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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 38

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This personal note to the authorities in Colorado Springs reminds all of us at ATS and our clients that our daily work does make an important difference. Together, we make streets safer by changing driver behavior, one person at a time. Thanks to our team in Colorado for sharing this with us.

New York City Mayor Favors Cameras ‘On Every Corner’, August 23, 2011

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pressing state lawmakers to green light his request for more red light cameras. (NBC New York photo)

Red-Light Safety Cameras Among Innovations Holding Promise of Lower Insurance Claims
Claims Journal, August 24, 2011

Intelligent vehicles, driver assistance systems, improved road design and traffic controls, and continued driver safety campaigns promise an even greater reduction of accident-related claims in the future. (Tampa Tribune photo by Scott Iskowitz)

More Pennsylvania State Lawmakers Line Up for Cameras
The Intelligencer/, August 23, 2011

State representatives would like a colleague’s bill allowing the expanded use of red-light safety cameras in Pennsylvania to go further by allowing small towns to employ cameras.

Orange County Leaders Want Camera Blitz, but Will Wait for Now
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), August 23, 2011

Orange County leaders could add as many as 80 new red-light cameras over the next two years, but agree to hold off to see if lawmakers will revisit the statute on cameras next spring.

I’m the Good Driver, You’re the Bad Driver
CNN (Georgia), August 22, 2011

While most Americans say they are good drivers and rate others as poor drivers, it appears they’re in a state of denial. (CNN Illustration by ThinkStock)

Hueytown Considers Red-Light Safety Cameras
The Birmingham News/ (Alabama), August 22, 2011

Hueytown has joined a growing list of cities that are considering installing cameras at traffic lights to catch people who run red lights.

Redmond Doesn’t Expect Large Payout from Cameras
Redmond Patch (Washington), August 18, 2011

A large percentage of Redmond’s red-light and speed camera fines go to King County for contracted court services to ensure drivers have a convenient due-process path.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Activated in Pohatcong Township
The Express-Times (New Jersey), August 23, 2011

Authorities began issuing warning notices to red-light runners this week in Pohatcong Township, where red-light safety cameras are now live at two intersections. Citations will be issued after the 30-day warning period. The fines are $85. (Express-Times photo by Tim Wynkoop shows ATS field service technician Steve Molina on the job.)

The city of Miami Springs, Florida, has signed a contract with American Traffic Solutions for a road safety camera program. The city is a new client.

Commentary: L.A.’s Red-Light Ticket Fine Dilemma Still Murky
Los Angeles Daily News (California), August 23, 2011

To pay or not to pay. That is just one of the questions. The other, more important, query from those photographed running a red light in Los Angeles is what happens if they don’t pay. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Superior Court will not say. (L.A. Daily News photo by Michael Owen Baker)

Commentary: Pedestrian Fatality Report Reminds Us All to be Safer
The Oklahoman/NewsOK (Oklahoma), August 22, 2011

Sometimes, being No. 1 is not a good thing. There are times when you don’t want to be out front. It’s best to be farthest back. Such is the case in a new report that looks to solve preventable pedestrian deaths.

Letter to Editor: Red-Light Safety Cameras for Pennsylvania, August 22, 2011

As you read this, more than likely someone has been injured in an accident where someone else ran a red light. And, in the next 17 minutes, someone will be killed or injured in a crash.

Letter to Editor: Enforce Traffic Laws
The Tennessean, August 21, 2011

I never believed that our representatives in Nashville would allow such a thing. I’m talking about not giving tickets to people who run a red light while making a right turn.

Letter to Editor: It’s Sad to See Cameras Nixed
Buffalo News (New York), August 21, 2011

I began advocating for cameras at red lights in 2004 because the police department said it didn’t have the manpower to monitor motorists running red lights.

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More Red-Light Safety Cameras Could Come to Orange County
WFTV Channel 9 (Florida), August 22, 2011

Currently, there are 10 cameras in the county but that number could rise to 90 by 2013.

“For those who may be celebrating the fact the red light cameras are turned off, it is illegal to run a red light. I will do everything I can to have police out enforcing this law.”
Annise Parker, Houston mayor
Forbes (New York), August 25, 2011

“This is the lives of our people we’re talking about, this is not something cute, and we’ve got to do something about it.”
Mike Bloomberg, New York City mayor
NY 1 (New York), August 23, 2011

“They’re coming. If our police can’t slow you down the cameras will.”
Terry Adams, Midfield city councilman
The Birmingham News (Alabama), August 22, 2011

“People who run red lights can kill people. These cameras go a long way towards making this a safer city.”
James Vacca, New York City councilman, chairman of council’s transportation committee
New York Daily News, August 22, 2011

Since red-light safety cameras were activated in February, authorities have issued 8,379 tickets in Orange County. There are 10 cameras in operation. SOURCE: WFTV Channel 9, August 23, 2011.

New York
One million summonses were issued in 2010 to drivers in New York City who ran red lights, according to the Department of Transportation, generating nearly $53 million in fines. Tickets are $50 each. SOURCE:, August 22, 2011.

United States
There were an estimated 1.7 million rear-end accidents in 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. SOURCE: Claims Journal, August 24, 2011

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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 37

August 18th, 2011 Comments off

Report: Red-Light Cameras a Top Lifesaver
Consumer Reports (Washington, D.C.), Aug. 18, 2011

Even though motor vehicle crashes are at record lows, there is still more to be done to prevent the over 32,000 deaths that occur annually on the nation’s roads. A new report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) notes that a few proven countermeasures can have quick payoffs. View IIHS report. See statement from National Coalition for Safer Roads.

Red-Light Violations Remain, Crashes End with Camera Program
Wayne Today (New Jersey), Aug. 18, 2011

Wayne police say an average of 115 to 120 drivers per month still receive tickets for running the red light at the intersections with red-light safety cameras. However, there have been no collisions since the cameras have been installed.

Ocean Township Proceeds with Plans for Red-Light Safety Cameras
Atlanticville (New Jersey), Aug. 18, 2011

The Township Council earlier this month moved forward with plans to install red light cameras at major intersections by unanimously amending a traffic ordinance to allow cameras to be used.

Judge Rules in Favor of Constitutionality of Cameras
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), Aug. 17, 2011

Upon reviewing a long list of issues relating to the legality of red-light safety cameras, a Broward County judge ruled on Wednesday that the cameras do not violate Americans’ constitutional rights. (17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida photo)

Calgary to Upgrade Road Safety Cameras
Calgary Herald (Canada), Aug. 16, 2011

Calgary police are buying new red-light cameras to replace the city’s existing equipment, but is not expanding the program. (Calgary Herald photo by Mikael Kjellstrom)

Alabama City Hears Answer to Red-Light Running Concerns
Dothan Eagle, Aug. 16, 2011

The leading photo traffic enforcement company in America told the Dothan City Commission on Tuesday that installing cameras at the city’s busiest and most dangerous intersections would reduce violations and, as a result, injuries and deaths caused by traffic crashes. (Dothan Eagle photo by Max Oden)

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Broadcasts His Support for Cameras
KDKA 1020 AM radio, Aug. 16, 2011

Listen in as state Rep. Paul Costa, D-Allegheny, gives a spirited account of why motorists in Pittsburgh and other parts of Pennsylvania will be safer with red-light cameras. Read additional coverage in Sewickley Patch.

Judge Rules Most of Petition to Ban Cameras is Invalid
The Daily News Online (Washington), Aug. 15, 2011

Siding with the city of Longview, Judge Stephen Warning ruled Monday that a citizens’ initiative petition to revoke red-light and speed cameras is invalid — except for one section mandating an advisory vote on traffic cameras.

California Cities Outside L.A. Continue with Cameras
San Diego Union-Tribune/Sign On San Diego, Aug. 13, 2011

Officials in San Diego County’s nine cities that have red-light safety cameras said there are no plans to pull the plug on them, citing reductions in both traffic violations and accidents at the intersections that have them. ( photo by John R. McCutchen)

Magnolia Police Chief Says Camera Is for Safety Only, Aug. 13, 2011

The Magnolia Police Department maintains that the red light camera off of FM 1488 and Milton Street is there to enforce the law and not as a revenue generator. “That red light camera does nothing more than enforce violations,” said police Chief Domingo Ibarra.

ATS Selected to Champion Camera Proposal
Asbury Park Press/ (New Jersey), Aug 12, 2011

The Manalapan Township Committee has tentatively selected American Traffic Solutions to lead plans for installing red-light safety cameras here. If the application to the state is successful, ATS will install the cameras.

Cameras Nearly Ready at Dangerous Crossroads in Lawrence
Lawrenceville Patch (New Jersey), Aug. 12, 2011

American Traffic Solutions’ red-light safety cameras soon will be operational at a Lawrence Township intersection where 53 collisions occurred in 2010.

Rhode Island Traffic Deaths Spike, Aug. 12, 2011

While the majority of the country saw traffic fatality numbers decrease from 2008 to 2009, Rhode Island was one of only four states that a saw a greater-than-5-percent increase in its fatalities over that time span, according to the most recent data from the Highway National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Camera Opponent Won’t Make November Ballot in Washington
Redmond Reporter (Washington), Aug. 11, 2011

A one-year pilot program of red-light safety cameras won’t face an initiative this November, but the camera opponent says he has set his sights on a February date. Redmond has cameras at three intersections and speed cameras at an elementary school.

The city of Tucson, Arizona, has signed a one-year contract renewal for its road safety camera program involving speed and red-light cameras. The city has been an ATS customer since 2007.

This week, the New Jersey townships of East Windsor and Manalapan have selected ATS as their preferred red-light safety camera provider.

Editorial: Smile, You’re on Camera
Dothan Eagle (Alabama), Aug. 18, 2011

Logic suggests that motorists would be less likely to blast through a red light knowing that an electronic device would snap a picture of their car while committing the infraction, leading to a traffic citation in the mail shortly thereafter.

Letter to the Editor: Red-Light Safety Cameras Work
The Press Enterprise (California), Aug. 14, 2011

I would just like to say that it was precisely the “attitudes of the public” that led our elected officials to put in the red-light cameras in the first place.

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Nassau County Intersection Hazards Can’t Be Ignored
ATS Road Safety Channel, Aug. 16, 2011

Red-light safety cameras in Nassau County reveal the dangers of ignoring traffic signals in this community.  

“If you can’t control your car if someone in front of you stops, that’s a problem that you have driving.”
Paul Costa, Pennsylvania state representative
KDKA 1020 AM radio, Aug. 16, 2011

“People running red lights is the number one complaint I get from residents.”
Greg Benton, Dothan police chief
Dothan Eagle (Alabama), Aug. 16, 2011

“Intersection accidents account for the highest amount of traffic fatalities in Rhode Island  and throughout the nation – nearly 25 percent. It is for this reason that our organization, ColinsLaw.Org, has endorsed the concept and are advocating for the installation of this technology that has proven time and again to save lives.”
Robin Foote, co-founder of (Rhode Island), Aug. 12, 2011

The Car Connection graphic

Seven traffic collisions occurred at an intersection in Magnolia the year before red-light safety cameras were installed in March 2010. The number dropped to zero after cameras were installed. SOURCE: Your Houston, Aug. 13, 2011. 

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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 36

August 11th, 2011 Comments off


National Stop on Red Week Is Now, Its Message Is Forever
National Coalition for Safer Roads (Washington, D.C.), Aug. 7, 2011

National Stop on Red Week highlights the importance of safe driving habits for the benefit of all drivers and their families. To get the facts about what’s being done to improve driver safety, how you can help and to take the pledge to stop on red, visit the National Coalition for Safer Roads.

Cameras 9, 10 & 11 Go Live in Boynton Beach
WPTV Channel 5 (Florida), Aug. 10, 2011
The last of 11 cameras overlooking four intersections are now active in Boynton Beach, a city where motorists sometimes run traffic signals 40 seconds after the light has turned red. (The Palm Beach Post photo by Allen Eyestone)

City Council Renews Call for Road Safety Program
Worcester Telegram and Gazette (Massachusetts), Aug. 10, 2011

The city of Worcester is again seeking state approval to use red light safety cameras on its streets, a move it took three years ago to no avail. This time, supporters say, legislators are more receptive to the idea.

New Jersey Township Asks State for Cameras
Press of Atlantic City, Aug. 9, 2011

Hamilton Township hopes to win state approval for a pilot program with two red-light safety cameras and potential for expansion.

Red-Light Running Numbers Fall in Milton
WALA TV 10 (Florida), Aug. 9, 2011

Average daily red-light running violations have decreased from about 40 to 16 now that Milton police are issuing tickets from the city’s red-light safety camera program and drivers have a longer yellow light, says Milton police Chief Gregory Brand. (Pensacola News Journal photo)

Houston’s Reactivated Camera Program Prompts 3,400 Tickets
Houston Chronicle (Texas), Aug. 8, 2011

Houston motorists have been issued nearly 3,400 red-light camera violations in the two weeks since the city’s contested road safety camera program was switched back on.

Seeing is Believing in Bluff City, Says Police Chief
Elizabethton Star (Tennessee), Aug. 8, 2011

It’s easy to see the difference in traffic since Bluff City installed its speed-compliance cameras, says police Chief David Nelson. But a new state law could bring changes to the program.

Florida Drivers Reminded to Drive Safely
Tampa Bay Newspapers, Aug. 8, 2011

The Florida Highway Patrol reminds motorists in the Tampa Bay area to pay close attention to all traffic signals, reduce distractions … and stop when traffic signals are red.

Illegal Left Turns Irritate Residents in St. Louis Suburb
St. Louis Today (Missouri), Aug. 7, 2011

On some days, Joanne Balis has watched one car after another ignore traffic signs and make illegal left turns from Forest Park’s Wells Drive onto Skinker Boulevard.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Go to Work in Hoffman Estates (Illinois), Aug. 5, 2011

Motorists have had an opportunity to become accustomed to the new red-light safety camera program in the village of Hoffman Estates without incurring fines. This week, authorities began issuing tickets based on camera evidence.

Fort Lauderdale Tops List of Dangerous Cities for Driving
CNBC, Aug. 4, 2011

There are many ways one could gauge the danger of driving in a particular city, but this list uses the cities with the greatest number of vehicular deaths as a barometer of the danger level. (MSNBC Media photo)

Cameras Lower Crashes in Florida
East Orlando Sun, Aug. 3, 2011

Police Lt. John Schardine watches his monitor as it plays a video of a black truck illegally cruising through an intersection, past a light that’s been red for more than 10 seconds. The driver would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling red-light cameras.

Commentary: Help Save Lives, Stop on Red
Southern Maryland Today, Aug. 10, 2011

Motor vehicle traffic crashes are the single most significant cause of preventable death and injury.

Commentary: Red-Light Runners Break the Law
The Marysville Globe (Washington), Aug. 10, 2011

Aren’t red-light runners breaking the law, and wasn’t that law put in place to keep us from plowing into each other? Or is running red lights a right that must be preserved? Some must think so since it spawned the organization, Seeds of Liberty, to preserve a driver’s right to play chicken with legit drivers after lights change.

Editorial: Data Keep Growing — Red Light Cameras Work
Amarillo Globe-News (Texas), Aug. 10, 2011

Naysayers, listen up for just a bit. Yet another study has shown that red-light cameras are working.

Editorial: Red-Light Safety Cameras Continue to Prove Their Worth
Daily News Jounal (Tennessee), Aug. 8, 2011

American Traffic Solutions has taken over maintenance of the city’s traffic light cameras and installed its own equipment that complies with recent state legislation and falls within recommendations from the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office. … So far Murfreesboro’s system has been a model for how to do it right.

Editorial: Texas Study Should Settle Debate over Cameras
The Dallas Morning News, Aug. 5, 2011

One undisputed result of installing red light cameras is the angry debate it has engendered. … Thankfully, Texas can now light the way. A recent study by the Texas Transportation Institute … concludes that red light cameras are “effective countermeasures in reducing the overall number of crashes.” (The Dallas Morning News photo)

Editorial: Cameras Make Streets Safer
Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama), Aug. 4, 2011

Some drivers, it seems, think a yellow light means speed up. … Such scenarios still happen far too often in Montgomery, but things are getting better thanks to the red light cameras that were first installed in 2008 to catch violators.

@SaferRoadsUSA FACT: close to 21% of Americans are afraid of being hit by red light runners but 1/5 admit to running red lights! #StopOnRed

Obey Red Lights This Week and Every Week
The Car Connection, Aug. 10, 2011

You could be forgiven for not knowing that we’re in the middle of National Stop on Red Week. Between the stock market and other high-profile headlines, Stop on Red has gotten lost in the shuffle, but its message remains important.

Red Light Runners Caught on Tape
WTSP TV 10 (Florida), Aug. 9, 2011

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office releases a new round of videos of red-light runners to show how dangerous some of the culprits are. Thankfully, no one is hurt. Click here for additional coverage.

Speed Camera Photo Helps Police with Theft Case
KVOA TV 4 (Arizona), Aug. 9, 2011

Recently, pictures of two suspected thieves showed up driving a stolen vehicle. However, investigators with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department need to identify them. Detectives say they are two women who apparently attempted to break into a northwest side home.

Flashing Yellow Left-Turn Arrow Introduced as New Safety Measure
WTSP TV 10 (Florida), Aug. 8, 2011

The yellow light has long been the warning to slow down, but soon, the steady yellow arrow you see at some left turn lanes will be joined by a flashing yellow arrow.

“When we have an officer there, that whole process of stopping a car and issuing a citation can take 15 to 20 minutes, so in an hour, you may only be affecting three or four people’s behavior, whereas with the cameras there’s potential to slow down way more people.”
William McMahon, Howard County police chief
Ellicott City Patch (Maryland), Aug. 10, 2011

“People aren’t violating the (traffic) laws, they are completely ignoring them. It’s time we take control of this issue. We have to get control of our streets because they are not safe anymore.”
Konstantina B. Lukes, Worcester councilor-at-large
Worcester Telegram and Gazette (Massachusetts), Aug. 10, 2011

“It’s a proven fact these cameras work. … When you go down there, you can tell that people are paying more attention to that area. You can see them putting on the brakes and slowing down.”
David Nelson, Bluff City police chief
Elizabethan Star (Tennessee), Aug. 8, 2011

“We have seen a steady decrease in red light running where the cameras are in place, and we believe there is a clear deterrent effect that makes our roads safer throughout Montgomery.”
Kevin Murphy, Montgomery police chief
Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama), Aug. 4, 2011

Traffic crashes in Montgomery fell from 9,671 in 2007 to 8,111 in 2010, and traffic fatalities decreased from 34 in 2007 to eight in 2010. In  April 2008, the Montgomery Police Department recorded 1,215 citations for running red lights at intersections with red light cameras. By June 2011, the number of citations had dropped to 790. SOURCE: Montgomery Advertiser, Aug. 4, 2011.

Authorities ticketed 21 motorists for speeding in excess of 100 mph and cited 72 drivers for going more than 90 mph during a statewide speed-enforcement campaign in July. SOURCE: Shakopee Valley News, Aug. 10, 2011. 

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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 35

August 4th, 2011 Comments off


National Stop on Red Week is an opportune time to raise public awareness about the dangers of red-light running our families face every day. To access a website with data and ready-to-use templates that can be customized for the education and outreach efforts in your community, simply click on the image above. For additional information visit National Coalition for Safer Roads and Stop On Red Week.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Lower Crashes in Florida
East Orlando Sun, Aug. 3, 2011

Lt. John Schardine watches his monitor as it plays a video of a black truck illegally cruising through an intersection, past a light that’s been red for over 10 seconds. And the driver would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling red-light cameras.

New Study Shows Safety Benefits of Red-Light Cameras
National Coalition for Safer Roads (Washington, D.C.), Aug. 2, 2011

One of the most extensive studies on red-light safety cameras in the nation thus far underscores the lifesaving contributions red-light safety cameras make to communities. See the Killeen Daily Herald and ITS International for additional coverage on the Texas Transportation Institute study.

“These findings show clearly that red-light cameras offer significant safety benefits. Most important, they help prevent the most severe and deadly type of intersection crashes.”

Troy Walden, PhD
Author of new study on red-light safety cameras

The Daily News Journal photo by Jim Davis

Faster, More Accurate Cameras Rise in Murfreesboro
The Daily News Journal, July 31, 2011

New red-light safety camera equipment being installed at six Murfreesboro intersections is designed to improve the accuracy of the city’s intersection enforcement program without changing the way police decide to issue $50 citations. Read additional coverage at NewsChannel5.

City Upgrades Fire Equipment with Speed Ticket Fines (Tennessee), July 31, 2011

Bluff City officials bought two new fire vehicles using money from the city’s speed compliance camera program on U.S. Highway 11E in Piney Flats.

In Contrast to L.A., Murrieta Penalizes Red-Light Runners
The Californian/, July 30, 2011

As news surfaced last week that authorities in Los Angeles County cannot — or do not — punish people who don’t pay fines for running red lights, some drivers in Riverside County wondered if the same was true here. Nope, a Murrieta police captain said last week.

This week, the township of Berlin and the borough of Bound Brook, New Jersey, entered into five-year agreements with American Traffic Solutions for road safety camera programs.

The first of 10 cameras expected in Sunrise, Florida, will help officers issue red-light running tickets beginning Aug. 15. Read more in the Orlando Sentinel.

Editorial: Camera Program for Bloomfield Would Boost Revenue, Safety
Bloomfield Life/, Aug. 4, 2011

The township is exploring the possibility of installing red-light cameras at intersections as a way to promote incoming revenue. This seems like a win-win on two fronts if the municipality follows through.

Letter to Editor: Data Demonstrate Benefits of Red-Light Safety Cameras
The Tennessean, Aug. 3, 2011

I hope the people who were up in arms about the use of red-light cameras just over a year ago have seen the story about reduced crashes in Murfreesboro (“Red-light cameras to clear up evidence,” July 31). Overall crashes have been reduced by 21 percent.

@ATS_RoadSafety Red-light running jeopardizes our safety on a daily basis! Join us August 10 at 2PM ET for an informative Q&A. Use #StopOnRed to ask Qs

Study: Red-Light Cameras Reduce Crashes in Texas
KDAF TV Channel 33, Aug. 3, 2011

Red-light cameras are designed to catch drivers running red lights at intersections. The idea is to cut down on traffic crashes. A new study by the Texas Transportation Institute found they’re working.

Serious Injuries Avoided in T-Bone Bus Crash
WABC TV Channel 7 (New York), July 29, 2011

In video caught on red-light safety cameras, a cargo van slammed into an N-43 bus on Hempstead Turnpike and sent it careening through the wall of a McDonald’s.

“When people see the traffic cameras they know that it means business. It’s almost like a police car.”
Randall Hairston, Cedar Hill Texas motorist
KDAF TV Channel 33, Aug. 3, 2011

“The T-bone accidents are the worst. We’ve seen a reduction in the number of T-bone accidents we have at those red-light intersections.”
Corky Brown, Cedar Hill city spokesman
KDAF TV Channel 33, Aug. 3, 2011

“I don’t like to use the word ‘accident’ because when you run a red light and you hit somebody, it’s a crash, it’s not an accident.”
John Marks, Nassau County Traffic and Parking executive director and former Nassau County judge
WABC-TV Channel 7, New York, July 29, 2011

Rear-end collisions have declined by 20 percent in Orlando, and the number of collisions caused by red-light running has decreased by one-third at intersections with red-light safety cameras since the cameras were installed. SOURCE: East Orlando Sun, Aug. 3, 2011.

At intersections with red-light safety cameras in Murfreesboro, total crashes decreased from 187 to 147, side-impact crashes declined from 55 to 35 and rear-end crashes fell from 132 to 112 from the second year of the camera program to the third year. SOURCE: Daily News Journal/, July 31, 2011.

Between Jan. 1, 2010, and May 31, 2011, Bluff City’s speed compliance cameras issued 39,923 citations to drivers from all 50 states, four Canadian provinces, two military command posts and the District of Columbia. SOURCE:, July 31, 2011.

Bluff City used about $97,000 of its camera-based speed ticket funds to purchase separate vehicles for the city’s rescue squad and the volunteer fire department. SOURCE:, July 31, 2011.

Longview issued 1,581 school speed zone violations at two elementary schools from March 1 through June 20. That’s an average of 451 violations a month, issued during school zone hours only. SOURCE: The Daily News, Aug. 1, 2011.

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