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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 4

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Red-Light Safety Cameras Help Authorities Investigate Crashes
Bay News 9 (Florida), Dec. 28, 2011

Bay area police say red-light cameras are capturing more than red-light runners. They say the video also gives them a chance to take a closer look at crashes to determine who is at fault. ( photo)

Maryland Will Add Speed Cameras in 2012
WMAL 105.9 FM Radio, Dec. 28, 2011 

Police say speed cameras have done more to change driver behavior in just a few years than decades of human speed traps.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Could Be Placed in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Dec. 27, 2011

A pilot project involving traffic light cameras in Philadelphia may soon have a big impact on Northeastern Pennsylvania. See related video coverage from WBRE TV.

Seeing Is Believing: Crashes on YouTube Show Tragedies, Dec. 27, 2011

Whether you think red-light cameras are a good idea or not, it is clear by these videos that running red lights can prove to be a tragedy for the driver and the innocent victims in their path.

Township Gives Drivers the Facts on Red-Light Safety Camera Program
Lawrenceville Patch (New Jersey), Dec. 22, 2011

Drivers who want more information about red-light safety cameras can visit the Lawrence Township website for answers to the obvious and not so obvious questions about the program. The township’s newly posted fact sheet explains how taxpayers are shielded from costs, how strobes operate, how yellow light times are set and other topics.

Crash Video Educates Tennessee Drivers about Red-Light Running Dangers
WSMV TV 4/MSNBC, Dec. 28, 2011

Thousands of car crashes have been caught on camera from those controversial red-light cameras.  Now the worst of the worst crashes have been compiled in a video in hopes of educating drivers about the dangers of running red lights. ( photo by Jim Davis)

Repeal Effort Targets Red-Light Camera Law in Florida, Dec. 28, 2011

The traffic cameras meant to keep motorists from blowing through red lights could come down, if some state lawmakers get their way. 

On-Camera Drama Shows Danger Facing New Jersey Motorists
The Star-Ledger/, Dec. 27, 2011

They look like crash scenes from an action movie, except the damage is real and the on-camera drama plays out on roads across New Jersey. See related coverage on CBS Philly.comWPVI TV 6 and The Press of Atlantic City (Press of Atlantic City photo by Danny Drake)

Cameras Catch Car Wrecks on Tape
Old Northeast-Downtown St. Pete Patch (Florida), Dec. 23, 2011

Red-light cameras are not just catching violators. They are providing a stark visual record of collisions caused by motorists who blow through red lights. This compilation shows a few of the crashes and close calls at Florida intersections. See related coverage on WJXT TV 4.

2011 Big Year for Red-Light Safety Cameras in Missouri
Florissant Patch (Missouri), Dec. 22, 2011

A courtroom decision, a state study and the installation of red-light safety cameras among cities are a few of the reasons why red-light cameras made news in Missouri in 2011. As this video depicts, the principal reason for the cameras remains — lives are at risk.

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that the city of Hazelwood, Missouri, has renewed its red-light safety camera program.

@ATS_RoadSafety Must Read! Frank Hinds: Driving safely would prevent fatal red-light running wrecks: http://bit.lyw1Ne1f  #StopOnRed #roadsafety

Editorial: Keep Red Light Cameras in Florida
The Orlando Sentinel, Dec. 28, 2011

Florida lawmakers usually take a hard line on lawbreakers, but some of them seem to have a soft spot for red-light runners.

Editorial: Work-Zone Speed Cameras Protect Motorists, Workers
The Baltimore Sun (Maryland), Dec. 27, 2011

When the General Assembly agreed to allow a limited number of speed cameras in work zones, it was not only for the benefit of workers but of motorists. … In four out of five work zone crashes, it is a driver or passenger who is injured or killed.

Commentary: Red-Light Camera Program a Success
Community (Florida), Dec. 23, 2011

The lady came into the city clerk’s office obviously upset, insisting that she had been a safe driver for over 20 years and there is no way she would have run a red light.

“There’s nothing worse than having to knock on someone’s door and telling them your loved one died in a car accident. You have to do anything you can to avoid that.”
Charles Cain, Hamilton Township deputy mayor
Press of Atlantic City (New Jersey), Dec. 28, 2011

“The bottom line is that we don’t want anybody to run red lights. We want to improve safety at our intersections.”
Kyle Evans, Murfreesboro Police Department spokesman
WSMV TV 4/MSNBC (Tennessee), Dec. 28, 2011

“I think they are a great idea since police cannot be everywhere. The (red-light safety) cameras would allow us to patrol other parts of town with our limited manpower.”
Patricia O’Donnell, Luzerne Borough, Pennsylvania, police chief
MSNBC, Dec. 28, 2011

“Traffic laws aren’t supposed to be part-time suggestions; the less they are respected, the greater the chances that bad things will happen.”
The Baltimore Sun (Maryland), Dec. 27, 2011

“Blaming the cameras is an excuse for poor driving, plain and simple. Here is a message for red-light runners and tailgaters alike: Obey the law! This way, the cameras become irrelevant.”
Larry Mathieson, former Ormond Beach police chief
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), Feb. 17, reprinted Dec. 25, 2011

In the past two years, the Miami Gardens red-light safety camera program has reduced crashes at the camera intersection by 83 percent. This means almost 200 fewer crashes. Source: Community, Dec. 23, 2011

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 3

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Governor Expected To Extend Philadelphia’s Red-Light Camera Program
CBS TV 3 (Pennsylvania), Dec. 21, 2011

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett is expected to sign a bill that will give Philadelphia’s red-light camera program a six-month reprieve. See related article from

Tucson Police Post Crash Videos to Educate Drivers
Tucson Weekly (Arizona), Dec. 22, 2011

The Tucson Police Department’s YouTube channel, active since late July, has more than 300 people who have signed up to be notified of any new videos uploaded to the site. And despite only displaying 13 videos… the clips have been viewed more than 43,000 times.

Jersey City Gets 3rd Red-Light Safety Camera
Hudson Reporter (New Jersey), Dec. 20, 2011

With more than 16,000 red-light violations recorded in the past eight months by two red-light safety cameras, Jersey City has added a third camera this month. (The Jersey Journal photo of an existing ATS camera system in Jersey City by Reena Rose Sibayan) 

Red-Light Safety Cameras Remain Divisive
Star News Online (North Carolina), Dec. 20, 2011

Police in Wilmington, N.C., say the cameras are working, yet some lawmakers are trying to get them off the streets. (Star News Online photo by Paul Stephen)

Red-Light Safety Cameras Go Live Along Route 71
Bastrop Advertiser (Texas), Dec. 19, 2011

Nearly a year after the Bastrop City Council approved funding for the installation of road safety camera programs at two busy intersections on Texas 71, the systems intended to deter the running of red lights are finally being activated.

Automated Traffic Enforcement Debate Rolls On
Capital News Service (Maryland), Dec. 18, 2011

In the 14 years since the Maryland Legislature approved red-light safety cameras, about 200 of the ticket-issuing machines have been installed in the state, not including speed cameras, according to a database compiled by AAA Mid-Atlantic. … After all this time, the debate over automated traffic enforcement continues.

Red-Light Cameras Slow Drivers
Fort McMurry Today (Canada), Dec. 16, 2011

Intersection safety devices introduced in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo have been successful in their attempt to slow speeding drivers.

Red-Light Crash Highlight Reel Serves as Holiday Safety Reminder
USA Today, Dec. 22, 2011

USA Today’s Drive On section would like all of you to get through the holidays — and holiday driving — safely, so we offer this video of Missouri mishaps as a reminder to stay alert, watch out for the idiots and drive smart.

Video Shows Missouri’s Worst Red-Light Collisions of 2011
Kansas City Star, Dec. 21, 2011

A video released by American Traffic Solutions shows the stark reality of what can happen when drivers run a red light. These images are from Arnold, St. Louis and five other Missouri cities, but the threat exists in all communities. See additional coverage from KSDK TV 5, the Arnold Patch and the Florissant Patch. (Flickr photo by Joseph Ma)

More Drivers Running Red Lights
KOAT TV 7 (New Mexico), Dec. 21, 2011

Albuquerque police say more drivers are running red lights, ever since the city council voted to take red-light safety cameras down.

1 Dies in Red-Light Running Crash
KSAZ TV-10 (Arizona), Dec. 21, 2011

A red-light running crash in Phoenix leaves one passenger dead.

Sarasota to Add More Red-Light Safety Cameras
WTSP TV Channel 10 (Florida), Dec. 20, 2011

Some cities are having red-light safety cameras installed, while others are taking them out. But in one Bay area community, law enforcement officers see the cameras as a way to save lives.

Seeing Is Believing: Video Shows Violations, Close Calls and Non-Violations in Pohatcong
The Express-Times (New Jersey), Dec. 19, 2011

A video provided by American Traffic Solutions, which runs the newly installed Pohatcong Township red-light cameras, demonstrates the good, bad and ugly of drivers’ behavior.

Injured Motorcyclist Speaks Out
KTVI Channel 2 (Missouri), Dec. 16, 2011

A sports bike rider out for an afternoon ride Monday photographed a pickup truck running a red light and striking him broadside in the middle of the intersection.

Police Chiefs Honor Lawmaker for Effort to Stop Motorists from Unlawfully Passing School Buses (Connecticut), Dec. 19, 2011

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association has named state Sen. Andrew Maynard as its 2011 Legislator of the Year for his work to get tough on drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses and to increase fines for drivers who send text messages while driving.

@ATS_RoadSafety Temple Terrace red-light runners caught on tape:  #StopOnRed  #Florida

Letter to Editor: Red Light Safety Cameras Are Needed
North County Times (California), Dec. 22, 2011

There is flagrant red-light running of the light on Winchester and Margarita Road, where motorists routinely disregard their red light … and traffic has to wait until these red-light-runners have cleared the intersection. That is exactly why red-light cameras are needed.

Letter to Editor: Pay the Ticket
Star News Online (North Carolina), Dec. 21, 2011

So, you don’t like red light cameras. …  We hear you. Now hear us, the sane part of society. You ran a red light. … You could have killed people. You could have killed yourself. Stopping at red lights isn’t optional. It’s the law.

Letter to Editor: Hate Tickets? Don’t Speed
The Baltimore Sun (Maryland0, Dec. 19, 2011

Jay Hancock’s recent column regarding speed cameras was simply shameful. So we enforce our laws — big deal.

“Believe me, as a cynic who voted against red light cameras ten years ago, I’ve seen the direct results in Philadelphia.”
Michael McGeehan, Pennsylvania state representative from Philadelphia
CBS TV 3 (Pennsylvania), Dec. 21, 2011

“Whenever those cameras go in, the crashes go down.”
Mike Donelson, Wilmington Police Department sergeant who oversees traffic unit
Star News Online (North Carolina), Dec. 20, 2011

“From a safety standpoint, the purpose of cameras is to convince people to obey the law, because if they don’t, they might get a ticket. Therefore the goal is for no tickets at all. It should be anything but a ticket program. It’s a deterrent program.”
Anne Fleming, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety senior vice president of communications
Capital News Service (Maryland), Dec. 18, 2011

“In every other sector of our community, safety is a number one priority but somehow I tend to think we just let go on the roadways. … When you look at things like how the second leading preventable cause of death in teenages in Canada is motor vehicle collisions, this is very important and that’s why we’re taking it serious.”
Rick Kirschner, Acting chief bylaw officer, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Fort McMurry Today (Canada), Dec. 16, 2011

A portion of fines paid by drivers running red lights in Philadelphia goes to fund roadway improvements in other cities within the state. Since the road safety camera program began in 2005, some $15 million raised in Philadelphia has gone to other cities. Source: The Inquirer/, Dec. 21, 2011 ( photo)

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2 Issue 2

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Police Demonstrate New Mobile Speed Cameras
Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama), Dec. 15, 2011

Montgomery’s new mobile camera program will be used to issue citations to speeders in school and construction zones as well as residential neighborhoods. The system will be used beginning Friday. A warning period will be in place until Jan. 16, after which citations will be issued. (Montgomery Advertiser photo by Amanda Sowards)

Safe Corridors Carry Higher Traffic Fines
Times of Trenton (New Jersey), Dec. 14, 2011

Drivers in Lawrence Township who receive a red-light running ticket in a designated safe corridor pay a higher fee because the infraction occurred in a designated portion of the road with above-average crash and fatality rates. (Times of Trenton photo by Martin Griff)

Court Rules New Orleans May Keep List of Drivers with Unpaid Tickets Private
New Orleans Times Picayune (Louisiana), Dec. 13, 2011

A state appeals court Tuesday agreed that the city can keep secret the names of more than 16,000 scofflaws who ignore traffic camera tickets.

Americans traveled nearly 3 trillion miles on U.S. roadways in 2010, an increase of nearly 46 billion miles more than in 2009, and did so with fewer fatalities, including 520 fewer intersection crash fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. See NCSR statement below. (Photo by WJLA TV Channel 7)

NCSR: Combined Safety Efforts Deserve Credit for Decline in Fatal Crashes
The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 8, 2011

The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released updated 2010 FARS data today showing that intersection-related fatality crashes declined by 7.1 percent (7,278 in 2009 to 6,758 in 2010). See related article.

Red-Light Runner
This light was red for 2.99 seconds before the vehicle ran it in Lafayette, Louisiana.
The, Dec. 12, 2011

Springfield Council’s Bill for Red-Light Cameras Goes to Legislature
WWLP TV 22 (Massachusetts), Dec. 10, 2011

Red-light runners beware, the Springfield City Council has passed a bill that could put red-light cameras at busy intersections. … And some residents are excited about the possibility. 

Editorial: Children’s Safety at Heart of West Virginia’s Tougher Traffic Laws
Herald-Dispatch, December 11, 2011

Some highway fatalities involve equipment failure, bad road conditions or other unexpected factors. But when a motorist hits a child at a school bus stop, it is almost always a matter of carelessness, impatience and poor judgment. (Photo by The Herald-Dispatch)

Commentary: School Bus Traffic Cameras: Why It’s a Good Idea, Dec. 14, 2011

Something I have seen trending lately is the push for traffic cameras on school buses. As a mother of a school-age child, and as an everyday driver I think this is a brilliant idea.

Commentary: Cameras Will Reduce School Bus Stop Arm Violations
Huffington Post, Dec. 13, 2011

Maryland drivers are bypassing the stop arms of school buses at an alarming rate, finds a Maryland State Department of Education survey. A total of 7,028 violations of school bus stop arms were recorded on a single day in February. … No doubt, the school bus stop arm camera will change this behavior.

Teen Struck, Killed after Exiting School Bus
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), Dec. 8, 2011

Authorities arrested and charged a 51-year-old woman in the death of a 17-year-old girl who stepped off a school bus and into the path of a passing car. The school bus had activated its red lights and stop arm at the time of the incident.

School Bus Stop Arm Violation Enforcement System Is Latest Innovation from ATS
ITS International, Dec. 6, 2011

The CrossingGuard school bus stop arm violation enforcement system, the latest innovation from American Traffic Solutions (ATS), consists of high-resolution cameras mounted to the front and rear driver’s side of a school bus. The system helps authorities enforce traffic laws, deter violations and ensure child safety.

American Traffic Solutions’ CrossingGuard school bus stop arm enforcement system will be implemented as a pilot program in the Charles County School System in Maryland through an agreement with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. The program places cameras on school buses to photograph motorists who illegally pass buses that stop for students to enter or exit. Also this month, the city of Ocoee, Florida, signed a contract extension with ATS for its road safety camera program, and the city of Montgomery, Ala., entered into an agreement with ATS for a speed safety camera program.

@ATS_RoadSafety NTSB recommends full ban on use of cell phones while #driving #roadsafety Thoughts?

Commentary: Use Cameras to Stop Aggressive Red-Light Running
Southern Maryland Newspapers, Dec. 14, 2011

I am writing to ask the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners for relief from aggressive driving in our county. In particular, running red lights seems to be a sport for some.

Commentary: Yellow Signal Timing Includes Driver Reaction Time
Lehigh Valley News (Pennsylvania), Dec. 11, 2011

Yellow-signal phasing can be a critical factor in deciding when to stop or when to keep going and still make it through an intersection legally.

Letter to the Editor: Drivers Cause Crashes, Not Red-Light Cameras
Tampa Bay Newspapers (Florida), Dec. 13, 2011

I personally don’t know anyone against red-light cameras, except those that are running red lights. As far as causing accidents, the said accidents are caused by drivers who violate traffic laws.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Cameras Boost Safety, Revenue
The Journal Gazette (Indiana), Dec. 11, 2011

It’s getting more dangerous to drive in Fort Wayne. … This has got to stop. I propose red-light cameras at the city’s 10 busiest intersections. Too expensive, you say? I beg to differ.

Letter to the Editor: Red Light Means Stop. Please Stop
The Bakersfield Californian, Dec. 9, 2011

Bakersfield has the worst drivers I have ever encountered. Each and every day, I witness many people run red lights, and red-light cameras don’t seem to faze them either. … People are being killed because of this stupidity. Please stop.

“I had no idea it had to be a total stop. Well, now I’m going to stop, and I’m going to count a few times — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 — make sure I’m stopped, and then turn.”
Patty Antinucci, Lawrence Township resident
Times of Trenton (New Jersey), Dec. 14, 2011

“Maryland’s work-zone speed cameras are having the desired effects: decreasing the number of speeders in highway construction zones in the region and across the state, and reducing the number and the severity of crashes in the work zones.”
John B. Townsend II, a spokesman for AAA Mid-Atlantic
The Washington Post (Maryland), Dec. 12, 2011

“We have one of the highest crash rates along I-235 in our jurisdiction. For public safety employees, responding to accidents there can be very dangerous. We are going to look hard at technology being a tool for us to provide the best level of service that we can.”
Dennis McDaniel, Windsor Heights police chief
Des Moines Register (Iowa), Dec. 10, 2011

“I’ve seen a lot of accidents, I got hit head-on that way. I am adamantly opposed to running a red light and I think anything they can do to get these people off the road they should do.”
Neale Golden, Springfield resident
WWLP TV 22 (Massachusetts), Dec. 10, 2011

“I think it’s a great idea, I think there’s a lot of bad drivers in Springfield and whatever we can do to get people to slow down and pay attention to traffic rules can be a good thing.”
Dan Garte, Springfield resident
WWLP TV 22 (Massachusetts), Dec. 10, 2011

Only 10 percent of red-light running occurrences are caused by vehicles being caught in the “dilemma zone” (the point when a yellow causes the driver to decide whether to run the yellow light or to brake suddenly and risk a rear-end crash). Source: ITS International, Sept. 22, 2009

Almost 112,000 school bus drivers in 28 states recorded more than 37,000 incidents of drivers illegally passing a school bus that is stopped and is displaying its flashing red light and stop arm, according to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services. Source:, Dec. 14, 2011

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ATS’ Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 1

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Roadway Fatalities Drop to Record-Breaking Level in 2010
U.S. Department of Transportation, Dec. 8, 2010

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced updated 2010 fatality and injury data showing that highway deaths fell to 32,885 for the year, the lowest level since 1949. The improvement comes despite Americans driving 46 billion more miles than in 2009.

Oldsmar OKs 5-year Contract with ATS
St. Petersburg Times, Dec. 8, 2011

City leaders voted 4-1 this week to approve a five-year contract with American Traffic Solutions to install red-light safety cameras at four intersections.

Police Issue 2,300 Warnings from Cameras at 1 Intersection in 1 Month
Times of Trenton (New Jersey), Dec. 7, 2011

More than 2,000 motorists were caught running red lights by a new camera system at Route 1 and Bakers Basin Road-Franklin Corner Road during a 30-day test period, a higher number of violations than the township anticipated. (The Times of Trenton photo by Martin Griff)

Red-Light Safety Camera Use Upheld
Missouri Municipal League, December 2011

In a big win for the safety of Missouri roadways, the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Eastern District recently upheld Creve Coeur’s red-light camera ordinance.

Warnings Issued to Red-Light Runners in Texas Community
Elgin Courier, Dec. 7, 2011

The red-light safety camera program in Elgin, Texas, entered its warning phase on Dec. 1, providing photographic evidence to police who in turn issued warning notices to drivers caught running red lights. Tickets with fines begin Jan. 1.

Union Activates Red-Light Camera Program (New Jersey), Dec. 2, 2011

Union Township joined the growing number of New Jersey communities with red-light safety cameras last week, with the start of its own program at three locations.

District of Columbia Expands Pedestrian Safety Study
Washington City Paper, Dec. 1, 2011

With a proposal to reduce residential street speed limits from 25 to 15 mph tabled, an eight-month speed and pedestrian safety study will instead be expanded in the District of Columbia to include Wards 4 and 6.

Red-Light Cams Up and Running in Philadelphia’s Center City
WPVI TV Channel 6, Dec. 2, 2011

The Philadelphia Parking Authority flipped the switch on its newest set of red-light cameras last week. That means the two-month grace period for motorists at Broad and Vine streets in Center City Philadelphia is officially over.

Authorities Release Video of Close Calls at Intersections
Central Florida News Channel 13, Dec. 5, 2011

Officials released video clips of red-light runners in the Tampa Bay area giving viewers an idea of what is happening at intersections around the community. In some cases, it appears that inches separate motorists and passengers from violent crashes.

ATS to Put Cameras on School Buses to Catch Illegal Passers
From the School House/Technorati (California), Dec. 6, 2011

American Traffic Solutions, the company behind many of the red-light cameras across the United States and provider of a successful school zone speed safety program, is now working with school districts to place cameras on buses to protect children from getting hit by vehicles that illegally pass a stopped school bus to load and unload students.

@ATS_RoadSafety Jackson scary red-light running “T-bone” collision caught on tape #Tennessee @JSunNews

Commentary: James Tuton: Red-Light Safety Cameras Save Lives
Sun Sentinel (Florida), Dec. 6, 2011

Many Florida communities have turned to red-light safety camera programs to help change driver behavior, increase voluntary compliance with traffic laws and prevent needless injuries and fatalities resulting from red-light running. Here’s why.

Commentary: Yellow Light to Red a Judgment Call
The Morning Call (Pennsylvania), Dec. 5, 2011

Motorists must stop on red, but can go through an intersection when the signal is yellow. The complexity and confusion arise from the inability to know exactly when any signal will switch from green to yellow.

Commentary: Ending Carnage Simple as Stopping on Red
The Gazette (Colorado), Dec. 4, 2011

For years, the intersection of Powers Boulevard and Old Ranch Road has been one of the most dangerous in Colorado Springs. … There’s one way to counter this, according to city traffic engineer Dave Krauth. “People need to stop running red lights.” (T-bone collisions like this one in 2009 continue to occur at Old Ranch Road and Powers Boulevard. Photo: The Gazette.)

Commentary: Red-Light Cameras Increase Safety in New Jersey
Asbury Park Press, Nov. 25, 2011

As a veteran police officer and police chief, not only can I speak specifically to the motivation for these cameras, but also to their practical contributions to communities in our state. 

“Police officers use their discretion all the time. It’s very likely that flagrant violators will get tickets, as will those whose red-light running causes accidents. If it’s a close call, a motorist has to hope the officer is having a good day. And again, red-light cameras should take most of the guesswork out of the equation. A police officer can make a mistake. The camera, as they say, never lies.”
Anthony Manetta, Pennsylvania state police sergeant
The Morning Call, Dec. 5, 2011

“My position is it’s not a revenue generator.”
Sherry Kiyler, Chandler police chief
The Arizona Republic, Dec. 5, 2011

“They come through it like they’re on a race track, so it’s needed very badly at this intersection, really bad. … There have been bad accidents. Matter of fact, my neighbor across the street got killed crossing this street.”
Towanda Taylor, Philadelphia resident (Pennsylvania), Dec. 5, 2011

“I guess I just need to drive better, no matter if there’s a camera or not.”
Jane Feaney, California resident
North County Times, Dec. 4, 2011

“The truth is, all but four of the 17 right-angle wrecks were caused by drivers on Old Ranch, not Powers. People need to stop running red lights. It’s that simple. Red means red. Red means stop. They need to start obeying the traffic lights.”
Dave Krauth, City of Colorado Springs traffic engineer
The Gazette (Colorado), Dec. 4, 2011

“Kids at marked crossings are not over-involved in crashes, but will the areas be safer? Literature tends to say yes.”
Roy Lucke, Center for Public Safety at Northwestern University division manager (Illinois), Dec. 4, 2011

“You can tell around red-light camera intersections and in the general vicinity, driver behavior has changed. We’ve seen the number of violations decrease and you can see that through driver behavior. It really has made a difference.”
Chris Vogler, Philadelphia Parking Authority Red Light Camera program manager
WPVI TV 6 (Pennsylvania), Dec. 2, 2011

A ghost bike stands in memory of Mathieu Lefevre, an artist from Canada, who was killed on his bicycle in a traffic crash in October in New York City, where the rate of traffic fatalities is worse than 11 capital European cities, according to a 2011 report by Traffic Alternatives. (Photo by Robert Stolarik for The New York Times)

New York
More people are killed in traffic crashes than by guns in New York City; death by motor vehicle is rarely treated as a crime. Someone died in city traffic every 29 hours, on average, from 2005 to 2009, according to a study by the city’s health and transportation departments. The New York Times, Dec. 6, 2011.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 52

December 1st, 2011 Comments off

A Message from Jim Tuton, ATS President and CEO

A year ago this month, I welcomed you to the first issue of Road Safety Ink. Today, I invite you to join me in celebrating the newsletter’s first complete year of publication. Road Safety Ink meets an important need for our company and our industry by providing customers, media, our employees and the public with a weekly collection of news reports, videos, research, studies and commentary illustrating how our work makes a difference. This isn’t ATS saying road safety cameras are important, it’s police chiefs, elected officials, drivers, opinion leaders and parents in communities around the U.S. and Canada, who agree road safety cameras help save lives. 

Again, thank you for your continued interest in the road safety camera industry.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve Road Safety Ink or if you would like to link Road Safety Ink to your red-light or speed safety camera program website please let us know at  We look forward to continuing to share our story with you.

Sarasota’s Red-Light Safety Camera Program Begins this Week
Sarasota Patch (Florida), Nov. 30, 2011

The first of several red-light safety cameras will go live this week in the city of Sarasota. (Herald-Tribune photo by Mike Lang shows the city’s first intersection to receive a camera.) See related article.

Palm Coast Officials Say They’ll Keep Cameras
Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), Nov. 30, 2011

The City Council on Tuesday gave a green flag to its red-light safety camera program, saying it will keep the cameras and perhaps add more or move some existing ones.

Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians
WPBF TV Channel 25 (Florida), Nov. 29, 2011

Watch your step in Kissimmee-Orlando, Fla., and 19 other cities named the most dangerous for pedestrians in a 2011 report issued by Transportation for America. Click here for the national report.

Canadian Olympian Recovers from Red-Light Running Crash
Toronto Star, Nov. 28, 2011

Once called the fastest man in the world, Donovan Bailey tells the Toronto Star that his efforts to stay in shape are on hold while he recovers from injuries sustained from being hit by a red-light runner. (Star photo by Paul Irish.)

Red-Light Safety Cameras Debut in Miami Springs
River Cities Gazette (Florida), Nov. 27, 2011

Drivers who speed up when they see a caution light are soon going to find themselves paying a fine if they run a red light at five Miami Springs intersections. Red-light safety cameras are expected to be operational for a trial period beginning Dec. 9. Tickets could be issued beginning Jan. 9, 2012. (River Cities Gazette photo by Wally Clark shows Miami Springs police officer Oscar Garcia at one of the city’s busiest intersections.)

British Columbia Expands Camera Count
Times Colonist (Canada) Nov. 26, 2011

Better think twice before gunning it through that “late yellow’ light in B.C. An expanded set of cameras is now fully installed at 140 of the province’s most dangerous intersections in 26 communities, ready to snap a photo of cars that run a red light.

Count the seconds for yourself to see how long this light is red before the SUV driver runs it in North Miami. See video.

Legislator Takes Lead in Ensuring Drivers Adhere to School Bus Law
Wicked Local Mattapoisett (Massachusetts), Nov. 30, 2011

Hurried motorists who pass school buses stopped for students will have more than a busload of eyes on them if a school bus safety bill becomes law. They may have a camera trained on them as well.

Montgomery Proposes Using Cameras on School Buses to Catch Motorists Who Don’t Stop
The Washington Post (Maryland), Nov. 29, 2011

Under legislation introduced this week in Montgomery County, school buses could be outfitted with exterior cameras to assist authorities in cracking down on drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses. See related article. (The Gazette photo by Dan Gross)

American Traffic Solutions is pleased to announce that Pima County, Arizona,  has signed a one-year contract extension for its red-light safety camera program.

@ATS_RoadSafety Red-light runners put their lives and the #safety of others at risk. Check out Amanda Devine’s inspirational story:

Letter to the Editor: Speed Cameras Improve Intersection Safety
Laurel Leader (Maryland), Nov. 29, 2011

I have lived at Seventh and Main streets for over 25 years. Speeding on Seventh Street has been a constant concern until the city installed a speed camera.

Letter to the Editor: Safe Drivers Have Nothing to Fear from Cameras (New Jersey), Nov. 29, 2011

Sorry, but I think this is the best thing to ever happen in this area.

“Passing a school bus is probably one of the top five serious traffic violations. It’s pretty bad.”
Tom Didone, Montgomery police captain
The Gazette (Maryland), Nov. 30, 2011

“Across the country there have been kids killed from cars passing school buses. It certainly is the most dangerous part of riding the school bus.”
Todd Watkins, Montgomery County School System transportation director
The Gazette (Maryland), Nov. 30, 2011

“One life is worth more than the $19,000 (received by the city). … So keeping a program like this running is very important to the safety of the citizens of this city and is worth the cost and worth the fact that we haven’t lost as many people as we would have lost had these cameras not been there.”
Bill Lewis, Palm Coast city councilman (Florida), Nov. 29, 2011

“I do think there is a safety value here. There is a reduction in accidents and an increase in safety at these dangerous intersections where these red-light cameras are set up.”
Frank Meeker, Palm Coast councilman
Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), Nov. 29, 2011

“This (red-light safety) camera system should deter people from speeding up when they see a caution light. Of the five intersections that were chosen, I can remember fatality crashes at four of them in my 21 years as an officer.”
Jimmy Deal, Miami Springs police sergeant
River Cities Gazette (Florida), Nov. 27, 2011


Of the 11,600 traffic tickets Sarasota police issued from Nov. 1, 2010 through Oct. 31, 2011, about 700 of those were issued for “failure to obey a traffic control device,” which can include running red lights, stop signs, yield signs and speed limit signs. Also, from October 2005 to October 2010, 48 percent of traffic fatalities in the city occurred at traffic signals. Source: Sarasota Patch, Nov. 30, 2011.


More than 400 children nationwide have been killed by drivers passing a stopped school bus over the past four decades, according to the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State University. Source: The Washington Post, Nov. 29, 2011

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