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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 8

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Hartford Pushes for Red-Light Cameras
NBC Connecticut, Jan. 26, 2012

The mayor of Hartford and the state senator who represents the capital city are working together to appeal to the state Legislature to pass legislation to install cameras at traffic lights. See related coverage in

Midfield to Install 2nd Camera in February
The Birmingham News (Alabama), Jan. 25, 2012

Mayor Gary Richardson said the intersection along the highway is a no­torious spot for people run­ning red lights. The plan is to have the second red-light safety camera operational in early February. The city will notify drivers of the camera locations by put­ting up signs.

Fort Lee Considers Road Safety Camera Program, Jan. 21, 2012

Fort Lee, which is home to one end of the world’s busiest bridge, might soon consider proposals from vendors of red-light safety cameras, over the objections of residents. In 2010, 51.2 million vehicles crossed the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee into Manhattan. (Photo by

Traffic Fines Boost City’s Budget, Funds Community Projects (Tennessee), Jan. 21, 2012

Speed cameras along U.S. Highway 11E significantly influenced the city’s finances last year, according to a recent audit report.

City Plans to Keep Speed Safety Cameras in School Zones
Redmond Reporter (Washington), Jan. 19, 2012

Speed safety cameras in school zones are proving more popular than red-light safety cameras in Redmond, where officials plan to keep the current speed program while exploring a plan to expand the system.

Hartford Mayor Readies Red-Light Camera Support
WFSB TV3 (Connecticut), Jan. 26, 2012

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra is expected to announce his support for a proposal to install red-light safety cameras in next month’s legislative session.

Red Means Stop
Injury Board Blog Network (Minnesota), Jan. 19, 2012

In an effort to show just how dangerous running a red light can be, American Traffic Solutions, the biggest supplier of red-light safety cameras, has been sharing crash clips on YouTube.  “I want people to realize the consequences of what can happen when somebody’s not paying attention.”

Montgomery County Considers School Bus Safety Cameras
FOX TV5 (Maryland), Jan. 23, 2012

In a push to keep kids safe, Montgomery County could soon have more eyes watching out for dangerous moves on the road. See related coverage in

Iowa Governor Supports Tougher School Bus Safety Laws
Radio Iowa, Jan. 23, 2012

Governor Terry Branstad says he supports an effort to toughen the state’s school bus safety laws. A group that includes the mother of a northern Iowa girl who was hit and killed as she tried to board her school bus has been lobbying legislators to pass a bill on the subject this year.

Quick Thinking Saves Little Girl’s Life at Bus Stop
KWWL TV 7 (Iowa), Jan. 22, 2012

Just like it’s supposed to, the school bus stopped with its lights flashing and its stop sign out. Just like they normally do, 5-year-old Laynee Hogan and Austin James “A.J.” Kremer started to cross the road to get on the bus when the unexpected happened. A.J. noticed a semi approaching and reached out to pull Laynee back. 

School Bus Camera Bill Support Outpaces Red-Light Cameras in Massachusetts
The Boston Globe, Jan. 22, 2012

Red-light camera legislation may be stalled, but a related measure to allow cameras to record drivers who breeze past stopped school buses is gaining traction.

Interest Grows in School Bus Safety Cameras, Jan. 19, 2012

First it was traffic lights and stop signs — now cities are outfitting school buses with cameras to catch drivers ignoring the rules of the road. See related article in

American Traffic Solutions and the city of Seattle signed two agreements this past week that will increase the number of red-light safety cameras in the city and install speed safety cameras in school zones at four elementary schools.

Editorial: Pass Law Allowing Red-Light Cameras
New Haven Register (Connecticut), Jan. 23, 2012

For the sake of saving lives and improving traffic safety, this may be the year that the Legislature allows cities to install cameras at stop lights. This will be the eighth year that New Haven’s push for the law will be heard by the Legislature.

Editorial: School Bus Cameras A Good Idea, with Caveats
Herald-Mail (Maryland), Jan. 23, 2012

There can be no excuse for driving past the red flashing lights of a stopped school bus. The law is universally known, and the reason for the law is universally understood. And the potential consequences of failing to stop are clearly understood as well.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Safety Cameras Send a Clear Message
The News Tribune (Washington), Jan. 26, 2012

Hundreds of people are killed and thousands more are injured each year by red-light runners. Unfortunately, this disregard for traffic safety laws frequently goes unpunished. We have directly experienced the torment and grief these careless incidents create.

Letter to the Editor: School Bus Drivers Worry about Children’s Safety at Stops
Arizona Silver Belt, Jan. 25, 2012

I drive a school bus for Destiny School. Probably the greatest worry for school bus drivers is a child being injured or killed at a bus stop when a vehicle runs the flashing red lights and stop sign displayed on the bus.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Runner Ignored Law
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Jan. 25, 2012

I find it humorous that, even after being warned that the fine would be upheld, the driver chose to hang around and plead his case. He probably thought his explanation and “statistics” would get him out of the fine. … I must have missed the part in driver’s education about making a “very safe turn” on red without a complete stop.

Letter to the Editor: No Proof They Don’t Save Lives
The Herald (Washington), Jan. 23, 2012

I must say I am really disappointed in Jim Smith’s opinion about red-light cameras. He says it has not saved one life in school zones. How does he know that? Those cameras have saved many lives at intersections on 196th. Nobody is running red lights, and to me, that is saving lives.

“This was a person that had a suspended license, that hit this little girl when the school bus was stopped and the arm was out and the lights were flashing.”
Terry Branstad, Iowa governor, on crash that killed 7-year-old Kadyn Halverson
Radio Iowa, Jan. 23, 2012

“The cameras made it possible (to donate the money). Without the cameras, we would not be able to do that.”
Judy Dulaney, Bluff City manager, on a $50,000 donation to start a Boys and Girls Club in Bluff City. (Tennessee), Jan. 21, 2012

“We all agree that speeding in school zones is flat out a bad idea. I don’t think there will be any issue of it passing.”
Pat Vache, Redmond City Council president
Redmond Reporter (Washington), Jan. 19, 2012

Police in Des Moines say crashes have decreased 33 percent at intersections with red-light safety cameras when comparing the program’s first six months to the same time period for the previous four years. Source: WHO-TV13, Jan. 24, 2012.

Kansas City police have written nearly 200,000 camera-generated tickets since January 2009. (Kansas City Star photo by Allison Long.) Source: Kansas City Star, Jan. 23, 2012.

A Harris Interactive national online survey of 2,112 adults over age 18 found 66 percent of respondents favor placing cameras on the side of school buses to help ticket drivers who illegally pass school buses when stopped to let students board or exit. Source:  School Transportation News online, Jan. 24, 2012.

Between Jan. 1, 2010, and May 31, 2011, Bluff City’s speed cameras issued 39,923 citations to drivers from all 50 states, four Canadian provinces, two military command posts and the District of Columbia. Source:, Jan. 21, 2012.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 7

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New Port Richey to Add Cameras
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), Jan. 19, 2012

New Port Richey, which issues more red-light running violations than many other cities, is poised to install more red-light safety cameras at two busy intersections.

Citations Mount at Tampa Intersections
The Tampa Tribune (Florida), Jan. 18, 2012

More drivers run stoplights at the northbound Lois Avenue/Hillsborough Avenue intersection than at any other red-light camera location in Tampa. In a seven-week stretch at the location, police issued 1,274 citations. That’s 26 citations a day. (The Tampa Tribune photo by Jay Conner)

West Park Joins 80 Florida Communities with Red-Light Safety Cameras
Community Newspapers, January 2012

This month, West Park joins more than 80 other Florida communities using red-light safety cameras to enhance road safety at its most dangerous intersections.

Washington Lawmaker Pens Improvements to Camera Law
The Daily Herald, Jan. 17, 2012

Seven years ago, Democratic Senator Mary Margaret Haugen of Camano Island pushed for a bill that paved the way for use of red-light cameras in Washington. … Now she’s working to clean up the law she authored.

Connecticut Senate Majority Leader Backs Enabling Legislation for Cameras
The Day, Jan. 17, 2012

Sponsored by Connecticut Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney, a bill to allow red-light safety cameras in large and medium-sized cities is ready to cycle through the state Legislature this year.

Red-Light Cameras Enter Safety Talks in Rhode Island City
The Valley Breeze Newspapers, Jan. 17, 2012

Pawtucket Councilman Chris O’Neill, the leading voice behind the idea of installing cameras at traffic lights across the city, is calling for a review of that idea and other proposals meant to improve public safety.

Queens: Safety Measures Reduced 2011 Traffic Fatalities
Times Ledger (New York), Jan. 14, 2012

Traffic deaths in Queens last year are expected to be at an all-time low, city Department of Transportation Queens Commissioner Maura McCarthy told the Borough Board Monday. McCarthy said there were 67 traffic deaths in Queens last year, “which is quite an accomplishment.”

Police Chief Asks for More Red-Light Safety Cameras
The Ledger (Florida), Jan. 13, 2012

Police Chief Lisa Womack said she wants to expand the city’s red-light camera program to other dangerous intersections in Lakeland. “They cause fewer fatalities and accidents,” Womack said of red-light cameras. “It is a safety tool for this community.” See related article.

Palatka Restarts Red-Light Safety Camera Program
Palatka Daily News (Florida), Jan. 13, 2012

With city concerns put to rest, Palatka City Commissioners recently gave unanimous approval to restart the process of installing red-light cameras at some intersections. Cameras are expected to be operational in six to 12 months.

Majority of Missouri Red-Light Runners Show Up in St. Louis
KMOV TV 4, Jan. 14, 2012

Seven out of 10 red-light runners in the state of Missouri were found in the St. Louis area, with the most dangerous intersection on the campus of Washington University.

@ATS_RoadSafety  NY is one of the top states for red-light running fatalities, watch this video as a reminder to #StopOnRed

Ordinance Advances in Frederick County to Use School Bus Safety Cameras
Frederick News Post (Maryland), Jan. 18, 2012

Frederick County commissioners voted Tuesday to hold a public hearing on a proposed ordinance that would allow fines to be issued for people caught on camera disobeying school bus stop arms. Violators would face a $250 fine.

American Traffic Solutions looks forward to its new relationship with the Township of Winslow, N.J., which signed a multiyear contract earlier this month for a red-light safety camera program. Also at the start of 2012, the cities of Cathedral City, Calif., and Sugar Creek, Mo., renewed their agreements with ATS for road safety camera programs. ATS is honored to continue working with these clients.

Commentary: Red-Light Cameras Are Watching, and That’s a Good Thing
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), Jan. 12, 2012

Hey, you there. The person who was driving that maroon minivan at Gandy and West Shore the day before Christmas. … When you rolled that right turn without stopping after the traffic light had clearly gone red, you were looking at a $158 ticket. … How do I know? … Because one of those red-light cameras recently installed at our worst intersections was on the job.

Editorial: Maybe Red-Light Camera Issue Isn’t So Simple
The Daily Herald (Washington), Jan. 18, 2012

Our ongoing and seemingly never-ending debate about red-light cameras is playing out the same way across the country. … Part of the difficulty in the red-camera arguments is the black-and-white nature of the “debate.” Proponents say it’s all about safety; opponents say it’s all about money. Is it possible that it’s a little more complicated than that?

Letter to the Editor: Allow Cameras for Everyone’s Safety (Florida), Jan. 19, 2012

I support the law that allows red-light cameras at select intersections. Generally they are at key intersections where the speed limit is between 25 and 45 mph. If one is driving the posted speed limit, approaches and is prepared to stop as the light turns yellow, the driver should have no trouble stopping. That’s what the yellow light means folks.

Letter to the Editor: Cameras Save Lives
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), Jan. 18, 2012

To all those petulant whiners who rail against the use of red-light cameras, there is only one answer. It’s the same answer I gave to my teenage children when they pouted about being “grounded” for some “unfair” rule of the household.

Letter to the Editor: Time to Believe in Red-Light Safety Cameras
Dothan Eagle (Alabama), Jan. 15, 2012

From time to time, I believe in red light cameras. A recent morning became one of those times.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Safety Cameras Are Doing Their Job
Winnipeg Free Press (Canada), Jan. 14, 2012

After 52 chiropractor appointments, 24 physiotherapy appointments, many doctors appointments and a six-week, two-hours-a-day reconditioning program, I will never forget that day on which someone ran a red light.

Letter to the Editor: Community Should Explore Red-Light Safety Cameras
Southern Maryland Newspapers, Jan. 13, 2012

In regards to The Calvert Recorder story on red light and speed cameras in the Dec. 28, 2011, edition, I was thinking about my own red-light camera ticket … and what value red-light cameras do have at intersections reducing the number of accidents. … I have also seen the mobile speed cameras and watch in amazement as traffic does slow down to the speed limit.

“I can’t imagine any reasonable person running through that light and getting a ticket and doing the same thing over again.”
Carl Giguere, Tampa Police Department sergeant
The Tampa Tribune (Florida), Jan. 18, 2012

“So it isn’t as if we’re trying to play ‘gotcha’ here. If everybody pays attention to the sign, very few will then be caught by the camera.”
Martin Looney, Connecticut Senate majority leader
The Day, Jan. 17, 2012

“Truly red-light cameras save lives. Yes, there are more fender benders. The truth of the matter is there are fewer people killed and fewer serious accidents.”
Mary Margaret Haugen, Washington state senator
The Daily Herald, Jan. 17, 2012

“Those who stop when the light is red won’t be affected, only those who violate. It’s cheaper to pay a fine than to pay for a funeral.”
Eric Jones, West Park mayor
Community Newspapers (Florida), January 2012

Seven out of 10 red-light running incidents in the state of Missouri occur in the St. Louis area. Source: KMOV TV 4, Jan. 14, 2012.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 6

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Police Stress Risks of Running Red Lights
KSAZ TV 10 (Arizona), Jan. 11, 2012

A day after American Traffic Solutions released dramatic video of red-light crashes from across the country, emergency crews responded to a serious red-light running crash in Phoenix. Police said red-light running collisions can be some of the most violent because drivers typically punch the gas, adding more speed to the problem.   

Elgin Ends Camera Warning Phase
Elgin Courier (Texas), Jan. 11, 2012

The warning period has ended for the red-light safety cameras stationed on U.S. 290 in Elgin. Effective Jan. 1, drivers caught running red lights at those intersections will receive citations with $75 fines.

City Officials Briefed on Red-Light Safety Camera Program
The Morning Call (Pennsylvania), Jan. 11, 2012

A national company specializing in red-light cameras found itself before a friendly audience Tuesday evening as it presented the merits of its systems to Easton City Council. … Legislation to allow cameras in specified cities, including Easton, passed the state Senate and now awaits a House vote. See related coverage in EastonPatch and The Express Times.

Speed-Enforcement Cameras Gain East Side Support
DNA (New York), Jan. 11, 2012

A push to install speed-enforcement cameras across New York City that photograph vehicles and ticket speeders gained traction with East Side residents Tuesday night. (DNA photo by Flickr/iammeltron)

Warning Phase in Effect at Jersey City Intersection
The Jersey Journal (New Jersey), Jan. 11, 2012

The corner of Routes 1 and 9 and Sip Avenue is Jersey City’s most recent intersection to see red-light safety cameras installed and activated. The warning phase, during which red-light runners do not receive a fine, is in effect until Feb. 3.

Resident Videotapes Red-Light Runners
Valley News Dispatch (Pennsylvania), Jan. 10, 2012

New Kensington police on Monday cited five motorists for running the traffic light at the Tarentum Bridge Road intersection with Freeport and Leechburg roads, and said they will beef up surveillance there — in no small part because the dangers created by drivers who refuse to stop are part of the public purview thanks to YouTube. 

Study: Red-Light Cameras Make Safe Drivers
Las Cruces Sun-News (New Mexico), Jan. 9, 2012

The preliminary conclusions of a New Mexico State University study on the use of red-light enforcement cameras show that Las Cruces motorists are apparently driving safer, and there appears to be reductions in rear-end crashes at the intersections where the cameras are being used. The study … also indicates a “positive impact” on traffic safety at the intersection of Lohman Avenue and Telshor Boulevard.

Traffic Safety Advocates Persist in Connecticut
MSNBC, Jan. 9, 2012

In memory of a pedestrian who was killed in a hit-and-run years ago, New Haven is trying again to change state law to allow cameras at traffic signals to catch red-light runners. See related coverage in Norwich Bulletin.

Humble Accomplishment — Citations Decrease in City
The Tribune (Texas), Jan. 9, 2012

Last year may have signaled the end of red-light cameras in the city of Houston, but cameras kept clicking in Humble, with more than 31,000 people receiving citations. The Humble Police Department released yearly numbers, and reported a 25 percent drop in the number of people receiving tickets in 2011.

City: Cameras Reduce Serious Traffic Crashes
The Pueblo Chieftain (Colorado), Jan. 6, 2012

Red-light safety cameras at two city intersections has led to a drop in the number of serious broadside accidents there, according to Pueblo city traffic officials. (Chieftain photo by Bryan Kelsen shows the intersection of Thatcher and Prairie avenues.) See related coverage from KRDO TV 13.

Red-Light Cameras Reduce Tickets in Cambellton
WJHG TV 7 (Florida), Jan. 6, 2012

How much longer will the red-light camera be up in the town of Campbellton? Right now the answer to that question is up in the air. “It’s kind of sad because it does help,” said BP Gas Station employee Pamela Ledington, who explained drivers now slow down.

Crash Videos Posted to Encourage Safe Driving
KSAZ TV 10 (Arizona), Jan. 10, 2012

It’s incredible video of drivers blatantly ignoring red lights and suffering the consequences, crashing and sometimes causing major injuries.

Watch This! Florida Crash Videos
WKGR-FM 98.7, Jan. 9, 2012

See the damage red-light runners cause in these collisions from Doral, Cutler Bay, Gulfport, Hialeah Gardens, Lakeland, Miami, Miami Gardens and St. Petersburg.

Red-Light Running Crashes Posted on YouTube
KPHO TV 5 (Arizona), Jan. 9, 2012

A Valley-based company is trying to slow down the amount of collisions related to red-light running by posting videos on YouTube showing intersection crashes in New Jersey, Tennessee and other states.  The objective is to encourage people to safely stop on red at intersections. See video.

Judge Gives Red-Light Runners Their Day in Court
First Coast News (Florida), Jan. 6, 2012

Once a month, the Clay County courthouse holds a special session. “Welcome to red light camera traffic court in the great city of Green Cove Springs,” said Judge Richard Townsend. You think you’ve heard it all — then you come here.

@ATS_RoadSafety  @AAASafety survey: 94% say red-light running is unacceptable; 37% admit doing it recently. Read more:   #StopOnRed

School Bus Safety Camera Plan Advances in Washington County
Herald-Mail (Maryland), Jan. 10, 2012

The Washington County Board of Commissioners have backed the idea of using cameras to catch motorists who illegally pass stopped school buses. The commissioners agreed to have county attorneys draft an ordinance authorizing use of the cameras. (Herald-Mail photo by Joe Crocetta.)

Editorial: Kansas City’s Red-Light Cameras Leading to Safer Streets
The Kansas City Star (Missouri), Jan. 9, 2012

Red-light cameras are working in Kansas City. They are reducing the number of people who barrel through stoplights, endangering themselves and others. Who wouldn’t like that kind of positive result? (Kansas City Star photo by David Eulitt.)

Letter to the Editor: Cameras Are No Threat to Safety
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), Jan. 11, 2012

Why were red-light cameras thought of in the first place? Because more and more drivers were ignoring the yellow, even speeding up, knowing they would be running the red. This foolish habit caused some of the worst crashes.

Letter to the Editor: Personal Experience Proves Speed Cameras Work
Centre Daily Times (Pennsylvania), Jan. 10, 2012

I recently moved back here after 35 years in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., so I’m more than experienced at traffic, and I can tell you what does stop speeders. Radar does not. The police cannot be here 24/7. … All these techniques were tried in the Baltimore and D.C. areas and failed until — speed cameras. They really work.

Letter to the Editor: Residents Sought Camera for Safety Reasons
The Times-Picayune (Louisiana), Jan. 6, 2012

The speculation by The Times-Picayune that the Henry Clay camera was not installed for safety reasons is dead wrong. It was requested by the Upper Hurstville Residents Association.

Letter to the Editor: Hit Red-Light Runners in the Wallet
Bradenton Herald (Florida), Jan. 6, 2012

Individuals who run red lights will be with us always. … That is unless you get them where they will learn: the pocketbook/wallet. Why should a municipality not try and generate revenue from reckless individuals?

“I would prefer that we have no violations. I hope we never collect any funds. That just means we’re protecting our children as we should be.”
Douglas W. Mullendore, Washington County sheriff
Herald-Mail (Maryland), Jan. 10, 2012

“We know that some drivers are more aggressive. This is where red-light cameras or other cameras would really help. Go to any intersection. You’ll see the same thing. People today don’t like to stop. They’re all in a hurry.”
Ron Zellers, New Kensington police chief
Valley News Dispatch (Pennsylvania), Jan. 10, 2012

“I believe that overall,  we’ve seen the crashes overall in the city go down because people have told us that they are paying more attention. So I think it has a deterrent effect and it makes people more aware of when and how they drive.”
Mike Massoni, South San Francisco police chief
NBC Bay Area (California), Jan. 10, 2012

“This is a strategy that’s worked in other communities, it reduces accidents, it reduces fatalities, and I think that’s a pretty good savings.”
John DeStefano, New Haven mayor
MSNBC/, Jan. 9, 2012

“Believe it or not, after you’ve gotten a couple of those tickets, you tend to be aware that you’re speeding.”
Rushern Baker, Prince George’s County executive
WTOP 103.5 FM (Maryland), Jan. 7, 2012

The percentage of broadside crashes has fallen from 26 percent before red-light safety cameras were installed in 2009 to about 5 percent after cameras were installed at the intersection of Thatcher and Prairie avenues in Pueblo, Colo. Source: The Pueblo Chieftain, Jan. 6, 2012.

Red-light safety cameras have been operational in Green Cove Springs for less than a year and have resulted in more than 11,000 violations being issued. Source: First Coast News, Jan. 6, 2012.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 5

January 5th, 2012 Comments off

Red-Light Running Dangers Get National Attention
ABC News (Washington D.C.), Dec. 30, 2011

The push to make driving safer and reduce one of the most dangerous types of traffic collisions, those that happen when drivers run red lights, captured national attention this year with the release of multiple red-light running crash videos at intersections in Tennessee, Florida and other states. 

St. Petersburg, Tampa Set Separate Trends for Safety
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), Jan. 5, 2012

The contrast is not quite as stark as red versus green, but red-light cameras are off to markedly different starts in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

N.Y. Mayor Credits Red-Light Cameras Among Reasons for Historic Decline in Traffic Fatalities
Queens Examiner, Jan. 4, 2012

New York City saw its fewest traffic fatalities in 100 years in 2011, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced, adding that such enforcement measures as red-light safety cameras helped make streets safer. (NBC New York photo)

Cameras’ Safety Effect Gets Noticed in Winter Springs
Seminole (Florida), Jan. 4, 2012

When Karen Gebauer takes the time to drive to a Winter Springs Grizzlies youth football game, or anywhere else in the city for that matter, she takes comfort in knowing that the chances of getting struck by a red-light runner are greatly reduced, thanks to an ever-watching camera in the sky. 

Jersey City Installs 4th of 11 Red-Light Safety Camera Sets
The Jersey Journal (New Jersey), Jan. 4, 2012

City officials have installed a fourth set of cameras, this time at Newark and Tonnelle avenues, to catch motorists speeding through red lights.

Study: Red-Light Cameras Reduce Crashes
CBS TV 4 (Florida), Jan. 3, 2012

The car comes barreling through a bright red light, just in time to broadside a fire truck that has the green light. The car is demolished, the driver injured. It is one of dozens of red light crashes on a video released by one of the three major companies that provide red light cameras to cities across South Florida and the country.

Police-Supported Camera Program Goes to Public Comment
Dothan Eagle (Alabama), Jan. 3, 3012

The Dothan Police Department wants to install traffic cameras at 14 intersections throughout the city, and the public will have a chance to voice its opinion on the matter next week.

Challenge Goes Out to Drive More Safely in 2012
Sacramento Bee (California), Jan. 3, 2012

A recent national survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety confirms that Americans desire a greater level of safety than they now experience on our roads and are open to more government action to make it happen, yet many are unwilling to change their own dangerous behaviors. Now is the time to make a resolution to be a safe driver.

Yakima County Could Employ Speed Safety Cameras
Yakima Herald-Republic (Washington), Jan. 1, 2012

Bombarded by complaints about speeding on county roads and strapped for money for emphasis patrols, county commissioners want to find out if technology will prompt drivers to slow down.

Residents’ Support for Cameras Grows
Tampa Bay Times (Florida), Jan. 1, 2012

They might be unpopular in other parts of the nation, but red-light safety cameras enjoy strong support from most residents of Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. ( photo by Jay Conner)

Red-Light Violations Decrease in Milton
Santa Rosa Press Gazette (Florida), Dec. 30, 2011

Red-light violations are dropping drastically in the city of Milton where 1,300 warning notices issued from mid-June to mid-July  have been replaced with four consecutive months of declining ticket counts, with no more than 365 issued in a single month.

Busiest Red-Light Cameras Are Talk of Town in Tampa, St. Petersburg
WTSP TV 10 (Florida), Jan. 5, 2012

With about 50 red-light safety cameras set up in Tampa and St. Pete, find out which ones are producing the most evidence for police to review. (MSNBC Media photo of St. Petersburg)

Cameras Capture Highlight Reel of Florida Crashes
New Times Broward-Palm Beach, Jan. 5, 2012

Place a few all-watching eyes at intersections throughout South Florida and reckless driving takes on a whole new meaning.

Video Clips Show Collisions, Close Calls in New Jersey
East Brunswick Patch, Jan. 4, 2012

American Traffic Solutions released a YouTube video last month that shows drivers running red lights at intersections where traffic cameras are installed, including a close call at Route 18 and Tices Lane in East Brunswick.

American Traffic Solutions Posts Video of Red-Light Runners
WJLA TV (Virginia), Dec. 30, 2011

The nation’s largest supplier of red-light safety cameras is now posting video online of cars caught by cameras as they blow through red lights. ATS hopes if drivers see what can happen, they’ll hit the brakes on red.

Driver that Struck Elementary Student Sentenced
Opelika-Auburn News/ (Alabama), Jan. 3, 2011

The driver of an SUV that struck and injured a 7-year-old Cary Woods Elementary School student had her day in Auburn Municipal Court this week, when she was ordered to pay a fine and spend 30-days in jail if she did not complete 30 hours of community service.

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that the city of Oldsmar, Florida, has signed a multiyear agreement with ATS for a red-light safety camera program, and Neptune Township in New Jersey has selected ATS as its red-light safety camera provider.

@ATS_RoadSafety NY was the 5th most deadly state in the nation for red-light running fatalities according @NHTSAgov.  #StopOnRed

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Safety Cameras and Rules of the Road
Arizona Daily Star, Jan. 5, 2012

In response to the Dec. 30 letter, may I provide the following information: The length of the yellow signal is based on the speed limit. Even though the limit posted is 40 mph, the left-turn yellow is set for 3 seconds as it would be impossible for a driver to make a left turn at 40 mph. 

Letter to the Editor: How Many Red-Light Runners Are There?
Star News Online (North Carolina), Jan. 3, 2012

There were 19,000 folks in NHC ticketed for running a red light this past year!!! We have 13 red light cameras and many more red lights without cameras! That tells me there are many thousands more drivers running red lights that are not caught.

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed Over Call to Bag Cameras
The Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Jan. 2, 2012

I read with great disappointment that Rep. Scott Plakon has introduced legislation to kill the red-light camera law.

Letter to the Editor: Speed Cameras Save Lives
The Baltimore Sun (Maryland), Dec. 31, 2011

As traffic engineers and planners, we have examined both sides of the speed camera issue. But as your editorial on speed cameras in Maryland rightly concludes, the evidence is overwhelming that speed cameras reduce accidents.

Editorial: Red-Light Safety Cameras? Yes.
The Hartford Courant (Connecticut), Dec. 31, 2011

Running red lights is all too common, and invariably dangerous. That is why the legislature should give municipalities the option of installing safety cameras, known as “red light cameras,” at problem intersections.

“I don’t want to speak for the city council but I’m satisfied with the data that they (red-light cameras) are beneficial. That they do improve driver behavior.”
Jon Netts, Palm Coast mayor
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), Jan. 3, 2012

“The study found there was a major reduction in right-angle collisions and a major reduction in traffic fatalities where these systems have been used. From a public safety standpoint, it’s a very positive program. It’s going to save lives.”
Greg Benton, Dothan police chief
Dothan Eagle (Alabama), Jan. 3, 2012

“We feel that engineering is being sought to solve problems where either education or enforcement may be a better solution. You can only put up so many devices and signs before they start to blend into the background.”
Gary Ekstedt, Yakima County engineer
Yakima Herald-Republic (Washington), Jan. 1, 2012

“I don’t know of a single rear-end collision that has occurred at the intersections where the cameras are. I have asked and talked to the officers, but I have not heard of one being reported.”
Greg Brand, Milton police chief
Santa Rosa Press Gazette (Florida), Dec. 30, 2011

“If it is the exact same bill, based on conversations I’ve had with (Collier County) Sheriff (Kevin) Rambosk and other law enforcement officials and the number of accidents they felt were reduced because of the cameras, I am going to vote against the bill. I am all for getting rid of as many regulations as possible, but when the sheriff says it has been a huge savings of accidents in Collier County, why would you vote to repeal it?”
Kathleen Passidomo, Florida state representative, R-Naples
Marco Eagle/, Dec. 28, 2011

A Tampa Bay Times/Bay News 9 poll found 62 percent of residents in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties favor red-light safety cameras. A third oppose them, while 4 percent aren’t sure. Source: Tampa Bay Times, Jan. 1, 2012.

A national survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found 94 percent of drivers say it is unacceptable to drive through a traffic light that has already turned red if they could have stopped safely; however one in three drivers (37 percent) admit doing this in the past month. Source: The Auto, Jan. 3, 2012.

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