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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 52

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Thanksgiving shot 2 cornucopia
Happy Thanksgiving from ATS

Nearly one in seven Americans will be traveling 50 miles or farther this Thanksgiving Holiday, and 41 million of them will do so on the road. American Traffic Solutions encourages drivers to extend courtesy and caution to their fellow travelers so that everyone may reach their destination safely. Have a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving.

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New York City Takes on Traffic Fatalities
PBS Newshour (Virginia), Nov. 24, 2014

A remarkable amount of the time, all these buses and taxis, cars and bicycles, joggers and walkers, manage to coexist on the streets of New York, but when something goes wrong, it can be horrible, leaving families devastated. (PBS Newshour image)

News Investigators Find Drivers Fail to Stop for School Buses
KAIT-TV ABC 8 (Arkansas), Nov. 24, 2014

When the lights are flashing on a school bus, drivers are supposed to stop; but, bus drivers say that doesn’t always happen. Chances are they will get away with it. In a Region 8 News investigation, we used our cameras to catch these lawbreakers.


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Linden Officials: Let Towns Decide Future Use of Red-Light Cameras
NJ Advance Media for (New Jersey), Nov. 25, 2014

The state’s red-light camera program should be extended for another two years and it should be the towns, and not the state, who make the final decision if the cameras stay or are shut down, Linden officials said. See related article from NJ Advance Media here(NJ Advance Media photo by Larry Higgs)

National Coalition Urges Drivers to be Safe on Thanksgiving
KWES-TV Channel 9 (Texas), Nov. 24, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest weekends for American roadways. Millions of people will be traveling long distances to celebrate the holiday with family and friends, leading to an increase in distractions, drowsiness and risky driving. According to NCSR’s Safer Roads Report 2014: Trends in Red-Light Running, there were 31,790 reported red-light violations during the Thanksgiving holiday period last year, leaving intersections across the U.S. at higher risk for vehicle collisions. View report here.

Suffolk Red-Light Camera Revenue Up, Injury Crashes Drop
Newsday (New York), Nov. 22, 2014

Revenue from Suffolk County’s red-light camera program jumped nearly 80 percent in 2013 to more than $17 million, as the county added new intersections to the program and a $30 fee to tickets, according to a county report. The number of accidents at the 100 intersections with cameras declined an average 5.4 percent, compared with the 12 months before the cameras were installed. Accidents involving injuries dropped 10.6 percent, while side-impact collisions fell 30 percent. (Newsday photo by Heather Walsh)

Police: Red-Light Running Collision Kills 2 in Passing Car
WTSP-TV CBS 10 (Florida), Nov. 20, 2014

A 16-year-old driver ran a red light early Thursday and struck another car, killing both occupants of the other vehicle, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.


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Stop-Arm Cameras to Go on Some Rolling Meadows School Buses
Chicago Tribune (Illinois), Nov. 24, 2014

Rolling Meadows is expanding camera enforcement on the roads beyond red lights, as five school buses will be equipped with cameras on the stop signs that activate when stopped to pick up children. Fines will be between $150 to $500. (Chicago Tribune photo by Stacey Wescott)

Should Cameras Be Used to Enforce Bus Laws?
Citizen-Times (North Carolina), Nov. 24, 2014

During the two and  a half years state trooper Kelly Rhodes drove a school bus when he was a high school student in the early 1980s, he says there wasn’t a single time when someone passed his bus when the stop sign was deployed. But today, Rhodes said drivers are “texting, they’re fiddling with the radio, dealing with their kids” — and sailing right past stopped school buses. A statewide survey indicates that a typical school bus in North Carolina is passed illegally about once a week. State Attorney General Roy Cooper is pushing a plan he hopes would mean drivers will either pay attention to the law when approaching a stopped school bus or pay a fine.

City School Buses Add Cameras; Advocate Driver Safety
The Marion Star (Ohio), Nov. 22, 2014

Police officers and school officials hope a little extra technology will help keep kids safer heading to and coming home from school. Marion City School buses have added a camera on the outside of the bus to catch drivers running the blinking red light.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety RT! Red-light running is a dangerous problem. #StopOnRed Learn more:


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Despite Driver Ire, HOT Lanes More Popular than Ever
WSB-TV Channel 2 (Georgia), Nov. 24, 2014

Toll lanes that aim to speed up the morning commute have been more popular than the state had imagined. … Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority Executive Director Chris Tomlinson said more and more drivers are picking to pay to use the express lane. (WSB-TV Channel 2 graphic)

Toll Roads More Attractive on Lower Gas Prices
Reuters (New York), Nov. 20, 2014

Toll roads are becoming a more attractive investment as lower energy prices provide a greater incentive for drivers to use their cars and boost the use of toll roads, Gregory Serbe, portfolio manager at municipal bond specialist firm Lebenthal Asset Management, said last week.


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Letter to the Editor: Vote Ignored Public Safety
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Nov. 24, 2014

Sen. Bill Seitz, along with a majority of Ohio Senators, passed a bill Wednesday that would effectively ban the use of red-light cameras in Ohio. Apparently all those angry drivers who ran red lights and got tickets called their representatives and complained. Bummer that the thousands of us who didn’t run red lights forgot to call and remind Seitz that we like staying alive when driving through intersections more than we mind a camera enforcing traffic law.

Letter: Too Many Drivers Are Threat to Pedestrians
Democrat & Chronicle (New York), Nov. 24, 2014

Bravo to the Rochester City Council for not backing down on the use of red-light cameras. As an avid walker, I know how dangerous it is out there! There have been numerous times when I have almost been hit by vehicles that were charging into the crosswalk when the sign clearly said “Walk.”


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“People are driving differently, they’re driving safer.”
Harry Earle, Police Chief of Gloucester Township Police Department, New Jersey
KYW-TV (Pennsylvania), Nov. 24, 2014

“When our program first launched we were issuing 2,000 red-light citations a month — and now two years later the number hovers around 600. These figures serve as significant signs the program is working as intended. Drivers are slowing down and acting more cautiously. This conscious state of driving undoubtedly saves lives and prevents injuries.”
John Cook and Anthony Cancro, Springfield Police Chief and Township Administrator in written statement
NJ Advance Media for, Nov. 24, 2014

“It happens all the time, unfortunately. It’s very dangerous and it frustrates our drivers because the safety of their kids is so important to them.”
Sue Tripp, Transportation Coordinator for Asheville City Schools, North Carolina
Citizen-Times, Nov. 24, 2014

“These buses are built tough and they do a good job of protecting kids. It’s when they get off and on the bus is when we have a problem.”
Joe Hough, Transportation Director for Buncombe County Schools, North Carolina
Citizen-Times, Nov. 24, 2014

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New York
In Suffolk County, the number of accidents at the 100 intersections with cameras declined an average of 5.4 percent, compared with the 12 months before the cameras were installed, according to a report by the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency. Accidents involving injuries dropped 10.6 percent, while side-impact collisions fell 30 percent. Source: Newsday, Nov. 22, 2014.

Moody’s Investors Service last week forecast median traffic growth of 1-2 percent for the 44 toll roads it rates next year, in line with 2014. Source: Reuters, Nov. 20, 2014.



ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 51

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Sparks Fly Before, During and After Red-Light Running Incident
OneNewsPage/AutoEvolution, Nov. 19, 2014

We’ve had our fair share of red-light running sights and yet nothing can prepare one for what happens in this video, which shows a woman making her own green in Newark while driving her car on the rim. ( image)

Red-Light Runner_Jacksonville_Florida_111814
Red-Light Camera Captures Close Call
WJXT-TV Channel 4 (Florida), Nov. 18, 2014

New video from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office offered evidence of how important it is to “respect the red.” One of the city’s red-light cameras captures a near-hit on the Westside at 103rd Street and Ricker Road, when a driver runs the red-light nearly two seconds after it turned red.

Crashes Increase after Collier County Ends Camera Program
WBBH-TV NBC 2, Nov. 13, 2014

An exclusive NBC 2 investigation into red-light cameras answers whether roads were safer in Collier County during the program. The cameras were in place for 47 months before being removed and at the time, the majority of commissioners said there was no proof they made streets safer. We found that on average there were 10 more accidents a month after the cameras were removed; than when they were in place.


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Illinois Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Red-Light Cameras
Chicago Tribune, Nov. 20, 2014

The state Supreme Court today dismissed a challenge to a Chicago’s red-light camera program after two judges recused themselves and the rest of the court declared it was divided. … The lawsuit contending the Chicago red-light program was illegally enacted had been rejected by a state appeals court previously. (Chicago Tribune photo by Chris Sweda)

Councilor Interested in Camera Program Seeks City Attorney’s Opinion
Tulsa World (Oklahoma), Nov. 19, 2014

City Councilor G. T. Bynum said he plans to ask the city attorney to provide a legal opinion on whether the city has the authority to use cameras to prosecute traffic-light violators. … “If the city attorney says it is not a viable option, then the discussion is over and we move on, but if the city attorney says it is a legal option, then that triggers a whole public discussion process,” Bynum said. The issue is on the city council’s agenda for Thursday.

Killeen Turns Up Enforcement on Red-Light Running Scofflaws
Killeen Daily Herald (Texas), Nov. 19, 2014

With Mayor Scott Cosper’s affirmative vote, the deadlocked Killeen City Council on Tuesday narrowly approved an enforcement measure for drivers who receive citations from red-light cameras throughout the city. Now, a hold will be placed on a violator’s vehicle registration if the violator doesn’t pay a citation from the city’s red-light camera program.

Oldsmar Retains Red-Light Cameras
WTSP-TV CBS 10 (Florida), Nov. 18, 2014

Oldsmar’s City Council decided against making any changes to its red-light camera program, despite a recent court ruling that indicated the ticket-writing process is currently illegal. Four out of five council members decided against following the lead of some South Florida communities that have suspended their programs until the legal challenges are sorted out.
Murfreesboro Council Approves Red-Light Camera Pact
Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Nov. 14, 2014

Red-light safety cameras will remain in place at six intersections for a least another year, the Murfreesboro City Council decided by a 5-1 vote last week. Police Chief Glenn Chrisman said the program is reducing crashes. (Daily News Journal photo by Jim Davis)


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Drivers Not Letting Children Cross for School Bus
KPVI-TV NBC 6 (Idaho), Nov. 20, 2014

School bus drivers with the Pocatello-Chubbuck school district say they’re having issues with people driving past buses with the stop-arm out. It’s the second district to say they’re having problems. (KPVI-TV NBC 6 photo by Deanne Coffin)

Pilot Program Catches 5 Violations Per Bus Per Week
Metro News (Canada), Nov. 19, 2014

The Winnipeg-based inventor of a camera used to catch drivers illegally passing school buses says motorists in his home province are among the country’s worst offenders.

Panel Wants Cameras on School Buses to Curb Illegal Passing (North Carolina), Nov. 18, 2014

A panel of lawmakers, safety advocates and health professionals on Monday backed a proposal to attach more cameras to school buses to prevent child injuries and deaths from passing cars. Under the plan, the legislature would give the state’s 115 school districts the option to contract with firms to install cameras that take pictures of the license plates of cars that illegally pass the school bus.

Student Hurt in Pickup-School Bus Collision
The Republic/Associated Press (Indiana), Nov. 18, 2014

A pickup truck has crashed into a school bus injuring one student and the driver of the pickup. Police say the pickup hit the back of the school bus Tuesday afternoon on U.S. Route 7 in Milton, Vermont. Witnesses tell police that the bus was stopped with its red lights flashing at the time of the crash. The driver was preparing to let a few students off.


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Social N Houston @SocialInHouston HPD: Driver arrested after running red light, leading police on chase: A driver is behind bars after a routine…

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety  Must See! Scary Collision Caught by Red-Light Safety Cameras in Laurel:… please, #StopOnRed


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Toll Operators Find Solutions to Serve Unbanked Customers
Toll Roads News, Nov. 18, 2014

As toll operators around the country shift toward automated electronic tolling or seek to expand the use of toll tags, they are creating new payment pathways for their unbanked customers — those without credit cards or basic bank accounts. Operators have adopted two main approaches to enable unbanked customers to pay their tolls: electronic terminals and prepaid cards. These solutions aren’t mutually exclusive and some operators use a mixture of both.

U.S. Roads Can’t Match French Highways Paved by Tolls
Bloomberg (New York), Nov. 18, 2014

For seven weeks this fall, asphalt pavers worked nights and weekends to renovate the motorway near Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport. By Oct. 31, they had wrapped up the work on schedule, and traffic now flows along the four mile stretch of highway. A few miles to the north lies the source of funding for the project — and the reason France’s autoroutes are in better shape than most of the U.S. network: a toll booth. Drivers must pay to use 78 percent of major French highways, compared with about 3 percent of the National Highway System in the U.S. (Photo by Philippe Huguen/AFP via Getty Images)

Drivers Still Suspicious about HOT Lanes
The Washington Post (Washington, D.C.), Nov. 18, 2014

Q: We have been told that tolls were adjusted upward as vehicle density on the 495 Express Lanes increased. It appears that the tolls are being increased instead to increase revenue.
A: Gouging doesn’t occur just because the price is high. You can walk away from a high price. Gouging occurs where you have no alternative but to pay the high price because you have no other way to obtain the goods or services. A driver approaching the express lanes sees the price and knows there’s an alternative. It’s not just a lower price alternative. It’s free. (The Washington Post photo by Robert Thomson)


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Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: A Matter of Public Health
The Herald Sun (North Carolina), Nov. 18, 2014

A proposal before a General Assembly study panel that would attach cameras to school buses to catch drivers who flout the law about not passing stopped buses raises two questions: Why do we need a law to enforce what is common sense, and should be common courtesy? And do we really want more cameras, hidden or otherwise, watching us? The answer to both questions is an unfortunate yes, and reminds us of Benjamin Franklin’s often cited quote about the long-term dangers of sacrificing freedom for security. Drivers who refuse to stop for school buses are causing a major public health problem.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Apply Impartial Enforcement
The Daily Journal (New Jersey), Nov. 18, 2014

Those mounted traffic cameras now perched above Garden State intersections may in the near future be shut off … though well-founded statistics point to a significant reduction of intersection accidents after a short-driver adjustment period, there, nevertheless, are those who seek to return to the old system.


Header QuoteOfTheWeek 480

“One of the traffic laws is to stop for school buses while they’re loading and unloading students and if you violate that then you’re creating a very dangerous situation for the students we’re transporting.”
Craig Leiby, Transportation Coordinator for Pocatello-Chubbuck School District, Idaho
KPVI-TV NBC 6 (Idaho), Nov. 20, 2014

“A rule, or law, that is not enforced is most likely not going to be obeyed, especially with time, once people learn it’s not going to be enforced. It gets back to the heart of the issue, which is that if we enforce it, then we’re going to get compliance. If we get compliance, then we’ll get safer streets.”
Jerris Mapes, Assistant City Attorney for the city of Killeen, Texas
Killeen Daily Herald (Texas), Nov. 19, 2014


Header Statistics 480

After red-light safety cameras were removed in Collier County, traffic crashes increased by an average of 10 a month. In total, 16 of 21 crash and injury categories tracked by the county went up since the cameras were shut off. The cameras were in place for 47 months. The results compare crash reports from the 18 months since the cameras were shut off. Source: WBBH-TV NBC 2, Nov. 13, 2014.

Columbus saw a 73 percent reduction in red-light crashes through 2012 at intersections equipped with red-light safety cameras. Source: The Columbus Dispatch, Nov. 19, 2014.

The city of Murfreesboro has seen a 52.8 percent reduction in crashes at all signalized intersections since 2007-08 before starting the red-light safety camera enforcement program, according to Police Chief Glenn Chrisman. Source: Daily News Journal, Nov. 14, 2014.


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 50

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New York’s New Speed Limit Means A Healthier City
Time Magazine, Nov. 11, 2014

The difference between traveling 25 and 30 miles per hour may seem minute for the average car driver. The faster speed would save you about five minutes in a trip down the length of Manhattan. But the difference is profound if you’re hit by a car — maybe even the difference between life and death. See related coverage National Public Radio and WNYC-Radio 93.9 FM. (Photo by Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office)


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Rochester Extends, Expands Red-Light Camera Program
WHAM-Radio 1180 AM (New York), Nov. 13, 2014

The Rochester City Council voted 6 to 3 to extend the city’s red-light camera program until 2019. The vote also potentially expands the number of intersections with cameras from 32 to 50.

Murfreesboro Police Chief Finds Red-Light Cameras Improve Safety
Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Nov. 12, 2014

The Murfreesboro City Council should renew its red-light camera contract for another year because the technology improves traffic safety, Police Chief Glenn Chrisman recommends.


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Do Red-Light Cameras Take Snow into Consideration?
KUSA-TV NBC 9 (Colorado), Nov. 12, 2014

What happens when drivers can’t see exactly where to stop on snowy days? Denver police says an officer reviews every photo. If snow covers up the stop line and a driver stops at an intersection, but inadvertently triggers the red-light camera, the officer will throw out those tickets. However, sliding or driving through a red light is still a violation.

Red-Light Camera Footage Helps Police Find Hit-Run Driver
WTVT-TV FOX 13, 2014 (Florida), Nov. 11, 2014

A red-light camera in Brooksville helped police catch a hit-and-run suspect. The video shows the vehicle running a red-light and clipping another car at 50 mph. (WTVT-TV FOX 13 image courtesy of Brooksville Police Department)

Authorities Write 825 Violations for Passing School Buses Illegally
Montgomery Community Media (Maryland), Nov. 11, 2014

Since the county has equipped select school buses with cameras, over 800 drivers have been cited for illegally passing a stopped school bus that was either dropping off or picking up children.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety FACT: Right-Angle Crashes throughout NJ have decreased due to red-light safety cameras. #StopOnRed

NCSR @SaferRoads The afternoon is the time in which most red-light running violations occur. This afternoon remember to #StopOnRed

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Video: Students being put at risk by motorists running the school bus stop arm in Dougherty County.…  #StopOnRed


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Forecast: Toll Lanes Would Speed Project Time in Virginia
The Virginian-Pilot, Nov. 11, 2014

It could take 30 years to deliver all of the region’s biggest bridge, tunnel and highway projects if tolls are used to help finance some of them, according to a new forecast. Without tolls, it would take at least 60 years, and that’s a best-case scenario, state Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne said.

Toll Lane Conversion from Cash to Pass Continues
Reston Now (Virginia), Nov. 10, 2014

Dulles Toll Road users take note: work on the planned conversion of an exact change lane to an E-ZPass only lane at the eastbound main toll plaza begins tonight. The ongoing project will convert 19 toll lanes from exact change to E-ZPass only will continue into 2015. (Reston Now file photo)


Header QuoteOfTheWeek 480

“Crashes at all signalized intersections in Murfreesboro have decreased. Fewer crashes equal less personal injury, less property damage and less police resources used to investigate crashes. The result is safer roadways. This program is working.”
Glenn Chrisman, Police Chief of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Daily News Journal, Nov. 12, 2014 

“Last year, in New York City, 291 people were killed on our roadways and thousands more were seriously injured. And there’s a real will to get that number down. And lowering speeds is part of how you do that.”
Polly Trottenberg, Transportation Commissioner of New York City
National Public Radio, Nov. 7, 2014


Header Commentaries 480

Letter to the Editor: Traffic Cameras Provide Impartial Enforcement
Shore News Today (New Jersey), Nov. 12, 2014

The argument against red light cameras from those who say they cause rear-end crashes is rather amusing since most of those drivers committing the sudden halts are the very ones who before were running red lights and causing crashes. And may it be noted those laws having the greatest sum of public support are not those providing escape for some, but those applying equally to all.

Letter: Unbiased Information on Red-Light Cameras Available to City
Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Nov. 11, 2014

The debate about red-light cameras prompted me to search for some plain and politically unbiased statistics and facts about the impact that the (cameras) have on safety at intersections. I found what I was looking for at the website of the Federal Highway Administration, where, if you enter “Red Light Cameras Q and A” in the search box, it will lead you to a very informative and unbiased study that responds to every question that I have heard asked about the cameras. Several links can be summarized with this quote: “Automated red-light enforcement using cameras has shown to be effective in reducing the incidence of red-light running and the number of red-light running crashes.”


Header Statistics 480

In Montgomery County, authorities have issued 825 traffic violations to drivers who illegally passed a stopped school bus during the first nine months of 2014. The county uses cameras on 25 school buses. Source: Montgomery Community Media, Nov. 11, 2014.

New York
A traffic engineering firm’s study on Rochester’s red-light camera program shows a 26 percent reduction in crashes at traffic lights with cameras, and a 78 percent reduction in crashes resulting from ignoring a traffic signal. Source: WHAM-Radio 1180 AM (New York), Nov. 13, 2014.

In Murfreesboro, where red-light safety cameras became operational in 2008, total crashes at all signalized intersections decreased 52.8 percent from 1,692 in fiscal year 2007-2008 to 895 in 2013-2014. For the same time period, crashes at the six intersections where red-light safety cameras would be installed, crashes have decreased 49.1 percent from 173 crashes to 88. Source: Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Nov. 12, 2014.



ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 49

November 6th, 2014 Comments off

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Bethel Schools Among 1st in State with School Bus Safety Cameras
KOMO-TV ABC 4 (Washington), Nov. 5, 2014

The Bethel School District, which covers more than 200 square miles of Pierce County, is among the first in the state to install on-board exterior school bus cameras. The cameras activate when a school bus stop sign is extended, with the goal of catching so-called “stop-arm” violators, officials said Wednesday. See related coverage from The News Tribune. (The News Tribune video image by Drew Perine)

Memphis Directs Red-Light Running Revenue into Public Safety
WHBQ-TV FOX 13 (Tennessee), Nov. 3, 2014

New red-light cameras have been installed around the City of Memphis more than doubling the number of machines tracking drivers. There are currently 57 cameras operating in the city. Since the cameras went up in 2009, Memphis has collected nearly $4.5 million. … Money raised so far will help pay for dash cameras in Memphis Police Department patrol cars and pay for neighborhood watch grants.

Worst Intersections for Red-Light Runners in New Orleans
WVUE-TV FOX 8 (Louisiana), Nov. 3, 2014

You may be a victim of one. If not, you’ve surely witnessed a driver running a red light and causing an accident. It happens at intersections all over the City of New Orleans, despite the installation of cameras designed to cut down on the offenses.


Header CrossingGuard NoTM  480

Drivers Running School Bus Paddles Caught on Camera
KIRO-TV CBS 7 (Washington), Nov. 5, 2014

Cameras on five buses in the Bethel School District are now catching drivers who go around the flashing stop paddles; they’ve been operating for a week. American Traffic Solutions, the company that owns and operates the equipment, released video Wednesday of those caught violating the law between Oct. 27 and 31. We were able to watch as car after car went around the outstretch stop arms. Bus driver Dawn Rowell says she’s been watching that for years.

Semi-Trailer Rear-Ends School Bus Stopped for Student
KBTV-TV FOX 4 (Texas), Nov. 5, 2014 

Six students were injured when a truck tractor semi-trailer rear-ended a school bus north of Kirbyville on US-96. Preliminary reports indicate the school bus was at a complete stop and had all emergency stop lights activated to allow one student to board the bus. There were 53 students on the bus at the time of the crash.

3 Vehicle Crash at School Bus Stop Sign
KMZU-Radio (Missouri), 100.7 FM, Nov. 5, 2014

According to the patrol report, an 18-year-old driver ran into a vehicle driven by a 61-year-old man who was changing lanes and slowed for a school bus stop sign ahead. The collision pushed the man’s vehicle into a third vehicle that was stopped for the bus.


Header SafeSpeeds 480

Police Find More Than 500 Speeders in Work Zone
Dayton Daily News (Ohio), Nov. 5, 2014

In a 50 hour period, Dayton police spotted 547 speeders in the Interstate 75 construction zone through downtown — a number so large that veteran traffic officers were surprised. The special photo enforcement effort operated from Oct. 29 until Oct. 31. It follows a number of crashes in the zone that shut down the highway for hours at a time. Dayton Daily News photo by Ty Greenlees.

Speed Camera Review Makes Progress in Iowa
Radio Iowa, Nov. 4, 2014

Iowa Department of Transportation traffic safety director Steve Gent hopes to be able to wrap up the first review of the use of traffic cameras on state roadways by the end of this month. The new rules created by the DOT in February require the six Iowa cities using the devices to file a safety report.

Speed Camera a Part of Award-Winning Traffic Program
DelMarvaNow (Maryland), Nov. 3, 2014

The Princess Anne Police Department has been recognized nationally among municipal agencies of its size for its efforts relating to traffic safety. The winning program’s area of focus involved impaired driving, aggressive driving, occupant protection and neighborhood complaints leading to the use of a speed camera. Speed citations initially increased, but diminished later, according to the program director.

Speed Cameras to Increase along Canadian Highways
Today’s Trucking (Canada), Nov. 3, 2014

Canada’s highways are about to have more photo radars as the Quebec Liberal government has promised to triple the number of cameras on Quebec’s roads and the province of Saskatchewan expects to launch a photo radar program of its own.


Header MediaCoverage 480

Sugar Land Tightens Enforcement on Red-Light Running Scofflaws
Sugar Land Sun (Texas), Nov. 6, 2014

In a move intended to give more teeth to the city’s Red Light Camera Program, Sugar Land has teamed up with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to enforce vehicle registration holds on unpaid red-light violators. However, getting all Texas counties to recognize the city’s penalties for unpaid tickets and traffic court warrants is a different story. Photo by Your

NCSR: Without Red-Light Cameras, Crashes Rise 117% in Houston
KTUL-TV ABC 8 (Oklahoma), Nov. 6, 2014

In yet another examples of the risks involved with removing red-light safety cameras from dangerous intersections, a new report shows a 30 percent increase in fatal traffic collisions and a 117 percent increase in total traffic crashes at 51 intersections in Houston where red-light safety cameras once stood.

Red-Light Referendum Ruled Ineligible for Ballot
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), Nov. 3, 2014

Siding with the city of Brooksville, a Hernando County judge has struck down a referendum that would have allowed voters to ban the city’s red-light cameras. The measure sought to change the city’s charter to prohibit current and future city councils from installing red-light cameras, which was one of the reasons for Circuit Judge Thomas Eineman’s ruling.

City Offers Break to Car Owners with Unpaid Red-Light Tickets
City of Puyallup News Release (Washington), Oct. 31, 2014

In recent weeks, the Puyallup Municipal Court began processing a large number of unpaid red-light photo enforcement tickets. These infractions date from January 2011 through early 2014 and, to date, are unpaid. Instead of sending delinquent accounts to full collection, the Court has authorized a limited 30-day amnesty during which the original amount of $124 can be paid directly to the Court without late fees or collection costs.


Header PressRelease 480

ATS Video Explains Florida Red-Light Running Violation Process
MarketWired, Nov. 5, 2014

American Traffic Solutions, Florida and North America’s leading red-light safety camera provider, further explains Florida’s red-light running violation process in a public service announcement now available on YouTube. View the video here.


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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Get the facts on New Jersey Red-Light Safety Cameras:

NCSR @SaferRoadsUSA Lori lost her mother when a truck ran through a red light. Listen to her story  #StopOnRed


Header TollRoadSafety 480

Final Section of Maryland’s Intercounty Connector to Open
Maryland State Highway Administration, Nov. 5, 2014

The Maryland State Highway Administration announced that the final phase of construction on the Intercounty Connector (ICC) is scheduled to be finished by Monday. The ICC is an all-electronic, variably priced toll facility, where higher tolls are charged during peak-travel times.


Header Commentaries 480

Letter to the Editor: Looks Like Red-Light Ticket Worked
Democrat and Chronicle (New York), Nov. 4, 2014

I have to shake my head when reading yet another letter complaining about red light cameras. Apparently the writer received a ticket for rolling through a red light while making a right-hand turn. The ensuing $50 fine has caused him to “be more cautious” (a good thing), and he will now “come to a complete stop before making my right on red” (another good thing, which also happens to be the law). The cameras seem to be having the desired effect. So, what’s the problem again?

Letter: Changes Needed at Intersection
Daily Chronicle (Illinois), Nov. 3, 2014

Peace Road Exit off Interstate 88 is a hazard. … On several occasions I have narrowly missed colliding with a car whose driver did not stop for a red light and turned right in front of me. … I have already reduced my speed at this posted 55 mph intersection to avoid an accident. I can only alter my actions. Frankly, I am tired of placing my life in the hands of others each day as I try to get to work.

Letter: School Buses Need Cameras
The Herald (Washington), Nov. 3, 2014

In the Oct. 24 newspaper on the front page was an article about school buses being ignored and drivers passing illegally at bus stops. … We live in Everett but our children are in the Mukilteo School District. School boards need to get cameras on buses so there can be no dispute. No only is it illegal, it is downright dangerous.