March 10, 2016, after learning that crashes have declined. “Make no mistake about it gentlemen, the system is working,” Murfreesboro Police Chief Glenn Chrisman told the council.


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Twitter Image IIHS_DL021815
IIHS @IIHS_autosafety How speed cameras could dramatically cut road deaths in the US.

NCSR @SaferRoadsUSA Last year, there were 35,118 red-light running violations during #LaborDay weekend. #BuckleUp

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Illinois Tollway to Collect Tolls on I-90 Exit
Daily Chronicle, Sept. 1, 2015

Drivers will start paying to exit Interstate 90 to reach Belvidere and Genoa later this month. Tolls will be collected at the Genoa Road exit off I-90 beginning Sept. 14 as the $16 million Genoa Road Interchange project comes to a close. Toll plazas will provide an I-Pass or Pay Online lane and a coin machine. (Illinois Tollway image)

Toll Authority to Survey Cash-Paying Customers
The Spring Observer (Texas), Aug. 30, 2015

As the Harris County Toll Road Authority moves toward converting the Houston Ship Channel Bridge plaza and the Hardy Toll Road to all-electronic tolling, it is seeking to better understand cash users’ preferences and reasons for not using an EZ TAG.

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Commentary: Be Watchful Around School Buses
The Free Press/ (North Carolina), Aug. 31, 2015 

If we look carefully at the statistics, we find school buses are one of the safest forms of transportation. In fact, a 2008 study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that of all fatal crashes since 1998, only 1,409 were school-related crashes, less than one-half of 1 percent of all fatalities. But despite that reassuring statistic, the fact is every person who dies is 100 percent dead. When the victim is a child, we move from sadness and regret to a genuine sense of tragedy.

Commentary: Speed Camera Saga Continues
The Daily News (Washington), Aug. 30, 2015

The city of Longview is in its fourth year of a photo enforcement program aimed at slowing drivers in school zones.  …. Since the start of the program, the police department has seen a positive change in driver behavior with less speeding by adult drivers. Could this possibly be due to the fact that the resulting fine lets people know the city is serious about student and pedestrian safety?

Editorial: Students’ Safety Depends on Drivers’ Smarts
Staten Island Advance (New York), Sept. 1, 2015

Caution is what’s required to protect school kids, who as often as not don’t look both ways while crossing streets. Remember, it’s against state law to pass a stopped school bus while it’s loading or unloading passengers. But too many drivers here and elsewhere don’t care.

Letter to the Editor: Abide by Traffic Laws to Avoid Tickets
Sioux Falls Argus Leader (South Dakota), Sept. 1, 2015

I would like to address the so-called problem of Iowa speed cameras focused on in a recent Argus Leader article. … Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s office is now considering options to deal with this “problem?” How about advising motorists to obey the traffic laws of the state they are driving in.

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“I have lived in three other states that use cameras to regulate traffic. It has been well, well documented that it does a great job.”
Judy Kennedy, Mayor of Newburgh, N.Y.
Mid-Hudson News (New York), Sept. 3, 2015

“If you have sustained, saturated enforcement, consistently over time, it will effectively change behavior. Random enforcement doesn’t do anything but just issue tickets.”
Thomas Didone, Montgomery County Police Captain
CBS News (Maryland), Sept. 2, 2015

“(Hitting a child) at a higher rate of speed has a greater likelihood of injury and death. Therefore, this program is not about driver’s intentions; it is about reducing risk to our youth near the schools by reducing the speed of vehicles traveling through school zones.”
Jim Duscha, Police Chief of the Longview Police Department
The Daily News (Washington), Aug. 31, 2015

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New York
The city of Staten Island issued 32 summonses in April to drivers who were alleged to have passed stopped school buses. The one-month totals, were higher in the more populous boroughts: Manhattan, 237; Brooklyn, 201; the Bronx, 186 and Queens, 123. Source: Staten Island Advance (New York), Sept. 1, 2015.

According to Murfreesboro Police Chief Glenn Chrisman, the city had 628 fewer crashes at 149 intersections in the 2014-15 fiscal year than in 2007-08 at 122 intersections before the city started its red-light camera enforcement. The total was 1,692 crashes the year before the red-light cameras started, and the total was 1,064 last year. Source: Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Aug. 28, 2015.