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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 21

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Florida Court Backs Role of Red-Light Camera Firm
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, April 23, 2014

A divided state appeals court Wednesday upheld the role of contractor American Traffic Solutions in the road safety camera program with the city of Hollywood. The ruling upheld the city’s procedure for using a traffic enforcement officer to determine if a citation should be issued, while using ATS to transmit violations and, if necessary, uniform traffic citations.

Funeral procession_CBSPhilly_042314
Red-Light Violations Routinely Dismissed for Funeral Processions
KYW-TV CBS 3 (Pennsylvania), April 23, 2014

Drivers who are part of funeral processions don’t have to worry about getting nabbed by red-light cameras in Philadelphia. (KYW-TV CBS 3 photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Residents of State College Asking for Red-Light Cameras
WJAC-TV Channel 6 (Pennsylvania), April 22, 2014

A group of people living in State College are hoping to make the streets a little safer. They want the Borough to install cameras at certain intersections to crack down on drivers who are running red lights. They are asking for the public’s help to get them installed.

Boulder, Colo., Opposes Camera Ban; Says Cameras Make Streets Safer
Government Technology, April 21, 2014

Boulder has deployed traffic-enforcement cameras for more than 15 years, and city officials say both moving violations and accidents in camera-monitored intersections have decreased significantly in that time. With that in mind, Boulder has come out in staunch opposition to a bill currently being heard in the Colorado Legislature that would outlaw photo traffic enforcement across the state.

Report: Delaware’s Red-Light Cameras Reduce Dangerous Crashes
DelMarva Public Radio/The Associated Press (Maryland), April 21, 2014

A state report shows Delaware’s red-light cameras are reducing the frequency of dangerous crashes at 30 intersections, even as they bring in fewer dollars than in past years. Delaware Department of Transportation says it has seen an average 29 percent decline in red-light-running crashes since the program began. View report here.

More Red-Light Cameras in Proposed Memphis Budget
The Commercial Appeal (Tennessee), April 20, 2014

If the Memphis City Council approves Mayor A C Wharton’s proposed budget, the city would install 30 new red-light cameras to catch traffic violations at intersections. (WMC-TV 5 image)

License Plate Reader Helps Crack Missouri Highway Shooter Case
Los Angeles Times (California), April 20, 2014

For almost a month, Kansas Citians lived through what amounted to a horror movie without an ending. According to the narrative described in court documents, it would take cutting-edge and occasionally controversial law enforcement technology, including license-plate readers, to put an end to the horror show.


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Driver Slams Car Into Back of School Bus
KCNC-TV CBS 4 (Colorado), April 19, 2014

When a Poudre School District Bus stopped to pick up a seventh-grade student in Larimer County on Friday morning, a woman driving a car slammed into the back of the bus. The crash injured five people. See related coverage from KDVR-TV FOX 31(KDVR image)

3 Students Hurt when Car Hits Bus
The Journal Gazette (Indiana), April 22, 2014

Three students were injured Monday morning in Williams County, Ohio, after a car failed to stop behind a Millcreek-West Unity Local school bus, according to a statement from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The bus was stopped to pick up a student. Its red flashing lights and stop sign were activated.

Close Call Prompts School District to Install Safety Cameras
WFSB-TV Channel 3, April 21, 2014

The town of Cheshire wants to change the dangerous occurrence of cars passing stopped school buses by installing school bus safety cameras on half of its fleet.

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Suffolk Lawmakers Back School-Zone Speed Cameras
Newsday (New York), April 22, 2014

Suffolk County Tuesday asked state legislators for permission to install speed cameras in dozens of school zones — a program supporters said would increase safety for children and raise an estimated $6.8 million a year for the county. The State Legislature is considering allowing one camera per school district in Suffolk and Nassau counties, and allow New York City to expand the number of speed cameras from the current 20 to 140. There are 69 school districts in Suffolk County and 56 in Nassau. See related coverage at FiOS1 news channel.

Hearing Discusses Speed Cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard
The Inquirer (Pennsylvania), April 21, 2014

Speed-enforcement cameras would “dramatically change the driving culture” on Roosevelt Boulevard, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey told state lawmakers on Monday, urging passage of a bill to legalize such cameras. The cameras, which currently are not allowed in Pennsylvania, would photograph the license plates of vehicles moving faster than the permitted speed and generate a ticket that would be reviewed by police before being mailed to the vehicle’s owner.

Officials in Nassau County Ask for Speed Cameras in School Zones
Insurance Journal, April 21, 2014

Officials in Long Island’s Nassau County, in the western part of Long Island, have formally asked for state permission to install up to 56 speed cameras in school zones. The County Legislature unanimously supported the speed camera resolution on April 17.

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ATS logo

ATS Records 1st Quarter Growth Across Divisions
News Release, April 23, 2014

More than 30 municipalities, counties and school districts selected or continued with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) as their partner to improve traffic safety at intersections, along speed corridors, bus lanes and around stopped school buses in the first three months of 2014. Additionally, ATS Fleet Services’ Toll and Violation management solutions continue to grow as more Fleets and fleet management companies selected ATS as their partner for helping solve their toll and violation management challenges.

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Sawgrass Expressway Now Cashless Tolling
WPTV-TV NBC 5 (Florida), April 20, 2014

The cash toll option has been removed on the Sawgrass Expressway as of Sunday. The conversion is the latest push to an all-electronic toll collection. Crews worked overnight to deactivate all cash tollbooths and coin baskets at the Sunrise toll plaza, the Deerfield toll plaza and 15 ramp plazas, according to the Department of Transportation.

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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Hands free is not risk free! Check out this #DistractedDriving infographic by @NSCsafety…

Retweeted by ATS_Roadsafety PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls In Colorado 50% of voters also support the use of red-light safety cameras at dangerous intersections, 39% oppose…

Retweeted by ATS_Roadsafety PublicPolicyPolling @ppppolls Our Colorado poll shows voters support the use of speed safety cameras in school zones by a 60-33 margin.…

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Suffolk County endorses speed cameras… via @WSJ #speedkills

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Commentary: Red Light Cameras Help St. Louis Metro Police Department
Gendarme (Missouri), March 2014

Most people have a strong opinion when it comes to red light cameras, but there is one undisputable fact. Violations go down at intersections which use red light safety cameras. At some of the earliest intersections to install cameras in the city, citations are down over 80 percent.

Editorial: Give Speed Cameras a Try
The Intelligencer (Pennsylvania), April 23, 2014

Speed does, in fact, kill, and police everywhere — not just in the city — aren’t up to the task of enforcing the law. If cameras can help, they should at least be given a try.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Protect the Public
The Daily Camera (Colorado), April 22, 2014

Since moving to Colorado 20 years ago, I’ve had a generally favorable impression of our state Legislature. However, the proposed legislation to outlaw red-light cameras is perhaps the worst example of legislative cowardice I have seen.

Letter: Neighborhood Speeders Don’t Get It
Daily Republic (California), April 20, 2014

I would would like to suggest that the city police fit themselves out with an unmarked car with a speed camera that can be parked on the side of the road and captured as the culprit drives past. Get these few thoughtless individuals to pay for the work needed in speeding fines to send them the message to slow down in residential areas.

Letter: Camera Ban Proposal Is Misguided
The Pueblo Chieftain (Colorado), April 20, 2014

So many scofflaws are complaining about the red-light cameras and their excuses are laughable. … Instead of whining about red-light cameras, how about trying something different? Put down the cellphone and follow the rules of the road. Your fellow drivers will thank you.

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“We have citizens crying out for more enforcement of speed limits in front of schools. It’s a safety issue.”
Kara Hahn, Suffolk County Legislator
Newsday (New York), April 22, 2014

“Despite the most aggressive traffic enforcement by police officers, still only one violator can be stopped at a time. When one violator is stopped, 10 more can speed by with impunity.”
Charles H. Ramsey, Philadelphia Police Commissioner
The Inquirer (Pennsylvania), April 21, 2014

“I’m definitely pleased with how this is going. We’re changing driver behavior and saving lives.”
Adam Weiser, Director of Traffic Safety Programs for DelDOT
The News Journal (Delaware), April 19, 2014



ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 20

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New Answers to Loop Shooting Caught on Red-Light Safety Camera
KTVI-TV FOX 2 (Missouri), April 11, 2014

We now have new answers about a December shooting caught by red-light cameras. It happened at a busy part of the Loop and sent people scattering.  One of the suspects was able to blend in with ordinary citizens before escaping.

State Police: Man Likely Texting when He Hit School Bus
KPLC-TV NBC 7 (Louisiana), April 14, 2014

A 19-year-old man was likely texting when he crashed into a school bus early Monday morning on U.S. 171 in Gillis, state police said. The bus was stopped in the right lane to pick up children. It had its red warning lights illuminated and stop signs deployed.

Victims’ Families Make Emotional Plea for Street Safety
WTSP-TV CBS 10 (Florida), April 14, 2014

There were tears, frustration and anger in Tampa on Monday as the families of two teens recently struck along Hillsborough Avenue made a public plea for action. Tampa City Councilman Frank Reddick, who joined the families, said “We just recently voted to use the red-light camera money to improve intersections. This is one occasion we could use some of that profit.”


Aurora Police: Services Will Suffer if Camera Ban Approved
KUSA-TV NBC 9 (Colorado), April 16, 2014

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates says his department doesn’t get any of the money made from red-light cameras, adding that about half of what is collected maintains the red-light camera program. The rest, $1.5 million, goes to social services like the Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter, Sungate Kids, Aurora Mental Health Services and Arapahoe House.


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South Carolinians Push for School Bus Safety Cameras
Bluffton News, April 16, 2014

The last words 12-year-old Adam Kempf shouted over his shoulder to his mother and sister were: “I love you more! See you after school!” The boy was hit and killed by a vehicle moving 55 mph as he attempted to board the school bus near his home in North Carolina. On Wednesday, Adam’s father, Joseph Kempf, now of Lexington, S.C., urged a Senate subcommittee to change the law to prevent other children from being hurt or killed.

Crash Ends Attempt to Pass Right Side of Stopped School Bus
First Coast News/WJXX ABC 25/WTLV NBC 12 (Florida), April 16, 2014

A 20-year-old driver attempted to pass traffic stopped for a school bus on State Road 13 by passing on the right, but instead hit a mail box and over corrected into the left side of the bus, which had its flashing lights activated, according to a report from Florida Highway Patrol.

2 Students Struck by Car at Bus Stop
Gainesville Times (Georgia), April 14, 2014

A 29-year-old woman has been charged in a hit-and run at a school bus stop that resulted in minor injuires to two Hall County schoolchildren. The children were struck when a vehicle ran through a school bus stop signal, with the driver leaving the scene, according to a Hall County school system news release.

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Speed Cameras Affect Safety, Revenue in New York City
The Leader (New York), April 13, 2014

State lawmakers are taking aim at lead-footed drivers in New York City and Long Island with a proposal to authorize hundreds of speed cameras in school zones, a plan touted as a way to protect pedestrians and raise money for government coffers. The legislation approving cameras, which has the support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top lawmakers, is expected to be one of the first items on the agenda when lawmakers return to the Capitol this month.

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Red-Light Camera Image Helps Police Catch Suspected Burglar
Suburban News (New Jersey), April 15, 2014

While investigating the burglary of a Springfield residence, detectives first checked exterior video surveillance cameras near the crime scene, then checked the surveillance camera located at the red-light camera intersection of nearby Morris and Maple avenues, and matched the vehicle seen in both sets of video. A suspect was identified soon afterward.

Cumberland School Board Backs Red-Light Camera Bill
The Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), April 15, 2014

The Cumberland County School Board unanimously backed the idea of red-light camera legislation being enacted for the city of Fayetteville. The city operated a red-light camera program between 2000 and 2006 when a court ruling made it financially unfeasible.

Western Springs Set to Renew Red-Light Camera Program
The Doings Western Springs (Illinois), April 15, 2014

The village is touting the success of its red-light camera enforcement program in the reduction of accidents at two main intersections, and is looking to renew the program for another five years.

Police Among Critics of Bill Banning Cameras in Colorado
The Denver Post, April 14, 2014

About a dozen representatives from police departments testified Monday in opposition to a bill that would ban statewide use of red-light safety cameras.

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Orange County Toll Roads Going Cashless May 14
The Press-Enterprise (California), April 15, 2014

The days of paying highway tolls with cold, hard cash are winding down. Operators of 51 miles of toll roads in Orange County plan to go cashless, idling 74 tollbooths and changing life for many who drive Highways 241, 261, 73 and 133. (The Press-Enterprise photo by Kurt Miller)

D.C. Considers Adding Toll Lanes to 14th Street Bridge
The Washington Post (District of Columbia), April 15, 2014

District officials are considering creating carpool and toll lanes on part of the 14th Street bridge and other stretches of city highway as early as next year, offering motorists with means a way of speeding their commute and pushing the nation’s capital into the debate over the costs and benefits of “congestion pricing.”

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ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety. Must Read! Life in #Linden: Crashes decrease at intersections with red-light cameras. #StopOnRed

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety. @denverpost Opinion: Limit, don’t ban, red-light cameras & photo radar:…  #StopOnRed

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Commentary:  Respect for Traffic Laws, Other Drivers Improves Safety
The Arizona Republic, April 13, 2014

We see speeders every day — passing us on our freeways, on our city streets and county highways at 20 or 30 mph over the posted speed limit. Many of us wonder why they are in such a hurry. What could be so important that they risk endangering their lives and the lives of others?

Commentary: Red-Light Cameras Worked before, So Why Not Now?
Fayetteville Observer (North Carolina), April 12, 2014

Behind The Wheel feels compelled to weigh in on the issue of red-light cameras, now that the Fayetteville City Council is considering bringing them back. Our view is pretty simple: Let’s do it.

Editorial: Limit, Don’t Ban Red-Light Safety Cameras
The Denver Post (Colorado), April 11, 2014

Red-light cameras and photo radar would seem perfectly suited for control by local officials, not the state. And that’s what municipal officials and police no doubt will be telling lawmakers at a hearing on a bill to ban the use of such equipment.

Letter to the Editor: Useless Traffic Lights
Southern Maryland News, April 16, 2014

The installation of the red-light cameras would have reduced accidents throughout the county, and added revenue to the county budget, but more importantly, possibly saved lives. If drivers know they will be ticketed for running a light, maybe they will pay better attention. Once again, some of our elected officials have placated the desires of a few hundred, inconvenienced thousands and continue to put lives at risk.

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“It’s as if the argument is: If there was a cop there and a cop caught me, then that’s fair. But there’s no cop there. A camera’s there. The camera’s catching me and that’s not fair.”
Dan Oates, Police Chief of Aurora, Colorado
KUSA-TV NBC 12 (Colorado), April 16, 2014

“All of our research, all of our data and all of our statistical review from 2005, when we put red-light cameras in place, has shown they significantly decrease the total overall number of accidents at those intersections.”
Dustin Varney, Greenwood Village Police Department Commander
The Denver Post (Colorado), April 14, 2014

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In Aurora, traffic accidents have decreased 35% at the 10 intersections with red-light cameras. Source: KUSA-TV NBC 12 (Colorado), April 16, 2014 


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 19

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Dash Cam Captures Red-Light Running Collision
KBTX-TV Channel 3 (Texas), April 9, 2014

A College Station man walked away with his life and video of an accident that could have been much worse. A professor at Texas A&M University was driving his minivan Tuesday afternoon when a cement truck driver coming from the opposite direction ran the red light and lost control, causing his truck to roll over and smash into the van.

Senator’s Bill Addresses School Bus Passing Violations
WYFF-TV NBC 4 (South Carolina), April 9, 2014

State Sen. Thomas Alexander has introduced a bill that would place cameras next to stop arms on school buses to provide law enforcement with evidence to track violators down and send them a ticket through the mail. “The fact that we’re seeing injuries and deaths from this tells me that we need to address it and use the latest in technology,” Alexander said.

Red Light Signal_Fayetteville_NorthCarolina_040814
Fayetteville Moving to Reinstall Red-Light Cameras
WNCN-TV NBC 17 (North Carolina), April 8, 2014

Fayetteville City Council is now taking another approach to put red-light cameras back at intersections. During discussion this week they considered pushing to change the law that forced the city to take down the cameras seven years ago. See related coverage from

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County to Put Safety Cameras on School Buses, School Zones
The Kaufman Herald (Texas), April 10, 2014

The Kaufman County Commissioners Court on Monday voted to install cameras on school buses to catch drivers who fail to stop as children exit the bus and in school zones to cite speeding drivers. In 2011, 7-year-old Nicolas Garza was struck and killed by a vehicle on State Hwy. 34 after he stepped off a school bus.

Athens School Bus Cameras Capture 17 Violations in 1st Week
Athens Banner-Herald (Georgia), April 9, 2014

Some motorists who recently ignored school bus stop signals in Athens are beginning to receive hefty fines in the mail. In its first full week of operation, a new camera system now used on several Clarke County School District buses captured images of 17 violators. (Athens Banner-Herald photo by AJ Reynolds)

Tractor-Trailer Hits Stopped School Bus
MyEasternShoreMD (Maryland), April 8, 2014

Four North Caroline High School students were transported to local hospitals with non life-threatening injuries after a school bus was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer Tuesday afternoon, April 8, the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office said. Maryland State Police said the bus was stopped to let off a student. (MyEasternShoreMD photo by Abby Andrews)

Stop-Arm Violations Top 200 in Falls Church
Falls Church News-Press (Virginia), April 7, 2014

Falls Church Police Chief Mary Gavin said that since the school bus stop arm safety camera program took effect last Oct. 1, 201 fines have been charged to motorists in the city for failing to stop when school buses are stopped and flashing their lights to take or let off students in the city. At $200 a pop, these fines have cost violators a whopping $40,200 in just six months.

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Police Line_Police Car_DL013013
1 Dead, 1 Injured in Red-Light Running Incident
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), April 9, 2014

A 61-year-old Dade City woman died and another was seriously injured Wednesday when a Pasco County school bus ran a red light and rear-ended a Smart car and broadsided a Malibu, authorities said.

Give Red-Light Cams the Green Light
St. Albert Gazette (Canada), April 9, 2014

Bans are extreme measures best reserved for extreme circumstances. The evidence is clear that red-light cameras make streets safer for motorists and pedestrians, making them a tool too valuable to ban.

Driver Seriously Injured in Red-Light Running Crash
Kings Park Patch (New York), April 8, 2014

A man was seriously injured Tuesday morning after his vehicle crashed into a Suffolk County Transit bus in North Patchogue, police said. Witnesses told authorities the driver of a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt went through a red light before the crash around 9 a.m.

Governor’s Veto Closes Circuit Court to Ticket Appeals
WAVY-TV NBC 10 (Virginia), April 8, 2014

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has vetoed a bill that would have granted people who receive red-light tickets the right to contest citations in circuit court.  The governor said that provision could inundate the judicial system with cases of limited financial impact.

ATS RLC_Pueblo_Colorado_040814
Pueblo Gains Small Profit from Red-Light Cameras
The Pueblo Chieftain (Colorado), April 8, 2014

A bill to ban red-light cameras was introduced in the state Capitol last week. Opponents say the cameras are more about money than public safety. But the city of Pueblo has had red-light cameras since September 2009. In that time, it’s earned $11,000. The city has a cost-neutral contract with American Traffic Solutions for $21,000 a month, but it only pays ATS what it collects. If the city exceeds $21,000 a month, it keeps the profit.

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Construction Zone_Trucks_Illinois_040814
Roadway Construction Season Is Here; Drive Cautiously
The Southern (Illinois), April 8, 2014

With a busy road construction season ahead, state police and transportation officials kicked off National Work Zone Awareness Week Monday by reminding drivers to be alert and take it slow in work zones. The safety campaign aims to reduce the number and severity of crashes on Illinois highways, especially in work zones. (The Southern photo by Adam Testa)

Bill Sending Speed Camera Question to Voters Fails
The Times-Picayune (Louisiana), April 8, 2014

A bill allowing voters to quash electronic speeding ticket programs in their municipalities prompted a heated debate in the Louisiana House Tuesday and split lawmakers nearly in half. It failed, but barely. ( Times-Picayune photo by Scott Threlkeld)

Spokane Council Considers School Zone Speed Cameras
The Spokesman-Review (Washington), April 6, 2014

Motorists speeding through school zones could be the next target of Spokane’s push into automated traffic enforcement cameras. With statistics suggesting red-light cameras have helped improve safety at intersections, while also hauling in millions of dollars in fines, Spokane now wants to know more about automated speed cameras that state lawmakers have authorized for use in school and road construction zones. Seattle and Tacoma already are using them.

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Merchants, ATS Announce Safety Partnership
Automotive Fleet, April 9, 2014

Merchants Fleet Management has partnered with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to provide customers with excellent traffic safety, mobility and compliance solutions. Merchants’ clients will benefit from multiple ATS programs including Toll Management Plus, Viologics and Toll Guard. Merchants and ATS will begin offering these programs to clients on May 1.

Fee Hike Transition Eased with Electronic Tolls
Marin Independent Journal (California), April 7, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge drivers began paying another dollar to cross the span Monday, but not a single additional bill was collected at the toll plaza. For the first time in its history, a toll hike was handled all electronically at the span. (Marin Independent Journal photo by Frankie Frost)

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Editorial: Cameras Need Green Light
The Pueblo Chieftain (Colorado), April 10, 2014

We agree with Pueblo City Council President Sandy Daff who said it would be a shame if the city no longer had the option to use red-light cameras in the future. If the cameras cut down on crashes and catch offenders, why shouldn’t such tools be available to our law enforcement agencies?

Editorial: Get the Picture?
Amarillo Globe-News (Texas), April 8, 2014

A single intersection in Amarillo had more than 2,000 violations issued for running a red light from July through February — that is according to the camera. And for many motorists, that’s the problem — the camera. However, the number of violations paints a not so pretty picture.

Letter: Beating Red-Light Cameras Is Easy; Obey Traffic Laws
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), April 8, 2014

I find it hard to believe so many people are upset about red-light cameras. Revenue machines, perhaps, but if you don’t blow through red lights, they make no money. If you don’t speed up when you see yellow because you don’t want to sit the minute for it to turn green again, they won’t make money.

Header QuoteOfTheWeek 480

“One of the best deterrents we can have is a financial penalty.”
Thomas Alexander, South Carolina State Senator
WYFF-TV NBC 4, April 9, 2014

“If we can free up an officer to explore other issues, rather than sitting there monitoring an intersection, sometimes just the presence of an officer in a neighborhood susceptible to crime is a deterrent.”
Marvin Lucas, North Carolina State Representative April 9, 2014

“What we’re seeing is a really good change in behavior in the motoring public. Again, that points to the safety benefits of these red-light cameras.”
Chris Noeller, Pueblo Police Department Sergeant
The Pueblo-Chieftain (Colorado), April 8, 2014


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 18

April 3rd, 2014 Comments off

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Tampa to Keep Red-Light Safety Cameras to 2016
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), April 3, 2014

The City Council Thursday gave new life to Tampa’s red-light cameras, voting 6-to-1 to renew the program’s contract for two more years. … Tampa has 51 cameras focused on 21 different intersections, and police say their use has raised driver awareness, reducing crashes and red light violations over time. (The Tampa Tribune photo by Jay Conner)

Laurel Looks to Add Right-Turn Warning Signs
WTOP Radio 103.5 FM (Maryland), April 3, 2014

As the City of Laurel comes closer to activating a new red-light camera on Van Dusen Road near Route 198, police are also looking at new traffic signs that will warn drivers about a specific type of turn and its potential to give them a ticket.

Police Warn of Red-Light Camera Phone Scam
WUSA-TV CBS 9 (Maryland), April 2, 2014

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a phone scam involving red-light camera tickets. Officials say someone is calling residents claiming to be a police officer and warning the person called that they have an unpaid camera violation in Charles County and it needs to be paid over the phone using a credit card. The Sheriff’s Office does not make phone calls regarding camera violations or payments by phone.

N.J. Report: Red-Light Safety Cameras Limit Crashes
The Inquirer (Pennsylvania), April 1, 2014

A transportation report issued Monday about the use of red-light cameras throughout New Jersey shows a decrease in crashes at intersections where the devices are used. View report here. (The Inquirer file photo by Tom Gralish)

New Data Shows Collisions Dropping in New Jersey
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), March 31, 2014

A state Department of Transportation report looking at up to three years worth of data on red-light traffic cameras has found the devices are reducing crashes at New Jersey intersections. The report found that at the 22 red-light camera intersections that had been active for at least two full years, total crashes are down 27 percent since the cameras were installed, while the more dangerous right-angle accidents have dropped 60 percent and rear-end crashes were reduced by 7 percent.

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Hillsborough Red-Light Cameras Are Not Going Anywhere
WTSP-TV CBS 10 (Florida), April 2, 2014

At a meeting on Wednesday, Hillsborough County commissioners are saying their red-light cameras are not going anywhere. Commissioners didn’t vote on anything, but nearly all of them spoke up strongly in favor of the cameras and the power they’ve seen the cameras have in changing drivers’ behavior for the better. See related coverage from Tampa Bay Times and WFLA-Radio 970 AM.

Rally Calls for Safer Streets, Driving
KITV-TV ABC 4 (Hawaii), March 31, 2014

Drivers were reminded to slow down Monday in front of 10 Pearl City schools as part of the “It’s Not All Right to Run the Red Light” campaign. Although there are crosswalks along Waimano Home Road, parents say they do not feel safe letting their children walk to school after a woman was hit and killed. They say it is an issue of speed with drivers going well over the limit.

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Maryland Wants Drivers to Go Through Work Zones Safely
WTOP-Radio 103.5 FM, April 2, 2014

Throughout the past 14 months, nine people have died in Maryland work zones, including five highway workers. Speed cameras are one tool that these agencies use to keep work zones safe. Under Maryland law, drivers can get speed cameras in work zone for going 12 mph or more over the limit. (WTOP photo by Ari Ashe)

Speed Camera Agreement for City May be On the Way
New York Daily News (New York), April 1, 2014

Looks like Mayor de Blasio could get his speed cameras after all. Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders couldn’t agree on a plan to authorize more cameras for the city and Nassau and Suffolk counties in the state budget that passed Monday — but they say they expect to take up the issue in coming weeks. “We did not get to that in this budget, but we will — and will shortly,” Cuomo said Tuesday.

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Stop-Arm Violations in Forsyth Up More Than 50%
Winston-Salem Journal/News & Record (North Carolina), April 1, 2014

More drivers illegally passed stopped school buses in Forsyth County during this year’s annual one-day count than during any year since the statewide effort to track the problem began in 1998. (Winston-Salem Journal photo by Walt Unks) See related coverage from WFMY-TV Channel 2.

Header Announcements 480

ATS logo

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce the signing of a road safety camera agreement with the City of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, for an initial term of three years. ATS is also proud to announce the extension of its contract with the City of Florissant, Missouri. ATS is honored to participate in the traffic safety efforts in these municipalities.

Header Toll Roads 480

Enforcers Might Track Toll Scofflaws Across State Lines
Stateline, March 31, 2014

New England drivers who speed through toll plazas in neighboring states without paying are in for a rude surprise. Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have agreed to crack down on their own residents who frequently blow off tolls in the other states. The three-year-old arrangement has yielded only modest amounts of money, but it is being hailed as a model for interstate cooperation as electronic tolling spreads across the country. (Associated Press photo)

Work Marks Start of Big Toll System Change
Daily Pilot (California), March 27, 2014

As drivers whizzed north on the San Joaquin Hills (73) toll road Thursday, some veered right toward the cash tollbooths at the Catalina View Mainline Toll Plaza rather than continue through the FasTrak lanes. … Come May, at a specific date still to be determined, traffic will be routed instead through the automated lanes. Customers can pay with FasTrak or the new ExpressAccounts, which if not prepaid will allow charges to be applied to a credit card or the driver to be billed monthly. (Daily Pilot photo by Kevin Chang)


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Commentary: After Study, DOT’s a Fan of Red-Light Cameras
The Record (New Jersey), April 1, 2014

It took a while, but the New Jersey Department of Transportation finally released the third interim report evaluating its oft-criticized red-light camera experiment, and to hardly anyone’s surprise, the DOT remains cautiously steadfast in pursuing the use of cameras for issuing $85 tickets by mail instead of the old-fashioned system of cops chasing down violators. “The data show overall decreases in the number of annual crashes as well as the decreases in the number of annual citations issued for all programs,” said the report.

Letter to the Editor: Embrace the Safety of Red-Light Cameras
Daily Record (New Jersey), April 2, 2014

Isn’t it typical of a newspaper that fails to report any news of value for fear of offending someone to present such a wishy-washy argument against the use of red-light cameras? Using the comments of scared politicians and what the scared politicians label as “inconclusive” studies, you fence-sit through an editorial with only a title and last sentence that ultimately condemn them. Simply stated, the cameras work.

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No matter what side of the fence you’re on – for or against the cameras – I challenge you to tell me that your driving behavior has not changed due to the fact that red-light cameras do exist there now. I mean I’ll tell you for a fact it’s affected myself, my family, everybody, because you pay more attention to it.”
Greg Brown, Colonel with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
WFLA Radio 970 AM (Florida), April 3, 2014

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“This is a cost-effective public safety tool we can use to save lives on our roads. To suggest otherwise would be inaccurate.”
Kevin Beckner, Hillsborough County Commissioner
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), April 2, 2014

“Motorists should not be extra careful around school buses because they might get caught. They should be extra careful around school buses because that’s where kids are. Nobody wants to live with the knowledge they’ve caused injury to a child.”
Derek Graham, Section Chief for Transportation Services, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Winston-Salem Journal/News & Record (North Carolina), April 1, 2014

“It looks like the program is working, not just in Newark, but in the other municipalities. People are changing the way they drive.”
Jack Nata, Manager of Newark’s Traffic and Signals Division
The Star-Ledger (New Jersey), March 31, 2014

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Tampa police said crashes dropped nearly 11 percent at the first 14 intersections to get the cameras during the first year of the program. The second year, the same intersections saw a further 33 percent reduction in crashes. Meanwhile, police said collisions at 19 crash-prone intersections that don’t have cameras rose by nearly 20 percent. Source: Tampa Bay Times, April 3, 2014. 

In Hillsborough County, where 10 red-light safety cameras are in place at six intersections, citations have gone down every year since 2009 when cameras were installed. After three fatalities at those intersections between 2006 and 2008, there have been none since. Source: Tampa Bay Times, April 2, 2014.

New Jersey
According to the third annual report on red-light camera programs in New Jersey:

At the two intersections with red-light cameras in operation for three years, right-angle crashes are down 86%, rear-end crashes are down 58%, total crashes are down 72%, and estimated crash severity costs have been reduced by $246,200, when comparing pre-camera year data with year-three crash data. Citations are down 83% from the first month of operation to the 36th month.

At the 22 locations with active red-light cameras for two years, right-angle crashes are down 60%, rear-end crashes are down 7%, total crashes are down 27%, and estimated crash severity costs have been reduced by $787,200, when comparing pre-camera year data with year-two crash data. Citations are down 61% from month 1 of operation to month 24.

For the 23 intersections with red-light cameras in use for one year, right-angle crashes are down 15%, rear-end crashes are down 3%, total crashes are down 5%, and estimated crash severity costs have decreased by $2,176,100, when comparing pre-camera year data with year-one crash data. Regarding the citations issued at these locations, comparing month 1 with month 12, citations are down 31%.

Source: Report on Red-Light Traffic Control Signal Monitoring Systems, 2013. Released March 28, 2014.