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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 21

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D.C. Residents Voice Strong Support for Speed, Red-Light Cameras
WTOP 103.5 FM (District of Columbia), April 25, 2013

A new survey from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that D.C. residents overwhelmingly support both red-light and speed cameras. Among those surveyed, 87 percent support red-light cameras and 76 percent favor speed cameras. See survey here. For related coverage, visit WTTG-TV FOX 5.

Red-Light Runners Rack Up Tickets in Orange Park
Clay Today (Florida), April 25, 2013

Drivers in Orange Park tripped red-light safety cameras an average of 42 times a day during the town’s 30-day warning period ending April 13. Currently, the red-light safety camera program at three intersections is in the active phase and authorities are issuing tickets with fines.

Poll: 70% Favor Surveillance Cameras in Public Places
Rasmussen Reports, April 24, 2013

Following their use in identifying the suspected perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings, Americans strongly support the use of surveillance cameras in public areas and believe they help reduce crime.

Ohio Camera Ban Is a Bad Idea, Police Say
Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 23, 2014

A bill that would ban the use of red-light and speed cameras to enforce traffic laws on Ohio roads had its third airing before lawmakers Tuesday, and law-enforcement officials from around the state implored a committee to cast out the legislation.

Minnesota Lawmakers Consider Red-Light Cameras
KSDK-TV NBC 5, April 22, 2013

Minnesota lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow cities in the state to use automated stop light enforcement cameras.

Germantown to Revive Red-Light Safety Cameras
Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee), April 20, 2013

Six months after shutting down its red-light cameras, a West Tennessee city is putting them back up. City administrator Patrick Lawton said the city never intended to abandon the program, and that officials are pleased with the benefits, especially the reduced number of serious accidents. See related coverage in The Commercial Appeal.

Cashless Tolls to Start on Rhode Island Bridge
TollRoads News, April 19, 2013

Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority directors under pressure from shrill populists and special interests to abandon plans to toll the Sakonnet River bridge reaffirmed the start of tolling July 1 in a vote Wednesday. Funds are needed for maintenance costs. See related coverage in The Providence Journal. (The Providence Journal photo by Frieda Squires)

Maryland Aligns Law with Video Toll Practice
TollRoads News, April 15, 2013

Maryland’s general assembly has passed HB420, a bill bringing state law into line with video toll practice. And it gives the state toll authority, Maryland Transportation Authority, the power to adopt reciprocal agreements with other states to collect out-of-state video tolls.

Pueblo OKs 3 new Red-Light Safety Camera Locations
KRDO-TV NBC 13 (Colorado), April 24, 2013

Pueblo is cracking down on drivers who zoom through red lights. The city already has traffic cameras planted at two intersections, and the city council has approved three more locations. (File photo by The Pueblo Chieftain.) See related coverage in The Pueblo Chieftain.

Red-Light Runner of the Week
Clearwater Patch (Florida), April 23, 2013

Four cars run this red light at the Gulf to Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road intersection in Clearwater, qualifying as the city’s worst red-light camera violation event of the week.

Video Shows Dangers in St. Petersburg
St. Pete Patch (Florida), April 22, 2013

This week’s post by the St. Petersburg Police Department involves a string of red-light runners and close calls at intersections.

Illinois Senate Passes Bill Allowing School Bus Safety Cameras
The State Journal-Register, April 24, 2013

The Illinois Senate has approved legislation to allow school districts to use cameras to catch people who don’t stop for buses picking up or dropping off kids. Lawmakers voted 36-12 in favor of the bill, which now moves to the House.

Get Involved in Saving a Life: Sharing a Tweet is a convenient way to inform others about the dangers of red-light running. Another way is to direct drivers to the ATS YouTube page, where visitors can watch informative videos about road safety camera programs and see the dangerous crashes hundreds of communities are trying to avoid by installing red-light safety cameras. Seeing is believing, which is why ATS invites you to visit our links at the end of this newsletter and share the message to stop on red.

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety #StopOnRed  Red-light runner hits SUV, rolls over multiple times via @myfoxphoenix  #Arizona


Commentary: Watching Cars Run Red Lights
The Press-Enterprise (California), April 20, 2013

I stood at Whitewood and Hot Springs intersection for about an hour this week to see what all the controversy’s about. In that time, while turning left from Whitewood on to Murrieta Hot Springs, a dozen drivers were in the intersection when the light turned red. Of drivers traveling east-west on Murrieta Hot Springs, three were in the intersection when red hit. I don’t know how many of these people deserve a ticket. But I know a few created dangerous situations just in the space of an hour. 

Commentary: Boston Terror Boosts Case for Cameras Everywhere
Star Tribune (Minnesota), April 20, 2013

On Thursday afternoon, the FBI released photos and video of two persons of interest in the Boston Marathon  bombing. Surveillance cameras turned out to be their undoing. We should see this as a sign of the virtues of video surveillance. More than that, we should think about how cameras could help prevent crimes, not just solve them.

Editorial: Street Cameras a Useful Tool in Law Enforcement
Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter (Washington), April 18, 2013

The two bombs that killed three people and injured scores of others at the Boston Marathon remind us that there is no easy way to prevent the evil of terrorism. However, we can make the task of finding those responsible easier. Unfortunately, we often make it unnecessarily difficult for law enforcement agencies to do their jobs.

Letter: Feeling Safer?
Naples Daily News (Florida), April 21, 2013

I do read the Daily News and was very unhappy reading the articles on the discontinuance of the red-light cameras. Now, once again, the red-light runners have returned.

Letter: Green Light for Red-Light Cameras
Bucks County Courier Times/ (Pennsylvania), April 19, 2013

In 2012, 1,310 people were killed in motor vehicle collisions in Pennsylvania; 65 people were killed right here in Bucks County. Three Bucks County communities — Falls, Middletown and Warminster — are among local municipalities  eligible to consider red-light cameras to help enforce red-light violations under a new state law enacted over the summer. Red-light cameras have been proven effective.

“We need to take advantage of this technology. We’ve seen just the presence of the technology cut down on violations. We’ve seen an overall downward trend in our accidents. I believe it’s made our streets safer.”
Jeff Sulewski, Lieutenant with the Toledo Police Department
Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio), April 23, 2013

“If people know there’s no enforcement they evade the law. They run through the red light.”
Alice Hausman, Minnesota State Representative
KSDK-TV NBC 5, April 22 2013

Since red-light safety cameras became operational in Pueblo in 2009, 97 percent of all the people who got a ticket in the city’s two monitored intersections never got a second ticket, prompting police to say the cameras are working. Source: KRDO-TV NBC 13, April 24, 2013.

On average, the town of Orange Park issued 42 red-light running warning notices during the testing phase of the municipality’s new red-light safety camera program. In total, 1,249 notices were issued from three intersections from March 15 to April 13. Source: Clay Today, April 25, 2013.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 20

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ATS Facebook Campaign Wins National Award
PRNews Online, April 17, 2013

American Traffic Solutions captured a top national honor at the inaugural 2013 PR News Social Media Icon Awards, bringing home first place for its Facebook Public Relations Campaign. Managed by Shelby Larriva, the campaign used Facebook advertising supplemented with public relations efforts to boost ATS’ brand presence in the crowded and competitive realm of social media. The campaign overtook its 12-month goal of 20,000 likes in a mere seven months, earning ATS first place in the Facebook PR Campaign (B2B or Nonprofit) category. Honorable mention went to: FMC Technologies, LBi Denmark and The Marcus Group. For a full list of winners visit PRNews.

Abington Commissioners OK Red-Light Safety Cameras
Montgomery Media (Pennsylvania), April 17, 2013

Old York and Susquehanna roads, which Abington police Chief William Kelly called “the most dangerous place in the township” during the April 11 commissioners meeting, may become safer as a result of an automated red-light camera system. See related article in Abington Patch.

Transportation Department to Install Cameras at Work Zones
Brooklyn Daily Eagle (New York), April 17, 2013

In an attempt to stop drivers from barreling through street repair zones in New York City, where work zone incidents have injured nearly two dozen city Department of Transportation workers since 2009 and killed seven in the past two decades, the city DOT is attaching mobile video cameras to trucks and equipment in work zones. (New York City DOT photo)

Toll Cheats Pay Up or Face License Suspension
Townsquare News Network/WKXW 101.5 FM Radio, April 15, 2013

The agency that runs the Atlantic City Expressway has collected $46,000 from its biggest toll cheats and has payment plans in place to bring in another $140,000. The surge in collections came after the South Jersey Transportation Authority gave scofflaws a choice worked out with the state Motor Vehicle Commission. They could pay up or face registration suspensions.

City OKs Speed Safety Cameras in 3 More School Zones
The Daily News (Washington), April 12, 2013

It’s official — at least three more Longview school zones will have speed cameras this fall. The Longview City Council approved a contract amendment with American Traffic Solutions to install speed cameras at Kessler, St. Helens and Olympic elementary schools. See related article in KLOG 1490 AM.

French Speed Cameras Prevents 15,000 Fatal Crashes
World Highways, April 9, 2013

The installation of speed cameras in France prevented around 15,000 fatal and 62,000 non-fatal road accidents between November 2003 and December 2010, according to a study in the international review Accident Analysis and Prevention. Access report here.

Red-Light Runner of the Week Just Misses Collision
Clearwater Patch (Florida), April 16, 2013

A red-light runner and a motorist turning left nearly collide at this Florida intersection.

Orange Park Begins Issuing Fines at Intersections with Cameras
WJXT-TV 4 (Florida), April 15, 2013

The 30-day warning period is over for commuters in Orange Park.  Tickets will now be issued at three intersections to drivers who run red lights.

Get Involved in Saving a Life: Sharing a Tweet is a convenient way to inform others about the dangers of red-light running. Another way is to direct drivers to the ATS YouTube page, where visitors can watch informative videos about road safety camera programs and see the dangerous crashes hundreds of communities are trying to avoid by installing red-light safety cameras. Seeing is believing, which is why ATS invites you to visit our links at the end of this newsletter and share the message to stop on red.

ATS_RoadSafety @ATS_RoadSafety Red-light cameras are proven to change driver behavior, reduce # of intersection collisions & save lives #StopOnRed

ATS_RoadSafety  ‏@ATS_RoadSafety Q4: What day is one of the most deadly days of the year? #Lifesavers2013  #safetycams

American Traffic Solutions is honored to announce that its role as road safety camera vendor for the city of Orlando, Florida, will continue for another 18 months according to a recently signed contract amendment. ATS became the city’s vendor in 2008. In other announcements, ATS and the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, agreed upon an extension of the city’s road safety camera program for another three years. ATS has been Fort Lauderdale’s vendor of choice for this program since 2009.

Commentary: How to Make Connecticut’s Roads Safer for Pedestrians
Connecticut Post, April 12, 2013

So far, it’s been a typical year on Route 1, Connecticut’s deadliest road for pedestrians, with three fatalities. … To minimize deaths, road design improvements should be paired with traffic enforcement measures.

Editorial: Stop for School Buses
Register-Star (New York), April 17, 2013

Over 50,000 motorists will pass a stopped school bus on any given school day in New York State. … We can’t gamble with so many young lives. Drivers must consider the added responsibility of watching for stopped school buses and coming to a halt on seeing the red flashing lights and stop sign.

Letter: Owner is Responsible
St. Charles County Suburban Journal/ (Missouri), April 17, 2013

I’m a big fan of red-light cameras. I think they’re fantastic. It doesn’t matter who’s driving, the vehicle violated the law. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for it, no matter who did it. Congratulations, St. Peters, you got it right.

Letter: Speeding Motorists are Violators, Not Victims
The Baltimore Sun (Maryland), April 13, 2013

So, we don’t need speed cameras? Perhaps Matt Hersl’s life might not have been saved by the presence of speed cameras, but neither was it saved even by the presence of a state trooper. … The interstate highways around Baltimore are race tracks where speed limits are routinely ignored by 15 mph or more. To those who feel the cameras victimize them I say: There are no victims in traffic enforcement, only violators.

Letter: Bring Back Murrieta’s Red-Light Cameras
The Press-Enterprise (California), April 11, 2013

Many kudos to Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel Ottolia, who overturned the Measure N ban on red-light cameras in Murrieta.

“We are doing enforcement for a reason. It’s not just for enforcement sake or to write tickets; we are supposed to be trying to accomplish a goal. That goal is to reduce violations, but most importantly, to reduce accidents and reduce accidents with injuries.”
William Kelly, Police Chief of Abington, Pennsylvania
Montgomery Media News, April 17, 2013

“This intersection receives a lot of abuse in terms of people running the red light. I have worked with a developer and PennDOT to make sure every single direction has a left-hand turn arrow. Your turn is there if you wait for it. But still, it is one of the highest accident intersections … and there are always, almost angular accidents because someone is running the light.”
Peggy Myers, Abington Board of Commissioners President
Montgomery Media News (Pennsylvania), April 17, 2013

“It was a safety issue that came up at some of these major intersections that we have. We’ve had some major crashes at these intersections and of course a lot of the crashes are caused by red light runners so there was a tool out there to try to change that behavior and I think the red light cameras will do that.”
Gary Goble, Police Chief of the Orange Park Police Department
WJXT-TV 4 (Florida), April 15, 2013

Columbia Valley Gardens and Mint Valley elementary schools in Longview have had speed cameras since March 1, 2011, and statistics show drivers slow down when cameras are present. At Columbia Valley Gardens, the cameras ticketed 1,250 speeders in 2011 and 852 speeders in 2012, a reduction of 32 percent. At Mint Valley, 1,231 speeding tickets were issued in 2011 compared to 953 in 2012, a reduction of 23 percent. SOURCE: The Daily News, April 12, 2013.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 19

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Orange County to Add Up to 80 Red-Light Safety Cameras
WKMG-TV CBS 6 (Florida), April 10, 2013

Orange County leaders are moving with a plan to add dozens of red-light cameras. Currently, there are 10 in the county, which wants to add 80 more. The county chose American Traffic Solutions to install the cameras after rejecting a lower bid.

ATS Fleet Services Partners with Toyota Rent a Car
The Wall Street Journal (New York), April 10, 2013

American Traffic Solutions today announced that its PlatePass® toll management solution is now available at Toyota Rent a Car of San Antonio/San Marcos locations in San Antonio and San Marcos, Texas.

Safe Streets Rally Cries for Speed Cameras
Home Reporter and Sunset News (New York), April 9, 2013

In a rally outside State Senator Marty Golden’s office on the afternoon of April 5, concerned citizens and residents of Bay Ridge turned out to protest Golden’s opposition to a bill that would have funded the implementation of citywide speed cameras. Two fatal incidents involving speeding and pedestrians have already occurred this year in Bay Ridge.

Washington State Places Speed Cameras by Work Zones, April 8, 2013

If you drive a certain section of I-5, you might not notice the unassuming, small SUV parked along the shoulder, but you’d better pay attention to the work zone. Otherwise, it will cost you. The SUV is a speed camera car. (Associated Press photo)

Law Redistributes Red-Light Fine Revenue in Pennsylvania
The Inquirer/, April 6, 2013

Philadelphia’s red-light cameras continue to provide millions for road projects around the state, but less of the money is coming back to the city. Until now, Philadelphia received half of the revenue from its red-light cameras. But the state legislature changed the law in 2012 to allow an eight-member panel to hand out the money to applicants from around the state, based on perceived benefits and effectiveness, costs, local and regional impacts and cost sharing. (WPVI-TV ABC 6 image)

City Hopes Fine-Funded Street Improvements Boost Business
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Pennsylvania), April 5, 2013

Motorists who ran red lights in Philadelphia paid fines that will support more than $600,000 in safety improvements at Western Pennsylvania intersections, PennDOT said. As part of the project, McKees Rocks will restore two-way traffic along Chartiers in a move that officials hope will reduce speeds and give businesses a boost. See related articles in The Patriot-NewsThe Times Leader and The York Dispatch.

Judge Strikes Down Red-Light Camera Ban
The Press-Enterprise (California), April 5, 2013

Riverside Superior Court Judge Daniel Ottolia on April 5 struck down a ban on red-light cameras that was approved by Murrieta voters in November. “The court has a tremendous amount of respect for the initiative process and the will of the voters,” Ottolia said. But in this case, he said, the ban was beyond the power of the voters to enact. See related articles in the Murrieta Patch and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Education Board Says Yes to School Bus Cameras Maryland Newspapers, April 10, 2013

The St. Mary’s County Board of Education and sheriff’s office are now free to put cameras on school buses to catch drivers going past them when they are stopped. The county commissioners granted approval on Tuesday by a 4-1 vote. (Video image by Andrew Cohen and Silver Spring Patch)

Stop Arm Cameras Could Come to Prince George’s County
Greenbelt Patch (Maryland), April 10, 2013

Prince George’s County Council Health, Education and Human Services Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a bill which would allow county school and law enforcement officials to install automated cameras that snap photos of motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses.

Police Peg Red Sports Car as Violator of the Week
Clearwater Patch (Florida), April 9, 2013

Even though one car is already stopped for the red-light at this Clearwater intersection, a red sports car rushes past the vehicle and through the red light, earning this week’s unenviable distinction of red-light runner of the week.

Get Involved in Saving a Life: Sharing a Tweet is a convenient way to inform others about the dangers of red-light running. Another way is to direct drivers to the ATS YouTube page, where visitors can watch informative videos about road safety camera programs and see the dangerous crashes hundreds of communities are trying to avoid by installing red-light safety cameras. Seeing is believing, which is why ATS invites you to visit our links at the end of this newsletter and share the message to stop on red.

NSC @NSCsafety Distracted driving is dangerous. In this brand new infographic:, we help dispel the illusion of multitasking.

Letter: Red-Light Cameras Improve Driver’s Habits
The Ledger (Florida), April 6, 2013

Cameras have made a better driver of me. I don’t follow as close, stop at the white line, don’t anticipate light changes and watch other drivers more closely. I have talked with others who feel the same way.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 18

April 4th, 2013 Comments off

Police Chief Touts Need for Red-Light Safety Cameras
Abington Patch (Pennsylvania), April 4, 2013

Though the issue isn’t officially on the agenda until next week, Abington Police Chief William Kelly, during Wednesday night’s public safety meeting, had some things to say about red-light cameras. They’re needed. (Abington Patch photo by Mischa Arnosky)

N.Y. State Senator Calls for Speed Cameras
Times Ledger, April 3, 2013

After years of unsuccessful attempts to get a crossing guard at the intersection of Horace Harding Expressway and Junction Boulevard, community members are asking for speed cameras, state Sen. Jose Peralta said this week. “We’re trying to prevent a tragedy here,” he said. (Times Ledger photo by Christina Santucci)

D.C. Issues 700,000 Speeding Tickets
WTOP 103.5 FM, April 3, 2013

The District of Columbia issued more than 700,000 speed camera tickets last fiscal year, netting the city about $78.8 million — a record high.

Support Grows for Speed Camera Bill in New York
New York Daily News, April 1, 2013

One of the two lawmakers who call the shots in the state Senate has vowed to fight for legislative approval of the city’s stalled push to use cameras to bust lead-footed motorists.

Law Enforcement Making Use of Red-Light Cameras
The Tampa Tribune (Florida), April 1, 2013

While politicians quibble over red-light cameras, one group uniformly supports the high-tech surveillance systems: detectives pursuing people suspected of crimes worse than traffic infractions. At least twice, homicide investigators with the St. Petersburg Police Department have reviewed red-light camera footage to track and build evidence against suspected killers.

Texas Toll Authority Gets Tough on Scofflaws
The Dallas Morning News, March 28, 2013

After seeking to shame scofflaws in the court of public opinion, the North Texas Tollway Authority is moving its battles to civil courts. Lawyers representing the NTTA had filed about 75 lawsuits against toll violators at the end of February. And that’s only the beginning. (The Dallas Morning News photo by Evans Caglage) See related news at KXAS-TV NBC 5.

Study: Crosswalks in N.Y. Are Not Havens
The New York Times, April 2, 2013

Pedestrians struck by cars are most often hit while in the crosswalk, with the signal on their side, according to findings in a new medical study of injured pedestrians and cyclists in New York City. Of pedestrians injured on the street, the largest number, 44 percent, used a crosswalk, with the signal. (The New York Times photo by Barton Silverman)

Get Involved in Saving a Life: Sharing a Tweet is a convenient way to inform others about the dangers of red-light running. Another way is to direct drivers to the ATS YouTube page, where visitors can watch informative videos about road safety camera programs and see the dangerous crashes hundreds of communities are trying to avoid by installing red-light safety cameras. Seeing is believing, which is why ATS invites you to visit our links at the end of this newsletter and share the message to stop on red.

Stop On Red ‏@StopOnRedFL Every 5.7 minutes, a red-light-related crash occurs. What are you doing to make the roads safer? #StopOnRed

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that the Houston-Galveston Area Council has awarded its road safety camera vendor contracts and selected ATS as one recipient. The decision positions ATS as a provider of choice to the council’s member cities that are interested in contracting for red-light, fixed speed or CrossingGuard school bus safety camera programs. The council represents more than 100 member cities in a 13 county service area in Texas.

Violation Analysis Shows N.J. Drivers Are Stopping on Red
American Traffic Solutions, April 2, 2013

A new review of red-light safety camera violations issued in New Jersey shows driver behavior is changing.  The analysis tracks red-light running violation counts in 18 townships with ATS cameras since the beginning of each program through the end 2012. Findings include reductions in average violations per camera coupled with a very low percentage of vehicles receiving more than one violation. Both results show behavior is changing and more drivers are stopping on red. (Daily Record photo by Jason Towlen)

Highway, Red-Light Running Fatalities Decrease in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, April 1, 2013

There were 1,310 people killed in crashes on Pennsylvania roads last year, the third-lowest number on record and 24 more than in 2011. The decrease extended to red-light running fatalities, which declined from 33 in 2011 to 21 in 2012.

Work-Zone Speed Safety Cameras Deployed in Washington
Washington State Department of Transportation, March 29, 2013

An automated speed-enforcement camera will be placed in a construction zone on Interstate 5 in Lewis County beginning Monday, April 8, in an attempt to slow drivers and improve safety.

Commentary: Speed Cameras Can Make N.Y. City Streets Safer
AM New York, April 2, 2013

In a recent study by the New York City Department of Transportation, 97 percent of vehicles that drove past two public schools in Washington Heights were speeding. Speed-enforcement cameras — which record a vehicle’s speed and license plate number — have undeniable potential to save lives.

Commentary: When Fury Can Be a Force for Good Ends
The New York Times, April 1, 2013

Michael R. Bloomberg can grow easily irritated, and he minces fewer words the closer he gets to the end of his near-infinite mayoralty. Last week, when two of Brooklyn’s Republican state senators put the kibosh on the mayor’s request for cameras intended to nab drivers who speed near city schools, Hizzoner did not bother with conversational niceties. He offered to hand out the telephone numbers of the senators.

Commentary: Top 5 Drivers That Grind Our Gears
The Courier (Texas), March 31, 2013

Until the last few years, I had not put a lot of thought about the way people drive in Conroe. I would like to believe most drivers, to some extent, respect a marked police car and most try to do the right thing when it comes to obeying traffic laws. I have found, however, when there is not a marked unit near, there are a lot of people who have a blatant disregard for their own safety and that of others.

Editorial: League of Cities Urges Support for Red-Light Cameras
West Orange Times (Florida), April 4, 2013

Florida’s red-light safety camera program is a proven law-enforcement tool that reduces dangerous T-bone crashes and changes the behavior of those drivers who choose to run red lights. The Florida League of Cities supports efforts to reform the current programs and believes CS/SB 1342, in its current form, strikes the right balance.

Letter: Some Drivers Ignore Laws
The Ledger (Florida), April 1, 2013

I read all the letters in The Ledger from people who are against red-light cameras. They seem to consider it OK to break the law as long as a police officer doesn’t see you do it.

“For all intents and purposes, no enforcement is done at that location. It is the worst intersection in the township. [Enforcement] is such a visual thing. If you’re going to do it, it has to be done by using technology.”
William Kelly, Police Chief of Abington Township, Pennsylvania
Abington Patch, April 4, 2013

“I know citizens sometimes don’t believe this. I don’t want your money. I want you to stop speeding.”
Mary Cheh, New York City Councilwoman
The New York Times, April 1, 2013

From 2011 to 2012, red-light running fatalities dropped from 33 to 21 across the state for an overall 36 percent decrease. In all, 1,310 people died on Pennsylvania roads last year. It is the third lowest number of traffic fatalities in a year in the state’s recorded history.  Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, April 1, 2013.

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