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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 52

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Thanksgiving shot 2 cornucopia
Happy Thanksgiving from ATS
This Thanksgiving holiday, 3 million people are expected to travel by plane and more than 43 million people are expected to drive at least 50 miles in the United States to be with their family and friends. Along with extending its warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, American Traffic Solutions urges all travelers to be cautious on the roads so as to arrive at their family gatherings safely.

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Orange County Adds 3 Red-Light Cameras
WFTV-TV ABC 9 (Florida), Nov. 25, 2013

Orange County drivers will need to be more cautious at three new intersections before Thanksgiving. The county will turn on the first three of 80 brand new red-light cameras. (WKMG-TV Channel 6 image) 

Iowa Cities Defend Red-Light, Speed Cameras
The World-Herald (Nebraska), Nov. 25, 2013

Officials in many Iowa cities using cameras, including Council Bluffs and Sioux City, oppose a proposed change to photo enforcement, calling it an attempt to take the cameras away. They regard the cameras as important traffic safety tools and say the state is interfering in a local matter.

Red-Light, School Speed Cameras Remain in Mesa
The Arizona Republic, Nov. 25, 2013

Mesa’s traffic-camera program survived a long and occasionally tense City Council debate this week, with one exception. In the end, it was decided the radar vans will go away, red-light safety cameras will remain but be reviewed next year, school zone cameras will remain and may be increased in number, and revenue derived from the program be plowed back into traffic-safety efforts. The vote also included a five-year contract extension with American Traffic Solutions, pushing the life of the camera program to early 2019.

Understaffed Agency Gets Patrol Help from Red-Light Cameras
KERO-TV ABC 23 (California), Nov. 25, 2013

Sgt. Joe Grubbs with the Bakersfield Police Department told 23ABC local red-light cameras on average are catching 581 people per month. Grubbs said the extra set of electronic eyes has become a crucial component to keeping you and your family safe on the streets as the BPD faces short-staffing.

3 Injured in Red-Light Running Crash
WDTN-TV Channel 2 (Ohio), Nov. 24, 2013

Police are investigating after two vehicles collided head-on early Saturday morning. According to officers, a truck was heading east when it ran a red light. Police said the truck smashed into a car turning east from Abbey Avenue to U.S. 35. Three people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Red-Light Runner Slams into SUV in Apopka
Central Florida News TV13, Nov. 25, 2013

Police have released video of a crash captured by one of the Apopka’s red-light cameras, showing a red-light runner slamming into an SUV. The red-light running driver was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition. View video.

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Orange County Tolls to Go Cash Free in 2014
KPCC-Radio 89.3 (California), Nov. 25, 2013

The toll booths are going away in Orange County early next year. The Transportation Corridor Agencies is moving to an all electronic collection system for its 51 miles of toll roads in Orange County by June 2014. “More than 80 percent of the county’s toll road users have FasTrak transponders and don’t need to do anything,” TCA spokeswoman Lisa Telles said. (Orange County Register file photo by Kevin Sullivan)

Virginia Man Drives Up $200,000 Bill on Toll Road
NBC Washington Channel 4, Nov. 24, 2013

This week, Virginia Department of Transportation took a Virginia man to court because his toll road bill had ballooned from $440 to more than $200,000, including late fees and interest. They reached a settlement and agreed on a payment plan. The driver said a friend told him that when the toll booths were unmanned after 11:30 p.m., you could use the road without paying. His friend was wrong.

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American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce the signing of two new agreements for CrossingGuard School Bus Stop Arm Safety Cameras. Earlier this month, both Douglas County School District and Athens-Clarke County, in partnership with Clarke County School District, agreed to separate contracts with initial terms of five years. School bus safety cameras are attached to the exterior of a bus to deter motorists from unlawfully passing school buses that are stopped to pick up or drop off students. ATS welcomes its new partners in traffic safety and looks forward to working with the school districts for the protection of their students.

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@ATS_RoadSafety Children Pedestrian Safety: Annually 67,124 children are injured in the pedestrian crossing …

@ATS_RoadSafety Red-light cameras have made some busy Kansas City intersections safer.  @KCStar  #stoponred

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Editorial: Fix Kansas City’s Red-Light Law for Safer Streets
The Kansas City Star (Missouri), Nov. 24, 2013

Red-light cameras have made some busy Kansas City intersections safer by improving the behavior of motorists the last several years. Fewer people are running stop lights. Dangerous crashes have declined. Plus, the cameras have provided evidence in high-profile police cases, including at least one murder investigation.

Letter to the Editor: Ticket-less and Grateful for Safety
The Herald (Washington), Nov. 27, 2013

With regard to the complainers about the red-light cameras in Lynnwood. Before those cameras were installed, you were literally taking your life in your hands driving through the intersection of 196th and 36th as five to seven cars ran red lights daily. This is not an exaggeration, I drive through that intersection at least twice a day.

Letter to the Editor: City Needs More Red-Light Safety Cameras
The Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Nov. 24, 2013

I was approaching Broad Street while traveling west on Medical Center Parkway, the traffic signal turned amber, and I knew that I had ample time to stop before it turned red, so I did. The car next to me didn’t. The driver clearly ran the light. I was thinking about needing more red-light cameras when I heard the engine rev up next to me, and a little tan car went barreling through the intersection even though the light clearly had turned red 50 yards before the car reached the intersection.

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Council Bluffs acquired seven fixed cameras in 2005 and added six more in 2009. According to city data, crashes have declined by 57 percent at the intersections where cameras were installed in 2005, and by 25 percent at the intersections where the devices were added in 2009. SOURCE: The World-Herald (Nebraska), Nov. 25, 2013.


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 51

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Video Details New Jersey’s Red-Light Safety Camera Program
The Star Ledger (New Jersey), Nov. 16, 2013

One of the two vendors for New Jersey’s controversial red-light cameras has put out a video intended to provide a comprehensive look at the process — and clear up some persistent questions. The video by American Traffic Solutions is scheduled to be advertised on and New Jersey 101.5. Click here for video. See related press release.

Advocates Rally for Pedestrian Safety
The Atlantic Cities (New York), Nov. 14, 2013

Advocates for safer streets recently held a rally in Queens called “Three Children Too Many.” It memorialized three young victims of traffic violence, who died in the Jackson Heights neighborhood over the past year. At the rally, the parents of Allison Liao, a 3-year-old killed by a driver who failed to yield in a crosswalk in Flushing, Queens, gave voice to their grief. Click here for video. (Image by The Atlantic Cities and StreetFilms)

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Crosswalk Safety, Red-Light Running Fine Revenue Combine in Amarillo
KVII-TV ABC 7 (Texas), Nov. 21, 2013

Two city Traffic Commissioners are intending to randomly check a number of crosswalks this weekend to determine their safety. Commissioner Mark Nair says because revenue from the red-light cameras is dedicated to traffic safety, they’d been considering crosswalk safety for some time.

Task Force Supports Red-Light Cameras in Sugar Land
Sugar Land City Press Release (Texas), Nov. 20, 2013

The Traffic Safety Task Force recommended the continuation of red-light cameras in Sugar Land but asked City Council on Nov. 19 to consider modifications such as increased signage and yellow light timing. The task force acknowledged the cameras are an important public safety tool that contributes to the safe operation of high-volume intersections in Sugar Land by changing the behaviors of drivers. See related coverage from Sugar Land Sun. (Photo by

Piscataway Red-Light Safety Cameras to Stay
The Alternative Press (New Jersey), Nov. 19, 2013

The state Department of Transportation said this week it would not require Piscataway to take down its red-light cameras along South Plainfield’s border. Assistant DOT Commissioner Anthony J. Attanasio said that Piscataway’s cameras are part of a five-year pilot program and that data from the intersections is needed so the department can “make sound safety recommendations to the Governor and State Legislature.”

Nassau County Expands Red-Light Camera Program
New Hyde Park Patch (New York), Nov. 19, 2013

Nassau County began installation of two red-light cameras on Friday afternoon along Jericho Turnpike. The county currently has cameras at 76 locations out of the 100 it is allowed under law.

Diboll Council Agrees to More Red-Light Cameras on Highway
Lufkin Daily News (Texas), Nov. 19, 2013

Members of the Diboll City Council elected on Monday to place additional red-light safety cameras along U.S. Highway 59 in the city. The approved resolution authorizes American Traffic Solutions to install cameras at the three selected locations.

Number of Red-Light Safety Cameras Increase in Pueblo
KXRM-TV FOX 21 (Colorado), Nov. 19, 2013

The Pueblo Police Department has partnered with American Traffic Solutions to install a third red-light safety camera to its program. Police said the camera systems are in response to a survey completed last year, which identified intersections with a high number of red-light violations.

Red-Light Camera Video in Missing Person Case Released
WTSP-TV CBS 10 (Florida), Nov. 18, 2013

Orlando police released red-light camera video showing what they say is the vehicle of Michelle Parker, who vanished two years ago in Central Florida.

D.C. Metropolitan Police Release Photo Enforcement Statistics (District of Columbia), Nov. 18, 2013

Photo Enforcement and Traffic Crash Statistics provided during the DC StreetSafe Automated Traffic Safety Enforcement press event are available. (Graphic by D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and

Scottsdale’s New Camera Site in Warning Phase
City of Scottsdale (Arizona), Oct. 31, 2013

During the month of November, Scottsdale’s new fixed site photo enforcement location at Alma School Road and Dynamite Boulevard /Rio Verde Drive will issue warnings only to alert the public of the new device. After the 30-day warning period is over the photo enforcement site will begin issuing citations to drivers who travel 11 miles or more over the speed limit.

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Pedestrian Exiting School Bus Struck by Vehicle
WPVI-TV ABC 6 (Pennsylvania), Nov. 19, 2013

Police say a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle after getting off a school bus in West Philadelphia Tuesday evening. … The victim’s injuries, according to investigators, are non-life threatening.

Police: Vehicle Swerves Away from Children Off School Bus, Hits Teen
WRGA-Radio 1479 AM (Georgia), Nov. 19, 2013

A teenager was injured after she was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of 19th and Flannery streets on Tuesday afternoon. According to Capt. Paul Greene of the Rome Police Department, a group of children had been let off the school bus and were in the roadway. A vehicle swerved to go around the children and struck the teen. Her injuries do not appear to be serious.

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2,700 Tickets Issued in 1st Month of Speed Cameras
CLTV Chicagoland Television (Illinois), Nov. 20, 2013

In one month, authorities issued 2,722 speeding tickets from photo enforcement cameras installed around four parks in Chicago.

Kent to Use Speed Cameras to Stop Lead-Footers Near Schools (Washington), Nov. 18, 2013

The city of Kent, which has shunned traffic cameras in the past, has reversed course and is installing its first cameras ever to maintain safety around two elementary schools.

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Updated ePrimer Addresses Electronic Tolling
U.S. Department of Transportation, Nov. 18, 2013

The U.S. Department of Transportation will soon release a new, advanced, web-based textbook on intelligent transportation systems, the ITS ePrimer. This electronic resource will provide transportation professionals, educators, students, and others with a series of up-to-date, web-based modules describing key ITS topics, including electronic tolling, with a multi-modal perspective.

More States Consider Toll Roads to Fund Infrastructure
USA Today/Detroit Free Press, Nov. 11, 2013

Cash-strapped states are scouting for ways to pay for critical road work, and increasingly, the result for motorists is the same: You’re going to have to pay a toll. In the past, state and federal gas taxes largely covered the cost of building and maintaining roads. But the federal gas tax, currently 18.4 cents per gallon, has not changed in 20 years. Meanwhile, people are driving less and vehicles are becoming more fuel efficient. 

Header Announcements 480

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners has approved the renewal of its road safety camera contract with ATS for another year, from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2014. ATS, Gwinnett County’s vendor since 2010, is honored to continue to partner with the county and contribute to its traffic safety program.

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@ATS_RoadSafety  Have u been the victim of a red-light runner? Need someone to talk to? Check out @NoCrashes for more info:

@ATS_RoadSafety  Video: explains how New Jersey’s red-light safety cameras work:  @njdotcom  #stoponred

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Computer Keyboard No. 2_DL122612
Commentary: If You Dislike Traffic Jams, Support Better Transit
The Patriot News (Pennsylvania), Nov. 18, 2013

One key to Harrisburg’s future is vastly improved public transportation. Some 40,000 commuters come into the city every workday – proof that the fate of the city is inextricably tied to the surrounding region. … Speed and red-light cameras can be used for greater enforcement. Methods to slow traffic should be implemented where there are many pedestrians.

Editorial: Put No Curbs on Road Safety
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Nov. 20, 2013

The video is chilling: a group of schoolchildren are halfway across the street in the crosswalk when a car comes barreling through without even slowing down. Miraculously, the kids are able to dodge the car, so no one is hurt — but it’s only luck and a few inches between them and tragedy. … Those who don’t believe that traffic cameras serve a valuable purpose should watch this video.

Letter to the Editor: A Few Important Points about Speed Cameras
Mason City Globe-Gazette (Iowa), Nov. 21, 2013

Several years ago I drove through Cedar Rapids. A few weeks later I opened a letter from the city with a very nice photo of my car, vanity plates and all, and the accompanying narrative stating I was cited for speeding. My reaction was the same as if an officer had pulled me over: I’m sorry officer/camera and here’s the money for my fine. In my 50 years of driving I have yet to see a sign that says there is a trooper half a mile down the road running his radar. Cedar Rapids warned me with signs and I obviously ignored them.

Letter: Give Red-Light Cameras a Chance
Bucks County Courier Times (Pennsylvania), Nov. 17, 2013

Let’s set the record straight on the outlook for Abington Township’s soon-to-be-launched red-light safety camera program. AAA and others are passing judgment before the program has gotten off the ground, unfairly comparing Abington to Philadelphia.

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“Our hope is that drivers modify their behavior so citations don’t have to be issued. One of our top priorities is safety for the motoring public.”
Jim Butera, Scottsdale Police Department Sergeant
AZNewszap/Scottsdale Independent (Arizona), Nov. 20, 2013 

“Based on past data, (red light camera) locations as a group show across-the-board decreases in right-angle, rear-end and total crashes.”
Anthony J. Attanasio, Assistant New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner
The Alternative Press, Nov. 19, 2013

“When the speed limit was 20 mph we had a car, at least a few cars going over 50 mph and one was going 58.”
Ken Thomas, Police Chief of Kent, Washington, Nov. 18, 2013

Header Statistics 480
Tolling – National
According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 42 states and the District of Columbia now have some sort of tolling authority or facility. SOURCE: USA Today, Nov. 11, 2013.

Public-private road partnerships are becoming more popular, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Jaime Rall. Thirty-three states have authorized such agreements, up from 29 in 2010, and at least 24 states have considered legislation that would create a public-private road partnership this year, twice the 2008 figure, Rall said. SOURCE: USA Today, Nov. 11, 2013.


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 50

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Washington State Supreme Court Won’t Review Red-Light Camera Case
The Daily News, Nov. 14, 2013

The state Supreme Court has declined to review Longview City Councilman Mike Wallin’s attempt to overturn judicial decisions in his red-light camera case against the city of Longview. The decision leaves the appeals court ruling intact, which found that a citizens’ initiative to ban red-light cameras is beyond the scope of local initiative power, and that Longview did not have to hold an advisory vote on the cameras.

Red-Light Running Video Helps Police Arrest Wanted Suspect
KVOA-TV NBC 4 (Arizona), Nov. 12, 2013

Routine review of red-light camera violations helped lead Sierra Vista police officers to the arrest of a suspect wanted for multiple felonies and listed on the Citizens Assisted Location List.

Officials Credit Red-Light Cameras for Improved Safety (New Jersey), Nov. 12, 2013

One year after installing controversial red-light cameras at one of Englewood Cliffs’ busiest intersections, it appears they may be here for the long run. Officials report a decrease in total crashes, rear-end crashes and right-angle collisions.

New Red-Light Camera Goes Online in Boynton Beach
The Palm Beach Post (Florida), Nov. 12, 2013

A seventh camera is shooting photographs of drivers running red lights in the city, this one at the intersection of West Boynton Beach Boulevard and Northwest Eighth Street.

RLC Sign_CityUnknown_WKMG-TV 6_Orlando_Florida_041013
Red-Light Runners, Crashes Drop at Intersections with Cameras
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 11, 2013

The number of crashes and drivers plowing through traffic lights dropped at nearly every Orange County intersection that’s been outfitted with a red-light camera, a recent internal review found. County engineers found that violations dropped by 25 percent and the number of fender benders fell by 11 percent, when comparing two different one-year stretches between 2011 and 2013. Other programs in Central Florida have seen similar results. (WKMG-TV 6 image.)

Council Extends Red-Light Camera Program
The Daily News Journal (Tennessee), Nov. 7, 2013

American Traffic Solutions will continue to operate red-light cameras through Nov. 30, 2014, the Murfreesboro City Council decided Thursday night. “We make our streets safer for all of our drivers,” Police Chief Glenn Chrisman told the six council members present. See related article in The Murfreesboro Post.

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Video Goes to Police Investigating Vehicle-Bicyclist Collision
KCTV-Channel 5 (Missouri), Nov. 13, 2013

A man is in critical condition after being struck by a taxi Tuesday night in Midtown Kansas City. ATS provided video of the incident to police who are investigating the circumstances of the collision. See related coverage from WDAF-TV FOX 4.

Crashes Decrease, Orange County Expands Camera Program
WESH-TV NBC 2 (Florida), Nov.  11, 2013

As part of its ongoing expansion of red-light safety cameras, Orange County will soon add cameras to seven more intersections, including one where 35 crashes occurred last year, sending 13 people to hospitals. Ten cameras are already in place, and the county plans to install up to 80 red-light safety cameras.

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City of Kent Turns On School Zone Speed Safety Cameras
Kent Reporter (Washington), Nov. 11, 2013

The city of Kent will start operating its first school zone speed safety cameras to catch speeders on Monday, Nov. 18. See city’s press release. (Kent Reporter photo by Steve Hunter)

Header TollRoadSafety 480

Illinois Tollway Opens 1st All-Electronic Toll Interchange at IL47
TollRoadsNews, Nov. 13, 2013

The Illinois Tollway opened its first all-electronic toll interchange last Friday (Nov 8) in a ribboncutting ceremony at Illinois State Route 47 near Huntley on the I-90 Jane Addams Tollway. … The Tollway says 86 pecent of transactions on its network of four tollways are now collected by transponder.  See related article from

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Vehicle Crashes into Stopped School Bus with Lights Flashing
Reading Eagle (Pennsylvania), Nov. 12, 2013

A Schuylkill Valley High School student was taken to Reading Hospital after the stopped school bus she was riding in was struck by a car Monday, state police at Hamburg said. Troopers said a car struck the back of the bus, which was stopped and had all its warning lights activated.

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Stop On Red Crashes are down 25 to 50% at #Orlando intersections with safety cameras. They’re working! #StopOnRed

@ATS_RoadSafety  Always STOP for the school bus! Student hit while boarding bus in east Charlotte, police say via @WBTV_News

Header Announcements 480

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pleased to announce that the town of Huntingdon, Tennessee, and the city of Ferguson, Missouri, have extended their road safety camera agreements. Huntingdon, an ATS client since 2009, agreed to a four-year extension, while Ferguson, an ATS customer since 2011, signed a five-year extension. ATS is honored by their customers’ decisions and looks forward to contributing to their traffic safety efforts.
Header Commentaries 480

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Commentary: Treat Red-Light Running Tickets Like Parking Tickets
Columbia Daily Tribune (Missouri), Nov. 11, 2013

The state law should be amended to allow red-light camera enforcement on the same grounds as parking violations. New technology allows more effective enforcement and deterrence of one of our most serious vehicle collision threats. Current state law dangerously interferes with the process.

Commentary: Road Rules Are in Place for a Reason
Columbia Daily Tribune (Missouri), Nov. 11, 2013

If drivers followed all the rules of the road, we would not need traffic cops, sobriety checkpoints, red-light cameras, “texting while driving” laws or highway patrols, and roughly 40,000 Americans would not be killed in traffic accidents each year and hundreds of thousands more would not be injured or disabled.

Editorial: Our Take, They’re Working
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 13, 2013

Ever since the Florida Legislature authorized cameras to catch red-light runners in 2010, critics have tried to get the law repealed. Results like those from a recent review of cameras in Orange County should persuade lawmakers to slam the brakes on any repeal efforts. At the 10 county intersections with red-light cameras, overall citations fell 18 percent and accidents dropped 11 percent when comparing separate one-year stretches between 2011 and 2013.

Letter to the Editor: Use Cameras at Railroad Crossings
Illinois Daily Herald, Nov. 13, 2013

My commute takes me across railroad tracks in Mundelein and Vernon Hills twice a day, and every day, I watch cars in back of me stop on the tracks simply because they followed the car in front of them. So why not put red-light cameras at every railroad crossing?

Letter to the Editor: Studies Show Cameras Reduce Crashes
Glenside News Globe (Pennsylvania), Nov. 12, 2013

There has been a lot of talk lately about Abington Township’s soon-to-be-launched red-light safety camera program, so let’s set the record straight. As executive director of a coalition supporting safety cameras, I’ve seen firsthand how well-run programs in smaller communities can be successful in reducing red-light violations and improving safety.

Header QuoteOfTheWeek 480

“Bottom line is that the number of crashes overall at the 10 locations are decreasing and the number of violations that we give out at the intersections are decreasing. So people are changing their behavior and the way they drive.”
Krista Barber, Orange County Government
WESH-TV NBC 2 (Florida), Nov. 11, 2013

“It’s doing what it’s supposed to do — it’s changing driving habits.”
Charles Vavrek, Former Police Chief and manager of Apopka Stops On Red, the city’s red-light enforcement program.
Sun Sentinel (Florida), Nov. 11, 2013Header Statistics 480

In Palm Coast, for the week of Oct. 21-27, there were a total of 3,642 violation events this week, 278 citations issued and the camera at the intersection of Palm Coast Parkway (east) and Florida Park Drive had the most violation events, with 339. SOURCE: Palm Coast Observer, Nov. 11, 2013.

In Orange County, where the current red-light camera program is being expanded, engineers said the average number of red-light violations dropped by 25 percent at the intersections with cameras, and the number of crashes dropped about 14 percent. Engineers also said the number of people running red lights dropped at nine out of the 10 intersections. SOURCE: Central Florida News Channel 13, Nov. 11, 2013.

In Murfreesboro, where a red-light camera program began in July 2008, traffic collisions at all intersections have decreased 56.7 percent from 1,692 in 2007-08 to 732 in 2012-13, even though intersections have increased from 122 to 143. The city also had a 45.6 percent decrease in total crashes at the six red-light camera intersections, going from 173 in 2007-08 to 94 by 2012-13. SOURCE: The Daily News Journal, Nov. 7, 2013.


ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 49

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Road Safety Ink Gets a New Look

Road Safety Ink introduces its new look today. American Traffic Solutions’ online newsletter sports a new color palette and additional category headers for a simple and orderly presentation of news about American Traffic Solutions, its subsidiaries and the photo enforcement industry. This is the newsletter’s first major redesign since its start in December 2010.

Browsing the entire collection is encouraged. Brief introductions to each story are provided, however, complete articles are just a click away.

American Traffic Solutions encourages all of its Road Safety Ink followers to share the information in this newsletter with co-workers, friends, family and people with questions about photo enforcement. This is one more way we can all help to make driving safer on the road ahead.

Header MediaCoverage 480

Graphic_RLC_StLouis_Missouri_KTVI TV FOX2_110513
Red-Light Cameras Changing Driving Habits
KTVI-TV FOX 2 (Missouri), Nov. 5, 2013

Red-light cameras are changing drivers’ behaviors, and red-light running violations have significantly dropped since cameras were installed six years ago in St. Louis. See related article at ITS International. (Graphic by KTVI-TV FOX 2)

School Bus, Truck Collide at Intersection
The Arizona Republic, Nov. 5, 2013

Three people were injured Tuesday afternoon when a school bus and a truck collided at a Goodyear intersection, officials said. A Goodyear police spokesperson said the school bus was heading south on Estrella Parkway shortly after 4 p.m. and was turning east onto Van Buren Street when, witnesses reported, the truck ran a red light at high speeds and T-boned the bus.

Voters Reject Eyman’s Initiative on Initiatives
KATU-TV ABC 2 (Oregon), Nov. 5, 2013

Voters in Washington state on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a measure that would have expanded the rights of initiative signature gatherers. … Initiative promoter Tim Eyman filed I-517 last year just weeks after the state Supreme Court ruled that city laws allowing for red-light traffic cameras are not subject to repeal by voters.

Judge Upholds Rochester’s Red-Light Camera Program
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (New York), Nov. 4, 2013

Rochester’s red-light camera program is constitutional, a judge has ruled in dismissing a lawsuit that challenged the program. “The entire record presented to the court provides ample justification for the red light camera laws,” state Supreme Court Justice Scott Odorisi wrote in a 27-page decision, finding later that it “does not infringe upon a fundamental right or offend substantive due process.” See mayor’s statement.

Header SafeSpeeds 480

More Than 233,000 Vehicles Trip 4 Chicago Speed Cameras in 45 Days
Government Technology, Nov. 5, 2013

Four new speed cameras in Chicago caught more than 233,000 speeders in 45 days, which would have brought in $13.8 million in revenue for the city. But that 45-day period was a warning and testing period, intended to let the city examine the effectiveness of its first speed cameras. The grace period is now over.

Header VideoOfTheWeek
Intersection Collision Kills 1, Injures 6 (New Jersey), Nov. 4, 2013

Authorities continue to investigate a major accident in Galloway Township involving a tractor trailer, which claimed the life of a local man and injured several others. Authorities say the driver of the tractor trailer ran a red light, resulting in the crashes. See related coverage from Galloway Patch.

Header TollRoadSafety 480

Tarrant County to Block Vehicle Registration of Toll Scofflaws
WFAA-TV ABC 8 (Texas), Nov. 5, 2013

The Tarrant County tax assessor has drivers with more than 100 unpaid toll violations in his crosshairs. “I’m going to block your registration if you don’t pay your tolls,” said Tarrant County Tax Assessor/Collector Ron Wright.  Tarrant County joins Dallas and Denton counties in helping the North Texas Tollway Authority collect unpaid tolls.

Header CrossingGuard NoTM  480
Vehicle Hits Student Boarding School Bus
WBTV-TV CBS 3 (North Carolina), Nov. 6, 2013

Police in Charlotte say a 10th-grade student was hit while trying to board the school bus in east Charlotte. The student’s injuries are non-life threatening.

Fairfax County Considers School Bus Safety Cameras
Sun Gazette (Virginia), Nov. 4, 2013

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on Oct. 29 directed county staff members to investigate the potential benefits, limitations and drawbacks of installing such stop-arm cameras on some of the school system’s buses. Supervisor John Foust brought up the issue as a board matter during the meeting and noted that Falls Church City Public Schools recently outfitted some of its buses with CrossingGuard cameras made by American Traffic Solutions. (Sun Gazette photo by John Wesley Brett)

School Bus Safety Cameras Arrive in Houston County
WMAZ-TV CBS 13 (Georgia), Nov. 3, 2013

Houston County Schools announced last fall they were coming.  Now they’re here, ready to stop what transportation director Frank Scott calls a problem of too many motorists passing school buses during the time drivers are loading and unloading students.

Teen Who Died at School Bus Stop Remembered
Salisbury Post (North Carolina), Nov. 3, 2013

On Oct. 17 Makinzy Smith did what he always did on school days — he left the front porch light on signaling to the bus driver he’d be riding that day. The 17-year-old never made it to West Rowan High School, where he was a junior. In fact, the teenager never made it to the bus. He was struck and killed around 6:30 a.m. while crossing Woodleaf Road in front of his grandparents’ home.

Header TweetOfTheWeek 480

@ATS_RoadSafety ST LOUIS: 6 yrs since cameras were 1st installed, the avg # of citations issued per camera/mo decreased 60%

@TrafficSafeOrg  Study shows traffic light enforcement having positive effects on #roadsafety in St Louis #Missouri @ATS_RoadSafety

Header Announcements 480
American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce two new agreements with the cities of Hutto, Texas, and Cheverly, Maryland. An ATS customer since 2007, Hutto recently renewed its contract with ATS for another five years, extending the partnership through November 2018. Cheverly, a new ATS client, will receive a speed safety camera system under the terms of its new five-year contract. ATS is honored to be a part of these cities’ traffic safety endeavors.

Header PressRelease 480
Recent Missouri Ruling Upholds Red-Light Safety Camera Constitutionality
American Traffic Solutions news release, Nov. 7, 2013

A recent ruling by the Missouri Court of Appeals of Eastern Missouri has again upheld the constitutionality of red-light safety camera programs, and affirmed the City of Ellisville’s authority to regulate traffic safety as an appropriate function of the city’s police power. Because of conflicting rulings, the State Supreme Court must now clarify the procedures cities must use for the issuance of citations. The Court must also determine whether the Department of Revenue’s determination that automated enforcement safety camera violations do not require the assessment of points can be overturned by violator class action lawsuits.

Violations Decrease at St. Louis’ Intersections with Cameras
Marketwired, Nov. 5, 2013

Driver behavior at St. Louis’ red-light safety camera monitored intersections continues to change, according to a recent analysis by American Traffic Solutions. ATS, Missouri’s and the nation’s leading red-light safety camera provider, found that the number of red-light running violations captured at ATS monitored intersections has fallen significantly as drivers have become more accustomed to increased red-light enforcement.

CEO Jim Tuton Recognized for Entrepreneurship
Digital Journal, Nov. 4, 2013

James Tuton, American Traffic Solutions (ATS) Chief Executive Officer, recently was recognized as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2013 at the recent Builders + Innovators Summit. See related coverage from Sys-Con Media.

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Letter to the Editor: Enforce Speed Limit Near Local School
Pocono Record (Pennsylvania), Nov. 5, 2013

Regarding the recent accident on Route 191, I’m bothered that for years, I have watched as parents and buses have dropped and picked up students at Clearview Elementary School. The yellow blinking school zone lights give drivers enough time to slow down when entering the school zone. I watch as many drivers race up the road and totally ignore these signals, both at arrival and dismissal times.

Letter: Candidly, It’s Safer with Cameras Inquirer (Pennsylvania), Nov. 5, 2013

Let’s set the record straight on the outlook for Abington Township’s soon-to-be-launched red-light safety camera program (“Do red-light cameras pay their way?” Oct. 25). AAA and others are passing judgment before the program has gotten off the ground, unfairly comparing Abington to Philadelphia.

Letter: Take Care Around School Buses
The Virginian-Pilot/Pilot Online (Virginia), Nov. 4, 2013

We need to take extra care when driving close to school buses. I stand on the corner with my granddaughter every morning and afternoon. I am amazed by the number of people who run the school bus stoplights. The bus driver gives ample warning that she is making a stop, but many drivers speed up when they see the lights start flashing yellow, or they pass the bus when its lights are red.

Letter: Anti-Safety Attitude Needs to Change
DesMoines Register (Iowa), Nov. 4, 2013

It is time Gov. Branstad removed Paul Trombino III as director of the Iowa Department of Transportation. How can Branstad possibly have a person in this position who is so against regulating the safety of the public and who is working against local law enforcement personnel in their quest to do so.

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“What you’re going to see is that people adapt really, really quickly to automated enforcement and start complying with the speed limit in a lot higher numbers. Just after the first two weeks of warnings, we saw violation events drop by 40 to 50 percent, depending on the camera. Uniformly, we saw a significant decline in the number of violations.”
Scott Kubly, Managing Deputy Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation
Government Technology, Nov. 5, 2013

“I’m going to block your registration if you don’t pay your tolls. … It grates on me when people skip out on things you and I have to pay for. If you don’t want to pay the toll, don’t use the highway.”
Ron Wright, Tarrant County Tax Assessor/Collector
WFAA-TV ABC 8 (Texas), Nov. 5, 2013

“This is a very serious safety issue that irritates me almost more than any other safety complaint that I get in my office. To think that people are so ignorant and so non-caring about the safety of children that they’d pass a stopped school bus is infuriating.”
John Foust, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
Sun Gazette (Virginia), Nov. 4, 2013

“The problem we are seeing is that people are running red lights and causing crashes. The people that are crossing on the green light are the innocent parties, and usually end up with injuries sustained from these crashes. People assume that because they have the green light, they are safe to cross the intersection.”
Todd Lindstrom, Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant
Hibbing Tribune, Nov. 3, 2013

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Four speed safety cameras snapped photos of more than 233,000 speeding vehicles in Chicago during a 45-day grace period during which the city issued warnings to owners of those vehicles.  Scott Kubly, managing deputy commissioner for the Chicago Department of Transportation, said violations dropped 40 to 50 percent after the first two weeks of warnings, depending on the camera. SOURCE: Government Technology, Nov. 5, 2013.