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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 34

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

Tampa Tribune photo by Jay Conner
ATS crews will begin installing red-light safety cameras at 19 intersections in the city of Tampa this August. See article.

Road Safety Camera Programs Could Expand in Pennsylvania
The York Dispatch, July 28, 2011

A York City official says he would support a proposal to install red-light cameras here if such legislation is introducted in the General Assembly, a strong possiblity considering a governor-appointed panel has recommended the program be expanded.

L.A. Puts Stop to Red-Light Safety Cameras
Westwood-Century City Patch (California), July 27, 2011

Cameras installed at 32 intersections in the city of Los Angeles will be removed after July 31, the city council decided Wednesday.

Incentive to Pay Up Offered to Holders of Older Traffic Tickets
The Washington Post (District of Columbia), July 27, 2011

The District of Columbia’s Department of Motor Vehicles will temporarily suspend penalties on older outstanding parking, photo enforcement and moving violation tickets for six months to encourage people to pay.

End of Legal Challenges to Red-Light Safety Cameras in Sight
Sunshine State News (Florida), July 26, 2011

A company that sells and operates red-light safety cameras says recent court victories signal “an end” to legal challenges against the controvesial traffic enforcement program.

Cameras Installed at High-Risk Intersections in Palm Beach County
Orlando Sentinel (Florida), July 25, 2011

Two intersections with higher than average crash numbers in Palm Beach County now have ATS’ red-light safety cameras installed. No fines will be issued during the 60-day warning period that began July 25. For additional coverage see, for related video visit Sun Sentinel.

Money Isn’t the Name of the Game
The Miami Herald (Florida), July 25, 2011

Safer streets remains the goal, even though the debate over red-light safety camera revenues shows some cities fall short of their projections and others exceed budgeted amounts.

The city of Houston resumed issuing red-light running traffic citations based on evidence provided by ATS red-light safety cameras on Sunday, July 17. photo

Also this week. The cities of Pasadena, Calif., and Frederick, Maryland, renewed their red-light safety camera program contracts with ATS. Meanwhile, Palm Beach County, Florida, activated red-light safety cameras at two intersections and began a 60-day warning phase.

Editorial: Kinks Remain, but Red-Light Cameras Are Worthwhile
Sun-Sentinel (Florida), July 25, 2011

The red-light safety camera controversy isn’t over, but we’re starting to get some welcome clarification on the issue.

Editorial: Speed Kills and Makes Messy Laws
The Advertiser (Louisiana), July 25, 2011

The seemingly straightforward task of enforcing speed limits and other traffic regulations turns out to be fraught with intrigue, conspiracy theories and, yes, legal language that makes us wonder if there’s some little-known constitutional right to be a dangerous driver.

Letter to Editor: Penalties Are Necessary to Stop Red-Light Runners
Sun-Sentinel (Florida), July 26, 2011

Public safety is improved if red-light cameras result in lower accidents to vehicles and to pedestrians.

Commentary: Red-Light Cameras. Saving Lives, Costing Drivers?
AAA New York Car and Travel, August 2011

As you read this, the city of Rochester is working toward installing red-light cameras at up to 50 intersections. Yonkers and Suffolk County, too, are on red-light-camera campaigns; and New York City, where cameras have been used since 1993, hopes to double the number of camera equipped intersections to 300.

@ATS_RoadSafety It is better to lose seconds of your time than to lose your life in seconds! #RedmeansSTOP! #RLSC


Media Inquiry Finds Collisions Fall in West Palm Beach
WPTV Channel 5 (Florida), July 26, 2011

In the city of West Palm Beach, the Contact 5 Investigators found the number of collisions dropped by 33 percent and 36 percent at two of the four intersections with red-light safety cameras.

Research Supports Use of Red-Light Cameras: Professor (Texas), July 22, 2011

Dallas says a recent study shows that controversial red-light cameras are effective in improving safety and reducing crashes. For additional coverage of the study see page 5 of TM&E magazine.

“The day somebody goes through a right turn and doesn’t see a pedestrian … that’s the one that’s got the biggest potential to do the biggest harm. That’s the activity that I think we really need to nip in the bud.”
John Stilin, Redmond, Wash., city councilman
Redmond Patch, July 27, 2011

“It has saved lives. We’ve seen a reduction of 21 percent in roadway fatalities throughout the county since we started the program.”
Christopher Mistron, traffic safety educator for Nassau’s Department of Public Works
AAA New York Car and Travel Magazine, August 2011

“We want to send a message that if you do this, that if you are going to try and save yourself three seconds and put everyone else at risk, then there is a penalty and a price that you’re going to pay.”
Bob Buckhorn, mayor of Tampa
WFTS-TV ABC News, July 22, 2011

New York
In Nassau County, intersections with red-light safety cameras are estimated to prevent a couple of thousand injuries each year, along with a decrease in the severity of crashes that do occur. SOURCE: AAA New York Car and Travel Magazine, August 2011.

Red-light runners cause nearly 100 deaths and 6,300 injuries yearly in the state of Florida. SOURCE: Sun Sentinel, July 25, 2011.

There have been about 1,200 red-light running crashes in Tampa over the past three years. SOURCE: WFTS-TV ABC-Channel 28, July 22, 2011. 

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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 33

July 21st, 2011 Comments off

Milton Police Chief Greg Brand on Red-Light Safety Cameras:

“Some people are going to say, ‘This is only a money grab.’ I look at these numbers and say ‘My God, look at how many people are running red lights.’ What I say is, ‘Something has got to be done and that’s what these cameras will do.'” (Pensacola News-Journal, July 15, 2011)

Tampa Tribune photo by Scott Iskowitz

Red-Light Safety Cameras Are Constitutional, Broward County Judge Rules
Sun-Sentinal (Florida), July 20, 2011

This is the first ruling in Broward County on the constitutionality of red-light cameras, and the second in South Florida. A judge in Miami Dade ruled on the same issue earlier this year, and also upheld the constitutionality of the cameras.

Motorists See How Red-Light Safety Cameras Operate (Florida), July 20, 2011

This newspaper graphic contributes to public awareness efforts in St. Petersburg and Tampa that explain how the safety devices work.

3rd Intersection in Boynton Beach Gets Cameras
WPTV Channel 5 (Florida), July 19, 2011

Boynton Beach now has eight live red-light safety cameras at three intersections. The newest addition advances the city’s plan to install 13 cameras at four locations.

Longview Defends Its Legal Duty to Set Traffic Regulations
The Daily News/ (Washington), July 18, 2011

The city of Longview has filed court papers reasserting its position that state laws protect its ability to set traffic regulations from challenges by ballot initiatives. photo by Thomas P. Costello
Many New Jersey townships want what Brick has — red light safety cameras.

South Jersey Towns Line Up for Red-Light Safety Cameras
Courier Post Online (New Jersey), July 17, 2011

State officials currently have no plans to expand a pilot program for red-light cameras, but that hasn’t stopped South Jersey towns from expressing their interest in the program. For additional coverage from Aberdeen Township, please click here.

Police Switch from Warnings to Tickets in Milton
Pensacola News Journal/ (Florida), July 15, 2011

Milton ended its warning period and began issuing fines on July 15 to motorists who run red lights at intersections with red-light safety cameras.

Suburban Journal photo by Rick Graefe

Arnold, Missouri, an ATS customer since 2005, has signed a three-year renewal agreement to continue its road safety camera program.

Editorial: Violations Tell the Story in Selma
The Selma-Times Journal (Alabama), July 20, 2011

The number of red-light running violations in two weeks is enough to close the debate over red-light safety cameras.

Editorial: The Case for Cameras
Long Beach Press-Telegram (California), July 17, 2011

Red-light safety cameras, which have been unplugged in a number of cities lately, are coming up for another review. Maybe this time, in Long Beach, the issue will be decided on the facts.

Editorial: Cities Right to Focus on Safety in Camera Debate
The Arizona Republic, July 14, 2011

Talk all you want about privacy, but there is no bigger invasion of it than to have someone else’s car ram into the side of your car. That’s what happens when someone runs a red light.

Letter to Editor: Attack on Camera Poll Undone by Facts
The Washington Times (Washington, D.C.), July 19, 2011

While The Washington Times is entitled to its critical opinion of red-light cameras, arguments that the insurance industry benefits from photo enforcement tickets or that camera programs are “deeply unpopular” are not supported by the facts.

Letter to Editor: Cameras Provide an Undeniable Benefit
The Houston Chronicle (Texas), July 19, 2011

The red-light cameras are not entrapment. They do not trick people into running red lights.

Letter to Editor: Resident Believes Red-Light Safety Cameras Save Lives
The Bellingham Herald (Washington), July 16, 2011

I agree 100 percent with the July 3 letter writer who expressed support for the city installing cameras to catch speeders, red-light or stop-sign runners.

Letter to Editor: Red-Light Cameras Offer Revenue, Safety Benefits
Asbury Park Press (New Jersey), July 15, 2011

After reading Bob Ingle’s July 13 column, “Red-Light camera poll seems like sales pitch,” I can’t help but wonder what the fuss is about. I was one of the people surveyed by telephone about the use of these cameras. I am not involved with any camera sales, nor am I associated with any political party. I am just an ordinary licensed driver.

@Icompete4 I was broken – I was recently in a car accident a year ago headed to my swim meet. A car ran a red light and…


KGUN TV Channel 9 photo

Pima County Installs 2 New Speed Cameras
KGUN TV Channel 9 (Arizona), July 19, 2011

Pima County chose to install more speed cameras because the earlier ones have helped reduce critical crashes, assistant county administrator Lindy Funkhouser says. 

“As a resident of Norwalk, I fully support them. Our officers are almost always busy with other calls, so I believe cameras will help give them more time to help those in need.”
Stacy Mitchell Van Gundy, Norwalk, Iowa, resident
The Record Herald and Indianola Tribune, July 19, 2011

“I am guilty of getting up too close. From now on, I will stay back. Now since I got that letter, I really slow down. I really watch what I am doing. That taught me a lesson.”
Patsy Allbritton, Milton resident
Pensacola News Journal (Florida), July 15, 2011

“To get your driver’s license is a privilege. If you can’t follow the rules that go with it, then guess what? You run the red light, you are going to get a ticket.”
Theresa Messick, Milton resident
Pensacola News Journal (Florida), July 15, 2011

The number of critical crashes in Pima County has dropped more than 60 percent since speed cameras were first installed. Cameras were installed at 10 locations in 2009. SOURCE: KGUN TV Channel 9. 

Since the city of Long Beach implemented its road safety camera program in 2001, it has recorded an estimated 35 percent reduction in red-light related accidents at five intersections with cameras. SOURCE: City of Long Beach website.

Milton police issued nearly 38 warning citations each day on average during the city’s red-light safety camera program’s 30-day introductory period. In total, officers approved 1,138 warning notices to drivers who ran red lights at the three intersections with new red-light safety cameras. SOURCE: Pensacola News Journal.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 32

July 14th, 2011 Comments off

Camera Decision Goes to Voters in Washington City
The Bellingham Herald (Washington), July 12, 2011

Voters this November will decide whether Bellingham should have red-light safety cameras and school-zone speed cameras.

New Jersey Town Council OKs Application for Cameras
Passaic Valley Today/, July 12, 2011

Little Falls township council gave the green light to red-light safety cameras on Monday when it authorized American Traffic Solutions to proceed with an application to the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to install the cameras.

The Daily News Photo by Robert Werth
Longview city attorney Marilyn Nitteberg-Haan and Seattle attorney Stephen DiJulio, also representing the city, presented Longview’s case on Monday seeking to invalidate a citizens’ initiative petition against red-light cameras.

Judge: Longview Likely to Win Legal Battle over Red-Light Cameras
The Daily News/, July 11, 2011

Siding with the city of Longview, a judge on Monday said a citizens’ initiative petition to revoke red-light and speed cameras probably is invalid. Cowlitz Superior Court Judge Stephen Warning said the Legislature clearly gave city councils authority to adopt the traffic enforcement devices.

St. Joseph News-Press photo by Eric Keith
The intersection of Belt Highway and Frederick Boulevard fits Missouri’s requirements for red-light safety cameras, but there’s been no decision yet on where the devices will be placed.

Missouri Town Moves Forward with Red-Light Safety Camera Studies
St. Joseph News-Press, July 7, 2011

St. Joseph and American Traffic Solutions are moving forward with traffic studies to determine where to place cameras, despite a recent court case that has led at least one city to put the brakes on the idea. St. Joseph continues down the road toward red-light cameras.

ATS opened its third quarter of 2011 with renewal agreements from Gallatin, Tenn., a customer since March 2006 , and Marietta, Ga., who became a client in 2010. Business continued to expand in New Jersey where Little Falls Township Council passed a resolution on Monday ratifying the selection and award of ATS as the approved red-light camera vendor for the township.

28 Communities Sign or Extend Contracts with ATS in 2nd Quarter
American Traffic Solutions, July 8, 2011

American Traffic Solutions continued to set the pace for the road safety camera industry with a robust second quarter that saw 28 communities sign contracts/notices to proceed for 274 red-light and speed-compliance safety cameras, a sharp increase from the 29 contracts/notices to proceed for 170 cameras in the first quarter.

Editorial: Turning on Cameras Puts Good of City over Politics
Houston Chronicle (Texas), July 10, 2011

Mayor Annise Parker had a difficult choice last week. … To her credit, the mayor faced up to the controversy and did what is in the best interests of the city rather than her own political standing. She ordered the cameras back on.

Commentary: Are Red-Light Cameras an Effective Crash Solution?
Police Chief Magazine, July 2011

While red-light safety cameras are not a panacea, their judicious use can achieve what law enforcement officers cannot: 24/7 enforcement against red-light violations and a resulting decline in lives needlessly lost and in serious injuries sustained.

CBS photo

Commentary: Speed Van Vandal Is a Criminal
Frederick News (Maryland), July 13, 2011

The window smasher is no John Galt. He is a criminal. To make him into a beacon of liberty is to use the same faulty logic that elevates graffiti to an art form.

Letter to Editor: No Worries if You Obey the Law
The Cherokee Ledger-News (Georgia), July 12, 2011

I would say if you are out in public and you break the law, your rights have not been violated. The fact that you were caught by a red-light camera instead of a human is not important.

Letter to Editor: Where’s the Downside to Red-Light Cameras? (Texas), July 11, 2011

Well the red-light safety cameras have been turned on again. Good news!

@ATS_RoadSafety ATS has 56 uploaded videos on @YouTube about the dangers of red-light running! Check them out: #roadsafety #RLSC


West Palm Beach Sees Drop in Citations, Crashes
WPEC CBS TV Channel 12 (Florida), July 11, 2011

A new survey that found people are getting accustomed to red-light safety cameras didn’t include any cities in Florida, but the city of West Palm Beach has seen a decrease in citations and crashes at intersections where it has cameras.

“This is the birth pains of something that should be noncontroversial. We’ve got some officials walking around like we’re handcuffed to a dead dog with this program. I don’t understand that when we’re saving lives.”
Angelo Castillo, Pembroke Pines commissioner
Sun Sentinel (Florida), July 12, 2011

Lynnwood’s road safety camera program provides a stunning example of how cameras save time for police officers and enhance their presence in the community. In 2009, officers reviewed 30,974 camera images of violations in 1,035 personnel hours. That’s an average of one traffic violation review every two minutes. SOURCE: The Herald, July 12, 2011, and the Lynnwood Police Department.

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ATS’ Newsletter, Issue 31

July 7th, 2011 Comments off photo

Houston’s Red-Light Safety Cameras Are On Again; Fines Will Soon Resume
Houston Chronicle, July 7, 2011

Red-light cameras will resume issuing citations “in the very near future,” Mayor Annise Parker announced on Wednesday, reversing last November’s voter mandate to remove the devices that had issued 800,000 tickets during the previous four years. Read ATS’ statement on the decision. See KTRK-TV’s coverage of the announcement. Catch up on earlier coverage in Culture Map Houston.

Red-Light Safety Cameras Garner Strong Support in New Jersey Poll
Gloucester County Times/, July 7, 2011

The National Coalition for Safer Roads released new research Wednesday showing that 77 percent of the state’s registered voters support the use of red-light safety cameras.

New Jersey Lawmaker Calls for Camera Program Expansion, July 6, 2011

Citing the results of a study released this week, a New Jersey lawmaker is calling for the expansion of the use of red-light safety cameras at busy intersections throughout the state. View study highlights.

Focus on Profit Blurs Cameras’ Genuine Lifesaving Benefits
The Arizona Republic, July 5, 2011

Even though all Arizona cities don’t realize a profit from red-light safety camera fines, municipal officials across the state say the programs aren’t in place to make money.

Witness Says Car Ran Red Light; Collision Kills 1
Buffalo News (New York), July 4, 2011

A witness to a fatal collision in downtown Buffalo says the trouble began with a red-light runner. The resulting collision left a 22-year-old woman dead.

Alabama Cities Advance Red-Light Safety Camera Plans
The Birmingham News/, July 4, 2011

Plans are progressing in the cities of Midfield and Center Point to install red-light safety cameras. Bills enabling both cities to use the cameras recently passed the Legislature and have been signed into law.

Red-Light Runners Generate 400 Warnings in 2 Weeks
Santa Rosa Review (Florida), July 1, 2011

In two weeks, red-light runners have generated 400 warning tickets at three separate intersections in Milton. The amount surprises Police Capt. Tony Tindell.

American Traffic Solutions just made it easier for motorists to pay their violations online with today’s launch of the updated website. ATS anticipates the new look and friendly features ultimately will increase the number of timely payments to the company’s clients. City specific information remains on the revamped site, but visitors can now view their video, search for information and learn about how red-light safety cameras operate. The new site will be live soon, to visit click here

Commentary: Drivers in 14 Cities Favor Red-Light Cameras
Family Car Guide (California), July 5, 2011

Red-light cameras have been a hot topic ever since they were introduced a decade ago as a safety measure. … But the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just released the results of a new survey of drivers in 14 big U.S. cities that shows most drivers support red light cameras.

Letter to Editor: Just Stop on Red
The Daytona Beach News-Journal (Florida), July 6, 2011

A letter on July 2, “Cameras strain public trust,” stated people should not have to worry about adding red-light fines to the “financial stress of staying alive.” Just stop at red lights! Do that, and you do not have to worry about any financial strain on your wallet or anyone else’s.

Letter to Editor: Red-Light Safety Cameras Provide Great Service
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), July 6, 2011

The only people against red-light cameras are the bad drivers who habitually run red lights or feel the law doesn’t apply to them.

Letter to Editor: Cameras Save More Than Lives
The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), July 5, 2011

I respond to the Thursday letter “Red-light cameras aren’t very helpful” from Mark Lecuru. There were only 676 deaths caused by red-light running in 2009? I’ll bet Lecuru wouldn’t use the word only if one of those deaths had been in his family.

St. Petersburg Times/ photo

Letter to Editor: Don’t Want a Ticket? Just Stop
St. Petersburg Times (Florida), July 3, 2011

I cannot understand why there is controversy about red-light cameras. The simple fact is that if citizens would adhere to the law, no money would be collected and no rear-end collisions would occur.

@ATS_RoadSafety Did you know? 59.3% of motorists who are aware of cameras in their cities say cameras have made intersections safer, #IIHS survey.

@ATS_RoadSafety Do you still think red-light running isn’t dangerous? Red means STOP! Police: Motorcyclist Ran Red Light, Hit SUV

“The important part of the whole program is that we’re talking about folks whose lives have been ruined because someone couldn’t wait to get through an intersection. I’ve sat with many victims, and this is a painful situation that could be avoided.”
David Kelly, National Coalition for Safer Roads president and executive director
Gloucester County Times/ (New Jersey), July 7, 2011

“There is no indication that the city intends to use the photo-safety program to generate revenue. This program is one portion of the Mesa Police Department’s overall traffic-enforcement and education strategy. That strategy’s main focus has always been to reduce traffic collisions citywide, specifically fatal and serious-injury collisions.”
Edward Wessing, Mesa Police Department sergeant and spokesman
The Arizona Republic, July 5, 2011

“We are not wanting to write tickets we are wanting to correct driver behavior.”
Tony Tindell, Milton Police Department captain
Santa Rosa Press Gazette (Florida), July 1, 2011

From January 1 through June 15, police issued three citations and reported 19 crashes at three intersections in Milton. For the first 15 days with red light safety cameras activated at the same three intersections, police report more than 400 warning citations and three crashes. SOURCE: Santa Rosa Press Gazette, July 1, 2011.

During the first two week’s of Milton’s warning period, the longest time a light had been red when it was run is nine seconds. SOURCE: Santa Rosa Press Gazette, July 1, 2011.

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